5 NFL Free Agents In 2021 that were Paid WAY TOO MUCH... and 5 that Should Have Gotten MUCH MORE!


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    2021 NFL Offseason free agent signngs
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    With the NFL season over we all look the the NFL mock drafts to see where our favorite college football players will land and if they will land on our favorite NFL teams.
    Today we present the 2021 Official NFL Mock Draft version 4.
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    1. Kraft

      How come you call Curtis Samuel a person that has a lot of years left in his career when you call Jabrill Peppers a veteran and not Logan Ryan?

    2. Joseph Powell

      You are out of your mind if you think Juju can be a #1 option somewhere else. He is a fraud he hasn’t been good since AB left and defenses actually started paying attention to him so just stop it

    3. Elias Nolan

      Juju is so overrated

    4. Jason Chestnut

      Do the top ten running backs ever

    5. Life 'n' Gaming

      juju got under paid because he is a team player ALSO HE TURNED DOWN THE CHIEFS NOT SUPRISING AFTER THE HORRENDOUS SUPER ps I am just getting my anger out for us not making it past the wildcard

    6. Ray Johnson

      I will continue to say it. Gabe Jackson and Trent Brown are always injured. They may have been listed as the starters but most of the year it was the backups actually playing. Play players so much when they aren’t on the field?

    7. crayon eater

      What about taysom hill

    8. PACKzZ

      You were so wrong about Troy Hill, I’m a Rams fan and he’s always getting burnt or blowing coverage, he’s very jumpy and gets easily exposed by double moves

    9. Je11yb3ean 4ever

      Yeah can you b

    10. Peyton Ifill

      Juju resigned with The steelers because he wanted to that tiktok dance again

    11. Peyton Ifill

      Jon Gruden is one of the best...I think he will manage

    12. timothy earnest

      I think Anthony Harris got under paid

    13. Mason Cook

      Very much disagree with juju he’s is garbage

    14. Noah Ridenour

      Great video

    15. Caoimhin Cahill-Saylor

      When Justin does a video it's an automatic like from me

    16. Jordan Smith

      I will tell you what Arron Jones got his bag congratulations to him

    17. John Ratcliffe

      Will Fuller sucks, he can't stay healthy, and has never hit 1K yards.

    18. John Ratcliffe

      Jets fan here lawson is no upgrade for the crappy Jets defense.

    19. John Ratcliffe

      No team has wasted more money than the Jags over the last 10 years? I'm sorry when did the Jets disband?

    20. Garret Bugbee

      Chris Godwin in shack barket were both over paid.

    21. Hunter Carper

      David Andrews got underpaid 4 years 19 million could've likely gotten alot more if he left but I like his loyalty to stay in New England

    22. Adrian Oliver

      I like the Titans but I agree they over paid Dupree Rediculos still have to to spend a lot more money to fix the defense

    23. Carson Showalter

      You should do a video about how do you think Jared Goff and Matthew Stafford trade is going to turn out

    24. Steven Maslinski


    25. Brent Fugate

      Waitttt, they think Adoree is overpaid? Why would they think that?

    26. Eric Rosales

      overpaid kenny giants

    27. Ethan G

      Go cowboys

    28. Washington Redskins 1 fan

      Can you do young quarterbacks that were set up to fail from day one

    29. Bryce Eikenbery

      i thought that andy dolton would be on this list because 10mili for 1 season thats is something else

    30. Raul Corona

      “Can someone explain why the raiders got rid of Trent brown and gabe Jackson” will first gabe didn’t want to be a raider no more and Trent well, he was lazy and was a cancer. So make sense that we traded him and same for gabe

    31. Joe Fernandez

      Where has Jason been?

    32. Jeffe Nordy

      Curtis Samuel is a big over pay. He only had good numbers once and thats mostly because people had to stop DJ Moore, CMC/Mike Davis and Robby Anderson

    33. Consti Röder

      Another solid corner next to bradberry was a need for the g-men!

