10 NFL Draft Picks Who Got BOOED By Their Fans...Then Proved Them All WRONG


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    NFL Draft fans booing their teams.
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    It’s a tradition for NFL fans to boo commissioner Roger Goodell at the draft. But when a group of fans heavily boo their own team’s draft selection? That’s a little extreme. Give the player a chance, for crying out loud!
    Only, in several instances, it was the player who got the last laugh - as they proved the haters wrong after being booed and heckled by their own fan base on draft day.
    Today we present the 10 NFL Draft Picks Who Got BOOED By Their Fans...Then Proved Them All WRONG.
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    1. NeNeNo Music

      Feel so bad for these guys . Biggest day of their life and they’re boo’d

      1. B.J. Banditt

        @BosoxPatsfan 83 U mite have a point but I digress. It depends on how "classless" is defined (per ur terms). I thrive upon the NFL draft (but not 2 the point of being "classless"). W/that said, 2 each his/her own. On the other hand; what Elway (from 1983) & Eli Manning (from 2004) did would considered "classless". In other words; they dict8d their careers w/o establishing themselves 1st. Unless u r either an established veteran who's EARNED THE RITE 2 FA (FREE AGENCY) or u go undrafted, u gotta deal w/the situation that u r dealt with. Sorry but Elway & Eli Manning r "classless" basex on that particular definition.

      2. BosoxPatsfan 83

        Shows how classless people can be

      3. B.J. Banditt

        @Matt Revilock I hear ya, Matt. Though I'm a Cowboys fan (from Detroit, MI), I definitely wanna c the Browns in the SB so they can show the Lions (& their so-called "owners"; the Ford family) how 2 recover from havin' a 0-16 season. W/that said, the Browns have a gr8 ownership & mgmt team (including the coaching staff). Mayfield's MUCH MORE SUPERIOR than Stafford & Goff COMBINED!!!!! Also, gotta luv RB Nick Chubb; he's the closest thing 2 Zeke Elliott & Derrick Henry. Likewise w/the vastly underr8d WR Jarvis Landry. GO BROWNS!!!!!

      4. Matt Revilock

        I went to the experience in my home town Cleveland and the picks in the 1 round where rilly good and let's go browns

      5. Matt Revilock


    2. Kevin Seibel

      Jets and Cowboys fans will boo the pick no matter who it is. It's just their thing at this point.

    3. Dan King

      I was cheering when we selected McNabb. The guys I was watching with yelled at me haha. He was the guy I wanted!

    4. Samuel Madden

      Idk doesnt look like anybody booed baker but I get you need content

    5. Tim McCane

      The Obrien pick is a bit hard to swallow when you consider Marino was still on the board

    6. Rutherford Hayes

      Hard to believe Elway was not booed when drafted by the Colts.

    7. Jonathon Zenk

      The Badgers have three on this list lol

    8. Heather Stuff

      Do first round QBs that weren't worth the pick but not quite a bust

    9. Kirby Hullett

      The Texans are in the AFC, not the NFC

    10. Dávid Lövei

      Jets fans didnt boo Zach Wilson he will be a bust

    11. Nate Roy

      Manning shouldn’t be on here, he proved SD fans right by crying to daddy to not play for them

    12. sean vogt

      Let me explain about the whole Donovan McNabb thing. I don’t think the boos were aimed at him, they were aimed at the Eagles for not taking Ricky Williams, The city was hyped up by the local media to take Williams but the Eagles already had an efficient running back in Duce Staley. So the McNabb pick was the right choice.

    13. joeylawn

      Was there any player drafted by the Eagles or the Jets that _wasn't_ booed? 🤔😉🤣

    14. Zac S

      Richardson was defensive rookie of the year in 2013 not defensive player of the year... that was Luke Kuechly

    15. Ghostfac3

      Saints Alvin Kamara

    16. Brooke Stevenson

      I think it’s fair to say the Chargers fans could have been booing since the Manning’s openly discussed not wanting to be drafted by them. I’d boo Eli’s mediocre ass too!

    17. Steven Wentzel

      Phil Simms with the Giants

    18. Zohaib Kazi

      The Jets booed because they passed Dan Fucking Marino smh, they were right to boo lol

      1. Zohaib Kazi

        If you look at the Jets boo a lot because, we make a lot of bad picks lmao, we coulda used a different position other then DL especially with Leonard Williams

    19. Truth Teller

      They booed the Ken O'Brien pick because he was selected instead of Dan effing Marino. Funny how the vid doesn't mention that

    20. Matthew Brown

      Chargers were right to boo Eli

    21. Ryan S

      8:06 Yeah, I kinda wonder if Dallas fans are even capable of feeling shame or embarrassment.

