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    NFL player "trouble" moments
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    NFL “MAD” Moments.
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 25 روز


    1. Tru Finesse

      Say what you will about Burfict. Sometimes you can’t help helmet to helmet hits. That’s within the play it’s going to happen rather the player did it on purpose or not it’s not the same as hitting a player with a helmet, stomping, or hitting a player after the play is over... that’s different and that’s a fact. There were 3 clear uncalled for plays by him. But the hit on James Jones nothing wrong at all.

    2. wraith1117

      Would have like to have seen the JuJu payback hit on Burfict.

    3. deeppockets864

      When u don't even watch the video and u think that vontaze burfict will take up half the video ☠☠☠

    4. Ray Townsend

      Burfit should have been ejected from the NFL a long time ago and never be able to return, he is a thug!

    5. Mike Fratz

      Reckless eyeballs if you look at another player wrong. No contact football

    6. Corbyn PK

      Bet up the guy who messed up on OBJ

    7. Hokualii Agpaoa

      Burfict is just a pos trying to end careers.

    8. TheCursedMessiah

      Gronk needed to do that to the defender. The worst no call pass interference I have ever seen.

    9. jeff scott

      These guys are pure shit, its not tough, funny or dirty, its low down sorry ass pure shit

    10. Adam Smith

      Damn Gronk ! How ya gonna do that to a Buffalo bill ? You freaking grew up here.

    11. Barney Acre

      When those overpaid idiots flaunt and throw kisses to the crowd after being the dirty players they are, the NFL should suspend them an entire year from the date of the infraction, without pay. And possibly pursue assault charges.

    12. Camden Franks

      Vontaze Burfict needs to go to jail or at least get kicked from the NFL!

    13. Fox McCloud

      Do not pass "GO"! Do not collect $200!

    14. Travis Detjen

      my team is the Bengals so seeing all of my hated childhood moments were rough (Thanks Burfict!)

      1. U - Jar

        For me its seeing all my young adult life lool

    15. Stephen Ankney

      To anyone who whined about the shot smith-schuster gave that piece of trash burfict i show you the majority of this video.

    16. jfan4reva

      6:50 - This might be why some backs and ends wear an eye shield inside of their face mask. Keeps defenders from getting their fingers inside the face mask and using it to throw the player to the ground. Notice that except for the face mask, no other contact was made.

    17. jerry higgs

      The meat grinder called the NFL, sport really

    18. shawn bopko

      They should all be penalized for hard hitting this is vontae burfect play list right here 20 dirty moves

    19. ItsSerialBoX

      How did you not end this video with JuJu just ending Burficts street cred.

    20. brandon242

      and of course Myles Garrett cried it was racism.

    21. Blueskadoo

      This content creator is stealing content from Highlight heaven, Ding Productions and even Jomboy. Stop giving this guy money for other peoples work. Stop viewing/subscribing.

    22. Antoine Michaels

      these guys were just born 50 years too late. passion used to be part of the game and people did get hurt. these are just tough kids with passion beyond compassion. making money and paying fines

    23. Tug Bug

      First prize goes to Vontaze Burfict

    24. Akon Fenty

      Rob Gronkowski drops the ppl's elbow lmao.

    25. Twigg4075

      And how many of these thugs knelt during the anthem for "social justice" and "police brutality"?

    26. The token black guy

      Im surprised Bill Romonowski isn't there.

    27. Ryan Bailey

      Burfict had so many it is probably a record for most flags call for leading with your helmet

    28. TONEY MC

      put the name on the bottom .. that side stuff was difficult to catch at times.

    29. Venomiir 5

      What is the music in this video

    30. Chance Chapman

      Lol you didn’t put up the time burfict twisted Cam Newton’s ankle.

    31. Iam Shank

      That hit on Antonio Brown messed him up. Hasn't been the same since.

    32. Kem Hopkins

      Haven't watched in 3 years... Just Saying.

    33. Jordan Mohammed

      Could have just named the video vontaze burfict dirties plays💀

    34. MrGrombie

      I feel like a 5k on some of these fines to dudes making hundred of thousands minimum is nothing, and these prices raised on some of the crazier hits. Donate the money to CTE research.

    35. F G

      Notice how no players from great respectable franchises like the ravens and pats are on this list it says alot

    36. S T

      They should just headbutt a swinging fist. Break the fist, because you’re wearing a helmet. You get off free while the other guy is out for the season with a broken hand. I would target the top WR with this technique. Practice headbutt’s at home.

    37. Lawrence Apocalypse

      Am i the only person who loves Garret for that

    38. Doug Yates

      I agree! These people should be arrested and charged on the spot! Playing the game is all well and fine but when you take it too far, then you need to be held accountable and pay the price. This is one of the many reasons that I do not watch the NFL any longer.

    39. DeputySRGaming

      Burfict should have just had his own video ffs

    40. Julio Jones

      Mike Thomas and ken stills coincidence, I think not.

    41. James Cowen

      Why didn’t you just call it: Dirty Hits, starring Vontaze Burfict plus celebrities.

    42. Luiz Henrique Ribeiro

      Americans like to talk shit about the World Football, but see this soft moments, you call "straight to jail", is just a big joke ! Even a simple low block is not allowed ? If that was a "real man game", EVERYTHING should be legal, gladiators are ready to die, otherwise is just hipocrysis !

    43. Jason Huffman

      you forgot the suh step on rodgers

    44. William Murphy

      Burfict should’ve been banned for real for real. Dude was a walking penalty fine

    45. Jack Zimmer

      Funny James Harrison wasn’t on here at all. Something’s not right.

