Undercover NFL Players PRANK Unsuspecting Fans


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    NFL players that went undercover.
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    NFL players that went undercover and tricked fans.
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    1. Aiden Rund

      "You look like Saquon Barkley." *When its Sterling Shepard*

    2. Jeff

      I can't believe all the racism these players felt while being undercover. Especially the ones playing as officers or security. It's outrageous. Racism and white privilege everywhere in every person.

    3. JK

      Nobody would know half these people, like Kirk Cousins at the checkout line. Their size makes them stand out a bit, but it's mostly skill positions people, not huge linemen.

    4. Kevin LeMaster

      He looks like John Lennon

    5. Blood

      “I get that a lot”

    6. Tony M.

      JUJU said that his costume looked real? baahahaha

    7. roma58unowhat

      If Russel Wilson gave me that trimmer, I’d go: oh you passing it to me? You should have run it

    8. Rogue

      Aaron Rodgers is doing another undercover right now on Jeopardy.

    9. Rogue

      I thought Russell Wilson was at BYU going around telling people they have to shave. He would fit in there perfect.

    10. dax daxi

      At 13. 00 the guy thinking his S Barkley and acting all cool, misspeaking etc. Wow that shit was hard to watch. C R I N G E!

    11. JeReMy ChAnNeL 333

      Russel Wilson his bit was the funniest lol but Aaron Rogers classy move "Why would Aaron Rogers ever work here" lol😆

    12. Vincent d.

      "Hello, my name is John Smith - No, it's not" hahaha this women had me dead

    13. Christopher Wagner

      Ay shepherd from the giants was sad no1 recognized him than a dude got suspicious and thought he was sayquan Barkley his face sank and when he finally did say who he was kid said he sucked and bounced didn't want no pic no autograph nothing lol he felt that lmao

    14. Christopher Wagner

      It seems like they went super hard on the disguises of players people probably wouldn't recognize and the big names or players that draw alot of attention they didn't really disguise or did a badly obvious job

    15. Bobby D

      If you disguise an already unrecognizable person, do they need a disguise?? Hmmmm

    16. Ryan Marino

      Russell Wilson was on Super Troopers?

    17. Luis Rodriguez

      This most be one of the worst editing

    18. Alex Joseph

      Can’t even watch the video without the fucking lebron car commercial 😤

    19. Travis Marion

      I'll be honest. I have no idea what Juju looked like... He would be sitting next to me, and I'd have no idea.

    20. TEA The Exclusive A TWO2

      11:51 Me as a Eagles fan hearing this woman proudly say she's a Eagles fan made me proud

    21. Jordan Martinka

      Juju looks like a stereotypical Chinese dude ha


      that's the guy from tiktok

    23. Anonymous 2

      I lost all respect to A Rogers. I finally got to catch up to him after his superbowl win over the Steelers, I'm not a packer fan, my grandma was, I have his Jersey too get him to sign for her 90th birthday, she even had Brett Favre Jersey signed after the win over the Patriots, when I asked Rogers to sign for my grandmother, he just smirks and kept walking. My grandma died two weeks later 🖕 Rogers.

    24. 8D Playa

      poor sterling

    25. Matthew Grisham

      JuJu is a really good dude. I wish he’d become a Chief.

    26. Jack Miller

      "Whose America's team?" "The Bears" Uh, say what now??

    27. Peyton Ifill

      That transfer prank for Jared Goff was pretty funny

    28. Jose

      Poor Jaylon Smith. Lol. That was awkward.

    29. Rusty Shackleford

      Big reveal ...I’m Jared Goff haha. .....can we trade you for Matt Stafford tho?

    30. sam m


    31. Trey Sullivan

      Shepard got demolished😂

    32. JBEAZY 70

      Thumbs Down coz No WFT Player :)

    33. Jack Chang

      Bro I love jaylon smith more then before. Hope he goes to a real team one day lol. IDP fantasy league mvp.

    34. Michael Davis

      I want to see most of these guys walk around cities other than the one their team is in wearing their jerseys and I bet they barely get recognized.

    35. Aidan Weston

      Absolutely hilarious 😂


      IRemember Jared goff’s

    37. AppliedPoem1692

      Why no one from the browns?

    38. matan fuchs

      9:05 jeez man that hurt

    39. Eli Andrade

      “took me 16 tries” the most kirk cousins thing i’ve ever heard

    40. James

      Look at Aaron Rodgers man, so inspirational

    41. Reid the rhino-cowboy

      Only Juju would rock a minions costume

    42. Red Sky Films

      i love these vids

    43. DroidRage 12285

      3:44 voice crack

    44. Baby Cat

      The nice golf marginally suck because hydrant consequently rescue apropos a obnoxious spoon. skinny, sloppy sunflower

    45. Jordan Smith

      I remember Jared goffs prank that was good

    46. Mike plays madden

      As a cowboys fan I feel sad cuz the fans always asking bout the record and we suck 🤣

    47. Samantha Rooney


    48. Francisco Diaz

      Russell Wilson looks like the guy from super trooper s

    49. timothy earnest

      Ha, who do you think did the best under cover

    50. Parker Williams

      The Cowboys are not America's team. They are America's most hated team.

