10 NFL Free Agents Who Screwed Up... And Where They SHOULD Have Signed


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    NFL free agents that should have signed elsewhere.
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    Some free agent signings work out. Others don’t. We’re here to focus on the latter, as a handful of the top 2021 free agents surprised us with their decisions. We can’t help but think that they would have been better off going elsewhere.
    Here are 10 NFL free agents who screwed up, and where they should have signed instead.
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    1. TPS

      "Tom Brady should have retired" - Tom Brady haters

      1. Arthur Morgan

        He will keep playing untill you all stop hating him or respect him that’s the truth

      2. Isaac Dichiaro

        @baseball brendan i like trump

      3. Rniwiqav

        “Tom Brady should have retired”- Bills fans

      4. Harrymonster

        @anglecake 777yt it is starting to get boring knowing that he will always be in the playoffs and usually the superbowl as well.

      5. anglecake 777yt

        I hate him for ruining my football life for so many years. When will this cycle end. Football gets boring when it's predictable.

    2. J Gunzler

      Why is it difficult for this channel to get their facts straight? Seriously every video consists of errors a true fan of football would not make. 1. Wentz is not a better QB than Big Ben. 2. Indy does not have “one of the best defensive lines in football” and why would that matter to JuJu? They do however have one of the best OFFENSIVE lines in football.

    3. Dilly_Dilly_Dale

      JJ just being greedy with money

    4. Zap Rowsdower

      So watt should go to a sb contender who needs him and has money and you don't even include the browns. You suggest the cinci guy should have waited to sign the big contract he already got. A we should willingly go to the ravens. A cb should willingly go to the cowboys. And the colts with wentz are contenders. Woooooooow.

    5. Brandon S

      Do we know if the players are even getting offers from the teams they Are suggesting?

    6. Brandon S

      Juju is bad he wants the new TV deal and WRs back to 15 plus it was a super soft market and 1 more in Pittsburgh and he wants a big deal in 2022

    7. Salami Cheeks

      Mitch signed with buffalo because he wants to improve his play like josh Allen did over the offseason. He’s going to learn a lot and it’s only a one year deal. It’s basically a reset for him signing with buffalo. It was a smart move.

    8. Salami Cheeks

      I hate this channel.

    9. Darth Tourette

      I think Mitch knew the Broncos would be looking to the draft and chose to go the safeat route in Buffalo. Honestly a smart move

    10. JeffW.

      JuJu is number 2 receiver at best, not worth 8 mil,

    11. TheYabuk

      I think this commentary guy has no idea how salary cap works.

    12. Danny Yazzie Jr

      Jj watt didn't screwed up.. never know about the bills... Who knows if theyll make the playoffs each year.. I hope the cards shut everyone up with who they signed... Go cards....#2021

    13. Thomas Zumpetta

      Washington is NOT a Super Bowl contender. And is literally one of the worst franchises in the league. Last years playoffs was a fluke. Any person able to leave Washington should do so with great haste.

    14. Rob Banta

      Watt: Scottsdale vs Buffalo?? hmmmm.

    15. Tim Murphy

      Sorry dude I think Pittsburgh's out of it as far as a Super Bowl Contender I don't think they'll even come in third place this year

    16. FJN 1998

      I get that JuJu should’ve left the Steelers but it’s only a one year deal and playing with Wentz isn’t really an improvement over a bad Ben

      1. Kennedy Smith

        And Ben still was much better than Wentz last year coming from a Browns Fan that despise Will Ferrell’s Long lost twin

    17. C T

      Gonna show my age here (Gen-X) NFL WAS BETTER BEDLRE FREE AGENCY! **player attachment and loyalty was extreme.. You drafted a player and he was usually with you his whole career.. Looking back at the late 80’s/early 90’s and most of the star players were notorious for the teams they were drafted by.. Like Elway Broncos,,Marino Phins etc.. the money is absolutely absurd and really dumb and getting worse.. But that’s secondary from a fans POV.. We are loyal to the team NOT the players. But before free agency players were the team.... Twas a good Era for sure........

