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  1. Dan King

    I was cheering when we selected McNabb. The guys I was watching with yelled at me haha. He was the guy I wanted!

  2. Matt S

    I’ll say it’s hard to say “yup, bust” when a guy has injury problems. Especially when they got hurt before medical science was able to detect and repair some of these injuries before they became problematic.

  3. Nick

    this guy has a new pronunciation for etienne every other week

  4. Skunk Ape

    Tua vs Allen is going to become the new Manning vs Brees qb rivalry. You can quote me on that.

  5. Nick

    1:40 did you just read the word “few” as “phew”. “*sigh*, if many...”

  6. Miles Levy

    Thank u for giving respect to the dolphins

  7. Miles Levy

    I love how you were talking about Mac Jones acually being a franchise qb for the pats

  8. Andrew Hart


  9. Nathan McClimans

    Justin Simmons is not the best Free Safety 🤦🏻‍♂️. Minkah Fitzpatrick by far, the numbers don't lie.

  10. Jay Henderson

    It seems like marshawn lynch is cousins with everybody lol

  11. Ethan Bowers

    Dalton needed a better coach

  12. Cooper Skinner

    Love the content 👍

  13. Justen.d.s Blackburn

    I'm surprised you don't do Bernie and Brian blades that played for the the Seahawks and the lions

  14. Redacted

    Comment number 667. fk u Satan.

  15. LL77

    Great Videos...Great channel 👏

  16. Dave Hittinger

    Boller was beyond awful.

  17. Kagen Windley

    How is Wilson better than Rodgers but also a downgrade?

  18. Dylan Low

    Why does everyone mess up the name pronunciations?

  19. Mason Braun

    You are such an idiot because you yell at all the other teams that have a letter as a logo but your yelling at the Colts when you turn their logo around, Stupid

  20. Ilumanati

    Who tf are you.... Kid don’t give af. Lol

  21. Lennart

    Both NE trades are amazingly stupid lmao. We need WR & CB so bad - why should we give away a first round pick which has only played like 15 games - most of them with Cam who was awful at throwing the ball? We have a young QB, would be stupid to give up a first round WR for a 4th, despite not having any stars @ WR. And CB will be our biggest need next offseason, Gilly will be a FA, but why should we trade for a LB (we are fuckin stacked @ LB) or a Slot WR, when we have Meyers as upcoming solid option or Bourne. Also our defense is top 3 & will win uns games - why should be give away our lockdown CB for literally no needed value. Good Video, stupid decisions imo.

  22. James Smith

    I think you gotta be a robot to notice all these players moving at the same time. It takes one to know one

  23. jimbo 1312

    Half this list is players with the same surname and even fringe fans such as myself knew they were related.

  24. Kagemusha70

    GM Bob Quinn decided to fire Jim Caldwell because he wanted to hire his own head coach Matt Patricia ,but it didn't take long to fire both morons. The Bears fired Lovie Smith because of his inability to develop offense that caused fans yelled to get rid of him. That's same thing for Jon Gruden who got fired by Bucs then replaced by Raheem Morris.

  25. Demian Morelos Cantero

    Whitewater jesus related to the Bosas, def not expecting that

  26. David Smith

    And really for that matter what about the Manning family the Manning family is probably the best dad son and son to ever play the sport

  27. David Smith

    I wonder why Sterling and Shannon Sharpe where forgotten about? both of those guys are badass football players!!!!

  28. ii Paccin

    Clemson DT lol

  29. YT Aimassist

    Just bc you said that about the bears I clicked off

  30. Jayden Dailey

    Marshawn lynch and Marcus peters are cousins

  31. h lynn keith

    Phil Sims.

  32. damaris garcia

    the 3rd injury and the leg broken injury sound HORRIFIC HOLY CRAP


    I've heard some shady things about Michael Jordan to I forgot what it was and his business about his stuff

  34. Entropy98

    I like how they talk about Ryan Fitzpatrick being a downgrade at quarterback considering that Washington was the worst team in the nfl when it came to quarterback play, and they got a plethora of new weapons for Fitzy to use, with a better offense and a arguably better defense than last year they somehow miraculously drop 6 spots. They will be a playoff contender this year I can almost guarantee it

  35. James Sommers

    I would take off the “bust” and have it say players who fell off

  36. WhisperEcho

    That 2011 Packers season is wild because they rested their starters in Week 17...and still won.

  37. KM Sports

    I even met Andy Stokes in person

  38. Adam Lebeck

    Too high on rams giants and pats

  39. kermit every day bruhh

    Ohh when the bucs won the super bowl

  40. kermit every day bruhh

    I think the steelers could win the super bowl this coming year

  41. Alan Hall

    Steelers baby!!!

