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  1. Octavio Tirado

    Video Idea : 10 nfl players who were late bloomers

  2. Walter Waites

    10 NFL players that were undrafted but became out to be superstars

  3. Alonzo Bistro

    cam newton is waayyy too high ! I'll never forget how he chose to NOT go down for a game ball in the big game ! A ball that if he had recovered it might have change the outcome of this game. A everlasting shameful shadow on his career not to mention his childish pouting unsportmanship in post suprebowl interviews ...

  4. tote of confidence

    if the eagles get waddle trash ass waddle, no no no no, if they stay at 12 and d smith or surtain is there get one of them, eagles should trade back again, since idiot roseman took them from 6 to 12 why stop there, move back some more, late teens early 20's and draft the steal of the draft, ELIJAH MOORE, and then possibly trade back into the first round, give up another pick and draft LIAM EICHENBERG, OR ASANTE SAMUEL JR., THOSE ARE players, AND RODARIUS WILLIAMS, 3rd or 4th rd pick, stay away from waddle, horn, and farley

  5. barbara gobert

    Channel name is "TPS reports" 😆

  6. Jacion Bryant

    Mac Jones is the next Alex smith a bust but sold player

  7. Jacion Bryant

    Raider nations

  8. Jacion Bryant

    Raider nation

  9. Joshua Hogan

    How about Aaron Rodgers to San Fran we're talking next dynasty instead of one super bowl and years of frustration

  10. Leoninihos

    I like this

  11. Big Pickle

    A.brown comment didn't age well

  12. Nathan Stegner

    Terrible Tampa team from two thousand and twelve.

  13. Kevin Ramsey

    Rick Myer should have been number two on this list and surprising enough he wasn't even on this list

  14. Mike Fry

    I don't know what people think this proves? People doing the same job with the same training are going to do the same things. People don't post videos of soldiers marching im form and claim it's a glitch?

  15. Samy D. Luffy


  16. Brent Jones

    If Doug Martin isn't on here, I'm done with TPS Okay, he was on the list. Lmao

  17. Boston Nate

    I hope Bill meant playing right now about Jonnu because Gronk was impossible to tackle after the catch

  18. wraith1117

    Would have like to have seen the JuJu payback hit on Burfict.

  19. sean stuart

    would TY Hilton be 6th out and Mike Evans be 6th in? i'm guessing you consider Fitzgerald a non active player.? or this ranking means nothing

  20. George Wilburn

    all professional athletes are paid waaaay to much

  21. james beachem

    Dang! Y'all just killing Sewell stock.

  22. MAC P

    I was hyped for benjamin after that rookie year

  23. Jarred Brown

    Another topic- 10 teams right now who shouldn’t have any excuses to win a championship this year.

  24. KJ_ 2599

    Florida Panthers forever

  25. David Cerda

    Wasn’t Rick Flair the biggest fan of the Falcons?

  26. David Parkes

    Lmao, Johnny Football wouldn't have done jacksh!t as a Cowboy. Thank goodness cooler heads prevailed & we got Zack Martin.

  27. Stanley Pennock

    Tim Couch would have been an above average QB if he had landed somewhere other than Cleveland. His best O-lineman in '99 was Jim Pyne! Couch was NOT A BUST, but was one of the toughest QBs I have ever watched play the game! He was a pocket passer that played for 5 years on a team that gave him no protection in the pocket. It took until Baker Mayfield for someone to equal is stats and look at the talent Mayfield is surrounded with! Tim Couches injuries ended his career, but he was certainly NOT A BUST!

  28. Christian Rubio

    What about ickey woods

  29. Stanley Pennock

    It's pure stupid even considering Manziel on this list! His drug use, alcoholism, blowing off team meetings and refusal to watch film has NOTHING to go with coaching! It had everything to do with Manziel lack of passion' for the game!

  30. juan chavira

    Top 20 most forgotten superstars. Ex. Danny wood head, tamba hali, Matt forte

  31. Cain Thomas

    i don’t see the point in the broncos trading down and trading their picks away if carolina is after and they get sam darnold, we then have the 9th pick where in this case justin fields should still be available

  32. Andrew Garcia

    Forgot RB David Johnson.

  33. Tony Garnica

    By far one of the worst mock drafts I've seen

  34. Bryan Hudson

    Wow this video didnt age well.

  35. Carlos Silva

    10 greatest wasted players in NFL history

  36. Tony Steel

    Adam “Pac-Man” Jones should’ve made this list.

  37. SuperSaiyanBroku

    Right now we probably have one of the craziest drafts ever were these quarterbacks who were literally are doing nothing are constantly going up-and-down mock draft boards

  38. Jolteon Gamer

    Do the 5 hidden gems and 5 draft bust of this class. Or do players in this draft that fits a system of a team

  39. Basketballislife For m

    If we fucking draft Mac Jones I am am going to move to la and become a rams fan

  40. Poti Gotti

    RG3 got fucked by injuries.