      1. Entertainah the sauce God

        Exactly this man said Logan Ryan like he plays outside corner 😂😂😂 these “analysts” don’t watch the giants they just look at stats

    34. josh ice

      Ya'll have a good day

    35. SMT


    36. BROK

      *How is John Johnson not on here for underpaid?*

    37. Daniel Blackwood

      Titans signed denico autree what you mean

    38. Erik Meyering

      Can you do a Hit,miss or meh of every draft first round since 2010

    39. Jake&Z Games

      To me I do not feel like juju is under paid he made Tiktoks and he might barely beat a decent corner like Shaquille griffin who is helping Shaquille out beside the heavy hitters Bobby and Jamal Jamal is a good player but he dose not really help Shaquille out and Bobby (underrated) has to help low so he barely gets help because Jamal barely helps him when I watch so Shaquille griffin is not overpaid

    40. Dilbert Pecker

      Juju didn't "settle" for shit. No-one was going to offer him what he thought he was worth because his production isn't worth the high price tag or the headache. He ca be back to Pittsburgh because he knows tomlin won't say anything to him about he's clown antics on social media

    41. Andrew Gluck

      Browns can easily go 12-5 and make the super bowl with that Defense and Offense they just need to get Linebacker maybe Anthony Barr or CJ Mosley

    42. Andrew Gluck

      Jabril Peppers is literally so underrated it’s not even funny like I bet every team would want him including my Titans but the Giants and Jets mostly the Jets have a bright future

    43. Andrew Gluck

      I wanted the Titans to sign Chris Godwin or Resign Corey Davis but we got Josh Reynolds who’s gonna be a breakout receiver

    44. Donavan R

      5 free agent that can improve the team and 5 free agents who wont

    45. Petey Rose

      Raiders smell of desperation

    46. khrys pio

      As always tps don't like the raiders hahaha what's new

    47. pjmjr pjmjr

      Hey TPS, I agree, Adoree Jackson paid too much, but Logan Ryan plays Safety...I wonder what else is incorrect in the vid.

      1. Entertainah the sauce God

        They don’t watch the giants they just look at stats 😂😂

    48. Rodrigo Garcia

      When will the winners be announced?

    49. Daniel Ramírez Torres

      I think that we need to see the level of this players so we could say if they worth that money

    50. Bryan Ferry

      Ju Ju will get what he’s worth next off-season.

    51. Luke Montgomery

      I thought this voice was no longer doing videos. . . Oh well.

    52. Bolt Boy

      Justin fraction

    53. Kivng Ken

      8:21 when your mom looks at your grades 🤣

      1. L.E.V_ VIDEO

        Man these bengals amazing 😂🤔

    54. JoyMike Stanford

      Ngockuwe, or however u spell it, I've heard on more than one occasion, is a selfish diva and a poison n the locker room. That's hearsay, of course, but I've heard it a few times, and is likely why he's never offered a big, retire with team type of contract. I think Bud Dupree is alot better than some folks (especially this channel) give him credit for. Folks biggest argument is saying he succeeded because of his supporting cast, which isn't exactly true. It's just as likely, if not moreso, that the supporting cast has had such great success because of the work put n by Dupree. I believe we'll see similar results with the Titans front 7 (especially Clowney) as we saw n Pittsburgh. Dupree will prove to b worth the money. That's just me. 👍💯

    55. BoltStrike

      As a Ravens fan it makes me very sad to see Ngakoue on the list of underpaid players. Both our departing pass rushers (Ngakoue and Judon) were paid less than we hoped. Many of us thought they would both get big contracts that could potentially net us two 3rd round comp picks, but they both got underpaid and it's looking more like two 4th rounders. Thanks Patriots and Raiders :/

    56. Gliw


    57. Shamar Doster

      Adoree Jackson was not overpaid his cap hit only 5.6 million

    58. M&S

      You guys have no fucking idea when it comes to the raiders huh 🙄

    59. RuBiX

      "MY KNEE"

    60. rome jessie

      Not too debatable a list....

    61. Devin Nutter

      Rank every teams offense, defense, and special teams

    62. Jonathan Avila

      Trent brown was never on the field

    63. Darlow Fans Sport

      Ngakoue is overpaid

    64. Darlow Fans Sport

      Shaquill Griffin got underpaid not overpaid for 5 years

    65. Big Fella

      How tf did we not need secondary help. Do your homework before you speak out of your ass

    66. P Baez

      Will fuller is over not underpayed, can't stay healthy the past 4 years and when he does he gets suspended for PEDs. 10 mil is too much for just a year

    67. Advanced Guard

      Ya'll like just hating on the Jaguars.