  42. Nick Everton

    Most surprising definitely the jamarcus Russell/marshawn lynch one. But you totally forgot about the fact Tom Brady is Patrick Mahomes daddy.

  43. Bizzy Womack

    Since when Dolphins won Superbowl 36???

  44. Mike plays madden


  45. Mike plays madden

    Marquise brown and antonio brown oh my GOSH so insane never knew that

  46. Ehesh Ehhshs

    Some of these I knew that they were related

  47. Mike plays madden

    JASON KELCE AND TRAVIS KELCE OH MY GOSH SUCH A SHOCKER they totally dont have the last name and atleady 30 pictures with each other

  48. Mike plays madden

    TREVON DIGGS AND STEPHON DIGGS OH MY GOSH WHAT A SHOCKER if you watch or know Diggs at all you should know that

  49. JB Surge

    Patrick Mahomes. Late first rounder, early second rounder at best. Lacks footwork. Erratic throws. Developmental.

  50. Kari Manning

    The first guy lives in the same state as me

  51. Mar Beretta

    Good video. But.. Broncos Greise or every qb taken after Peyton Manning. Cowboys Quincy Carter

  52. MagicVlogz

    Bruh marshawn lynch and Marcus peters are cousins too

  53. Thitrophy

    Y’all should do the sibilings of nfl stars that do completely different things

  54. suskidmemes


  55. Mercury Mercer

    This guy say that's the worst thing you ever seen on a professional sports field.. Guess he never went to a hockey game 😂🤣

  56. Bidensucks2020

    Diggs and diggs and Kelce and kelce WOW NEVER KNEW

  57. Brydon Drey

    If Russ leaves, I'm dead

  58. nolj67

    They need to switch the names between Marcus Vick and Aaron Brooks. Marcus Vick played for Miami Dolphins and Aaron Brooks played for the New Orleans Saints. 9:50

  59. wrbat14

    notable names: clay jr., clay sr. and jake matthews (they also have another relative called casey matthews) vernon and vontae davis kyle and chris long kyle and kendall fuller geoff and mitchell schwartz dustin and britton colquitt ronde and tiki barber sterling and shannon sharpe michael and martellius bennett orlando brown jr,sr. devin bush jr, sr. dick and luke butkus david and derek carr trey, tremaine and terrell edmunds mario edwards jr, sr. Graham and ryan glasgow a.j. and t.j. green maurice jones-drew and t.j. ward jevon and jayron kearse mychal and eric kendricks nick and zack martin carl and ryan nassib julian and romeo okwara eric reid and justin reid rod and jaylon smith malcom and steve smith jj, tj, and derek watt

  60. ChowderK-

    ummm how are the raiders 24

  61. Tony Perry

    I'm really sorry I did click on this.... horseshit

  62. John Jost

    Shouldn't 75% of these idiots already be in jail. I bet you 10 of them beat their wives while i was watching this video

  63. Samuel Fuster

    Jake Kumerow is currently on the saints after the bills released him around 5 months before this video was uploaded.

    1. Adam Emond

      He's back on the Bills

  64. Neighborhuud Rasta

    I’m 25 years old and I’m just now finding out because of this video that it’s abnormal for your cousins/other family(not married in) to not share the same last name

  65. Justin Bushido

    I'm surprised they didn't mention the cromartie cousins Antonio and Rodger-Dominique

  66. Yung Shade

    wow, I didn't know that Jason and Travis Kelce were brothers, im in shock

  67. Super swag

    I knew all of these players were related guy especially the ones who have the SAME NAME

  68. derold Johnson

    Bush not a bust!!!!!!!

  69. Yazish Patel


  70. Toesgaming 27

    These are so fake if you look these up the only one will be Micheal Thomas

  71. Max not in FaZe

    I know grant Stewart

  72. Mystic Water

    Doesn’t everyone know the Jason kelce and Travis kelce one?

  73. Chris Lyles

    Bruh I'm realated to Diggs too 💀 DMV things 💯

  74. castfxman

    Good taste in music muchacho.

  75. Gavon

    "Number 1: The McCourty twins"

  76. Duckonquack 69

    So the panthers are worse than the jags........ Y'all need to do ya research

  77. Mitch Cortes

    Forgot about the Watt brothers!

  78. blazeforprez

    Lmao everyone knows trevon is Stephon younger brother since college

  79. BigDog 7

    The buccaneers ended up winning the super bowl the next year