5 NFL Free Agents Who Will Be OVERPAID...And 5 Who Will Be UNDERPAID In 2021


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    2021 NFL Free Agents
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    The NFL offseason has only just begun. First up? It’s free Agency, where plenty of teams will be
    makin’ it rain on them free agents.
    Some of these guys will get grossly overpaid, while others could end up being steals of the
    We’re here to figure out which players will fall into which category, as we predict the overpaid
    and underpaid players from this year’s NFL free agent market.
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    1. Jennifer Takai

      TPS:Corey Linsley Will Get Underpaid Chargers: 5yr 62 Millionn

    2. Nicholas Natsvaladze


    3. Char Lie

      Hi guys

    4. Louise Darling

      Got Jones right

    5. um hi ig

      Is Anthony Harris still overpaid?

    6. Angel Corral

      watch all the overpaid be underpaid.

    7. Teazy 301

      Lol the 2 packers on here were predicted so wrong it's funny. This page hates the packers 😂

    8. Sleeq

      Anthony Harris overpaid BTW. LOL 5m 1 year LETS GOOO

    9. MOTHE

      Lmao juju signed back with the Steelers 1 year only 8 mil

    10. Gridiron Magic

      Bro HOW will Aaron Jones be overpaid?He had 16 TDS in 2019 and still 1000 yards in 2020 with 9 TDS

    11. Shane Sweany

      hmm maybe

    12. Barrett Evans

      Go browns

    13. mystic farts69

      Very good

    14. Jason Finch

      All NFL puppets are overpaid

    15. Anthony Carmichael

      This was a very good compilation and list, good content.

    16. Alex Villegas


    17. Chastinn Allen

      Jones underpaid

    18. Tesea NYG

      I think we overpaid Leonard Williams 😭

    19. Trenton Verigan

      Sherman bout to go to the patriots watch😂

    20. Chris Fagot


    21. Cool Bowser

      This video is already aging so poorly 😂😂

    22. joshua allen

      Richard sherman was terrible in 2020 so he doesn't deserve much money

    23. swyllie21

      Chargers building the best o line in the league

    24. The MTB MANIAC

      It’s so dumb that the packers resigned Arron jones

    25. Dylan Tat

      Herbert and Linsley... dark horse tandum

    26. Matt Dias

      Hit the nail on the head wit Thuney.. 5 years 80 million is a lot of money for a guard.

    27. Michael Shrute

      Great channel

    28. Bobby Steele

      I'm just here to win some money...lol but seriously this is a great concept for a video because I can see ALL these scenarios occurring because teams continue to make the same mistakes

    29. Landen Voskuil

      Packers should keep an Dillon and Aaron Jones but get rid of Jamal williams

    30. theshining 2008

      Man so true

    31. RapFanatic

      Who’s here after Linsley got a contract with the Chargers which means he’s the highest paid center? Another L for TPS

    32. Christian

      ALLEN ROBINSON....ok.....wtf are DA 🐻 s doing? Tag a WR who by now deserves a key to the city for what he has KEPT up and done. Look at his catch % in Chicago....67+%... And... just overall consistency....in yds per catch......HE HAD 97....97 CATCHES THIS YEAR IN CHIIICAGO.....1100+yds....I mean look at his stat sheet .....takiout hurt year...his numbers are crazy good especially over the last 2 years..... IF YOU TAG SOMEONE AT A POSITION WHERE FOR THE MOST PART ...17-22 IS ALLLL STAR STATUS....SO THATS WHAT BEGS THE QUESTION....WHY PAYV18 MIL WITH NO DEAL....??? ROBINSON WANT OUT?? TRADED NOW? I just can't seee Robinson signing with Chicago. ....that's why the tag.....no deal gets worked out ... disaster....they should of offered 20-21...but...*shrug*...if I could I would 3years tho at 55-60...then throw incentives all over that..... ROBINSON....if he does move.....S.F, I have read reports Ravens, GB yes...and I just heard Vikings*shrug* 💸🌞✝️🙏

    33. Christian

      Aaron Jones= "Steal of the Century" at 12.2...This is best thing as far as RB goes EVER for JONES. Just do a simple check. This past year, 201 carries-1100+ yds with 47 catches for 450+...ummm pretty good right?? Last year he had 16 yds...I believe 1400 yds...with 261 attempts.... FOR HIS ENTIRE CARRER HES AVGD 5.0 YDS PER CARRRY. WHEN I first got the notice he signed I thought ok 4-60-65....wow 4-48.8 or something... THAT IS.... TEAM FRIENDLY........ NOOW GO GET A BLEEPING WR.... GOLLADAY.....JU JU.... againnnnn Ju Ju exactly type of catch and run guy you can get...97 catches this year....111 two years ago and 55+ the year before last with Rudolph. Plus JUJU to GB means that Davante Adams can get single coverage Bec Ju Ju draws that exactly that as well.......and GB hits good TE.... I'm not even a GB fan and I like what they coulllld do. If I win lottery....I will use to pay my heating bill here in Canada 🇨🇦....I'm poor...but I'd use rest to donate to lil village somewhere in world that is sentimental to me.....🙂✌️👍✝️

    34. Kevin Devlin

      Champa Bay!

    35. Isaac Brobst

      The chief's only paid 1 million for bell how was that over paying

      1. Bert MMA

        And also KC paid 4.97 mill

      2. Bert MMA

        He’s talking bout the jets who paid 15 mill

    36. aba


    37. Mewtwoz

      Dak prescott

    38. Olimpo Salinas


    39. Manuel Lopez

      RIP running backs

    40. CarrytheG Gilbert

      Aaron Jones was not Over Paid

    41. Paul Clarke

      I can see all these happening the Aaron Jones already did lol

    42. Brett Behl

      All athletes are overpaid.