    18. William Cree

      Cam shouldn’t have gone back to New England. All I’m gonna say

    19. Darrell Lockard

      Plus u can't make free agents sign up with teams they don't wanna play wit .

    20. Darrell Lockard

      Why u think theses players signing with weak ass teams ? Cause they they only ones gonna pay them what they not worth no more they skills gone by know they shells of wat they use to be or they problems so why reward them they get wats left over or retire

    21. Darrell Lockard

      Wentz couldn't go to miami cause he washed up he not better than Fitz was plus all that money he got coming goes against the hard cap plus he had to go were phily sent him u act like he was a free agent and he wasn't he had no control except to ask to be traded that's it come on man..

    22. Darrell Lockard

      Peters a knuckle head never was going go to steelers plus we were over cap not enough money for him

    23. Darrell Lockard

      Do you youtube guys ever check your facts ? First juju couldn't go to Indy cause they needed to resign Y A title the wr plus Carson Wentz suck at QB, he came back to steelers cause they told him this ben last year he gonna get paid next time when Ben off the books, ,2nd I'm sure JJ watt would have loved to go to buffalo but again money and I think they play a 3 -4 defense Watts needs a 4-3 plus he wasn't gonna see huge amount of snaps likely rotate in at Arizona he can start cause they then on defense

    24. Michael Engelmann

      Also think it was dumb to get rid of Nelson, was probably going through stuff in private

    25. Michael Engelmann

      It was stupid to trade Wentz. We have stupid fans, and a stupid GM who has to be blackmailing Lurie

    26. Andy Brown

      I’d “settle” for any of these contracts cleaning bathrooms in Siberia.

    27. Maximad

      Mitch trubisky went to the bills mostly to be rehab and relearn everything that Bears basically destroyed. Don't worry he'll get his opportunity again and be a trade factor for the Bills to play with.

    28. Tory A

      You giving Mitch T all this shit like he would of gone to the Broncos and tore some shit up?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 Its beyond obvious he went to the Bill's he want a free ring handed to him while he sits on the sideline got better odds there then alot of other places especially the Broncos.

    29. Corey Reviews

      Watt should’ve signed with Cleveland we’d easily have the leagues top pass rush if he did

    30. Metalbass10000

      JJ Watt, hello, Green Bay Packers. Great in a 3-4 defense, team went to ANOTHER NFC Championship game, and one of the few needs is a D lineman next to Pro Bowl Kenny Clark and THREE outside pass rushers. Oh, and HE GREW UP IN WISCONSIN AS A PACKERS FAN!

    31. Colton Lazurko

      Ya woohoo we got JJ suck that bills and heres why hes an amazing fit in arizona, hes back with D hop, hes got Kyle murray and this year the cards have the chance to do well

      1. Colton Lazurko

        no one be offended im just a teenager cards fan and im super hype we gottem

    32. Rich Rasmussen

      3 Teams offered Juju a contract....Baltimore, Kansas City, and Pittsburgh.....yet somehow he messed up because he didn't go to a team THAT DIDN'T OFFER HIM A CONTRACT????

      1. Davey Jones

        And Where is the better QB.

    33. Comrade Christian

      Did you seriously just call the Colts and the Saints superbowl contenders? LMAO! Get a clue. And you also call Washington a superbowl contender?! WTF?

    34. spclklh

      STOP DISRESPECTING BIG BEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    35. Alex Presser

      You can tell this guy thinks he’s a lot smarter than he is

    36. Alex Presser

      Truibisky is smart. Learn from Daball and if Allen goes down golden opportunity. At worst you sit all year then follow daball wherever he goes next year

    37. Sean Collins

      There is no state tax in Washington either. Carson wouldn’t have saved money by signing there. Do research. Be better.

    38. Jackson Cash

      y’all really are gunna talk bout cam newton like tha i swear i’m done watchin y’all are stupid ash y’all know nothing

    39. walker trokey

      Umm not having a second receiver wasent really the probelm we dident execute it was you know getting hit repeatedly if we had a second receiver which I think allan lazard is really becoming into one it would help a little

    40. Harry Skywalker

      The thing with Juju is that next year the cap goes up so much that signing a one year deal is smart to hold out for more money next free agency. Im a Browns fan and I defend that move.