    46. Pyro Dragon68

      Vontez Burfict would've been one of the greats if he had just been a clean player. But instead, he's the laughing stock of Football. I mean seriously, how many fines and suspensions would it take to send him a message that what he was doing was a big fat NO NO?

    47. Rudy Webb

      I miss football, I wish they would uncancel it or whatever they did to make it go away.

    48. Phil Brown

      These “players”...and I use the term very loosely...are members of a street gang in the off season.


      Dirtiest was the nut shot! Leave the grapefruit alone!

    50. Remdog 55

      What the h is wrong with Vontez. Yo he can’t accept the fact that he’s bad so he has to cheat to win

    51. Mason Smith

      Burfict could have fill IRvision

    52. TJ Daniels

      Why are you getting all cute with the description of the punishment. I would like to know their real punishment. Terrible video!!!!!

    53. Two Cents *

      Believe in the LORD JESUS CHRIST and be saved 🙏

    54. JedForge

      Regarding that last one with Ron Johnson, if I remember correctly, in that same game he took a monster block from Billie Joe Dupree.

    55. Blue Sky

      So confused, some of these look like legitimate tackles. How else are you supposed to play the game?

    56. Mr. Blitz

      Besides one, all of them are from the last decade except the bears vs packers ones, go figure.

    57. james nunn


    58. eric mol

      OJ got away with 2 hits too.

    59. eric mol

      It's not football. They should get jail time. Play football. There is an agreement to play football but not an agreement to fight.

    60. Barx

      How was Burfict allowed to play after the fourth infraction, the fifth, and how many people he must've put in the hospital?

    61. Jerry Weuve

      And these jerks get paid how much? Why do people pay good money to watch these guys

    62. McCannon Vaughn

      The clips are great. The constant interruptions and stupid lines make it totally unwatchable crap.

    63. KingJamie The Mad

      Asshats deserve to be broken wallet first. Damn cheating losers

    64. Cap’n Firetail

      Notice how the entire NFC had at least 1 moment

    65. Noah Man


    66. Matt Tulinski

      Johnny Hekker is my hero lol

    67. John W

      I knew Burfict was a dirty player but gotdamn! 😬😲

    68. Tyler Samels

      Okay its fucking football it's a violent sport all these penalties they give for a push or takle are ridiculous you want a non violent sport play baseball get rid of Goodell and anyone who is ruined it

    69. Thomas Haughton

      Some people dont deserve to play the sport.

    70. James Spohn

      A lot of Bengals

    71. Freedman’s Channel

      Who taught this nigga Taze how to tackle? I’m holding corona centennial responsible

    72. Brian Schlosser

      imagine if NFL introduced Penalty points, it would effect the game directly, a lot of people would probably think twice about cheap shotting someone. lol

    73. Andrew Jackson

      After vontez segment i wanted to see jujus hit on him

    74. riffbw

      I get mad every time I see a Burfict compilation. The dude disrespected the game and should have been sent to prison for assault for the majority of those hits. Clearly he played with the intent to injure. The best thing to ever happen to him was Juju dishing it back to him. I don't think there would have been more cheers than boos if someone tried to end his career with a cheap shot.

    75. Larry Jacobs

      Cancel the whole dam league!

    76. steve vermillion

      Not to make light of these hits, but I had to smile when the narrator kept saying "There's no place for that in Football."

    77. Aidan Belsky

      this was posted on my birthday i am now 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    78. jedidethfreak

      This whole video could have just been Burfict and Suh.

    79. Survivor #1776

      I'm just going to say what we're all thinking: VONTAZE BURFICT

    80. Nationals _2017

      I like how much of a crybaby latimore for the saints is

    81. BEANS 123

      Fat Albert made a bad choice 😂

    82. Big Rich

      Steroids! Give steroids to men who are already cowardly thugs willing to hit you when you’re not looking, and you get the NFL.

    83. NTF

      half the video is about one player who doesn't belong in the NFL. He should get a lifetime suspension.

    84. True Grit

      There's a criminal element in football...Chuck Knoll mid 70's

    85. Rhys Sanders

      My god this shit is soft compared to rugby union or league, gl with your contact sports america

    86. Brandon Smith

      How the fuck do you leave out JuJu laying out the piece of shit Burfict. So many clips left out in this. TF.

    87. That Guy

      I vote we send them over seas and try something like this to Americas enemies.

    88. spL1nK

      Burfict is a dirty human being, no room for him in the league. But I saw no issue with the hit on James Jones.

    89. Chobbledocker

      Fish is undercooked? Right to jail. Fish is overcooked? Right to jail.

    90. JDdubs

      Bro that one dude shoulda been let go

    91. Malachi Mariscal

      Hekker a grade A Biatch.

    92. Ryan Thiessen

      One guy shows why this league is a fucking joke.

    93. Aidan Falk

      So we got all those illegal hits from burfict but we didn’t get the time when juju gave burfict a taste of his own medicine?

    94. Johan Bang Andersen

      Burfict highlight tape

    95. Ben Turner

      Forgot about all those old packers bear hits. Wonder how much they got paid.

    96. Juan Garcés

      I'm still curious about the Myles Garrett situation, given the fact that he claimed Rudolph was using a racial slur

    97. Jeromr Harris

      ok they really need to make one about hockey to they fight way more then the NFL i bet that video won't come out

    98. Rossi Hall

      The NFL is such a disgraceful league that is insane to say the least... *Player smokes Marijuana* : NFL goes nuts... Vontaze Burfect : was not suspended indefinitely. There are a "million" cases like this. So f'n stupid

    99. DB Cooper

      And blacks cry about how they are treated??? Just think if all Americans were as crazy as black America!!

    100. Mike Wood

      Is burfict still in the league? He should be banned for life