INSANELY EXPENSIVE ITEMS NFL Players Own That Cost More than Your LIFE!


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    NFL items owned by players
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    From dream homes to fancy sports cars to sparkling jewelry, some NFL players are just so fortunate to have it all.
    With tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars in their bank accounts, these NFL stars have purchased all of these luxurious items that we’ll ONLY ever own in our dreams.
    Today we present... INSANELY EXPENSIVE ITEMS NFL Players Own That Cost More than Your LIFE!
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    1. Opalescence Doll

      Nothing cost more than my life


      Thumbnail mega cap that's a house cropped on mars.

    3. Ceez Velasquez

      This title is pretty offensive, Life is priceless. God is the only important thing in life, we are here for salvation and to repent for us sins in the blood of Jesus not to get rich.

    4. cdc 194

      "...worth more than your life." Lol, you'd be surprised by how worthless my life is.

    5. Smasher Blues

      Real men have 1 pair of shoes, and 1 pair of work boots/shoes. Sandals are not shoes, and not meant for public display.

    6. Patriotscards 26

      Day 64 of telling TPS their uploads are appreciated

    7. Joshua Becerra

      This guy is so negative saying you will never own these things

    8. Jeff Reisen


    9. Jaden Siegel

      He said yaniss instead of yoniss=gianis

    10. Deacon123 Harris123


    11. AR-13

      Mahomes... hard to hate him...🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    12. Jose Gringo

      Brady can buy a mansion, never live in it, then add 15mil to the price at resell just because he owned it. Lol and Smdh at the same time. 😂

    13. Christopher Wagner

      Also I'd say about 70% of football players spend most of there money b4 there 50

    14. Christopher Wagner

      Wait a minute when did the bucks qualify as a top basketball franchise lol always thought they were the jets of basketball

    15. Bradley Miles

      Anyone who spends that much money on jewelry is an idiot. This is what happens when you have more money than brains

    16. Spooterman

      I'm probably worth about 2 dollars

    17. Brent Fugate

      Ok this is all crazy

    18. Baby Cat

      The temporary hot moberly play because anime nutritionally rob following a colossal squirrel. innate, volatile hemp

    19. Michael Shrute


    20. Parker Williams

      I hate Odell, and wearing those watches during games and warm ups, I only hate him more.

    21. Penis Guy

      You forgot Eli Manning owns Tom Brady

      1. CandG Productions

        I agree

    22. Tristian Adams

      You say they cost more than your life,well budy nothing cost more than a human being and that's facts try to make me change my mind I bet you won't

    23. Jonah Slaby

      Him saying Gannis antetokounmpo though.

    24. Jonah Slaby

      TPS we could easily buy part of the packers. Go pack go. I love that the packer fans can own part of the packer

    25. Bulls 190

      all you guys suck give us more justin fraction

    26. CP3 Fanpage

      Yannis lol

    27. Raj kumar

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    28. Garret Bugbee


    29. Kim Vickerman

      I subscribed

    30. Aiden Tann

      the way he said "giannis" lol

    31. Aiden Tann

      woahhhhh mahomes makes 96 dollars per MINUTE???? holy cow dude

    32. Kevin Stern

      Most athletes need professional help to manage their money. To earn tens of millions and go broke is just sad. If I had a million dollars I would be set for life.

    33. Big Ben

      It's nice to see Gisele supporting her gold digging husband...a refreshing swap of traditional gender roles LOL!

    34. Channel

      So Tom Brady owns a house on Mars

    35. Rodrigo Garcia

      Leveon Bell is one of those players who’s probably gonna go broke when he retires lol...

    36. Gliw


    37. timothy earnest

      Why did Tom Brady have to sign again 😐

    38. Wild Fishy


    39. Jay HOLLIEWOOD

      Luv ur channel always dropping something new it gets to the point I have to save so I can see when I'm off work KEEP PUSHING

    40. Krisztián Papp

      Where is Jason Biondo? 🤔

    41. Carra Pool

      It's so baffling that they have that much money. Good on them but damn I'm envious

    42. Jack Ford


    43. BEANS 123

      Odell can drop 2 million but he still sucks

    44. Hayden Addy Parvin


    45. Wade Porter

      That's the worst rolls I've ever seen

    46. Gabriel Kelly

      Nothing is worth more than a human life ignorant.