    41. Pack 1

      Watt going to Arizona was a huge head scratcher. The Packers are gonna be wayy better than the Cardinals.

    42. DaRedEyeJedi808 A.M.P

      Colts Superbowl contenders? They didnt even make the playoffs how you gonna say that i mean we lost in the playoffs 1st round but atleast we made the playoffs

    43. Sydnee Kosak

      Saying Carson Wentz is better then Big Ben is dumb asf.

    44. Logan Heil

      You lost me after saying Trevor diggs is a star

    45. Damien Spell-Zapata

      Tps be tripping

    46. LKL Chriss

      I think tribiusky is doing a learning year and then will sign wit a qb needy team

    47. Temesgen Zegergis

      You do realize not every team makes an offer to these guys.

    48. Ian ColtsAllDay Lind- Luck- Manning

      7:45-7:52 Cowboys and Super Bowl never belong in the same sentence like ever .

    49. Alex Hagel

      Oh I most have forgot that Kendricks, Smith, Dancler, Woods and Barr all play DE or DT.

    50. Oplex

      I really do think mitch had signed up in a good way he went to a team that has a good culture and will help him rather than go to a team that seems like it has more questions than anything else.

    51. Unlimited Power

      Wait, did you not know that Washington doesn't have an income tax either? LOL

    52. Jeffery Reed

      As a Packers fan I agree the Packers do need another WR to help Adams but Fuller was only good bcuz he cheated an was taking PED (performance enhancing drugs) the whole time he doesn't want to put in the hard work like Adams does to b good he wants to cheat an take PEDs

    53. Gkellz

      I agree 100% with Peterson to the Steelers

    54. BROK

      *Bears would’ve been better off with Trubisky than with Dalton*

    55. Rebecca Castaneda

      JuJu should have signed with the chiefs

    56. Giants Reborn

      Everyone’s a SB contender around here I guess

    57. Matt

      Yeah JuJu did some dumb shit lol

    58. xBlessedNick Bot

      Trey Hendrickson didn’t screw up the bengals did

    59. DownwardAtom786

      Cam Newton

    60. WHITEMEX 98

      Colts superbowl contender lmao they didnt get to the playoffs but Pittsburgh did colts had rivers nd didnt do much better lol so try again on that one

    61. Mr. Novak

      Washington state also has NO income tax and Seahawks have sweet unis, Carson should have left anyway

    62. timothy earnest


    63. Jack Sproull

      Imagine having both watt brothers coming at you.

    64. B.J. Banditt

      Patrick Peterson should've signed w/the Cowboys; although on the downside of his career (hence, y the Cardinals let him go), he's still much better than Richard Sherman despite Sherman's ties 2 Quinn. Peterson's a PERFECT FIT 4 Quinn's system.

    65. Eddie Madden

      JJ Watt doesn't like the snow... So, that is why he stayed in the south and signed with the Cards

    66. Brett Carter

      I disagree with the Trey Hendrickson one. I think what he did was smart. He's a guy who could be very good but like you said, he may just of had one good season. Cashing out at your peak is the best idea. You never know if you're value is going to ever get this high again

    67. Bob Bluefield

      The cowboys are not America’s team

    68. O'Malley 519

      Your logic goes all over some guys should go somewhere where they are for sure the number 1 guy. And others shouldn't go somewhere because they will be the number 1 guy. Don't get it!!! Enjoyed the video though

    69. Blake Hailey

      The saints are not a super bowl contender anymore 😐

    70. SAM

      Anyone who said jj watt to buffalo mustve forgot about cold weather and bad knees

    71. Riot Ninja

      Why would Juju sign anywhere else? He picked the best QB and overall team that he had offers from. This man actually said he would do better with Carson Wentz and one of the best D Lines in football.. Pittsburgh has the best Defense as a whole and defensive line in the NFL. Lost your mind fully.