  41. Duran Laurie

    Manziel would have been just as bad with the cowboys, if he partied too much in Cleveland imagine how bad he would’ve been in Dallas...

  42. Jacob Koong

    You could do 10 nfl players who had horrible rookie seasons but became super stars

  43. Steve DeLeon


  44. Alex Ruan

    Arizona Cardinals 2018 season 3-13 record

  45. Poti Gotti

    Benjamin ate his way out of the nfl.. like lacy.

  46. Poti Gotti

    Sometimes these players get complacent and take the league for granted. Thats why they dont pan out well.

  47. Boston Nate

    How is Kyle long worse than Winston??????

  48. Michael Orlando

    Kelvin Benjamin was NOT a bust!!

  49. Roberto 264

    jj watt: gone tom bady: gone Kawhi: gone Harper: gone

  50. Tyler A. Forti

    ZEKE is a big one

  51. marc andin

    How is Josh Allen his best and worst pick for my bills 🤔

  52. April Ligtenberg

    Video idea: top 10 players of all time each position

  53. Wyatt Snell

    Please Sherman go to the bills

  54. Isaque Oliveira

    If swell hit the #8 Vikings would trade with panthers

  55. John Mayo

    Top 10 draft busts that were great coaches

  56. Kagemusha70

    Bungl;es aren't going to take Kyle Pitts because they need playmaker wr ,so they will take Ja'Marr Chase. I also think Falcons will probably trade down from #4 while Cowboys will trade up for Kyle Pitts or Patrick Surtain Jr. because both will probably be gone before their turn to pick. I wonder why did they think NE will take Trey L:ance ? because he doesn't fit in Belichick's offense ,so I think they will trade up for one of receivers. I did hear that Miami Dolphins like Devonta Smith that much.

  57. Daniel Kehn

    anyone else just notice they are called "total pro sports", yet only do football? not complaining, great content, just saying.

  58. Jeff Rachau

    All things considered, Robert Griffin is not a bust!

  59. Hugo Mena Rivera

    Y'all forgot about the 1 year wonder of Chris Borland in 2014

  60. Jo King

    Sam Bradford was a big time bust but he played his best year by far in 2016 I don’t know where you base your facts off of tps

  61. Daquan McDonald

    Bucs with the busts

  62. Gridiron Guru

    Video idea: best players to have terrible rookie seasons and go on to be stars

  63. Gridiron Guru

    Video idea: best late blommers

  64. King Jay

    Rg3 is not a bust he was poorly managed and forced to play hurt

  65. Levi Ward

    You suck

  66. Robert Estep

    Not all these takes aged well... Josh Allen...

  67. andrew2586

    Ok now do this the other way around

  68. Snow Dad

    Umm what the giants didn't draft haskins so that shouldn't count for them

  69. E93 Sports

    Top 10 Sports Legends that won only one championship

  70. Larry Frye

    Colts fan. Ballard loves to trade down for more draft picks, he is trusted to make the right decision but dont be surprised if the Colts pick at 21. Probably either Left tackle or edge!

  71. reteach007

    Can You Guys Do Every NFL Player That Has Done Dancing With The Stars (Some Of The Names Of The Pros They Were Partnered With Are A Bit Difficult To Pronounce)

  72. Joseph Wolf

    You missed one for Denver's Broncos, lead singer of Cannibal Corpse , George coepsegrinder Fisher.

  73. Shay Swanson

    Best journyman quarterback

  74. William Folts

    Bell was a middle linebacker he didn't rush alot he was tackler more than a rushwr

  75. jam man

    Why this low key feel like something they would have made in 2016

  76. Joel Ojeda

    Jason Verette?

  77. Goat Cheeze

    Barron looks like a want to be Stephan Gilmore

  78. Jeff Garrison

    JaMarcus Russell... dude was high as a kite 24/7 and then held-out the majority of his rookie season until he got paid like a Hall of Famer, then never showed up to practice and between what him and McFadden got paid, they set us back for at least 4 or 5 years!!! Then of course, we traded draft picks for washed up players like Curry the LB from Seattle and several others, like Palmer costing 2 1st round picks!!! I love AL Davis, but he was never the same after trading Gruden to the Buccs and then losing to him that season because he taught the defense every call and audible... yeah that should have been Gruden's victory WITH the Raiders, Not Against us!!! But now that's ancient history... and hopefully we've exercised those demons. With how much the Raiders have changed since last 2 seasons, we should be on the rise and since we're due to finally stay healthy for the next decade, we have a shot at the Lombardi trophy sooner than later!!! We'll see...

    1. Jeff Garrison

      And yes, I know that realistically we're a couple of seasons away from being Superbowl Contenders, however, stranger things have happened... and we're due. So who knows, maybe next season, maybe even this 2021-22 season we might just shock the world and win it all!!! ...??? !!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Dakota Linsteadt

    Chiefs and ravens is a good one they face eachother again