The OFFICIAL 2021 NFL First Round Mock Draft (4.0 Post Blockbuster MIA, SF, PHI Trades)


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    2021 NFL Mock Draft
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    With the NFL season over we all look the the NFL mock drafts to see where our favorite college football players will land and if they will land on our favorite NFL teams.
    Today we present the 2021 Official NFL Mock Draft version 4.
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    1. Fair Treatment

      The chance the patriots trade out off the first round: 0. Did you watch 2020? What a dope

    2. Michael Matheis

      If the Giants trade with the Pats for just that, Gettleman would be fired immediately 🥴

    3. Isaac Hodges

      Washington would the Norte Dame Lb or Rondale Moore why would we get another corner

    4. _Primetime_ 29

      Greg Rousseau is the most overrated prospect in this years draft

    5. Shrezzy0

      I remember when I used to watch TPS thank god I stopped watching this

    6. ECK Sports

      How do you take Zaven Collins over Rashawn Slater.

    7. c j

      Excellent mock draft

    8. Austin Topero

      bateman to the packers

    9. spclklh

      I didn't realize how bad the steelers O-Line was.

    10. Henry Bennett

      When was Devante Smith picked in the mock draft?

    11. Ben Overberger

      Good mock

    12. Jackie EppsHardy

      Oh come on! Kyle Pitts should be on Falcons. Matt Ryan is not Trash. Mac Jones should be with the Steelers

      1. Jackie EppsHardy

        Trey Lance is better off with Patriots

    13. Brennan Hess

      whoos watching this after the darnold trade

    14. Luke Horzys

      Me watching this after day bold got traded to Carolina...... Mock draft 5.0

    15. Bob Frank1579

      Why are the dolphins drafting te when they have Mike

    16. Michael Kennedy

      Well now that Sam Darnold was traded to the Panthers, I doubt they'll take Mac Jones. Curious to see where he does land though.

    17. Brian Farrington

      Everything sounds good except the Kadarius Toney pick and Trask. TB will go RB, best OL, or best DB. GB has actual needs on defense...their offense is FINE!!!

    18. Peyton Ifill

      Devontae smith still gets drafted 1st overall

    19. D P

      I hope my Jags get to add S Moehrig @ 25. The taking RB Travis Etienne @ 33 to give Lawrence someone he has already been playing with.

    20. Mardizone Nuth

      Jets don't do it!!! ZW is a bust!!!

    21. yatzospatzo

      Vikings have 3/4 of their D-Line set in stone for next year. With many rotational players for the fourth spot, they would pick someone on the other side of the trench. (Slater, AVT, etc) Edit: Also, learn how to say players names.

    22. Steven Maslinski


    23. Midas

      Ur stupid at pitts will not be taken over chase

    24. Avion Murrell

      bro what slater could stop chase young wtf ????????????????? ah giants he calling yall name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    25. Avion Murrell

      IM a giants fan but i low key want the lions to have a superbowl instead of seeing brady going evertime like i want mahomes and rogers

    26. Jeeshine 999

      People who don’t like Mac Jones make the argument that he throws to nfl caliber WRs but then who the hell is he gonna be throwing to in the NFL lmao

    27. pranshu c

      Y'all are just memeing at this point. When is 5.0 coming

    28. shawn bopko

      zac willson sounds like hes the one the next jets QB

    29. Giants_Pride

      The giants pick was trash

      1. Jeeshine 999


    30. BROK

      *Ik Trevor is the obvious choice for Jacksonville, but Joe Burrow to the Bengals was far more obvious, so “of the past decade” no*

    31. Jeremy Stovall

      finally a real mock with fields to sf!!

    32. Dawson Kintop

      The Vikings wouldn't pass on Caleb Farley or Rashawn Slater. They need line and it looks like Jeff Gladney just sunk his career. People greatly exaggerate how bad our defense is. We were missing half the unit last year.

    33. Osriq Trinide

      now sam darnold is on the panthers

    34. Angel Corral

      Why was Devonte smith upside down?

    35. Angel Corral

      0:04 Another one

    36. tim rand

      I'd say joe burrow was just as much a lock as Lawrence is

    37. Uso Penitentiary

      Imagine no team trading up for a QB but the first trade being for a WR

    38. Urban Link

      Miami is actually making ppl Mad cause there not expected be good..

    39. Urban Link

      Can you do a Chargers mock I think the LT from Northwestern is better then Sewell

    40. The Tumbling Man

      Love the zaven collins pick. After watching this this is actually a pretty shit mock. Like why the fuck would you take Kyle trask in the first round

    41. BearZ

      um, the dolphins have gesicki

    42. R M

      People who say az need o line clearly dont know shit about the team.

    43. Mike5

      Did the giants really trade down

    44. Henry B

      Why the fuck do people want Jamarr Chase instead of Penei Sewell?!

    45. Carl Carlston

      Well, they got the Miami trade right, but with PIT, not PHI lol

    46. Carl Carlston

      The dolphins have enough cap space to re-sighn Mike Gesicki, and don’t need to over kill on the TE position. They either get O-lineman, or WR. I think they need WR more, but if Penni Sewell is still there, consider getting him.

      1. Eric Dietz

        Dolphins shouldn’t pass on this man he ain’t a normal TE he’s a weapon can play slot block and run the same routes as a wr

    47. Robert Long

      Reports coming out saying that Steelers didn't send a single person out to Vera-Tucker's pro day. They're not going to give up an R3 just to draft a guy like Vera Tucker.