    72. Jay Her

      No. Cardinals are malcom butler chandler jones budda baker

    73. tail

      Juju better than curtis samuel Thats one of the worst things I've ever heard

    74. The Man, The Myth, The Legend King Jimmy V.

      This is why I can’t watch TPS. The points they are making is completely ludicrous. This video is actually pretty pointless. You would think players and agents would be working on the best place for these players, but this video is a saying the complete opposite. Never gave any thought that players might not want to go or stay in places. And saying “he should have stayed with a possible super bowl contender” means absolutely nothing. EVERY SINGLE TEAM CONTENDS FOR THE SUPER-BOWL. The fact that TPS casually says certain teams are Super Bowl contenders and certain teams are powerhouses without giving any solid attempt at research blows much mind. A lot more goes into picking a place to play than just saying ah Ravens have no recievers I will go there. I guess Corey Davis has all the time in the world to wait for the ravens to sign him instead of taking a solid up and coming team with the Jets. But I digress...

    75. RM M

      Yeah, we're going to sit back and tell grown men how stupid they are and that we know better than they do what's best for them. Disgusting, patronizing and condescending video.

    76. BLADE

      This dude out here calling everyone a contender.

    77. Jason Sabbath

      How can free agents choose a team that never made a good offer, let alone any offer at all? Juju to the Colts, who never offered a contract? How can you fault people for going to the "wrong team" if the "right team" didn't offer a contract?

    78. Andrew Munera

      Dude cardinals are playoff contenders they are stacked

    79. Rebmetpes4

      Washington is gonna pay a big Jenny Craig size price letting on boy go I Garontee!

    80. Modok Mike

      I feel Watts wife/fiancé played a HUGH roll in his decision not to go to Buffalo........hope not.....but it feels that way......

      1. Jason Sabbath

        Family is always a part of the process. Unless a player is single without kids, you have to think about your family too.

    81. Carson Jones

      Did this man say that colts can be a super bowl contender but cardinals can’t wtf

    82. Victoria Sandoval

      He stupid jj watt made a great decision to go to Arizona

    83. J Hindo327

      The Seahawks are going to regress? Are u serious? Lol. What an absolute idiotic statement. They say this shit every year, but what happens....? Lmao. And they’ve addressed their o-line, d-line, and will address their corner issues. Winning the division again this year!

    84. cat go pee I'm shoebox

      I feel like watt would fit in the browns roster perfectly. As they just got rid of Vernon

    85. Wesley Larks

      The Vikings signed Peterson to mentor the young corners, not to be a #1 guy. Sometimes y'all seriously miss the mark ngl

    86. Justin Biller

      Eagles defense is better then the cowgirls

    87. Dylan Reed

      How is that suprising, he reunited with his old teammate

    88. Eli Benda

      Half the line you said on the saints isn’t even good lol

    89. DR SensuBean

      I mean trubisky is going to be a pretty good backup probably the best backup in the league it's just he got thrown into a f****** mess so it's good to have him

    90. Lucas Henry

      Didn’t y’all say that Tom Brady goofed by signing with Tampa Bay, last year? Okay

    91. Luke The Duke

      Shut up he’s in a great situation watt is going to the playoffs this year and he can teach the defense how to win.

    92. fornitbrayking livelife

      Jj watt ia now now going to play whith dhop again

    93. sean dunleavy

      I agree

    94. Josue Castillo

      Watt chose money, he did not screwed up, he did not care about the ring

    95. Quinn Gray

      Bryce Callahan is a slot corner. So, the Broncos needed a No. 2 corner, and they signed Darby. Not that hard to figure out.

    96. Noah Sheil


    97. patrick hanley

      Wow I stopped watching this channel a while back cuz it was really watered down and unoriginal. I come back today after a few years and im shocked, just to take a look, it's unbelievable, its gotten worse. The voice is so annoying and cliche compared to justin and d young, like im waiting till he tells me "youre watching disney channel" the material is still far reaching and pretty useless. Thats what happens when you sell out and run out of ideas.

    98. Jesse Viera

      Bruh the Cardinals are going to the super bowl

    99. snow-_flake

      I hope cardinals win superbowl so everyone can sthu

    100. Brett Engel

      Marcus davenport wasn't shit tho