The OFFICIAL 2021 NFL First Round Mock Draft (5.0 Post Sam Darnold Trade)


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    2021 NFL Mock Draft
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    With the NFL season over we all look the the NFL mock drafts to see where our favorite college football players will land and if they will land on our favorite NFL teams.
    Today we present the 2021 Official NFL Mock Draft version 5.
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    Host: Aaron Leger
    Editor: Kyle McCormick
    Writer: Alex Hoegler
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    1. TPS

      Drop your TOP 5 picks below int he order they will get drafted?

      1. Comrade Christian

        Lawrence, Wilson, Fields, Jones, Pitts.

      2. Reid the rhino-cowboy

        Best mock draft that I’ve ever seen! 😁

      3. TSM_Haywire

        Lawerance, Wilson, Jones, Fields, Chase

      4. James DeWitt

        None of these qbs are worth 1st rd picks and especially inside top 10 as none will be anywhere near mvp level in next 5yrs better off getting tacklers blockers and pass catchers in 1st rd.

      5. zzuhari

        is Mac Jones Best First Round

    2. none space

      This did not age well.

    3. sirkumsalot

      Tua with Chase 🔥

    4. Zach Grant

      If you like this video check out frontline football mock draft

    5. --

      1-Jaguars: Trevor Lawrence 2-Jets: Zach Wilson 3-49ers: Justin Fields 4-Falcons: Penei Sewell 5-Bengals: JaMarr Chase 6-Dolphins: Kyle Pitts 7-Lions: Jalen Waddle 8-Panthers: Rashan Slater 9-Broncos: Micah Parsons 10-Cowboys: Patrick Surtain 11-Giants: DeVonta Smith 12-Eagles: J. C. Horne That's all I have right now

    6. Kevin Perez

      Niners aren’t getting Mac Jones

    7. Yankee Fan

      Jets should have traded Darnold to Carolina. Shoulda either offered Houston a haul for Watson or kept him. Since Douglas is annoyingly obsessed with the draft. They should draft Fields. Wilson probably is gonna become another Geno Smith

    8. Declan O

      Did they say penei Sewell is the best defensive lineman prospect then compare him to Ogden 😐

    9. Tyler Lemanski

      I like this mock however, if the lions are trading back 8 picks in the first round (with Kyle pitts on the board) and the patriots are qb hunting, there isn’t anyway the lions don’t get at least 2 additional 2-3 round picks and pats 2022 first rounder

    10. Comrade Christian

      Mills over Mond? Not a chance.

    11. Comrade Christian

      Mac Jones will NOT be the pick. And if he is, perhaps we could bring up race? Three white QB's getting picked before two black QB's, wouldn't necessarily mean racism, but in this case? Fields is better than Wilson and Jones, to get picked after both would be enough to get me to switch favorite teams.

    12. Jeremy Palmer

      Absolutely no way the Packers take a WR with their first pick. It'll be OT or CB. Possibly DT. The only way they take a WR is if one of the top guys somehow manage to fall way down.

    13. Marty Moffatt

      tucker cant pass block for shit, got i hope you wrong

    14. Charlie Boomer

      Kyle pitts will go third

    15. Zach Ray

      The chiefs just got reed from Seattle. Already got a pass rush. The chiefs will draft an offensive lineman. Also Brady signed a 4 year deal. They aren’t drafting a qb. That would be a waste of a pick

    16. do we have milk?


    17. Ajith Mayya

      Zero chance New England trades up for Trey Lance. The guy sucks lol. Slim chance they trade up at all if other QB's are available.

    18. Dizmo

      if ravens trade up to 20 and dont get bateman id be pissed

    19. Danny Dorito

      Ravens trading UP for Rondale Moore? We already have 2 short fast guys with Hollywood and Duvernay.

    20. Jeffe Nordy

      the only pick for the colts is a tackle. did you not see how terrible our backups were last year when AC was out. no way we can use those bums again

    21. Andrew Quinn

      Id like the bills to get another corner to complinent tre white

    22. Sneakyninja 08

      Ok the Mac Jones at 3 pick is starting to get out of hand...

    23. Peyton Ifill

      Smith still gets drafted 1st overall

    24. TSM_Haywire


    25. Anthony Sanders

      Still see Buffalo moving back!

    26. mcsibs

      would love this for the lions

    27. Chad Harpel

      dolphins get #84

    28. Nicholas Alderidge

      Falcons won't make that trade it's not enough picks and they only give up 1 first round and to move back that many spots it's not worth what they give up.

    29. Michael Nick

      The Colts need a Left Tackle. Last I checked, ours retired. Drafting anything other then a tackle would be a grave mistake for Carson Wentz.

    30. Brian Longacre

      Kyle Trask to the Bucs

    31. Hollisbot Gaming and outdoors

      I disagree with the bucs pick if they were going to take a qb it would be Kyle trask mainly because he has a closer play style to Brady

    32. Jake The Nordique


    33. Hunter 4net

      Smith is also 163 lbs.....if he can hold up in the nfl that'd be impressive

    34. nmarkert01

      Doesn’t sound like enough to get to 4.