    43. Patriotscards 26

      Day 46 of telling TPS their uploads are appreciated

    44. Rebles

      Dude seriously learn your years say them correctly

    45. Poppa San

      Aaron Jones 4 years $48m

    46. Alex Hagel

      Harris also didn't start and see playing time until 2019. 2020 didn't help the Vikings were injured and Harris had to help out the rookies CB. If he goes to a team with good CB Harris can easily go back to where he was in 2019.

    47. Eli Adler

      Kamara deserved that deal he’s a top 20 player in football

    48. Eli Adler

      Galladay come to Baltimore

    49. BlazedbEye

      Sherman might need to move to FS, imo. Same with Patrick Peterson too

    50. Jordan

      How are yall going to say thueny is going flop on another team then call him a top tier talent 30 second later

    51. Camden Smith

      How would you even get me the money?

    52. Jonathan Sanderson


    53. The Packinals Fan

      Aaron Jones back to Gb

    54. Edwin Young II


    55. Trapper Bechdel

      Do the top 10 or 14 free agents and who they will sign with

    56. Aaron Wood

      Also, if you want a true list of overpaid players, pick 5 backup QBs who are the least likely to be called upon to carry the team for any length of time...

    57. Aaron Wood

      There is no running back who is overpaid. That is some real dumb thinking. What they're getting, when they get a big boy contract, is back pay.

    58. Official Routes

      I feel like Robinson, Aaron jones and shaq Barrett will probably get overpaid

    59. Naciimo Mohamed

      shaq bareet will be over paid

    60. Track Runner 16*29

      Melvin Ingram should go to Buffalo. As a bills fan I must admit their pass rushing is ass.

    61. Mista Sir

      Lol just came to see if the bears were gonna make some noise 🤷🏾‍♂️🤣

    62. Harsh Patel

      I think if Sherman moved to safety he could make his career in the NFL longer.



    64. Harsh Patel

      I wonder how many WR's are on this list. I am guessing JuJu is number 1 for overpaid.

    65. Andrew Connor

      Can never pay a RB top dollar. It’s a non-premium position and most never produce compared to the contract they sign.

    66. Wade Porter

      Would love to see Cory Davis with the Ravens! And hell yeah Judon's dumbass is gonna get overpaid whoever he goes to, us included.

    67. latham nakhleh

      Corey Davis or juju gonna be a colt

    68. Chinmaya

      Teams need to be real wise this offseason bro

    69. Josef Burgan

      Corey Davis deserves the money he good asf

    70. Parker Williams

      I feel like the Cardinals could sign Richard Sherman as a #2 corner, then draft Jaycee Horn as their #1 corner.

    71. Brooks Castillo

      Obj is overpaid

    72. kyle bachman

      Where's Biando tho....

    73. Tylerstickman


    74. paulgilpin

      i'd like to see richard sherman and larry fitzgerald go to tampa. yeah. ain't gonna happen. fitz is gonna new partner in the marino, rivers, and fitzgerald law firm.

    75. Ross McKee

      Imagine Sherman going back to Seattle

    76. Kevin Hobbs

      Free agency: Is packed with great talent at WR and OLine. Chiefs: Need WR and OLine and just freed up nearly 20 mil in cap. Excellent 🔴🟡😈🟡🔴

    77. reece singh

      I want aj green to win an mpv

    78. Austicus 1000

      Zadarius smith left ravens and he's playing pretty solid with his brother

    79. Drew Baudoin

      Mathew Judon is good don’t get me wrong but he’s not Arron Donald or Khalil Mack gosh darn it Vikings are probably

    80. Greninjatheone-NBA 2K21 Content

      The Richard Sherman that will go to the Seahawks

    81. Carlos Kreek

      I didn't agree with Elliot getting the money he did, and his drop in production is proving men correct.

    82. PenguinREA008

      Great videos tps

    83. Greg Sinner


    84. Garret Bugbee


    85. Robert Smith

      They need to give Herbert some WRs. that aren’t delicate flowers.

    86. Jakob Krapfl


    87. Lex Anon

      Davis will never be a #1 WR and he only had 1 productive season the guy is trash be real

    88. Jon Stark

      *Chandler Jones has averaged 15 sacks per year since he left New England? How is that under productive?!😂💀*

      1. Lil Dough

        @Will Brench He was out the 2020 szn he’s still great!

      2. Will Brench

        He wasn't good last year and hes on the wrong side of 30. Hes done

    89. ada anopuechi

      Make a bust pick and a great pick

    90. Poti Gotti

      Sherman will be a big help for a contending team.

    91. Poti Gotti

      Juju for sure will be overpaid.

    92. new world horror

      Redskins are gonna pay golladay

    93. Guy Assa

      Do top 10 nfl teams historically

    94. Haley Murray

      The nfl is goatifide

    95. Jake Tompkins

      Quality list bruv

    96. marshall young

      They are all overpaid, they think they earn that money because it's dangerous well they should all try joining the military and get shot at and bombed for $50,000 for a year on deployment. The next idiot greedy player that holds out because of money needs to remember that

    97. Fernando Tomasino


    98. Gliw


    99. Ari Swerdlow

      upload a baseball video or I'll unsubscribe

    100. Pillow Life