10 NFL Stars Who SADLY Ended Their Career On a SOUR NOTE


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    NFL Stars going out on the wrong terms.
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    Every NFL player dreams of going out on top as a champion. But not everyone can retire on a high note like John Elway or Peyton Manning.
    Well, in terms of sour, disappointing farewells, few have had to deal with what these NFL greats went through during the final chapter of their historic careers.
    Today we present, NFL Stars Who Ended Their Career On a SOUR NOTE
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    1. Andrew Ryan

      Tiki Barber is most definitely someone else there to put on this very list after the Giants lost in OT in the 2006 season’s wild card game in Philadelphia against the Eagles 🦅 there for sure indeed is also one, no questions or doubts on that at all. The final score was 23-20 with David Akers winning the game for the Eagles 🦅 there as well as Barber’s final game of his career and did not stick around for the next season in 2007 where the Gmen went on to win the the Super Bowl championship title game against the previously unbeaten New England Patriots there. 18-1 there you New England CHEATERS who are absolutely pathetic, hahaha 🤣!! #CrybabyBrady :P

    2. Daniel Flores

      Drew Brees was robbed a chance to go to the Super bowl against the rams

    3. Battle Ninja

      What’s about number 17 Philip Rivers, definitely ended on a sorry note.

    4. kaydon t

      Lol I feel like the NFL is rigged

    5. Mike Costa

      How was Jeff Garcia's last game

    6. spectrevampire

      After the shit Brees went through in 2020, I at least wanted him to make it to the NFC Championship. Seeing him lose to Brady and the Bucs made me sad, not to mention deprived me of the epic Brees-Rodgers clash I was hoping for.

    7. mlgnicks

      Dang I was thinking there was going to be the falcons on here

    8. David Lee Roth

      Not sure if Tony Gonzales last game was bad, but dude didn't have much post season luck. Also, Andrew Luck n Barry Sanders should be in here. Could have lumped them in with Calvin

    9. Wasa Wolf

      Bo Jackson

    10. Richard Adkins

      "Everything ends badly otherwise it wouldn't end " Jerry Maguire

    11. Jacob Kurtz

      Joe Thomas was a Browns legend but sadly got an injury in his last year. HE made the Pro Bowl every year of his career, a special guy for sure.

    12. Stephen Brady

      Inspired by Drew Brees

    13. James Rogerz

      Eddie George had a great career but didn't end too great

    14. Cactuz

      I’m watching this after Alex Smith retired and can’t help but wonder which spot he would be in.

    15. Daryll Villareal

      Steve Young ended his career on a sour note as well.

    16. Kid Charlemagne

      Damn no rivers ?!?

    17. Jacion Bryant

      That Taylor lose sucks you let a nobody running back get 5 tds

      1. Dimitar Georgiev

        Giants fan here that loss sure hurts but, to call Ricky Watters a nobody running back is pretty much pure ignorance. I mean the guy was a probowler 5 years in a row and had over 10k rushing yards in his career.

    18. Jacion Bryant

      You lose to the trash as jaguar 🐆 62 to 7 that tuff

    19. DR SensuBean

      Ma to no got screwed cuz jimmi wanted to run the ball on a team that had no HB and not throw cuz jimmi was a RUN FIRST GUY..

    20. Mr. Butch

      They did not need to use Drew Brees as their thumbnail

    21. Black Jesus

      Emmitt Smith.


      I miss drew 😭💔

    23. Christian Bennett

      Where’s Julian Edelman

    24. Gregorois

      This voice needs to be on weekly TV

    25. Darnell

      Marion needs to be number one. The video is SOOOOO dirty 😂

    26. Skylander Hunter

      Phillip Rivers' career ended on a very sour note

    27. Jake Wilson

      Drew Brees would have won a second superbowl championship, if the offensive line would have protected him.

    28. C C

      Brian Urlacher!

    29. Andy Tonner

      Terry Bradshaw

    30. Robert Field

      Steve Tasker - ejected in final game against Green Bay.

