10 Times Mel Kiper Was CAUGHT Saying Something HILARIOUS At The NFL Draft


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    Mel Kiper's NFL Mock Draft and the funniest things Mel Kiper has said at the draft.
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    The sports media world is filled with characters that people LOVE to hate.
    Mercurial, provocative, talking heads that will say whatever it takes to get the people going… But Mel Kiper is a unique case. He has been in the game so long that I truly believe everything he says is straight from the heart.
    But that does not stop a lot of it from sounding patently absurd.
    Let’s take a look back at 10 of the most HILARIOUS things that Mel Kiper has said at the NFL draft over the years.
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    1. am3rican p3nguin

      Who is StephenA??? Bro dudes jus loud so they put him on🙄

    2. Newt Banner

      I don’t get why people hate Mel, he’s only around during draft season and he’s a hype man, that’s it. Not like Nick Wright, he’s around all year around 🤮

    3. Irene Jay

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    4. xXSpizzyXx

      Stephen a smith is a complete clown. He is wrong like 90% of the time.

    5. Mr. Ryan

      He was a draft expert before it was really a thing because he was putting in the legwork in scouting players that even most nfl teams weren’t putting in in the 80s and he’d know the sleepers most average fans didn’t. Now that technology has caught up and game footage of guys is readily available to everybody his input isn’t really any better than anybody else.

    6. ironmonkeyfist74

      If they do a movie on his life Paul Rudd should play him...looks alot like younger Mel Kiper

    7. S G

      If you make a video calling Kiper an idiot, don't sound idiotic making it. I'm no Kiper fan, but he was correct about Lageman. He was also correct about value meaning you pick a guy who has slipped or move down. Example: If you want a guy, but his value is the next round, you trade down and collect more draft capital. Finally, everyone misses. Discussing a flop that everyone else missed on is not a good example.

    8. Jessie Star

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    9. Ray W

      The phrase has been changed to "Oops, I Jet the bed ".

    10. Christopher Sells

      When Kiper said Julio can't catch. Dumbest comment of his career. He is historically inaccurate in his appraisal and whom he predicts to get drafted.

    11. IRS

      It’s simply the curse of Adam Gase, and only when a qb breaks that curse that he can be good

    12. Cody R

      Don’t disagree with Kiper’s take on Cincinnati. I guess the funny thing is how passionate Kiper was at defending Cincinnati. (Referring to the crap last year when some people in the media wanted Burrow to “Eli Manning the Bengals.”

    13. cadet526

      Yeah sure let’s play 20/20 hindsight. I don’t like Kiper and I think the entire draft prediction game is just entertainment. They have no idea what’s going to happen. However, these predictions are based on their college play only and we know that college play doesn’t always dictate pro performance. This video is lame. You’re taking shots at the easiest target.

    14. Josh M.

      What background music do you use?

    15. Anthony Abbett

      Kiper is a CLOWN!! He's been getting paid to be wrong more than right for YEARS!! Gotta give him credit tho. He's been able to fool a lot of people for a long time. 👍

      1. Adam Spencer

        whos better

    16. Wesley Walker

      Kiper said Of Russell Wilson “ Wilson will have a Senaca Wallace type career bring off the bench for a spark”. Jimmy Clausen “ if Clausen doesn’t have a successful career I’m done”.

      1. Wesley Walker

        Sorry I wrote this before the Claussen tape came up.LOL

    17. JetLife 45

      I really don’t know how Mel kiper still has a job doing this draft stuff. He is obviously the worst there is not that I don’t like him, he’s just always off on everything he says idk man 🤷‍♂️


      I feel like I looked at the vid

    19. Dg13

      Do the 10 or 5 best seasons in nfl history

    20. timothy earnest


    21. JMalley

      Mel Kiper's rant on burrow and bengals truly aged well.........

    22. Logic X

      Why was the bengals one even on the list

    23. Rodrigo Garcia

      Great video

    24. Erika Love

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    25. Will Estep

      Yeah but Mel said what would happen too with Rodgers going to Green Bay and Campbell going to Washington

    26. Dregs

      dude is a known fraud with that shitty ass hair

    27. Glen

      So this channel has basically just become a Mel Kiper slam book, huh?

    28. nd zobo

      Kiper was wearing lipstick 30 years ago, do you need to know any more about him?

    29. Alexa Throttle

      I really wish he said "I think I just Shit My Pants" Nice clickbait

    30. Timothy Pahlman

      Do top 10 douche moves by players

    31. Zachary Cilano

      i love Laughing but at the timehe has know clue how there NFL will turn out

    32. Pete Carrol

      All hail Mel Kiper for starting NFL draft projections

    33. Poti Gotti

      That ryan leaf take. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    34. Poti Gotti

      "Jets dont understand the draft."