    22. Άννα Βουτσαλά

      Why can't those "fans" understand that the players are humans and have feeling too. Or at least why can't they realise that this is a really important moment for every player and stop booing them. Heartless people.

    23. Krandle 47

      Leonard Williams didn't prove the Jets wrong at all

    24. Adrian Burnette

      Top 10 greatest turnarounds In 1 year

    25. Premier Puppy


    26. William Jackson

      No surprise Eagles fans booed McNab. Philly fans are the worst sports fans in the country. I think it was a joke when Philly was nic named the city of brotherly love.

    27. jimmy jam

      Not going to lie I wasn't too hung up on Herbert I wanted tua, Man was I proven wrong!

    28. jimmy jam

      Not going to lie I wasn't too hung up on Herbert I wanted tua, Man was I proven wrong!

    29. Lee Lee Lee


    30. Tom Black

      eli proved chargers fans wrong? he whined himself out of town, definitely proved those fans right that it was a bad decision to choose him

    31. John Lewis

      Jets fans rightfully booed the selection of Ken O'Brien because Marino was still on the board.

    32. Daniel Atkins

      Hahha he says other than Fredrick who played C only Aaron Donald was good out of the 2014 draft... umm ever heard of Kahlil mack ?? 🤔

    33. Louis Payan

      Fans at drafts are idiots

    34. Tristan Lockamy

      Colts fans were stupid. They didn't deserve Peyton Manning. They're a tanking franchise getting quarterbacks like Manning and Luck

    35. Brandon Roberts

      Damn JJ Watt was so good he turned the Texans into a "NFC force"

    36. Joseph Foderaro

      Why would you boo Joe Freaking Thomas?

    37. Xavier Ramirez

      Travis frederick was actually drafted before Martin

    38. Brian Difit

      Because all the people booing are only that teams fans..... stupid premise

    39. GameShowMike

      Top undrafted free agent signings by team

    40. Priscilla Morino

      The only one I don’t really feel bad for was Eli Manning because he didn’t give the chargers fair chance. I love his play and stuff like that but I don’t feel bad for him getting booed from chargers fans

    41. Volunteer Nation

      Imagine booing Peyton Manning.

    42. Ayden Kyu

      Do last picks that became great

    43. Zack sinclair

      Eagles fan be 1 out of these 10 teams

    44. dakota evansboyajian

      You should do top Super Bowl performances that did not win the mvp

    45. MYStro lee

      Man this video is sad

    46. Roy Rackley

      The New York Jets select Fullback...BBBBOOOOOOOOOOOO

    47. Ben Q

      Packers hated the Rodgers pick

    48. Yur Strange

      I didn't hear a bunch of boos for the 2 Dallas linemen, it was mixed if anything but mainly a couple of dumbass loud dudes that don't know football. Guess whoever made the list felt they needed to add Dallas to the idiot list. There were a lot of NY J entries though. And what's the deal with Watts ... one guy biching about him. This is a very weak video.

    49. John Lee

      Eli manning is such a douchbag


      Best unknown nfl qbs

    51. G Money Slot Machine Videos

      Mcnabb was a great player and one hell of a QB. Just never got it done in the big games thankfully!

    52. Joseph Clark

      Seems like all the Jets did in the 2010's was to draft D-linemen every other year.

    53. Nick Carlson

      Giants fans booed Phil Simms.

    54. Ruf Desperado

      The only thing I learned from this is that fans hate when their team picks Wisconsin Badgers talent (Thomas, Watt, Frederick)

    55. AFK Zim

      Fucking sam darnold🤡

    56. Salant DyLn

      If the cowboys don't get a corner who ever else they draft will get boo'd

    57. Rich Martin

      Ken O’Brien does not belong on this list. The reason Jets fans booed him is because they wanted the Jets to take Dan Marino instead. And given Dan Marino is a hall of famer, I think they were right.

    58. Yeng Vang

      Eagles, Cowboys, Chargers, Jets, Browns, and Texans. 😂😂😂😂

    59. Dugan-SLUGAN

      Hbd Denzel ward

    60. Jacob Vander

      literally both the cowboys picks I was stoked about. I did not want Johnny football because he seemed like a flash in the pan. Also at the time, our o-line was pathetic. yeah get romo some protection and skip the shiny new unproven qb is exactly what i told my pro JF friends.

    61. Kyle Adrien

      I thought only Eagles fans booed

    62. Lucky Eddy

      Dont know why the TPS guy getting more and more nasal !!