    68. April Ligtenberg

      Will fuller 18m

    69. April Ligtenberg

      Trey Hendrickson 27m

    70. April Ligtenberg

      Yannick ngakoue should of got 15m

    71. April Ligtenberg

      Shaquill griffin should of got 25m

    72. Lucas Rodrigues

      Juju doesn’t deserve higher than what he got he is a fumble machine and then he looks like an asshole when he dances on team’s logos and loses his only good season was Bc of ab

    73. April Ligtenberg

      Juju smith sushter should of got 20 m

    74. April Ligtenberg

      Bud Dupree should of got 65 m

    75. April Ligtenberg

      Curis Samuel should of got 43m

    76. April Ligtenberg

      Kenyan drake should of got 6m

    77. April Ligtenberg

      Troy hill should got 18 m

    78. Alexander Reynoso (429AleReyn)

      Drake is not a backup he is going to play a joker role with the raiders so basically he ain’t going to be a number 2 running back \__(- -)__/ or how ever the hell you dat face thing

    79. Random Animal

      This dude sounds like a literal robot

    80. April Ligtenberg

      Adore Jackson should of got 26m

    81. Flora Gamble

      I think dak got a little over payed

    82. Zachary M

      Andy Dalton shouldn’t have been paid

      1. Entertainah the sauce God

        😂😂😂 fr

    83. Andrew Boyles

      Trey Hendrickson and Carl Lawson both have 20 sacks in 4 season. They both got the same 15 mil a year. They're both overpaid.

    84. Env sparkyt

      I wanted juju he so good in the slot and so underrated because salty ass fans 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️😭😭

      1. jj18057


    85. Tha Jukester

      Raiders were ranked 26th in run blocking. Trent brown hardly played and was a cancer in the locker room, never wanted to be a Raider. Rodney asked to be released and he’s getting old and even his run blocking was deteriorating from previous years. Gabe Jackson was similar to Rodney Hudson, older, his contract was too expensive, and his run blocking did not even compare to Richie incognito. Gruden loves running the ball so they decided to build a better and cheaper run blocking O-line. Only key piece we lost was Hudson in my opinion as Good took over for Trent Brown.

    86. King CJ

      TPS y’all need to get out of the closet lol. The raiders traded Rodney Hudson because he wanted out, which we decided to grant him his wish. Then, we traded gabe Jackson because he couldn’t stay healthy and started to regress. Stop talking like you know what teams should do when you don’t . Also, we paid Kenyan drake to be more of a receiver than a RB1 of course. Stop overreacting bro!😂

    87. Tony Brittingham

      Who got that $500?

    88. Frank Noneofya

      Juju is not better than any of the wr you mentioned.

    89. Nathan Pond

      Trubisky was underpaid manz should’ve made more than Mahomes he’s the only NVP ever

    90. Super swag

      Did he say jabrill peppers is a veteran he’s 25

    91. Peter Branetzki

      Got a laugh at juju who was listed of underrated he still is overrated and let’s these stats speak for itself 1 100 yard game since AB left. He averages less than 10 yards a catch as a WR yes a WR that average is something a RB. His infantile behaviour is not something that attracts suitors either and it is well known people see him as a a#2 receiver so he should be happy the Steelers too this joker back but his signing cost them a good CB too

    92. RapFanatic

      The Steelers got a lot of cap next season, so obviously guys like Minkah and TJ are gonna get PAID, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Juju got paid too. Plus he already said multiple times he wanted to stay in Pittsburgh, so what if they negotiated that they were going to give him more next season? Do better research, TPS

    93. Shane Burkett

      As a raider fan Trent was trash and never on the field

      1. Shane Burkett

        And Rodney wanted to leave

    94. Xavier Barahona

      Do a video about best trade from every team

    95. Benjamin Wagner

      Andrew Berry is smarr

    96. Ryan Schulte

      Where is Jason Biondo??

    97. Parker Williams

      Do "10 Times That Roger Goodell Actually Made The Right Decision" and "10 Most Absurd Suspensions Made In The Roger Goodell Era."

      1. SMT


    98. All Sportz

      I think the Vikings overpaid on PP a little. When’s the giveaway

    99. Andrew Wolff

      Juju did it because he wants to be on the Steelers and he gave up money for other positions he wants a ring

    100. Oshn_frostwizard

      As a Steelers fan I have to say yes Juju is underpaid but I feel like they decided wanted to see what he could do to finally make a decision plus he said the wants to always play for the Steelers.

      1. Alexander Tatpati

        Idk, 9.7 yards per catch doesn’t sound underpaid. I feel that he needs to have a big year for his contract to be considered “underpaid”