Way To Early 2021 Starting Quarterback Predictions For All 32 NFL Teams


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    2021 NFL Starting Quarterbacks
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    The 2021 NFL offseason has just begun, and already we’re seeing another crazy game of musical chairs unfold at the game’s most important position.
    Matthew Stafford, Jared Goff and Carson Wentz are just the beginning of the 2021 offseason quarterback carousel. What will it look like when the dust finally settles?
    Here are the super-early predictions for every team’s starting quarterback in 2021
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    1. Alina Tenkerian

      wrong "to" in the title.

    2. Grady Richardson

      His name is not Josh Allen it's Chris Pratt

    3. Greg Vogel

      I think the browns are going all the way

    4. ZxRex ZxRex


    5. spclklh

      I don't think Sam Darnold will go to the Bears.

    6. AnimationStation

      The sooner Brady retires, the sooner the NFL can stop being so rigged and frustrating!!

    7. Brent Mac

      Here’s your damn comment

    8. Noahsnoah


    9. Char Lie

      What about da giveaway

    10. Kaladas 0

      What does TPS stand for?

    11. NightmaricFox

      "Sam Darnald" Lol.... Well.... "Andy Dalton"

    12. Cole_ the_animal

      Random draw gang

    13. ArtixH0und

      2 months of waiting for $500 dollars

    14. Carlos Johnson


    15. Tariq Lockett

      Everyone forgets about Heinicke

    16. Emily Wolgin

      Matt 100tv is right wtf 😳

    17. Bryce Birdsong

      Gimme that doughc

    18. Christopher Bingham

      Your Washington prediction made me laugh really hard. I'm glad that didn't age well. Your Bears and 49ers predictions also didn't age well. Also I don't think the Texans will get much draft capital for trading Watson now.

    19. CstGuy


    20. Angel Corral

      yes of course, they will be right.

    21. PittsburghPens99 99

      Cleveland browns

    22. Carlos Topete

      I dont think the bears will accouire darnold

    23. Daley Holder

      Denver Broncos 2021 Starting QB: No one knows for sure. But if Drew Lock isn't the answer, then who?

    24. Rachel Montgomery


    25. charles owen

      I really hope that I’m lucky and win

    26. silent assassin

      let the Quarterback wheel begin

    27. takeshie bernardo

      poor bears.. trash andy

    28. Headhunters Wrestling Podcasts

      Trey Lance Jalen Hurts

    29. David Schwarz


    30. Todd Irwin

      I like that u guys listened and boosted the giveaway but still seems pretty low reach, hope this channel takes over! Awesome stuff! #GreatContent

    31. OCS Flames

      falcons should start their drafted qb

    32. Eloy Anzualda

      I’m sorry but did you not see Cousins after the bye week last year, he is not a Mediocre QB by any sort of stretch, and btw I am a Vikings fan who felt that he should’ve been cut about a year ago, but he has changed my mind, he will be the cog in this monster offense that we need and as for saying we are content with mediocrity, lemme guess your a Bucs fan wawawawa.

    33. mystic farts69

      Very good

    34. ScriptPlays

      saints i think taysom hill because of the extension

    35. Setsotama

      "Bears - Sam Darnold" Lol


      Andy Dalton

    37. The Packinals Fan

      Tommy Boy for the Bucs

    38. Ryan Shaw

      Rams explosive offense? How is the 23rd best scoring offense explosive?

    39. Avery M

      The Jets aren’t taking fields they’re taking Wilson

      1. Kregslee

        A QB with one good season. Sweet, that's never not worked.

    40. Kuttan Paily

      The material denim presumably permit because mattock primarily wriggle an a holistic lotion. annoying, whole judge

    41. Markel Sánchez Cañas


    42. Alex Villegas


    43. Tesea NYG

      What if Texans are just foul and don’t move Watson at all 💀

      1. Frank Baker


    44. MorganFreemanDMP

      Fitzmagic in DC he’s not a guy who can win a Super Bowl on his own but with a supposition g cast he can put you in an opportunity to win week in and week out, that’s all we need to take the NFC East for the second year in a row

    45. Truman Sayles


    46. Carter Dodge


    47. Trenton Verigan

      Winston might go crazy

    48. Armando Casillas

      Agree with the 49ers predictions

      1. Christopher Bingham

        Too bad Watson may not be playing for anyone unless they have football in jail

    49. swyllie21

      Chargers are winning be super bowl this season

    50. Sarah reyna

      i love tps

    51. Samuel zook


    52. JT

      I didn’t see anything from Jalen Hurts. He had one good game and then fell off. I don’t like him as the Eagles QB moving forward.