    48. Nikola Šarić

      there are like 5 pass rushers I would take before gregory rousseau Oweh, Phillips, Ojulari, Paye and Basham he trash

    49. Nikola Šarić

      7:29 who the hell is Alejandro Villanuva

      1. Nikola Šarić

        @lil Yeaaye I know who alejandro Villanueva is but he said Villanuva

      2. lil Yeaaye

        The Steelers tackle made a pro bowl

    50. AMOS BROWN

      sam darnold was traded today

      1. Adam Carroll

        That's the problem with mock drafts, they're fun to speculate but at the end of the day, the only one that matters is the real thing

    51. kpaddack2

      Ojulari would be nice for the Chiefs, but unless they make another move before the draft, they desperately need a tackle. I'm pulling for Samuel Cosmi, but I'm just an armchair schmuck.

    52. William Summerson

      I got breaking news yall. The jets traded sam darnold to the panthers. This trade I don't understand. Bridgewater' is a better qb than darnold. 💩

    53. Suplex, Touchdown, WOW!

      Pretty good, but you are WAY underestimating how much teams have to give up to trade up in the draft

    54. Keanu Vue

      Panthers are not taking a qb after the Sam trade

    55. Iced tea Gamer

      Who’s here after the Darnold trade no way the panthers draft a Qb now

    56. Cameron Potts

      Can you do every nfl teams best player of all time ranked

    57. Ethan G


    58. Colin Reeser

      here’s me coming back after they just traded sam darnold

    59. Krandle 47

      Ryan Pace said Dalton is the starter this year. They need a tackle

    60. Shareef Collins

      This sucks

    61. Brad Phelps

      Finally there saying the packers aren't taking a offensive lineman

    62. Brad Phelps

      I don't like where they are putting fields

    63. Mortal Films

      Lions should take Smith but it’s a W regardless whole lot of talent in this draft

    64. Daniel Kang

      I wish 49ers trade down if Jets Pick Zach Wilson to bring back more picks for the future

    65. swyllie21

      azeez can't go to the cheifs

    66. MrBlack68123

      Trask will be a 3rd round pick

    67. Andrew McAllister

      Good Mock. As a Jets fan being plugged in, they are taking Interior OL or CB with #23 I like Greg Newsome there, he is NFL ready, versatile, scheme fit, has 1st round athleticism & speed.

    68. Jr0d_ CoRtes


    69. Chris Roth

      WFT going for horn at 19 is the worst take I’ve seen yet. We’ve got tackle problems, LB problems, QB problems. We have Kendall fuller and Jackson now. We don’t need another at the 1st round pick. Terrible

    70. Schriner Brothers

      I didn’t see dovont smith on there

    71. Sneakyninja 08

      Why wouldn’t the giants just draft devonta smith themselves? Golladay good but they can still use help.

    72. Ayden Formica

      how would the giants pass on rashawn slater - eagles fan

    73. Flora Gamble

      I think the Bentley will take pena sewals

    74. Charlie Bermudez

      Garbage mock draft


      Why would the giants move down just to get a 2022 3rd round pick lol

    76. Jeremiah Padilla

      The Giants are getting smith

    77. Marques Hunter

      If that guy ain't best player available @18 (and I'm sure he's not) the Steelers ain't trading a 3rd rounder to move up for him. They're better off picking Horn the CB, OLB or Harris the RB.

    78. Donny Dimes

      Another one

    79. AO Bros

      As a Bills fan Najee Harris Hello 👋

    80. luckycharmn

      Dolphins need to take Harris at running back from Alabama at 18. They need a stud back

    81. Scott Smith

      Vikings don’t go OL I’ll eat my hat

    82. SeouliteInMumbai

      Why would Giants trade down just for a 3rd round pick? 🤔

    83. Leon Schwaiger

      As a bucs fan I would take QB Kellen Mond instead of Kyle Trask.

    84. Jannik CW

      If the panthers pick jones at 8 imma head out!!!

    85. JP

      Cant have the Buccs taking a QB. Everyone knows they are going guard

    86. Lil Slick

      Dude ur so dumb most unrealistic trades if anything packers would trade up they hve traded up In first round for 3 years strate

    87. Daniel Ramírez Torres

      I really hope that the packers sign a wide receiver

    88. Kirk Miller

      If this is correct the eagles made a huge fuck up

    89. Jesse Montiel

      I really like that 3rd pick😁😁

    90. Isabell O'Duffy

      I think Miami would go o line

    91. OrangeCRUSH 480

      I just don't like Parsons for Denver. Rather have that kid from ND.

    92. Nic Martin

      Solid pick for the vikes. I hope you're right

      1. createdmyusername

        Eww no. We need to address the OL.

    93. Jamison Leung

      Why is Devonta Smith upside down????😂

    94. Brian Madison

      Bucs probably should wait until later rounds to add bradys back up. Fill in with speed or specific talent etienne or atwell

    95. Chastinn Allen

      Patriots gonna sell the farm for number 1

    96. Alex Knight

      Trevor is going first for sure

    97. DP

      The vikings are not drafting an edge at 14. We addressed D-Line heavily in FA, and have a 2nd year guy in DJ Wonnum ready to step up at edge, along with Stephen Weatherly. We have 2 vacant guard spots (or a vacant guard and vacant tackle, depending on what happens with Ezra Cleveland.) Also, please learn how to pronounce Danielle Hunter's name properly.

    98. David Rosales

      Best case scenario for the Raiders

    99. Riki Nelson

      Washington in need of so many things and he puts Jaycee Horn, bullshit

    100. Milton Almazan P

      If the Chargers pass on Slater at #13 I Will cry...... a lot.