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    NFL Free Bandwagons
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    Bandwagon NFL fans never stick with one team forever. It’s all about cheering for a winner, and once their reign of dominance ends, it’s time to cheer for the next great team.
    Just ask these NFL clubs who, for a very short period of time, enjoyed the support of countless bandwagon fans across the country.
    Today we present... NFL bandwagons that ended quickly
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    1. Jesse Deleon

      When Peyton Manning went to the Broncos talk about Bandwagon Fans

    2. Edward-James Gardner

      Where are the Patriots????

    3. Chop Chop

      How were the Cowboys on this list?! Lol if you’re a Cowboys fan it’s not because of winning! This sir is a lie! Ha

    4. Allen Stone

      Tony NoGo was always trash

    5. Patriotscards 26

      Day 63 of telling TPS their uploads are appreciated

    6. Ian Burke

      I remember them all too well

    7. Will Matlock

      2016 Raiders

    8. Liam Brier

      Coming from a true lifelong Seattle fan, a good portion of the bandwagoners stuck around. I guess we have to wait for Bobby Wagner to leave?

    9. Malina 78

      The Ben Roethlisburger led Stealers. 2020

    10. yourDaddy

      Lots of kc bandwagons and bucs now. Where are the patswagons at now?

    11. yourDaddy

      I loved my san diego chargers but they started sucking and moved away. I gave all my nice jerseys away to my dad. I use to boltz up so hard everyday and loved them. Now, I'm just a NFL fan.

    12. TheRobuxKing

      Broncos fan since 2008

    13. devi2691

      does the narrator need a lozenge? #Throaty

    14. Life 'n' Gaming


    15. Robert Tulibacki

      I was a 49ers Fan for 36 years and now that the NFL and 49ers gone woke, and started supporting racist hate groups I had too throw in the towel and no longer a fan.

    16. HispanicAirForce 1s

      I feel like *most* browns fans are pretty loyal because they have been through a lot of years of terrible seasons so it was nice to see them win in the playoffs for the fans to get the glory they’ve waited for a long time

    17. SonicSpeed0705

      So many Bucs fans are gonna get called bandwagons, meanwhile we have me who has been a fan of the Buccaneers since I learned about the NFL, AKA around 4-6 years old. I am currently 10 years older than that now. My dad has been a Bucs fan for way before then. It's time the NFL had new back-to-back champion. LETS GO BUCS 2 IN A ROW!!!!!!!!!!

    18. Diana Pretty

      Quick question are lions fans exempt from being bandwagon fans

    19. Libert Siagian

      what about a player bandwagon? i am a patriot fan since the beginning, but i'm also a Brady fan...

    20. Daniel Hernandez

      You forgot New England Patriots.

    21. ELIAS MODZ

      Everything time I tell someone I'm a chiefs fan people laugh at me and say bandwagon but I grew up in kc and I have tickets from 2012 2013 2017 wdym 😆

    22. BROK

      *The 2019 Browns bandwagon should’ve been on here. That absolutely ruined the reputation of Browns fans even though it’s not even their fault. They’re still the same as they were before. And I don’t usually talk about fanbases that much.*

    23. Ron Ronson

      Wait... you think that not continually winning more than 2 superbowls over two decades is a bandwagon? By your definition, literally the Patriots are the only team that is not a "bandwagon". This doesn't make sense.

    24. King Masada

      The thumbnail isn't entirely wrong, despite NE not being on the list, last year with a talent depleted roster, TB gained some new fans from us, but with the god tier FA spending this offseason, we got most of them back.

    25. AndrewDoesNothing

      I live in Massachusetts and people have been wearing Buccaneers jerseys since Brady vacated the Pats and especially since they somehow won the SB.

    26. Devin Sager

      Jim Kelly's Bills, Peyton Manning's Colts, 2000-2001 Ravens

    27. Public Enemy

      Patriots and bucs

    28. Benjamin Metcalf

      The patriots....everyone had a boner for them during the Brady after 20 years of talking shit about Buffalo here they come walking back like “yea go bills”

    29. Matt Dennis

      Great video.

    30. Colby Garrow

      How about the rg3 redslisn 2012-2014

    31. PRODIGYofW4R

      bull shyt NOBODY liked eli

    32. Noaahh Hoke

      Where are the Patriots bandwagons

    33. John Gat

      Im a giants fan i never knew we had bangwagon fans i witnessed both superbowl victories

    34. 1989 BMW M3

      I have never heard of anyone calling the giants a bandwagon, it is literally just the fact that NY is very vocal about their love

    35. HQ SPORTS

      So glad justin and the OG background music is becoming a norm again!!!!

    36. mgrouel

      There are people who supports their team no matter what, there are people who supports college teams no matter what, there are some who supports players wherever they go, and there are those who supports the any team that wins a championship, and there are people who supports the underdogs or the Cinderella teams. No matter what you call it, it’s not a bad thing, it’s your emotions that draws you to those choices you make.

