Every NFL Team’s Draft Pick that Mel Kiper was ACTUALLY RIGHT About


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    Mel Kiper's NFL Mock Draft and predictions when he was correct.
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    Previously, we ran a video of every team’s draft pick that Mel Kiper was horribly wrong about.
    But the legendary NFL analyst deserves some credit for the picks that he calls correctly, too! And trust us, this man has hit the jackpot on a lot of them.
    Here’s a look at one draft pick for every NFL team that Kiper was actually right about!
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    1. TPS

      Poor Mel Kiper, he can be right some times! 🤣🤣🤣

      1. Nick Drexler

        Haaa damn so true though Fr poor Mel!!! lol

      2. Raging Oracle

        You should rank the media mock drafters over the last 5 years to see who has been the most accurate.. That would be a crazy good video.. give percentages and rank them..

      3. Xzander Graves

        God Bless Jesus loves You and He died for your sins even though He knew that a lot of us were not ever going to know or even care, now that is love. I would not die for a "good" person and I dont know how many people would; let alone a bunch of sinners like us. God bless Jesus loves you and He has proven that by dying on the cross and forgiving us and He died this because of His love grace and mercy fr. God bless Jesus loves you and all we have to do is turn to Him yall no cap frfr


        Well he makes pretty good money making assessment on player talent so I would say he’s doing something right.

      5. Kat Samson


    2. James Brown

      Joe Flacco - 1 SB, Matt Ryan - 0

    3. James Brown

      Mel Kiper is a clown

    4. marc andin

      How is Josh Allen his best and worst pick for my bills 🤔

    5. jay webb

      Ok I paused at the start of the video and noticed its 17mins long , due to the topic/title I thought it would be WAY SHORTER !!!!!

    6. Jason Benjamin

      He couldn’t be right about Josh Allen to be the best when LJ has been MVP

    7. Archibald Edits

      Flacco? Nah

    8. Nico Miatello

      Kiper is for sure better than people say. But calling Parker and Gordon hits is a bit of a stretch. You could probably find better hits than those.

    9. mfrsh m

      MK is like the weather man who says it's going to be sunny tomorrow but it rains instead.

    10. uncensored008

      To be fair, EVERYONE knew that Ponder was a bad pick.

    11. Hanginw Duff

      NFL MOCK DRAFT CONTEST - facebook.com/groups/1400578403614263/permalink/1441880206150749/

    12. Funsley

      Jamal adams kinda sucks

    13. Topothetop

      Y'know is it just me or do I miss hearing the old voices of TPS. Like nowadays I can't even watch this.

    14. Koberino

      Manziel woulda been a star if he took it seriously

    15. Bout It

      Tebow won games. That's all that matters.

    16. Ernest Davila

      Mel,your show really suck,no class,go home.

    17. BrianHeidik

      Juju is not a #1. He was good because AB got the attention of the defense.

    18. E J

      I actually think Mel does a good job for what he does. He's entertaining and analyzes the players for what they were in college. Even the best gms in history probably only have a 50 percent success rate(if that)

    19. Kyle Alm

      What did Mel Kiper say about Dan McGwire?

    20. Tay Boogie

      He actually wasn’t wrong about Jamarcus Russell, he only evaluated his talent. The Raiders didn’t do their job finding out what type of guy he was as a man off the field.

    21. another idiot

      I thought this would be a 30 second video

    22. I’m Not Faded Anymore

      He was wrong on Tebow he was good QB and the Broncos wouldn’t have won a playoff game without him. So no the broncos still should’ve gotten him. Even if you think they’d rather lose a playoff game than have him lmao

    23. Miller and Ruby Show

      There are a lot of contradicting things between this video and the other Mel Kiper video

    24. Jose Lopez

      You should change "even while Antonio Brown was still there" to "because Antonio Brown was still there"

    25. Mike Draper

      I meeeeean Kyle Fuller leading the league in picks, making an all-pro and not allowing a touchdown for 12 consecutive weeks when facing 6 future HOF QBs (and Rodgers twice)... I’d say he was elite for a season or three.

    26. Atom Knight

      Who the hell is Mel Kiper anyways

    27. Kenneth Scott

      He was dead wrong about Leonard fournette and Lamar Jackson is an MVP.

    28. Rob Hill

      Tebow had a winning record as a starter and beat the Steelers in the playoffs.

      1. Richard Glidden

        Sure but that is more a testament to the team around him. He had great leadership qualities. Just lacked in nearly every other quarterback quarterback (edited for spelling)

    29. A D

      Love how this guy gave Russell Wilson shit

    30. BismoGlungis

      If jamarcus put the work in he could've been something great but he was a slob

    31. Julian Bell

      TIL: Brett Favre was a Falcon

    32. Edison Sierra

      A dead clock is right twice a day.

