10 NFL Quarterbacks Who Could Have Been MUCH Better If DRAFTED By ANOTHER Team


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    NFL QBs who would have been better on a new team.
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    Sometimes, an NFL quarterback is only as good as the coaching staff and supporting cast around him. Just look at guys like Jim Plunkett, Kurt Warner, Steve Young and Ryan Tannehil, who salvaged their careers once they found the perfect niche.
    Well, we think these 10 draft busts could have also been much better if they landed with the right team from day 1.
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    1. Dott3:16 _

      Rg3 would have been worse off in Indy I think. Look at Luck dude retired because of injuries. I don think they would have done much to protect RG3 just like Luck

    2. Andrew Grove

      Tim couch yes.

    3. Matthew Pullmann

      Yes, but what about Darnold

    4. Ryan Bonds

      Manziel was a 5th round pick. Going to a different team wouldn’t magically give him a stronger arm or the ability to read a defense. Brian Hoyer did far more with the same Browns roster. Manziel should give his entire NFL earnings to Mike Evans for getting him there.

    5. Mike Dolbe

      All these guys would have sucked no matter where.

    6. Down south boy D

      Wyf y’all


      Ryan leaf actually almost went to the colts but opted out because of san Diego's favorable weather and his agent told him Jim mora was a no nonsense guy and if he showed up late or didn't at all he would not draft him

    8. Adam R. Wyss

      As a Colts fan, I have to say... if our O-line couldn’t protect Andrew Luck... RG3 might have actually died if he played for the Colts. No joke. Luck got his kidney lacerated. Griffin’s knees might have just exploded. It’s for the best he didn’t play for Indy.

    9. Clown Yates

      Almost turned this shit off when I saw manziel on the list

    10. Finnian Higgins

      Lol Manziel is trash

    11. Leroy Lawrence

      This is why the nfl should have a draft lottery like the nba!

    12. FreshKiid20

      The colts failed to managed luck’s injuries. Did you really think it would’ve worked with RGIII?

    13. Jake H

      Bad video

    14. Kagemusha70

      I think RG3 would be done because if he hits with same injury then he will be done no matter whom he plays for.

    15. 12trguitar

      How about QBs that never got a real chance? Guys like AJ McCaron

    16. John Goetz

      Sure, RG3 succeeds on that awful colts team, Luck was kind of a bust, considering everything, and RG3 was even more injury prone.

    17. David Sanchez

      Why would Sam Bradford go with the Seahawks when they had Wilson 🥴

    18. Comrade Christian

      Let's see a video of who the MVP would be every year, if QB's were not allowed to win it.

    19. Comrade Christian

      You're wrong on Manziel, Leaf, and Bortles. But the rest were good.

    20. Ethan Bowers

      Do running backs and wide receivers

    21. Thomas Eastwood

      7:07 This April Fools' Joke is 16 days late TPS. BILL O'BRIEN, really????? He's terrible and wouldn't make Bortles any better

    22. Christopher Pugh

      Manziel would not have been better if he was drafted by the Cowboys, dudes issues were primarily off the field detailing his on the field career. That would not have been fixed

    23. KiiDfLaSh

      Don’t get me wrong I think RG3 would’ve been great in indi and he wouldn’t have played through injuries but their offensive line was trash like let’s forget how beat up luck got before he retired

    24. Mac Malcolm

      How about every team's Mount Rushmore, only for their four worst players of all time?

    25. ThatRedHairedDude

      Washington robbed RG3 of a career and the fans of an incredible player

    26. Hoss Boss

      Not sure if it's already been done but I recommend making videos on.... Top 10 Statistical Seasons for every position. A different video per position.

    27. Shark's Breath

      I'm shocked they weren't all former Cleveland draft picks.

    28. Javier Murillo

      Yeah ..... I think Manziel's demons would have won over much faster if he came to Dallas.

    29. Dixon Butts

      David Carr is THE prime example. Outstanding in college. Better player than Derek Carr, but NEVER had a chance on THE WORST expansion team since the Bucs.

    30. Henrik Slaug

      With the draft coming up soon you gotta ask yourself: do you really want to persue that high pick? How often do 1st rounders make a difference? To many teams look at stats and records and miss if the player really fits the team!

