10 NFL Trades That SHOULD’VE Happened, But DIDN’T


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    You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take, according to The Great One, Wayne Gretzky. That rule applies in hockey, and it DEFINITELY applies to the NFL trade market.
    There’s a long list of blockbuster NFL trades that were oh-so-close to happening, only to fall through in the final moments for various reasons. In fact, we did a list on it before!
    Well, this time we’re changing things up a bit, as we look at some deals that weren’t exactly close to happening, but looking back, they totally should have!
    Here are 10 trades that should have happened, but didn’t.
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    1. Dogboy1642

      YOOOOO THATS MY IDEA!!!!!! Thank you TPS! You’re all legends

      1. Pears Fan Panthers fan from a Bears family

        It’s cool they chose your idea but tps is a stinky group

      2. Scythe Herc

        @Dogboy1642 your comment sounds so sped ngl

      3. Dogboy1642

        @Scythe Herc me

      4. Scythe Herc

        who cares

      5. Christiene Sene

        Good for you dog boy

    2. BiggestRaiderFan892

      Top ten channels that were created but shouldn’t have

    3. Mark

      This is more of a top ten players that should have been traded to the 49ers or Packers

    4. josh setien

      Fake voice

    5. John Holland

      Eli had a no trade clause 💁🏽‍♂️

    6. Brian Cook

      Romo is a beautiful I good quarterback

    7. Vincent Juodka

      Can you guys make a video of what if Payton Manning played for the stacked NY Giants and Eli Played for the Cults. Payton would’ve had like 8 Super Bowl championships and Eli zero...

    8. Vincent Juodka

      Eli Manning wasted New York’s time not the other way around

    9. Aaron M

      Joe Thomas to the Seahawks almost happened. As a Browns fan I’d have loved to have seen him actually play in a playoff game. Joe is a legend

    10. Aaron M

      I wanted the Browns to trade for Watson....glad that didn’t happen now lol

    11. Justus Hayes

      Is this the guy from infographics?

    12. Boston Nate

      Barry sanders to the pats, he would’ve joined that early pats teams and would have 3 rings, plus he prob would’ve broken the rush yards record

    13. Chris Blount

      Earl Thomas smh Damn you Jerry Jones .....Damn you

    14. Brady Lange


    15. OG KVNG BHLooD

      Earl too the cowboys scared me always

    16. Amy Tickner

      Hihihihihih hihihihihih hihihihihih hihihihihih hihihihihih hihihihihih

    17. AupAub 116

      Steve Smith to the Chargers

    18. MonkeyDLuffy

      As a broncos fan Romo would've just been another qb to go through our qb carousel

    19. Robert Clark

      Liking and commenting

    20. Pears Fan Panthers fan from a Bears family

      If it didn’t happen then it shouldn’t have happened 😮

    21. Big Pasty

      Man I couldn't imagine Barry on the 49ers! Bums me out that he had to waste his career in Detroit

    22. Kevin Applebaum

      The packers would never have traded for randy moss, because they were asking for Aragon rodgers

    23. Dominator 2.0


    24. The Ghost of BLACK BOOK COMICS

      The problem with Romo to the Broncos would be they still would be in the same situation. He would of retired maybe after a year or 2 and they still would be looking for a QB like they are now. Plus Romo wouldn't of been enough for them to win another Ring anyway.

    25. Chad Holloway

      I thought Earl Thomas would end up as a Dallas Cowboy!!!!!! Shocked he never did....

    26. Rico C


    27. Charlie Becerra

      You the best

    28. juan_pablo_21_1 21

      Next video “nfl draft mistakes leading to the wrong players “

    29. juan_pablo_21_1 21

      This vid is basically regret video

    30. Charles LaMonica


    31. jacob musselman


    32. Mason Fine

      You should do trades that should not of happened but did

    33. Colton Keffer

      Yeah the cheifs have always seen potential in players

    34. Chase Elliott

      I’m pour

    35. Chase Elliott


    36. CyberAndrew

      How y’all say moss and Rodgers could’ve made magic. Bud. The packers were going to trade rodgers for moss do the research but ig it worked out for the packers, raiders not so much

    37. Char Lie

      Comment about football and your part of the comment section

    38. DJK3411 Gaming

      So funny let me win

    39. evan saul

      love vids

    40. Nut Gang

      I love the video

    41. Brian Hacker

      How about players stop demanding trades and instead play hard and be grateful for the opportunity ? ! ? But nah players like Deshaun Watson and Russel Wilson want to sign a new contract and less than a year later try to force their way out while Giving Up on the team !! Oh and demanding to have say in personnel decisions is laughable !! As if they were the GM as well ! Eat a bag of Dix is my answer ! :-) :-) :-)

    42. Dakota Haanen

      “Rodgers don’t really use his tight-ends much” even tho big bob toyan lead the league in tight-ends in touchdowns get your shit together smh🤦🏽‍♂️

      1. Dakota Haanen

        @Bubba Dash I forgot it’s 2021 everyone has feelings like little 14 year old girls

      2. Bubba Dash

        In fact u have nine

      3. Bubba Dash

        Show some respect to the channel if you don’t like it then don’t bother watching it but if u do don’t spread negativity because I am sure that u don’t have over 1 million subs

    43. Tyler Laluzerne

      Raiders wanted Rodgers if Moss gets traded to GB

    44. John Sexton


    45. Paul Tanis

      Cash 💰

    46. LostLakeTribune

      Barry Sanders to the Redskins... which was rumored when he retired. Eli Manning to the Packers in 2017 when Rodgers got injured.