    33. Val

      Because THIS is a much shorter list than the one listing all the draft picks that Mel Kiper was wrong about. No one has THAT kind of time.

    34. 8MoneyIzmyMission8

      I only got 7 minutes into this, but if it's the same all the way through, I'm done. The vast majority of these players were obvious picks and he said some broad statements about A-Rod after the pick. Hell the Stafford thing was no different than the Jimmy Clausen thing. He did a hot take. One turned out right, the other didn't. Come on, Pat Pete, AJ Green, J.J. Watt, Tebow, Manziel, etc. Anybody with any kind of sense when watching football on different levels could see their success/downfall a mile away.

    35. Emanuel Brown

      fuller had a 7 pick season that's elite to me

    36. Bloodyheaders

      Saquon pick was a 10/10

    37. Aqua Dementia

      Good lord this narrator is terrible

    38. Geert Joe

      Tebow would've been great

    39. Jordan Guerra

      Lamar Jackson

    40. D S

      sooooo cringe LMFAOOOOOO Joe Flacco was a miss, what the fuck? As good as Matt Ryan? LMFAOOOO one of the best deep balls in the league? LMFAOOOO dumb video

    41. Andres Neunuebel

      1:56 don't make me re live that (broncos fan here)

    42. Jake C.

      wait i just opened a tps video alright gotta go

    43. Dalton Anderson

      I feel like most of these might have been easy. I like the idea of the video but a deeper dive into some more diamond in the rough pics that Mel kiper was right about for each team but less people also had as a good player would have been cool to see. Most of these don't seem like he was necessarily right about a player, as much as most analysts were on point with this player.

    44. David Jenkins

      Yea Hommes is the best QB but at same time we can still argue Hommes vs Watson!! If Watson was on KC an Hommes was on Houston...then Watson would be SB champ and Hommes would be wanting a trade

    45. David Jenkins

      Wait at 5:40 did Tebow actually cut his hair like that!

    46. David Jenkins

      That was dirty how they put the cam newton pic on the Manzel play lol

    47. David Jenkins

      Pat Patterson is top5 CB of all time!!...Not DB but top5 best CORNER BACK!! of all time

    48. Joshua Bird

      Tebow not an NFL quarterback....but won a playoff game as a starting NFL quarterback. Kiper was as wrong as the franchises that did him dirty.

    49. Jordan Ward

      Tebow was good imagine sitting behind Peyton Manning for 3 years as a undeveloped quarterback he would have got more money than Brock Osweiler did

    50. Artist3 Artist

      Niggas not broke we rich retarded rich just basic stuff though not the hypebeast

    51. Frozen Bean

      Haha tim tebow does suck. At football, baseball, and life in general.

    52. bioLarzen

      The fact that he was right about Trev Alberts was totally negated by the fact that he tought the Colts should have picked Trent Dilfer instead ;)

    53. William Plain

      Listen, Kiper is an incredible student of the game, but when he swings big, it is very tough to read/see/hear. Everyone has found out, no scout, mathematician, a combination there of, or a long term, successful, coaching staff, can truly know what is in a player's mind/heart. If they have the work ethic, and the physical talent, that player will go a long way. However, if you are questionably physically talented, you are likely out of the game barring a few exceptions. Imagine if Ricky Williams would have been able to play the game he wanted to play it. He could have been the next Bo Jackson, but the league didn't like cannabis. Kiper has seen some of those guys and made appropriate predictions.

    54. James 4432

      Annoying voice :(

    55. Crmzn. -

      what about the seahawks?

    56. Dougtube

      I can’t tell if the narrator is a creepy clown or a silly clown.

    57. John Wade

      If you follow college football then you would know all these pics because like all of them was beast in college

    58. roljamas

      Glad we got 2 Nebraska linebackers - one good and one bad 😅

    59. CaptCovfefe515

      So in 2014 I should've listened to my gut on Manziel, instead I listened to the media machine (Skip Bayless & company). I love the Browns but Manziel was a dumb decision hyped up by the press.

    60. Bronx LT

      This host Aaron's voice is not it sorry...


      👉🏼💩 was made out if mel kiper's liberal mama 👍🏼

    62. Brett Boggs

      I want to see the alternate reality where Tebow switched to te

    63. Jared Cohen

      The narrator’s voice is making my ears bleed. Good content, but you need a new guy.

