10 NFL Teams Who ALWAYS Miss Out on Finding GREAT Quarterbacks


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    NFL teams that can't find a great QB
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    Let’s look at 10 teams who’ve constantly failed to find a great quarterback.
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    Host: Aaron Leger
    Editor: Kyle McCormick
    Writer: Alex Hoegler
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    1. Simple One AZ Teri

      Great video as usual.

    2. Vlonefaded

      I love how I said “right” the same time he said it when saying the Jags couldn’t waste Trevor Lawrence’s talent. 😂😂

    3. Krystal Bennett

      Hehe 2013 NFC Champion ship

    4. Daniel Olsen

      Bad cousins take

    5. shawn bopko

      The jets cowboys giants colts vickings lions 49ers seahawks raiders cheifs and bucs and saints are all sad 😥

    6. chet manly

      Carr isn't holding the team back

    7. Amy Tickner

      Hihihihihih hihihihihih hihihihihih hihihihihih hihihihihih hihihihihih

    8. Christopher Wagner

      49ers should of never kept Alex Smith over Kaepernick that was there down fall

    9. fishycooper tictoc

      This was made on my birthday

    10. Rick Allen

      Bears should be #1. In the Super Bowl era, they have had more starting QBs then any other team.

    11. Las vegas raiders for life

      Alot of good qbs for Minnesota

    12. Artemis

      If 49ers draft Aaron Rodgers they definitely win Super Bowl 47

    13. ThE LEthAl

      Derek carr 4103 yds and 27 TD to 9 int with and shit team and his only weapon is Darren waller ur a dumb ass

    14. Philip Smith

      You forgot to mention the Buccaneers ie Jameis Winston ?

    15. Ben's Lair

      The Broncos and the Bears are No.1 and No.2

    16. Tua Tagovailoa

      Just give me time and I will be the next Dan Marino

    17. Hp Growl

      The bengals

    18. Hp Growl

      Like this

    19. J Portillo

      11:59 mitch went to the bills

    20. J Portillo

      8:35 he was good In the ravens

    21. Eric Rosales

      ok after see jets first yeah you guys barley know shit sam is good but has no weapons around him lmao 😂

    22. Michael Kish

      The Redskins mismanaged RGIII's injury. Guess we're rocking those rose-colored glasses and forgetting all the RGIII hissy fits and childish tantrums to get back on the field.

    23. Garret Bugbee


    24. Zhane George

      I'm big fan I need to $500Big fan I liked Comic Subscribe

    25. anonymous anonymous

      Bears Broncos 49ers Vikings can't find QBs

    26. calvin prioleau jr functional strength training

      You are so right about the Broncos

    27. Tanner Pomeranz

      whats wrong with jay cutler he was a pretty good quarterback

    28. Colin Perkins

      I am a bears fan and I admit the QB situation is herendous.

    29. Derek Bodden

      This man always finds a way to dis my dolphins 🐬.

    30. Mason Fine

      In the scenario what is the hot circle of garbage is my real question

    31. Mason Fine

      RIP Dalton the disrespect

    32. Bryden Curran

      Tua is great

    33. Isaiah Fitzgerald

      Keenum and Cousins aren't bad

    34. wakawaka1976

      Crazy how some teams can’t get it together

    35. Ethan Ehlers

      I’m am huge fan of yours can’t wait to watch your next vid

    36. Tracy Files


    37. solo night

      Da cam newton

    38. Declan McSwiggan


    39. NYC Camper

      Why do they have a picture of tua when the dolphins had dan Marino

    40. NYC Camper

      The jets if you don't count jpe namath

    41. Hack Follow

      Juicy John is mad at you

    42. Guilherme Guerra

      Carr deserves more respect, but he's really not a top 10 qb

    43. Mountain Fox

      Don't forget the 2021-2035 Patriots. It's going to be a long ass time before they find a guy half as good as Brady was for that team.

    44. Zound Z

      This awesome

    45. Gone-hunting Gonzalez

      Plz pick me I will buy my dad an autograph Dan Marino his favorite player for him

    46. Char Lie

      Dolphins have had on good quarterback

    47. Ash is sus

      bears deserved to be number 1 💀

    48. Javier Alvarez


    49. Liam ten Kortenaar

      Love the vid

    50. ND Football_YT

      Hi! I love your videos! Thanks for the content!

