10 DIRTY Moments An NFL Player Called Out His FORMER Team


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    NFL players calling out their former teams
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    No matter how much success an NFL player may enjoy with a particular team, money, wins and Super Bowl championships aren’t always enough to close all the wounds.
    Here are 10 unforgettable instances where an NFL player harshly called out their former team
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    1. Boston Nate

      We treated Amendola good, couple rings and helped him get paid and gave him his chance.... he’s bitching why????

    2. skins189 lbs

      Mcmahon just called out the bears hard

    3. LKL Chriss

      Spikes talked about not liking it then returned because he realized he couldn’t win in Buffalo and joined the eventual champions 😂

    4. Eric F

      Love Jason but anyone else miss Mike C?

    5. T 4 Trash

      Who is this spikes guy?

    6. Lazy Talon


    7. Assortedfruits 042

      Tiki barber criticism of the giants and Eli

    8. Chubby Boi


    9. Urfav. Zai


    10. Brent Jones

      I....... don't think the Jets want Watson.

    11. Poti Gotti

      Dez's parade of tweets was entertaining back then.

    12. Poti Gotti

      Amendola was right tho.

    13. Poti Gotti

      Earl thomas?

    14. Rodrigo Garcia


    15. b r o k e b o i

      i missed you jason

    16. Peyton Ifill

      Man that steak in the intro looked gooooood

    17. Flora Gamble

      Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman will be missed by the Seahawks

    18. timothy earnest


    19. Isaac Cabello

      Jason where have you been in like the past couple months

    20. Lilriblet 77

      the dolphins had the worst rushing defense in the league In 2018 two years later they had the best in the league

    21. Robert Presdorf

      E Thomas's giving Seattle the finger on cart is classic,,

    22. Plane pizza zebra

      Once I heard Greg Jennings I was like “I put the team on my back”

    23. Kenneth Tolliver, Jr.

      You missed Eric Ebron vs. the Detroit Lions. TBF, Ebron was trash in Detroit.

    24. Nick Gangone

      I was hoping AB was on this list. I still think he was fucked up after the Burfict hit. He used to be a super humble and fairly down to earth guy.

    25. Kevin Hagberg

      These dudes have emotional control issues. Imagine of they worked regular jobs where they don't get paid millions. They couldn't handle it.

    26. Jacob Finfer

      So I’m guessing there’s not really a giveaway?

    27. JFiniti Productions

      Greg Jennings also called out Mike McCarthy on his coaching ability after he was fired by the Packers.

    28. Carlos Topete


    29. Petey Rose

      I feel ya on the Jets thing. This has been the most miserable decade a team can endure. When even your one good team (2015) falls flat on its face in week 17 vs an inferior team....well it kinda SUCKS

    30. Jordan Smith

      Todd gurley always has got some beef with anyone

    31. Nate Dennis

      Day 8 of asking do every teams most consistent position

    32. Daniel Ramírez Torres

      I think they're mad

    33. Chastinn Allen

      Such hates Miami

    34. Aku Channel


    35. Aku Channel


    36. Alex Loya

      @JasonBiondo duuuuuuuuuuuude!!! Good to hear from you

    37. Marcyl Goode

      Funny stuff! 😂

    38. Char Lie

      First off Jason happy to see you second what the hell happened to that giveaway you guys talked about fr 2 months I did not know this was channel copied morgz

    39. Rewind Savage

      Let’s get them to 1.10 million by the end of the month

    40. Gliw



      Odell and the net #1

    42. Micah Whaley

      If you only watch the first seconds one might think this is a vegan meat commercial

    43. MatrixMachine


    44. purplecreacher 3600

      I'd say Aaron rodgers deserves to be selfish considering he pretty much Carrie's the packers most of the time

      1. Eli Benda

        If Rodgers is so selfish why does he give out all that money

    45. C V Nair

      Long time no see Jason

    46. Michael J

      Deshaun Watson? #DoBetterBro

    47. The NFL Today

      Do: top 10 career ending injuries/really bad that ended a player’s promising career, or made them dip down in performance

      1. Bryant Johnson


      2. MooseHead

        Akli Smith and Ki-Jana Carter

    48. Nathan Ortiz

      Video idea 5 most overrated rookies and 5 most underrated rookies

    49. The NFL Today

      I dislike the one person who disliked this video

    50. twthor

      sheesh this bussin

    51. Isaac Alvarez277

      Dawg what ever happened to our give away

      1. B M

        You must be new to youtube. Channels always make up giveaways to get subscribers and comments. Dont fall for it. ✌🇺🇸

      2. CandG Productions

        Yea idk?