    31. Magic Haze

      77 falcons had best defense in nfl history not the 85 bears

    32. ThatRedHairedDude

      How many post season games did John Hannah experience again? ;)

    33. Sasha Benner

      Jim kelly( unfortunately) ended his career on a sour note. Go Bills

    34. Noah Thomas

      Andrew Luck??

    35. Teagan T.V

      If the saints didnt cheat maybe the saints wouldve won a super bowl

    36. Nick Rodriguez

      Thank you Tom Brady for sending that clown home one last time (:

      1. Jcore 09

        Brees? Why?

    37. 1967 VW Beetle

      I’d say another kick in the balls for favre is the fact that Rodgers won the super bowl in Green Bay that year

    38. FlamingViperV12

      If Larry Fitzgerald does indeed retire this year, it will be a sad end for his career.

    39. tsar bamba

      i wasn't born when hannah retired, but as a pats fan it does make me sad that he didn't win that game.

    40. jab judah

      Jerry rice

    41. Dan King

      9:02 show them with 21 points. Later says they scored 14 all games . This page sucks

    42. Dan King

      That Titans chiefs playoff game, Mahomes wasn’t on the team yet. It was Alex smith. At least show game footage

      1. Jcore 09

        Yes he was. He just didn't play.

    43. Robbie Gee

      Vol. 2: Tom Brady retires: 1) DREW BREES (2020); 2) Aaron Rodgers (2020/2021); 3) Patrick Mahomes (2021? he's washed up). THE GOAT IS MORE LETHAL THAN CANCER, AIDS AND COVID COMBINED.

    44. Keylan Zeno

      Andrew luck?


      Day one of asking if you do the money thing already

    46. TedJustTed47

      Brees SUCKS!

    47. Dave Holste

      Marshal Yanda, NFL all time great came back for another run at the super bowl with a 14-2 Baltimore Ravens led by unanimous MVP Lamar Jackson, only to get knocked out in their first playoff game at home by the Tennessee Titans 28-12........Yup, that one still hurts. #MarshalYandaForHallOfFame

    48. Kyle Kromer

      Larry Fitzgerald is gonna be on here....

    49. Henrik Slaug

      Brees left on a sour note? What did I miss?

    50. timothy earnest

      I kinda feel bad for the saints

      1. Nick Rodriguez

        I dont

    51. Nanya

      Drew Brees only got his one ring because of Bountygate.

    52. Jamie Roberts

      Jim Kelly, four straight super bowls, four straight losses, smh

    53. shawn bopko

      vinery testaverdy or Curtis martin i grew up around thos gyes

    54. Luke

      if my career ended like marino’s i would’ve played another season. cant end your career like that

      1. Marc Hawk

        Marino actually played a year too long and another year for him would have been with a desperate team that needed a QB, Miami was done with him. That 99 dolphins team was actually better than their 9-7 record. Marino only started 11 games and his record was 5-6. Damon Huard started the other 5 games and his record was 4-1. Marino also threw (many) more interceptions than touchdowns for the first time in his career that year. Fans, media, sportscasters, and analyst were all calling for him to be benched. If he would have been almost anyone except Dan Marino he would have been benched.

    55. Christopher C

      I *WISH* Jerome Bettis was on this list! Bengals, Broncos, Seahawks, and especially Colts fans would have to agree.

    56. PenguinREA008

      Great videos tps

    57. Luis Haro

      Champ Bailey ?

    58. Poti Gotti

      Megatron could've done more but the lions man.. lions! 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    59. Poti Gotti

      Moss was robbed by that tyree catch.

    60. Poti Gotti

      John hannah was wasted on that thrash pats team back then.

    61. Nate Dennis

      Day 23 of asking do every teams most consistent position

    62. Rick Walters

      How old was Kurt Warner when he retired

      1. PhoenixGamer34

        38 going on 39

    63. Rodrigo Garcia

      LT deserved more💔

    64. Marco Murillo

      ok lemme he honest Brees 1st pick against Tampa was actually 2 no calls i mean look at the footage. 😡😡

      1. Nick Rodriguez

        Keep crying 🤡

    65. Austy316

      Drew Brees will be always be remembers as a saints legend

    66. Kurt Lakin

      Rich Gannon

    67. Matt Meringolo

      Eli Manning

    68. Anthony Henderson

      Andrew Luck

    69. Anthony Romero

      where is ricardo lockette?