      1. Henrik Slaug

        @HurricaneStarang Absolutely! But since he was drafted in 1998 only 3 no 1 picks has won a Super Bowl: Peyton + Eli Manning and Elis back up in 2011 David Carr.

      2. HurricaneStarang

        Peyton Manning

    31. Joshua Hogan

      How about Aaron Rodgers to San Fran we're talking next dynasty instead of one super bowl and years of frustration

    32. Samy D. Luffy


    33. David Parkes

      Lmao, Johnny Football wouldn't have done jacksh!t as a Cowboy. Thank goodness cooler heads prevailed & we got Zack Martin.

    34. Stanley Pennock

      Tim Couch would have been an above average QB if he had landed somewhere other than Cleveland. His best O-lineman in '99 was Jim Pyne! Couch was NOT A BUST, but was one of the toughest QBs I have ever watched play the game! He was a pocket passer that played for 5 years on a team that gave him no protection in the pocket. It took until Baker Mayfield for someone to equal is stats and look at the talent Mayfield is surrounded with! Tim Couches injuries ended his career, but he was certainly NOT A BUST!

    35. Stanley Pennock

      It's pure stupid even considering Manziel on this list! His drug use, alcoholism, blowing off team meetings and refusal to watch film has NOTHING to go with coaching! It had everything to do with Manziel lack of passion' for the game!

    36. Duran Laurie

      Manziel would have been just as bad with the cowboys, if he partied too much in Cleveland imagine how bad he would’ve been in Dallas...

    37. the truth

      Pagano and grigson ended luck career.. stop it..

    38. Ynrn King

      Tbh for once the browns didn’t ruin a players career he ruined his own ..,would’ve been bad wherever he went ...imagine he went somewhere like Florida or La(Jonny )

    39. Lannce

      Vince Young was down btw

    40. frank irwin

      Grigson ruined lucks career so..... absolutely he would have destroyed rg3 too

    41. Oliver Fernaays

      I honestly think that Jonny football wouldn’t have been to good where ever he ended up

    42. Anthony DiStefano

      Sam Darnold could have done better if it wasn’t for the jets

    43. Alex S

      Top 10 NFL players who retired too early in their prime.

    44. Alex S

      Wow, can I suggest a video you guys can do?

    45. cbeast135

      Don’t put that bad juju on the panthers with Carr

    46. not a creative guy

      There was no saving manziel. He'd rather party than learn the playbook. Guy couldn't even hand the ball off to the correct side

    47. Kaiden King

      Best logos

    48. Ken Johns

      Every quarterback the Lions have ever drafted would have had a better career somewhere else.

    49. Michael Hodil Official

      How can one not feel bad for Couch and David Carr? Wasted talents

    50. Rodrigo Garcia

      I’ve always thought what if Johnny had fall in Dallas? I mean...he could’ve been completely different, maybe even a pro bowler...we’ll never know

      1. Napalm Blaziken

        Oh we do know. His immaturity and inability to adapt to defenses would have ended his career.

    51. ErikCB912

      RG3 wouldn’t have fared much better with the Colts given how Andrew Luck turned out. I feel like what people are forgetting is that the rams traded that number 2 pick to Washington. The best alternate scenario for him would be if he got drafted by the rams and held out long enough for Mcvay to arrive.

    52. Team Kayos

      Some of these are good but come on u sign drew brees and then draft vince young? lol come on that was lazy

    53. Alex Presser

      Putting Johnny on this list discredits you completely. Dude didn’t even want to learn the playbook

    54. TheRapper10000

      I would have liked Tajh Boyd or Rakeem Cato on the Bears.

    55. TheRapper10000


    56. Grady Richardson

      I love how he said that RG3 health would have been better if he was in Indianapolis, there is a reason Andrew Luck retired.

      1. ErikCB912

        I agree. If the colts caused Andrew Luck to retire as early as he did, then I don’t see how RG3 would fare any better. He would have been better off if he got drafted by the rams had they not traded the pick. Imagine how good he could have been when Mcvay took over.

    57. Ocean Thresher

      Am I the only one who thinks Manziel’s bust level is overblown? He was drafted 22md overall, not top 5.

    58. name not found

      The most recent example of this is Sam Darnold. Let’s see what happens in Carolina.