    64. Chris Koeppen

      Fuller not elite? Mhm

    65. Donald Chavis

      8:47 did Pat throw that ball from the 25 yard line to the endzone?????? That man is just ridiculous

    66. elamigo00

      so the guy the Jaguars rode to he AFC title game or the guy who just won the super bowl he was right on how much of a bust he was.

    67. Robert Sullivan

      Josh Allen made both lists 😂

    68. Cee eeJ

      HA! Joe Flacco? Man that dude was just right place at the right time to win a Super Bowl. He got his ring, got paid, and dropped off a cliff, he literally didn't care and it was obvious. Can't believe there was a debate about him being elite. And yes, I'm a Ravens fan

    69. TheFenerbahceSK

      Kiper wasn't right about Tebow. The Broncos and Jets just refused to give him a chance.

    70. R. G.

      These guys basically create a new opinion and mock draft every day for 2 months before the draft. Eventually they might get 1 right per year...

    71. Fabio Bonetta

      Shouldn't take too long

    72. cle osu90

      Well all you gotta do is say every player is going to be great and you'll be right on half of em

    73. Sameul L Jacson

      If you make enough predictions, your gonna be eventually right. Facts are it is impossible to predict these kids sucess in the NFL. It's a totally different game than college.

    74. Aussie Aussie

      It was the Josh Allen call that made my opinion on Kiper change, he was calling that for months and months beforehand and said it would take a few years to find his feet.

    75. mark schnabel

      Question: Would you want Kiper to be your GM OR top draft consultant to the GM of your favorite NFL team?

    76. Jay Lew

      Does anyone know if by chance, if any of these players were considered the heir apparent at their respective positions

    77. digitalgr8ness

      He wasn't right on Fournette.

    78. Parks3452

      Okay the Barkley one is reaching

    79. Grantasaurous Rex

      Yeah Kyle fuller is good but the bears fucking release him I hate the bears man

    80. ANaea

      Let’s be honest, we’re all probably a helluva a lot worse than him, we just don’t have the platform for people to remember out takes

    81. Chris Preymak

      Who thinks this is one of the most interesting NFL drafts in a long time. I can't stop looking at the multitude mock drafts I can get my hands on.

    82. Xzander Graves

      God Bless Jesus loves You and He died for your sins even though He knew that a lot of us were not ever going to know or even care, now that is love. I would not die for a "good" person and I dont know how many people would; let alone a bunch of sinners like us. God bless Jesus loves you and He has proven that by dying on the cross and forgiving us and He died this because of His love grace and mercy fr. God bless Jesus loves you and all we have to do is turn to Him yall no cap frfr g.

    83. Saint Pablo

      Joe Elite Flacco 1st ballot Hall Of Famer

    84. Stephen Poindexter

      Kiper was the ONLY analyst that believed Josh Allen was the best QB in the 2018 draft...

    85. Andre Sabucco

      You know you're terrible at your job when they make a video of when you're actually right. Guess getting 1 out out 10 right is good in the scouting world

    86. Ryan Morrow

      Even a blind squirrel eventually finds a nut

    87. Dan King

      Melvin Gordon was a huge bust in Chargers

    88. Sebastian Tabshi

      Ok to be fair jamcus Russell was insane in college so you can't blame someone for saying he's gonna be good

    89. Duke Aguirre

      Leonard Fournette has a ring tho.

    90. FakeUser NameTwo

      Professional predictor

    91. Curtis Brown

      On the last two videos with Mel Kiper I noticed that he had a lot of here and it's in started fade back tell when a white man start losing his head start Parts in an exponent side way to cover up a bald spot but it's funny Mel Kiper had all last year and 4 years later he only got a smidgen of it on his forehead the rest of us receiving so bad that's ridiculous

    92. Stefan Jentoft

      Wow. I didn't need to be reminded of the Ponder debacle...

    93. Andy R

      I really thought this would be a VERY short video 🤷‍♂️

    94. johnny5red42

      Everyone was wrong about "Playoff Lenny" , he just needed a team

    95. jesusoftheapes

      Brian Billick said Rodgers would be just like Kyle Bowler . I will never forget hearing that man speak so ignorantly and obviously making statements without watching one minute of Rodger college film .

    96. Sean Murphy

      It is hard to tell the intangibles i.e JRussel but Mel usually gets skills/talent well.

    97. Comrade Christian

      He was wrong on Tebow... The guy won a playoff game.

    98. Stephen Brady

      I was a white running back and a Panthers fan and didn’t want to get McCaffrey. Thought he was going to be like Danny Woodhead.

    99. Casey Rodriguez

      “A broken clock is right twice a day”

    100. Garrett Lawrence

      Juju is a bust, and I can’t believe that’s not the top comment.