      1. Jared S

        That's a true statement.

    35. Jonathan Mako Symmank

      Who the hell is Mel Kiper?

    36. Vlka Fenryka


    37. Fin —_—

      Day 2 of telling TPS to rank the last 20 mvp seasons

    38. paulgilpin

      @9:38 the 2021 draft? is this a prediction?

    39. You Liked Your Own Comment

      We all know whats number 1 😂

    40. Malachi Burbank

      Hey fellow BILLS fans here is my BILLS mock draft round-1 Jaelan Phillips DE Miami round-2 Ifeatu Melifonwu CB Syracuse round-3 Jaret Patterson RB Buffalo round-5 JaCoby Stevens S LSU round-5 Kenny Yeboah TE Old-miss or Jonathan Marshall DT Arkansas round-6 Max Duffy P Kentucky round-7 Ashton Watkins WR UAB Let me know what you guys think about it👍🏻

    41. SCU Productions

      What about a TPS draft bigboard???

    42. ghosttowntomato

      Mel is a fraud and flake

    43. Tyler Lotito

      Mel is a joke. What football did he play?

    44. Chastinn Allen


    45. 49ers Football

      Thank you for doing my idea

    46. Jack MacNeil

      Channel should be called TPF. Total Pro Football

    47. Cum Dump

      Mel kiker Dont know shit

    48. Kevin Piacente

      Stephen a im convinced is a moron

    49. Kevin Piacente

      Russell made 100 million. He's doing ok

    50. Gavin Breiten

      Mel Kepler is just so funny lol

      1. Gavin Breiten

        *kiper (stupid autocorrect)

    51. Brent Fugate

      Niceee Mel. "Alex Smith is better than Aaron Rodgers"

    52. Pars Loen

      JaMarcus could've been Elway like. Thats why figuring out if a star loves football really equates to a Star wanting to be the best, aka competitor. Players deficiencies are made up by competitiveness. Great Video, Mel Kiper is not a competitor, he is a capitalist, which I respect

      1. Cody R

        Agree. Jamarcus had elite physical tools coming out of LSU. I think that’s what Kiper was talking about with the potential top 5 skills comment. Unfortunately for Jamarcus, he was a bust because of his work ethic and maturity. Didn’t have the right mentality at his age to last in the NFL.

    53. Jordan Gate

      Leaf & Russell, ouch

    54. Shlok Gupta


    55. i_like_flamingos_

      can justin be back cuz he cracked at fortnite

    56. True

      I like Mel Kiper.. is that a good or bad? I just feel like he is a good representative if the non-football playing community.

      1. True

        @Prince Aligorna Right!!😄

      2. Prince Aligorna

        I like Skip Bayless. Doesn't make his dumb takes any less dumb.

    57. Samuel Letter

      Day 10 of asking you to do “The BEST Player at EVERY Position in the 2021 NFL DRAFT”

      1. RealTerryMclaurin CaptainTerry

        @SCU Productions lol, A for what you know

      2. SCU Productions

        @RealTerryMclaurin CaptainTerry idk one kicker or punter in this draft

      3. RealTerryMclaurin CaptainTerry

        @SCU Productions kicker, punter, LOL

      4. SCU Productions

        @The Take nah

      5. The Take

        @SCU Productions I feel like JOK out of Notre Dame could be above Parsons

    58. Stephanie Hayward

      10 times tps talked about Mel kiper

      1. John Zuba

        More like a hundred

    59. Callum Horrey

      i swear you are obsessed with mel kiper

    60. Andrew Boyles

      Didn't he also say he'd shave his head if Brady Quinn wasn't successful?

      1. Andrew Boyles

        I swear I remember it happening.

      2. Patrick Mahomes

        He did??

    61. John Zuba

      PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do top 10 primetime matches you rly wanna see this year (eg. titans ravens, Washington buccaneers, patriots buccaneers, ravens browns, chargers chiefs

      1. John Zuba

        @RealTerryMclaurin CaptainTerry mhm

      2. RealTerryMclaurin CaptainTerry

        @John Zuba I think Packers Seahawks instead

      3. John Zuba

        @RealTerryMclaurin CaptainTerry not gonna be as interesting with no drew brees, but maybe another one. Packers rams, do they play this year? That’d be a great one

      4. RealTerryMclaurin CaptainTerry

        Saints Bucs

      5. John Zuba

        @Shlok Gupta I hope they do 👍

    62. Michael Barrueta

      Day 15 of asking for undrafted player of the year

    63. Jack Wunderlich


    64. Satan Face DooDoo Bird

      The first segment is revisionist history. Aaron Rodgers slipped for a reason. At that time there was a trend of QBs that were in his system that also failed in the NFL

      1. Mr. Ryan

        It was a lot more expensive to pick a QB back then in the final years before the rookie cap too, first rounders were getting veteran starter money. Since Jamarcus Russell forced the cap you’ve seen 3-5 QBs go top 10 every year because of the value they present if they pan out.