    35. WhyBigJordan

      Panthers fan approved

    36. Jack Morvan

      This mock draft is garbage lmao

    37. Drew Barnes

      Ravens trade for Bateman not moore

    38. Funny Person

      Titans get waddel if he is on the board Bc why would they get rid of Davis

    39. zzuhari

      Patriots need Justin Fields

    40. Bobby Walker

      Possibly the worst Washington pick I’ve seen anywhere.

    41. Andre Darden

      The Ravens trade definitely is not happening.

    42. Danny

      I don't think Chicago moves out of the 20 spot, if anything we are going to trade up and fuck ourselves for another 4 years

    43. Jimmy Van Wickler

      The cardinals would rather pick Jaycee Horn then Caleb Farley lol.

    44. waCk

      Ima be on suicide watch if the niners draft Mac Jones

    45. Stephen Cifuentes

      I dnt see them taking mac jones , if you giving up 2 first round , you better pick up best qb left in draft. Fields wi sit a year learn , then 49ers will be very good againe with Justin.

    46. OG Bobby Knuckles

      This is basically Adam Schefter’s mock draft. I hate channels that do this it’s extremely unoriginal. How about doing some studying and making some bold predictions instead of riding the coattails of someone else. Btw you have to be an idiot to believe the 49er would take Mac Jones.

    47. Anthony Sclafani

      Ravens would never give up 27 & 104 just to move up 7 spots and draft ANOTHER 5'9 wide receiver. Their first pick is either edge, OL, or a big (6'+) WR. There's no way they draft a Hollywood clone.

      1. Andre Darden


    48. Spencer Roe

      You think the falcons will trade for a swap and 2 second smh that’s not enough

    49. Layne Mitchell

      I give you a like for your TITANS pick.

    50. Layne Mitchell

      I give you a like for your TITANS pick.

    51. Lannce

      Mills LMFAO

    52. timothy earnest

      I would be over joyed if the eagles land Devonta smith

    53. _matt713

      Rondale Moore to the ravens just ain’t it.. They already got Hollywood brown who offers the exact same thing as a wide out.. small frame , speedsters

      1. Jerred Thomas

        Seriously they have two receivers like that already. They are drafting an edge rusher or Terrance Marshall or Rashard

    54. DaltDisney4

      I really hope Carolina takes Pitts. If not we gotta get Sewell or Slater. If some how all 3 of them are gone at #8 then i would just trade down and still take a lineman first. Preferably a tackle. In fact take 3 OL, 2 DL, and 2 DBs

    55. Jersey Paul

      On draft day there will be slides, reaches and of course the simply unexplainable. I love the draft.

    56. Sulayman Kone

      And still no one is talking about kyle Trask...

    57. pranshu c

      When is 6.o coming

    58. hugh janus

      If the lions trade back to 15 and still get waddle I would be stoked

    59. Trey Downing

      “Sewell is the be defensive lineman prospect” Wow

    60. Lilriblet 77

      I say dolphins take Devonta smith at 6 and Najee Harris at 18 if he's available if not travis eitenne is good as well

    61. Jai Norman

      The worst thing that ever happened to panthers was not going after zack wilson

    62. ted landry

      stop with the mac jones crap ! they wont take mac jones

    63. rrsmith30

      It’d be nice, but the Packers have bigger needs then wide receiver in the first round, considering they were the number one scoring team in the league without one. They can’t make that same boast about other areas on the team. I would go corner back, middle linebacker, defensive line, or offensive tackle. I would really love Zaven Collins if he’s available.

    64. Keith B

      trades are awful value for the teams trading back u guys are dumb lol

    65. Alex Fulfaro

      Bills take Najee Harris

      1. oZach_

        etienne is better tho

    66. marquis chachere

      The Falcons aren't answering the phone if a Team isn't throwing in 2022 1st round pick. It's called the QB tax!

    67. marquis chachere

      You on something if you think the Falcons would give up the 4th pick for that garbage!

    68. Weston Grimes

      Patriots will not get trey lance they will get Kyle trask fits their scheme

    69. Banana Smoothie Brawl Stars

      The lions arent trading away their #7 pick bc they are for sure not using Jared Goff as the qb of the future and the pats wouldn't give cam another year and spend so much money on weapons to not give cam another shot

    70. Neil Crawford

      david mills is a reach also

    71. Neil Crawford

      jayson oweh is a huge reach

    72. MGTOW-Balance

      yo what the fuck, you keep calling offensive linemen defensive linemen

    73. MGTOW-Balance

      @ 2:28 -- yo dafuq? i didn't know sewell was the #1 defensive lineman in the draft. 🤔