    51. Bazel HazelWood

      I realize us packers fans are spoiled with godly qbs

    52. davichid921

      Cousins has been just fine for the Vikings. QBs don't play on defense and that is the Vikings major issue with not winning. Being 29th in the league in points allowed generally doesn't equate to a winning record. For that matter Carr isn't the problem for the Raiders either... their defense ranked 30th in points allowed.

    53. Noahsnoah

      Hello your the best

    54. Jason Brown

      That Tannehill throw tho😂

    55. Bens Beans sss

      &$%@ the first pic

    56. R. B. Smada

      Where's the Bucs?

    57. Nick Bell

      Jags need to step up there game


      But but

    59. Brock Garmany

      Carr is a top 10 QB he is talented it tell me when he actually had a team around him so that he could win

    60. Grayson Pitman

      *Sad rich Gannon noises*

    61. JHKS15

      #1 Denver Broncos

    62. Kai Keo

      Carr is better than you

    63. James Smith

      Funny stuff

    64. BLADE

      11:44 as a jags fan I sure as hell hope so. Bortles got hype too. Also there are many people who where taken over real stars. Like darnold over allen and Jackson. You never know.

    65. Xotic Mano

      When your a pats fan and your quarterback situation is getting worse

      1. Jason Brown

        Oh boo hoo I feel so bad for u😂

    66. Andrewfroid 98rbx

      Um Kirk cousins is a great qb

    67. Nathan Hamblin

      The fact that everyone is giving up on tua is just insane. He was coming off a horrible injury with no offseason, no weapons, and was thrown into action. Don’t give up on him after his first half a year

      1. Zach Stanley

        Problem is it looks like Tua is just too small and not athletic enough..... and that’s never gonna change soooooo

    68. Austin C

      I’m here for the prize

    69. Luiz Doebeli

      where minshew will land?

    70. John Zuba

      Do every nfl teams biggest non divisional rival

    71. Sizzle


    72. Sheri Harcourt

      Can I win

    73. Eduardo Bartmann

      Derek Carr is literally not the problem on the raiders, watch him go 12-4 or 11-5 this year haters

    74. Eduardo Bartmann

      Derek carr is a top 10 qb, tBS sucks fr 😂

    75. dat peanutbutter guy

      If the bears arnt #1 this is clickbait

    76. German Acevedo


    77. DK Metcalf

      underrated channel

    78. Daley Holder

      Can we add the Los Angeles Rams?

    79. Sean G

      1 year of tom brady can't wash away all go the stench at qb for the bucs. Ben some tough tough years. Our best before Brady was probably doug williams.

    80. Angel Corral

      I just want to say oof.

    81. Jacob Sukovaty

      How about in 2000 Giovanni carmazzi over Tom Brady for San Francisco

    82. Pro Plush Bros

      So the Raiders and 49ers are a big reason why we can’t win the NFC North. (Bears)

    83. Tician S

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    84. spclklh

      I thought the Clevend QB graveyard was funny.

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    86. Seez USA


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    89. Skyler O'Neill

      11:11 NFC Championship???

    90. Dessie Solomon

      Worst teams to win a Super Bowl

    91. Reggie James

      lol i never win noo give away.i dont know if they are reel

    92. Peter McKeon

      The Bears should be #1, they've never had a decent quarterback

    93. Abel Kidder

      I vove you

    94. Lopaka Koa-Uwekoolani

      Did you mean 2017 AFC championship not NFC for the Jaguars

    95. Stephen Raftery

      With only 2 or 3 really good quarterbacks coming out a year it's not so easy. Teams don't have the patience to develope one these days.

    96. Carlos Topete

      Poor vikings fans

      1. Daniel Olsen

        I'm fine with cousins

    97. Tesea NYG

      Browns are so sad

    98. Tyler Granai

      This is crazy

    99. Jachob Rowe

      You gotta love it

    100. Jesus Quevedo

      The bears for me are 2nd in drafting quarterbacks