    47. Daniel Ramírez Torres

      I want some of that money but I know that is not happening

    48. Cooper Russell

      Oh Christian McCaffrey is on Sanna

      1. Cooper Russell

        I mean has

      2. Cooper Russell

        House is on Sona

    49. TSM_Haywire

      Brady has a massive car collection that no one has in the NFL

    50. Vaurasi Kamilo


    51. llshifull

      Nothing is worth more then life don’t forget that 💀👌🏾

    52. Lee Vanderpool

      Do each team’s best draft class.

    53. King Zo

      Chad with a tiger is pretty crazy

    54. Poti Gotti

      Bell is nowhere to be seen after signing that contract.

    55. Fernando Tomasino

      Thr tittle makes me laugh

    56. Poti Gotti

      OBJ always lookin flyyyy!

    57. Poti Gotti

      Damn that mansion! 🔥🔥🔥

    58. Ronnie Norell

      more than my life? kind of a f’d up way to say it

    59. Cassandra Creamer

      Man I’m broke compared to these NFL players

    60. Alex Shearer


    61. Mason Hill

      Good video

    62. RuBiX

      "MY KNEE"

    63. Robert Holmberg

      I just wish I had enough money to get a home for myself and my fur kids back in Wisconsin

    64. CruisingGlaze

      jokes on you im worth about 100M on the dark web wait a minute...

    65. Paul Martin Cordero

      Where Von Miller's Hat collection tho?

    66. Benin Malgaard

      Ya know. I like having shoes for different occasions, but THAT AMOUNT of shoes is just downright ridiculous.

    67. DaBaby

      Let’s goooooo

    68. Official Routes

      The title kinda hurt not gonna lie😂

    69. Caleb Trostle

      Nfl players are payed so much

    70. Matt Comer


    71. Darius D Millz

      Never seen Ocho spend some real money 😂

    72. Jens Verner Blirup

      I have been watching these videos for 2 months in a row, I fucking love them.

    73. Sullivan Saunders

      That's just stoopid to buy expensive clothes

    74. sbcj9

      Video idea. Top schools that produce the most NFL busts

    75. Brent Bridgeman

      These people buy all this expensive stuff, but Rodrigo Blankenship bought Legos. Rodrigo made a much wiser decision.

    76. Carlos Topete

      I love OBJ’s car, it is in my top 10

    77. Sebastian Frey

      Haha a tiger

    78. Y&T CJ

      Only a few on this list did smart with that money

    79. Mason P

      Basically most of these things cost more than a house.😂😂

    80. Evading Colt

      My daddy said that my leg is priceless tho☹️

      1. Hov Tchil

        sell it on the black market

    81. Ezekiel Soules

      Day gettin dat bop

    82. Marcyl Goode

      Enjoy your spoils just don't end up broke

    83. Stephen Raftery

      Ridiculous, all that money for playing a game! I know we are the idiots that buy tickets and all the hats, shirts etc. But c'mon man!


      Is interesting to see what people can pay if they have so much money in there banks accounts


      I would buy like 7 cars

    86. Jacob Finfer

      So since the giveaway isn’t being talked about anymore? Does that mean the whole giveaway was a trick?

      1. The Book Reviewer

        well i know at least 1 person got 500 dollars in cash so....

    87. Brett Fox

      The way he says Giannis’s name 😂

    88. Steven Maslinski


    89. Xavier Barahona

      Good video

    90. Gavin Breiten

      I wish I had a lot of cash! But maybe I will after the giveaway if I get selected

    91. William Summerson

      Obj is a douchebag

    92. Snail

      Yannis Andedkumpo

    93. Nate Dennis

      Do every nfl teams most consistent position like so they can see pls

    94. Rochester Wiffleball

      I’m tired

    95. Mystic Water

      Don’t you think the title is a little dark

      1. Basetugboat2675

        yes i do

    96. Al

      This title is a personal attack

    97. Sara Whitaker

      No wat

    98. Alvin Kamara

      He be 👍🏻 the video who is he

    99. Andrew Cook Jr


    100. Brooks Castillo

      Patrick Mahomes ketchup kondo