    37. Jason Anderson

      The Browns will be on here shortly

    38. Jason Anderson

      Patriots band wagon lasted 20 years

    39. Jake Wilson

      The Philadelphia Eagles were a good team when Michael Vick was on the team. Michael Vick was signed by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2009 after missing two years in prison in the 2007 and 2008 season. After his incarceration in federal prison the Philadelphia Eagles signed Michael Vick in the 2009 off-season to be on the team. Michael Vick also won 2010 comeback player of the year award, the same year they traded Donnovan McNabb to the Washington Redskins. After Michael Vick's dismissal from the Atlanta Falcons in 2007, Michael Vick redeemed himself and gotten a second chance to sign with the Philadelphia Eagles and led the Philadelphia Eagles to the playoffs but would lose to Dallas Cowboys in his first year in Philly. In the 2010 season Michael Vick returned to the playoffs but lost again to the Green Bay Packers. Michael Vick was the g.o.a.t of all left handed quarterbacks and dual threat quarterbacks. In 2009 he defeated Matt Ryan by running for one touchdown and throwing for another in his first return to Atlanta. In 2010 Michael Vick faced off against Donnovan McNabb and Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles smote the Washington Redskins with Michael Vick was throwing for four touchdowns and running for two more. Michael Vick did not have a good year in 2011 and 2012 due to injuries and frustration. In 2013 Michael Vick bounced back from two disappointing seasons before getting hurt again and then benched by Nick Foles. 2013 would be Michael Vick's last year in a Eagles uniform before entering the 2014 free agent market to sign with the New York Jets and 2015 to sign with the Pittsburgh Steelers. 2015 would be Michael Vick's last year in the NFL after spending the 2016 season in free agency. The Philadelphia Eagles were a good team when Michael Vick was on the team before the 2011 and 2012 frustrating seasons.

    40. MsCrystalamb

      Last time asking for the 500$ plzz

    41. Lil TrixTy

      Cardinals 😈 been here forever

    42. Gerald Haskell

      When I was in Tampa for the Super Bowl to support my Chiefs there was literally more Patriot or “Tom Brady” fans there than Bucs and Chiefs fans combined.

    43. Oddball Skull

      Shouldn’t it be a picture of you guys and the chiefs for the thumbnail

    44. Mark Evans

      Still thinking why the Seahawks didn’t run the ball

    45. AMAK 89

      Nice.. the patriots is just a clickbait to this channel. What’s wrong? Views are low? What’s next? Use belichick as a bait?

    46. Natasha Fox

      Where are the chiefs

    47. Grainger

      Its not bandwagon its Brady

    48. Spooterman

      I've been a ravens fan since the 2013 supeebowl originally to spite my mom she was a 49ers fan for her whole life but now she's a ravens fan with me

    49. ThatRedHairedDude

      Seahawks fan for nearly 12 years

    50. Brennan McKinney

      I lived south of Joplin, Missouri for most of my life and have been a Chiefs fan since I was born because my family is from the Kansas City area, and while Peyton Manning was in Denver, about 20-30% of my classmates at my high school wore Broncos jerseys most of those jerseys were Manning’s 18 jersey. I was so confused to why they would do that in a state with the Chiefs and absolutely hated it

    51. Therapy_Duck_

      I’m still a patriots fan and will be forever

    52. Jacob Davis

      Meanwhile. Me a cavs fan

    53. Mr Gamer

      I have a question. If you are a fan of a bad team but just joined the fandom 2 years ago is that still being a bandwagon

    54. Samurai BeastWarrior

      ATL Falcons 2002-2004 Mike Vick era Madden 2004 was proof there was bandwagon fans because people love using Vick

      1. Samurai BeastWarrior

        @Sam Benham that to

      2. Sam Benham

        What about 2016

    55. Leif Walker

      I have always been a patriots fan but the Bucs where my second favorite lol

      1. Samurai BeastWarrior

        you sound like my friend from special Olympic Bowling he is the same way

    56. Vg Pro

      Lol I'm 17 in I been a patriots for 11 year's

    57. Vishnu Rayavarapu

      when you're a Washington fan, you know you're not a bandwagon. Go Washington!

    58. Richard Sousa

      The best thing about Brady leaving NE was all the snowbird-bandwagon fans left too. I feel bad, my buddy has been a Buccaneers fan and a Brady hater for years and now everyone thinks hes a bandwagoner. Cruel world

    59. Dasduck 1

      I am not a ban wagon but I respect the Rams for moving somewhere else and kicking butt these last few years besides this year when they got clapped from my favorite team the Packers

    60. Mish-

      I’ve been a pats fan for 8 years now and I’m not gonna stop being one

    61. Gn0m3dAga1n


    62. PhoenixGamer34

      The Jaguars will be on this list sometime when Urban Meyer and Trevor Lawrence don't turn them around.

    63. Christopher Reyna

      Another team is 09 and 10 jets

    64. Jake Doug

      Here I am, still hoping the bears will go past the wildcard

    65. The Mandalorian Outpost

      TB will be on this list after Brady retires

    66. Wade Porter

      Jim Harbaugh is indeed trash

    67. Daniel Ramírez Torres

      The people who support the best team or multiple teams is not a real fan

      1. Self Help

        Yeah a die hard NFL fan has only one team. So that's true.