    70. Breon Crockett

      Joe Theismann

    71. pigGRAYs hombakd

      WTH is 4:07 edit? Was it the 46 Defense or just DaFense?

    72. Firefly Gaming

      Andre Reed

    73. Jerry Juedy fake account

      Bro champ Bailey should be up there because on his last game he lost 43-8 in the SUPERBOWL

      1. Benny Spears

        You know what I forgot about that

    74. yeety skeet

      Dereck thomas

    75. Samzilla Da boy

      I feel like even though Drew Brees didn't finish his career the way he wanted to he is still an incredible person. Let's not forget he really had nothing to prove because he had already won a super bowl and multiple awards. He also is probably one of or the most classiest athletes I've ever seen. Funny thing is I'm not even a Saints fan.

    76. Adam Pike

      What about Jim kelly and thurman thomas 90s bills

    77. Dan Geiger

      Joe Theismann, I can’t think of a worse way to end a career

      1. Stealthee 3k

        When I saw the title I thought for sure that Theismann would be on here.

    78. Babylonian Cowboy

      Marino’s end was the worst. That whole season was hideous. Should’ve quit the year before.

    79. Meth Head Joe Sings

      Andrew Luck had the sourest of notes. He got booed out of the Lucas Oil stadium

    80. alioune sacko

      Day 4 or 5 of asking TPS to do a video on players facing a make or break year next season

    81. sean dunleavy

      Yay you are so true

    82. Wayan Lantela

      Barry Sanders?

    83. The Guardian

      Brees was amazing. Do a video of average white QBs getting paid millions to hold a clip board while black QBs have to show how great they are to even get an interview

      1. SixxMickNTom

        Stop playing the race card, it's really getting old and has no basis of fact. Cnn has been exposed as propaganda, time to come back to reality

    84. tim fontenot

      SadSack Brees should not of bent his knees so much and it made Brees a pathetic leader

    85. Falcons Fan

      I made a iMovie trailer of drew brees retiring on my channel if you want to check it out

    86. MaZe

      Julian Edelman

    87. Ryno _

      Players, especially stars/legends, who get cut or retire under the threat of being cut. As a Pittsburgh fan, recent examples of Hines Ward and Troy Polamalu sadden the “business” side of football. For all those who grind, aim to leave happy.

    88. Ninja Tim

      What about Walter Payton he last game was I playoff loss against the Washington football team

    89. Josh Animates

      You forgot Julian Edelman 😞

      1. was sup mans


    90. Justin Mathewson

      Screw the Saints. They put bounties on 2 40 year old HOF QBs. Despicable

    91. Fin —_—

      Day 3 of asking TPS to rank the last 20 mvp seasons

    92. bash prod

      So 10 Biggest Shoes to Fill next season

    93. Harlen P Johnson

      now do ten players whose careers ended on a good note

    94. William Summerson

      My favorite player's on here are. Calvin Johnson and Lawrence Taylor.

    95. matt stanger

      Joe Thomas and that Cleveland team that would have probably lost to a top college team.

    96. Austin Burns

      That hit on Kurt Warner looks like a classic bounty gate play. The saints earned all of the playoff losses since then.

      1. TheWarshire

        @Mage 486 you're a putz

      2. Ahmed Rahim

        @Mage 486 you're an entire circus

      3. Mage 486

        @Micah · 3 years ago u a bum bum bum

      4. Micah · 3 years ago

        @Mage 486 u am bum. bum

      5. Mage 486

        @TheWarshire u a bum

    97. Brent Fugate

      definitely all about brees

      1. Nick Rodriguez

        Brady (:

    98. Enygma Enigmatic

      That's Andrew Luck for me.

    99. Casey Hernandez

      Read this and thought Dan Marino

    100. tygrkhat40

      Jim Kelly. His final game was the first Bills playoff loss in then Rich Stadium. He got knocked out of the game and was taken off on the cart.