    74. Malachi Burbank

      I LIKE IT GO BILLSSSS!!!!!!!❤️💙❤️💙

    75. Angelo Corsere

      The giants don’t pass on Devonta Smith if he’s there at 11 even if slater is there DG is to enamored with him not to mention strong offensive line class

    76. Ronny Balvin

      GB wouldnt take toney if Greg Newsome is available when they pick

    77. Ronny Balvin

      I think 49ers draft Fields and I also believe Cincy will take Chase over Sewell bc this draft is loaded with a lot of ol and wr why not target the #1 rated wr and pair him back up with Joe Burrow

    78. Terry Gyimah

      I want to see my Patriots trade up to take either Lance or Fields to sit behind Cam...we do this...we are pretty much set for the future going forward

    79. jOE

      Same old thing

    80. Mort20

      No way Cleveland takes Barmoore. Jalen Phillips or another LB/ER. Barmoore is a IDL we need someone for the Edge. This guy 😂😂

    81. Isaiah Oliver

      My one thing is that the bucs should take klye trask

    82. b.a.green2000

      Bengals can get zack ertz

      1. b.a.green2000

        In free agency

    83. scottybquik

      I bet the packers trade back from 1st for later round picks, thus wasting their opportunity to select a top-tier receiver

    84. PenguinREA008

      Great videos tps

    85. CrewsTheWildDawg 3427

      Here’s mine: JAC: Trevor Lawrence (QB, Clemson) NYJ: Justin Fields (QB, Ohio State) SF: Mac Jones (QB, Alabama) ATL: Kyle Pitts (TE, Florida) CIN: Ja’Marr Chase (WR, LSU) MIA: DeVonta Smith (WR, Alabama) DET: Penei Sewell (T, Oregon) CAR: Rashawn Slater (T, Northwestern) DEN: Zach Wilson (QB, BYU) DAL: Patrick Surtain II (CB, Alabama) NYG: Micah Parsons (LB, Penn State) PHI: Jaylen Waddle (WR, Alabama) LAC: Christian Darrisaw (T, Virginia Tech) MIN: Jaelan Phillips (ED, Miami) NE: Trey Lance (QB, North Dakota State) ARI: Jaycee Horn (CB, South Carolina) LV: Christian Barmore (ID, Alabama) MIA: Azeez Ojulari (ED, Georgia) WAS: Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah (LB, Notre Dame) CHI: Greg Newsome II (CB, Northwestern) IND: Teven Jenkins (T, Oklahoma State) TEN: Elijah Moore (WR, Ole Miss) NYJ: Alijah Vera-Tucker (G, USC) PIT: Najee Harris (RB, Alabama) JAC: Trevon Moehrig (S, TCU) CLE: Kwity Paye (ED, Michigan) BAL: Rashod Bateman (WR, Minnesota) NO: Caleb Farley (CB, Virginia Tech) GB: Eric Stokes Jr. (CB, Georgia) BUF: Zaven Collins (LB, Tulsa) KC: Sam Cosmi (T, Texas) TB: Jayson Oweh (ED, Penn State)

      1. oZach_

        najee harris doesn’t deserve to be the first rb off the board

    86. Kevin Piacente

      Hate Zach Wilson to the jets

    87. Dylan Bice

      I'm a Seahawks fan if the 49ers draft jones I'm gonna laugh and laugh and laugh and then go 11-5 and lose in the wild card round

    88. M J

      You’d be absolutely fucking insane to think devonta will drop to 12. He’s the second best player in the whole draft no debate.

      1. Owen isagiganticnerd

        Holy shit what an L

    89. Logan Quinn

      Jaylen Waddle over DeVonta Smith

    90. Brennan Hess

      davis mills at 32 stupidddd

    91. Sean Dillon

      Tampa needs another DE. JPP contract is nearing and he’s getting up there in age. Learning from our rushers and practicing against our OLine (Wirfs) would make any DE a stud. I say take another QB with the 199th pick and make him Brady 2.0

    92. Matt Davis

      As a Colts fan, I like Rousseau a lot, but we need a LT more than anything.

      1. Sef Jenkins

        We can snag a LT second round

    93. its stevenbtw

      this picks could actual be accurate like this is the most accurate mock draft i seen

    94. Just Monika

      Trevon Moehrig at 25 is all mock drafts in recent memory

    95. BlazeJVB

      Do a video call money ain't everything where players take less money to stay with there team.

    96. The IceCream Man

      Micah Parsons to the Atlanta Falcons at 9 I Like I Like😂😂🤣 Parsons a🐶🔥

    97. Raees

      Jaelen Phillips is the BEST edge rusher in the draft bills are getting a steal if he fall to them

    98. Stites Hamner

      The comic book format was so cool great job tps!

    99. Omega Flash

      Stopped listening when he said Sewell is the best defensive linemen prospect.....

    100. Jason Williamson

      I think the Patriots will trade up for a reciever and take Kellen Mond at QB in the 3rd round. If things don't work out they'll bring back Jimmy G when San Francisco cuts him loose next season.