      2. Adam Spencer

        also Campbell went to Gibbs like he predicted

    65. Jackson Emery

      I mean jamarcus russell's skill set was like elway just jamarcus never practiced or cared about the nfl

      1. Dilly_Dilly_Dale


      2. SCU Productions

        Just like Manzel.

    66. Minnesota VikingYab

      Do top 10 rookies that surprised us in the 2020 offseason

      1. Flawless Nfl

        Dustin Woodard 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      2. RealTerryMclaurin CaptainTerry

        Julian Blackmon, Kam Curl, Justin Jefferson/Herbert, etc.

      3. Minnesota VikingYab

        well im saying they did a great job thats all

      4. Da charged Duck

        Number 1 would be Justin Herbert⚡️⚡️⚡️

      5. ChocoMePengu

        You just want Justin Jefferson to be in it

    67. Moises Bravo

      Love your videos

    68. Charles Selders

      Kipper sucks

    69. eili burnat

      Predicting every nfl division winner way to early

    70. Fire gaming

      Lets go 56 liked

    71. Dominic Meyer

      Top 10 embarrassing moments at the NFL draft

    72. Fire gaming

      Dude I love this channel Thank goodness your a IRvision YEEEEEEET



    74. Sara Whitaker

      TPS is the best channel

    75. Austicus 1000

      1 dislike

    76. bash prod

      Do 10 Biggest Shoes to Fill next Season

      1. Rye Anubis


    77. bash prod

      Do 10 Most Inspiring NFL Stories

      1. GameChange

        Zach Triner

      2. Kevin Piacente

        JJ watt Connor from the steelers

      3. April Ligtenberg

        That would be a fun cideo

    78. Williamsucksatclips

      Have you done the giveaway of money

      1. Seahawks fan

        they already did it

    79. Williamsucksatclips


    80. Dr. Zions Son

      Never stop making these -pops

      1. zacc

        what are you doing here 😳

    81. Ishan Patil

      Damn the thumbnail 💀

      1. Harry Skywalker


    82. Dion R

      Mel Kiper was right about the Colts in 1994 Dilfer = Super Bowl Champion Trev Alberts = BUST Harbaugh and the Colts GM = earned the first overall pick and were replaced by Manning and Polian respectively

      1. Dion R

        @Jim Sauerland Faulk was merely good in Indy. The Rams was where he became a Hall of Famer.

      2. Dion R

        @Jim Sauerland Yes, I DID know Dilfer won a Super Bowl with the Ravens. That's 1 more Super Bowl than Jim Harbaugh won in ANY capacity. That was the entire point of me defending Kiper over the whole Trev Alberts pick in the first place. And who was the starting quarterback of the Colts in 1997 again? I'm just curious about that? I do know the Colts finished with the league's worst record that year and earned the right to pick between Manning and Leaf.

      3. Jim Sauerland

        Just stop lol. Harbaugh is in the Colts Ring of Honor (along with Faulk who did “nothing” for them). Is Dilfer in the Bucs Ring of Honor? Ravens (btw did you know he won a SB for them)? Seahawks, Browns or Niners? This is getting old, but just out of curiosity, are you defending Kiper here or Dilfer?

      4. Dion R

        @Jim Sauerland Dilfer wouldn't have caused the Colts to take Manning the way Harbaugh did.

      5. Jim Sauerland

        The Colts took Marshall Faulk instead of Trent Dilfer. It was the right move. Kiper ripped them for doing it, he was wrong. He’s allowed to be wrong.

    83. Jake The Nordique

      Top 10 WRs that Never Won a SB

      1. Michael Hodil Official

        Moss, Carter, TO, Ochocinco, Fitzgerald.....

      2. Jack Wunderlich


      3. Leonel Rodriguez

        @Ishan Patil no manches

      4. Lego Cuber08

        Julio Jones

      5. Seahawks fan

        @Jake The Nordique oh

    84. Damon

      TPS is where to GO for sports content👍👍

      1. Damon

        @Odoaiden I also watch bengal

      2. Odoaiden

        Try bengal

    85. JX_A


      1. do we have milk?

        Get back in the chat

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