    51. Rolls4Merica

      If Ju-Ju dint go Tik-Tok R.I.P

    52. kyle bachman

      I'm huge football fan but if I saw like 70% of these guys out in public... Wouldn't know who they were

    53. SocialistRepublic Patrick

      We have a Lamar Jackson fan in th video let’s go he was wearing the cardinals jersey

    54. Daniel Ramírez Torres

      Imagine this people faces when they knew they're actual football players

    55. Travis Belleville

      Why is Mahomes/Gronk tagged next to the title....I didnt see either of them :S

    56. ada anopuechi

      Do evry number one best player for evry team

    57. Stark Conner

      Hi I’m John smith☺️ No you’re not👺👺👺

    58. Sara Whitaker


    59. Steven Foretich

      Wow This is one of the only pro sports clips i watched all the way through because none of the annoying pro sports hosts were there. No lie lol

    60. Kim Vickerman

      I subscribed

    61. Michael Shrute


    62. Santiago Tadeo Contreras Macedo

      El de Matt Ryan es el mejor, no se por qué solo dejaron ese fragmento del video si es muy bueno el video completo

    63. Justin Herbert Is In Bald Gang


    64. caras2004

      11:24 Uncle Rico

    65. Augford P. Doggie

      Pranks with a lot of unrecognizables....wont work

    66. Smart as anything even Monk

      Do the best rookie every year since 2000

    67. Poti Gotti

      That lil man did sterling shepard dirty hahahahaa

    68. Poti Gotti

      Jaylon smith had to take all that disrespect.

    69. Poti Gotti

      That goff transfer was hilarious.

    70. Parkermon Gaming

      Ju Ju fall back carrer

    71. NASTY WEST


    72. Asa

      Brandon Graham finally found a job he's good at

    73. bash prod

      When is the Giveaway

    74. James Smith

      That was funny.

    75. Aaron Martin

      Cousins shouldn't feel too bad. People still don't know him.

    76. Gliw


    77. Thomas Kuritzkes

      Looked like da baby at 5;40

    78. Rodrigo Garcia

      Kid: you’re still trash Now that was cold lol

    79. Hunter Mitchell

      Juju smith doing this now. Do you know who juju smith is Everyone: The corvette corvette guy

    80. Jc Martinez

      I can’t even imagine what I would do in this situation

      1. bluerisk

        I would stay absolutely cool...as long it isn't Brady, his wife, Gronky or Edelman. And in case of Belichick it could end up with an assault charge...so better not.

    81. L Milli

      Top 10 cheerleaders would give you guys the most viewed show ever. Lol

    82. Raul Ruiz

      Patriots should be America's team. Kinda self explanatory. The colors and the name.

    83. Steven Maslinski


    84. Commander Wolf Ceccarini

      This is crazy

    85. Mcsnuff Alot

      That kid with sterling was the best 🤣

    86. Nathan Ortiz

      I like these tbh

    87. Zers386

      Day idk I have been doing this for so long but plz do every teams best players worst season against every teams worst players best season. Plz do this🙏

    88. Robert Holmberg


    89. Bilal Mohammed

      Kirk looking SWOL

    90. Kody Nesbitt

      This video had me Laughing out loud 🤣🔥

    91. Christian Brito

      "Nobody wants to see the Cowboys go 8-8 every year" Legend

      1. Alex Joseph

        Bro. This hurts as a Cowboys fan lol

      2. Christian Brito

        @UNBrysonable TGA Instead, they'll go 8-8-1

      3. UNBrysonable TGA

        Can’t anymore there is 17 games

      4. Abdulaziz Abdullahi

        Facts 😂

    92. April Ligtenberg

      Fun videos

    93. Mark Anfang


    94. John Zuba

      Can you do coach power rankings plz

    95. Gregory Taylor

      This is Pittsburgh; We love a wideout who lamberts linebackers

    96. Mike O’Neill

      Matt Ryan looking like Dave grohl

    97. Carra Pool

      🤣🤣 these were fun. People missing BG? God those lucky SOBs. I remember DJax doing this. Killed me when people didn't know.

    98. Cyrus Cline

      That long hair of your I know you been growing it out since the 70’s

      1. TheClintonMichael

        Was that David Crosby playing a reverse prank on Russ? 🤣

    99. Darius D Millz

      If anyone believes that Juju hair was real they are idiots 😂

    100. God Bless

      “I know who you are Jayjay”