      2. Daniel Ramírez Torres

        @Sam Benham I mean people who likes a lot of teams at the same level

      3. Sam Benham

        I disagree with the multiple teams part, as long as you like one more than the other

    68. Joe4

      Looking forward to the day when the Bucs make this list

    69. Luis Guerrero

      5:01 key player Chris Borland of the 49ers??? No way that's true that guy never even saw the playoffs.....

    70. Sebastian Frey

      Rip Vincent Jackson. Rest In Peace.

    71. Daley Holder

      The Mark Sanchez Jets

    72. Joey Brown

      This may sound bad but I hope the chiefs get bad soon that way I can show I’m a true fan and not be called a bandwagon

    73. Nathan Goble

      Kurt Warner's story from working at grocery store to being a Super Bowl champion shall never be forgotten, even though if it might have lasted a very start time

    74. Peyton Ifill

      Any person who hopped from the pats to the Eagles after the Pats were ROBBED of a super bowl is a bandwagob

    75. XxClipsXx99

      The 2015 Carolina Panthers

    76. Jordan Smith

      All the patriot fans jumped to Tampa bay buccaneers fan club

    77. Alex Schuyler

      I have 2 teams I support I'm each league for the NFL the lions and dolphins NHL Detroit red wings and Pittsburgh penguins MLB Detroit tigers and new York Yankees and for the NBA the pistions and Celtics

    78. zach ramsay

      Philip Rivers hasn't ever been considered better than Drew Brees. Drew had better stats all four years and won a ring, and thr chargers chose Rivers over him

    79. Michael Orlando

      Tom Brady’s Patriots

    80. Solas Valerius

      Phillip Rivers was never the third best qb in the Nfl behind Manning or Brady.

    81. 772-FISHIN

      Major League Soccer 😂

    82. Infinity Ricardo 0_0

      Remember me I've been a Niners fan my entire life just saying this just incase we do good this year so people won't call me a bandwagon

    83. Aqua Shdwz

      Gg bandwagons

    84. StallMandibuzz

      20 years of bandwagon fans in New England isn't exactly a quick ending.

      1. Kyle Woodowens

        Funny how everyone left the moment Brady did though.

    85. Alondra Espinoza

      You guys should do the most disappointing super teams in all sports

    86. Brent Fugate

      The pats aren't THAT hated Jk everyone hates us lol for good reason

    87. Xavier S

      All the afc west fans besides the cheifs punching the air (me)

    88. NLE Choppa

      Am i bandwagon since i only got into sports bcuz of cam newton which happened to be his mvp season and ive been a panthers fan ever since

    89. RM M

      The term is relative. I'm new to the game (immigrant) and began following in 2015, living in NC, the year Cam balled out. He made me fall in love with the game that season and he's my favorite player in all of football. When he left for NE I had no compunction whatsoever moving my allegiance to the Pats, and I most sincerely couldn't care less about being called a bandwagon fan. (Plus the fact that the Panthers did him and Steve Smith Dr. dirty didn't exactly endear them to me either). To paraphrase M.C. Hammer on Deion Sanders back in the day, I'm a fan of Cam first then the team. If that makes me a bandwagon fan, tough. I can live with it.

      1. RM M

        @odyss eus Lol!

      2. odyss eus

        The NFL is best followed as a league, watched with the sound turned off. There are so few people knowledgeable about the game you might as well take your own advice as listen to the "experts." Being a team fan is waste of time.

    90. TheGoldenRooster

      I honestly think Vick should have won comeback player of the year but I think it was too early from his dog fighting incident

    91. James Smith

      Never been a bandwagon fan!

    92. Blaten Norris

      Always have and always will be a Steelers fan💛🖤

      1. Christopher C

        That guy who sold his allegiance from the Bengals to the Steelers: *HUGE BANDWAGON FAN*

      2. Joey Ziegman

        Corvette Corvette nameless gray faces same old browns

    93. shawn bopko

      To is the biggest band waggon even tho he was a beast in Dallas cowboys buffalo bills Eagles 49ers

    94. ASAP D3T3LL0

      Im still a patriots fan an I like them more now😐

    95. Toe Salad063

      Idk how people watch sports and bandwagon from one team to another it’s so lame and corny

    96. Agent Orange

      Cowboys been losing for 3 decades. Thought we shook all the bandwagon fans off years ago

    97. Brady Schwab

      2019 rams

    98. DimeTimePrime

      the fact new england is tagged on the video makes me cry of laughter rn... LMAO

    99. Angel Corral

      My brother is a bandwagon, His favorite team in his words is "wherever Tom Brady is."

      1. Roy Jones

        Yea that’s actually a die hard fan

      2. ThatRedHairedDude

        Maybe more of a fan of a player than a team, so not quite a bandwagon fan

    100. Dark Memes

      am always late ;c