    59. Robbie Gee

      WRONG. Blake Bortles became a superstar in the now-cult classic Netflix comedy The Good Place...

    60. ZJ Gaming

      Robert griffin chargers

    61. Corey G Ill I Am

      Leaf hurt himself man

    62. Rocket Dude

      Johnny party would just gotten himself and Jerry Jones in trouble with the NFL and maybe the law . I do wonder what the 49ers would have been like if they had drafted Aaron Rodgers. Alex Smith was a good QB but Rodgers is a hall of fame QB for sure some day .

    63. Gerald Harrison

      Blake Bortles would be a dog with a solid line and real nfl recievers and an actual Nfl coach

    64. Gerald Harrison

      The only team Johnny Manziel would thrived on is Texas State on Unnecessary Roughness

    65. Definitely Not a cop. like 100% sure

      sorry but no team couldve made johnny manziel a better nfl qb. he shouldnt have never been a NFL QB from the start. if anything a 3rd string career bench warmer. barely 3rd stringer. he lacks vision, he doesnt know how to read any defense. without talen like mike evans level of WR he wouldnt even have succeeded at Texas state or whatever. there was a reason no who needed a QB outside the browns drafted him. 1 his off the field issues. 2. a high school QB wouldve played better football. tbh im too tired. just got home from work. but if you search here on youtube there 3-4 extremely good videos of guys who did their homework couldve saved the browns 2-3 years of money and headaches by getting in depth why johnny was set to fail in the nfl shouldnt have been drafted.

    66. Jeo Delos Santos

      One day we’ll see Trevor Lawrence in this list.

    67. HalooINC

      Quite a galaxy brain take to think RG3 would've been better off avoiding his injury downfall by... going to the Colts were Andrew Luck got injured so much he fell out of love with football and quit.

    68. Tyartstudios

      Deshone kizer

    69. RandyOrton1099

      I have an idea for a video: 10 QBs the Giants should have drafted instead of Daniel Jones.

    70. Ethan Colman

      Top 10 wide receivers in the nfl

    71. Ethan Colman

      Top 10 quarterbacks to never win the superbowl

    72. dj dj

      This video is 🚮🚮🚮

    73. Steven OVO_XO

      Top 10 back ups that came into a game after an injury or benching of the starter and the backup had a great game

      1. Chase Smith

        @Kimberly Morris number 2 tony romo😂

      2. Kimberly Morris

        1. Dak Prescott

    74. Melissa Capaccio

      Lol " well what if young would've went to the saints" Considering the fact they got brees his career probably would've ended the same way

    75. Shadow Storm

      RGIII one to colts would have ended the same cause look at Andrew luck. He he broke, then who knows what could have happened to RGIII

    76. Harlen P Johnson

      ten super bowls with the wrong matchup and ten super bowls with the right matchup

    77. Jimmy Exendine

      David Carr on that Panthers team would have had an amazing career.

    78. OldManDrizzt

      Manziel wouldn't have succeeded no matter where he was drafted. He's proved over and over again what a jackass he is.

    79. MattyFingerz

      Mike Shannon ruined rg3 by allowing him to play in that playoff game gtfo

    80. Phileep Us

      Pin this comment if you read ur comments lol

    81. Andrew 258

      I still think Stafford is the biggest "what if" when it comes to who he was drafted by. The lions were never be good and will never be good and i think if he was drafted by ANYONE elsex he would have multiple rings

    82. Pillow Life

      Where’s garder minshew

    83. Craig Hendricks

      Manziel never took the game seriously. He always partied, would never watch game film, never studied the playbook in college, and always hung out with the wrong crowd.

    84. Aidan Bochey


    85. Aidan Bochey

      Johnny football for ME‼️

    86. Aidan Bochey

      Johnny football for ME‼️

    87. Aidan Bochey

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    88. Aidan Bochey

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    89. Aidan Bochey

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    90. Aidan Bochey

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    91. Aidan Bochey

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    92. Aidan Bochey

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    93. Aidan Bochey

      Johnny football for ME‼️

    94. Aidan Bochey

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    95. Aidan Bochey

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    96. Aidan Bochey

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    97. Aidan Bochey

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    98. Aidan Bochey

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    99. Aidan Bochey

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    100. Aidan Bochey

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