    63. Knight192

      what ever happened to a manly handshake ? instead of a full frontal cringey groin rubbing body hug that goes on way too long

    64. Axe2Grind

      Gotta love the grown men who wear shoulder pads and face paint to the draft and then boo as if they know more than the professionals who are paid to know.......as if they forgot they’re grown men who wear shoulder pads and face paint.


      All you idiots say Tim Couch was a bust. He wasn't, he got an expansion Browns team to the playoffs. The man got destroyed physically, happens when you have next to no offensive line. Get your shit straight

    66. Bob Mullins

      Eli is Wildly overrated. I understand he has 2 SBs, but I could make a case those games were won with Defense and the run game.

    67. Anthony Castellanos

      New video :Every teams biggest win

    68. Eric Roth

      Trades that failed spectacularly for the team initiating said trade.

    69. Sage Roberts

      You guys should do lions getting screwed by refs...... hours of content

    70. Dr Wood

      I’m worried niner fans are gonna boo if they draft Mac. He may not be my first choice but I will only support him.

    71. Joel Mwejenwa6

      Fake ass fan

    72. hueroski

      Mayfield is trash

    73. Jordan Good Weasel

      i feel like the boos for eli were well deserved, and leaving for another team doesnt exactly prove the fan base wrong, he did leave them hanging.... also imagine if the giants kept rivers instead

    74. Grant Robey

      Baker still sucks #OU SUCKS🤘🏻🤘🏻

    75. John Wayne

      Eli didnt prove anything besides if you cry and daddys got money you'll get a job the defense and the helmet catch made those 2 superbowl wins..he had ONE solid moment when he avoided the defense to get the ball off other then that he was and is forever a bust

    76. Abel Saucedo

      You should do a list of players that were drafted by a rival city. For example Miles Austin drafted by cowboys but from New York. Reagor from Dallas drafted by eagles....

    77. Timothy Ball

      Do a video on how much fun it's to pull down a man by his LONG HAIR! There just isn't enough for me and others to watch. Joy to see a man with hair that should be only on the head of girls. If I did the sport I would grab his Long Hair and laugh as he sobs that he didn't have his touch down. Ha ha.

    78. Luis Ponce

      The only reason that Eli didn't want to go to S.D. is there would be no chance for him to face his brother Payton in a Super bowl, it never happened but at least in NY there was a chance. Can you imagine the rating on that Super bowl, brother vs. brother.

    79. mike hand

      NFL'S last stand,sooo long big money!!!!

    80. DeeMan1991

      Football fans are stupid lol

    81. Bryan Anderson

      Baker hasn’t shown anything yet. Boos were warranted. Not enough of a sample size. This entire video seems like a stretch...

    82. Preston Bass

      I love how Jets fans were regulars on this list, as if that fanbase has any idea what good football actually looks like lol

    83. The Slot Whisperer

      I haven't watched this yet but I assume none of them are going to be Jets...none of their picks can prove anyone wrong.

    84. sandvich48

      Fans are not smarter than the guys paid to research and draft players?! No way! No point in Booing.

    85. Adam Arciola

      Really WAY to premature to put Baker Mayfield on this list.

    86. Bradley Howard

      I didn't hear anyone booing Baker Mayfield on this video.

    87. Adam Letschin

      Lol that 3800 yards and 25 touchdowns wins you AFC player of the year in 1985 🤣

    88. GO

      Sheldon Richardson was never a dpoy???

    89. Oddball Skull

      Ten tps videos that said Kansas City would win the Super Bowl

    90. 0ffica1 Serran0

      I don’t think they like when they draft offensive line men

    91. Tyler McNamer

      That right picture in the thumbnail is beautiful!

    92. Jon Shepherd

      Yo voice suck

    93. Kyle Martineau

      Eli does not deserve to be on this list, he was booed because he refused to play for San Diego, not because they thought he wasn’t good

    94. Dustin Wilkins

      Wisconsin must grow H.O.F O.L. Wow!

    95. Jared Ybarra

      its funny bc im a cowboys fan and i booed for martin and frederick

    96. D B

      I was so excited when the Browns picked Baker over Darnold. I loved his attitude.

    97. Rick Bonilla

      Add Mac Jones to that list, but not quite sure he'll prove fans wrong, if he goes to the Niner's...

    98. Gold Wolf

      Mcnabb was the reason they lost the super bowl... the fans were right to boo him.

    99. Gaming Celebrity

      It’s never the NFL Draft unless someone boos their own team.

    100. Catherine Blandon

      Mayfield dont deserve to be here