    53. Luis Guerrero

      If watson goes to the niners then that be crazy 😳

    54. Jack West

      If Deshaun is in San Francisco then how do the Texans get Zach Wilson?

    55. The NFL Today

      As a bears fan, I will be extremely disappointed if we get stuck with Sam Darnold

    56. Beau

      Dope vid

    57. The MTB MANIAC

      I wonder how big Lamar’s contract will be

    58. Dylan Tat

      if russell and watson get traded, it would be insane

    59. Michael Shrute

      Dak Prescotts contract is crazy

    60. Anthony Ponce


    61. Bobby Steele

      I'm just here to win some money...lol but seriously I watched this just to see who yall thought would be the QB in Washington and I'm shocked at our pick of Mitch Trubisky.... just wow

      1. Christopher Bingham

        Me too. I'm glad they were WAY wrong about that

    62. Bryce Eikenbery

      this season gonna be lit

    63. Landen Voskuil

      We Better not see Aaron Rodgers in free agency

    64. Kathryn Parente

      Maybe Washington can Trade for Jimmy G.

      1. Christopher Bingham

        Or maybe we can sign Ryan Fitzpatrick

    65. Chris the epic!

      Let's go!

    66. Hayden Smith


    67. Kevin Devlin

      Champa Bay!

    68. Planes and Sirens Of Upper Midwest

      I’m watching NFL network right now

    69. Mewtwoz

      Dak prescott

    70. Julius Jordan

      They aren’t gonna do the giveaway they’re just stalling.

    71. aba


    72. SHAAN BAID

      Did you just call Wentz a franchise QB? Lmao idk if he's better than Drew Lock at this point

    73. Olimpo Salinas

      What up people

    74. Chris Lutz

      Kirk Cousins will win a super bowl b4 Matt Stafford.

      1. Chris Lutz

        Ok, NFL expert that can't even make an argument.. go argue with a 6 yo that's the level your on.

      2. Christopher Bingham

        No he won't

    75. Charles Williams

      If trubisky is our starter i will kill myself

    76. Jacob Tyler


    77. Chris Koeppen

      Sorry to be that guy but "Too"

    78. Agent Red

      Washington better not sign trubisky or I will be pissed 😡

      1. Christopher Bingham

        Good thing you won't be pissed

    79. Josef Burgan

      If Watson goes to the niners they are automatically super bowl contenders

    80. Bigstef28

      Darnold over Trubisky for Washington

      1. Christopher Bingham

        Both you and TPS were wrong

    81. Spear

      Still sad how Brees retired the same day he signed with the Saints years ago.

      1. Spear

        @Frank Baker wtf

      2. Frank Baker


    82. EvanME El

      Jarrett stidham

    83. cmoney zhen

      when are u guys gonna announce the winners it’s been months

    84. Bleaxh XI

      Like they said Aaron Rodgers

    85. Clifford -cj Smith

      Where’s jimmy g

    86. Snap Gaming


    87. This Is Agu

      Sadly some of these will never happen and some of these players like Watson will end up in shitty team limbo

    88. Christopher Jones

      Jared Goff will shock folks watch

    89. Tonya Markus

      Me comment

      1. Frank Baker


    90. ian kennedy

      No one wants Mitch 🤢

    91. Magnum Brahms

      vikings and mediocrity that should be added on the list of synonyms.

    92. Iqille Downing

      Well that saint prediction didn’t last long 😬

    93. Max Doyle

      Niners- jimmy g

    94. noobical noob

      I really hope the Texans trade Watson but I doubt they will.

    95. Paul Clarke

      I hope Jones is our successor to Eli and he’s with us his whole career

    96. Brian Howell

      there is no way Zach Wilson is around at the #12 pick lol. Seems like you definitely misread that when talking about where he lands. If Houston traded Watson to SF, they're getting the 12th pick at best this year. With Wilson being arguably ranked higher than fields, he's not making it out of the top 5.

    97. Chris Tannuzzo

      For the most part the starting QB's from last season is starting next year

    98. Book Mark

      Bears=Worst team in the league

    99. Carlson Group

      Houston texans quarterback is no one deshaun watson will be traded if not he will probably sit out the 2021season watson is tired of this functional franchise which is known as the Houston texans

    100. Camden Smith

      No winning here.