    47. buck solo

      No Bret Favre would have done what he does stupid throws at the wrong time in the game to lose it

      1. David Bordelon

        Yeah, he did a lot of that. But when it worked, it could be magical.

    48. Pete Lucero

      Black white

    49. Turney Minyard

      The oval sushi corroboratively yawn because jaw medicinally question behind a acid kitten. responsible, knowing shop

    50. Ryan Key

      Bro we should've grabbed farve

    51. Albert Smith

      This is 🔥🔥🔥

    52. Dakota Foster

      Best pro bowl player from each position

    53. Rubberduck Boi

      Me a broncos fan still mad of not getting romo

    54. Carlos Topete

      Romo on the bears would have been a totaly different story

    55. Daley Holder

      I don't think I can imagine Randy Moss wearing a Packers jersey

    56. Keegan Keller

      Romo was super underrated

    57. A C

      The moss trade was going to be moss for Rodgers

    58. Nick Franco

      Tony Romo you god damn fool really had potential

    59. Raiders Fan 34

      What about 10 trades that DID happen, but shouldn’t have happened?

    60. Sean MR

      Wish the Broncos could have made an offer to Dak...

    61. Elisha Moore

      Not even Larry Fitz to the Eagles tho huh lol

    62. Eric Kennedy

      Jags should got Brady Killer instead of singing Bortels. Rogers to Moss equals fire.

    63. Frank Guerrero

      Romo would never play for any other team in the NFL he is a Cowboy true and true

    64. Echo Bastian Marx

      New video idea : Top 10 slept-on teams in the upcoming 2021 season ? That would be cool!

    65. 2021 Ramiro Alonso Avila

      NFL draft is come

    66. Matt Dennis

      A great video

    67. Stankhank


    68. Mike 49ers

      Marshawn Lynch to GB instead of SEA.

    69. Luke Yarasheski

      Trades are neat

    70. Jack Ford


    71. Simon Russell

      Happy for Romo. One of the best broadcasters for football. Prefer CBS last season over FOX.

    72. Ty Evans

      Elway isn’t even the gm anymore

    73. Cameron Asencio


    74. Peyton Enns

      Trevor simian was not the reason the broncos didn't make the playoffs in 2016.

    75. The Packinals Fan


    76. James Carter

      Tony G deserved sooo much!

    77. Matthew Cavner

      Be interesting to see the downstream effect to some of the trades

    78. Alex Villegas


    79. Kylethagoddd


    80. Chastinn Allen

      Montana to pats

    81. Tesea NYG

      Eli on Jags would have been crazyyyy

    82. Esteban Sham

      This channel is fun to watch. Love this channel

    83. Manuel Lopez


    84. kyle bachman

      Manning to the Jags would've been a lot of fun to see

    85. daniel chung

      Dallas cowboys

    86. Brett K

      Thomas wouldn't of been enough to beat the GOAT lol. you nuts!

    87. Falkyn

      I remember back in 2012, I remember Peyton Manning getting released and going to the Broncos, I wished that instead, it was a Manning and Tebow trade, still kind of wished it happened

    88. swyllie21

      Fantastic video

    89. Larry Manzano

      Could have traded the overrated romo and could have received high draft choices or a defensive player but didn’t.

    90. Keisha Robinson

      #10 would've been a very interesting scenario. Denver did still have most of its core in fact for at least two years after Peyton Manning retired

    91. Bobby Steele

      I'm just here to win some money...lol but seriously as a Giants fan I'm glad Farve didn't make it to the Cowboys

    92. Landen Voskuil

      100% agree on most of those trades

    93. Ij Bj

      TPS is the best

    94. spclklh

      I don't think any of these trades would have happened.

    95. Eric F

      Liked now commenting...loo

    96. Michelle Kosmacek


    97. RockyFaith

      I want free money lol

    98. Nate Monnig

      Yeah uhhhh one thing the saints did get passed the rams they would have one that game but the otstick refs pulled a hellion Keller

    99. ranchosdelnorte

      The Broncos wanted Romo and he wanted to play for them. The only reason it didnt happen is because the Cowboys had a game against the Broncos that year and Jerry didnt want to do anything that would hurt their chances of winning in any game, so they basically forced Tony to retire. The Broncos ended up blowing out the Cowboys in that game anyway with Siemian at the helm. People tend to forget, but Trevor actually played respectable the year before until a defender landed on his ribs. He even would have been at the pro bowl if it wasnt for his hand needing surgery.

    100. Kenny Meyer

      Do Top 10 NBA Teams That Should’ve won the NBA Finals but didn’t