    52. Duane Newstead

      What is this old? Ya could've made it a bit more current.

    53. Aaron Schwartz

      No mention of how Greg Jennings put the team on his back?

    54. Sakura Yumi

      You missed Earl Thomas with the Seahawks and the Ravens. That's a classic.

      1. Sakura Yumi

        @ThatRedHairedDude same...love your thought process bro

      2. ThatRedHairedDude

        As a Seahawks fan, he was who I thought of first when I saw the title of this video

    55. RuBiX

      "MY KNEE"

    56. rome jessie

      Aye idk.... interested in the next post

    57. Gavin Breiten

      Just got back from lacrosse practice and I can always come home to watch some TPS! Love you guys!

      1. Gavin Breiten

        Lax for life

      2. Char Lie

        I play lacrosse it cool

    58. Trey Smith

      Alright no offense to anyone at tps but Jason is the best put him in so many more vids best to listen to and favorite to watch

    59. bash prod

      Do 10 Most inspiring NFL stories example josh jacobs

    60. Katherine Knapp


    61. Andrew Escoto

      Tps boom boom that's good thing🙏🏼

    62. Alexinator 128

      Still waiting for the giveaway lmao

    63. Braydyn Miller

      Hi, that’s all

    64. Jonathan HDBNG Symmank

      If the Jets fucked up Adams, I’m sure they’ll do the same on Wilson

    65. sean dunleavy

      Who doesn’t love TPS

    66. Modern Music

      The Manziel post was about him betting the Browns +9 against the Chiefs and people doubting they would cover, so when the Browns covered he put that GIF of Stephen A Smith out.

    67. Williamsucksatclips


    68. Taylor Smith

      Go Browns

    69. Dion R

      Didn't Dante Fowler reveal himself as a player who got his fine money back from the Jaguars thanks to the NFLPA?

    70. Kenny Godwin

      Yo 😠

    71. Cristian Murillo

      Is it me or this dude always talking about the cowboys 😂

    72. Matthew Ryan

      These vids are what I like good job tps

    73. Modern Music

      feel like you always use Cowboys players as thumbnails to get more engagements.

    74. Voz

      8:32 "ENOUGH from the clown".

      1. PhoenixGamer34

        Ah ta ta ta, let's not let these things *blow* out of proportion.

    75. Steven Maslinski


    76. Ayman Ahmed

      If AB and Juju not on this, somethings wrong.

      1. Dmoe55

        Juju still on the team doe

    77. Carson Showalter

      You should do a video of mock draft to first round to fourth round

    78. MD Asgar

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    79. Mcsnuff Alot

      Jennings turned into a bitch when he left the packers

    80. Mcsnuff Alot

      Everyone that leaves the pats talks shit when they leave 🤣

    81. Joseph A. Page

      Rate my super bowl match ups Lions vs Texans Vikings vs Bills Cardinals vs Bengals

    82. Parker Slauter

      as a packers fan I hate suh

    83. The NFL Talk Show With Caiden And Xavier

      Johnny Manziel was terrible person

    84. Daya Kishor

      Cook me up some beef Jason

    85. Depressed Texans Fan

      I'm a Texans fan but you forgot DHop he also dissed the team

      1. Jonathan HDBNG Symmank

        Same. But it wasn’t as serious as this list. But it could grow if rumors of a hostile work environment and the evil Weinstein of Deshaun are true

    86. Xof Dallas

      How can you not mention Owens??? That cancerous player did it to the 49ers, the Eagles and the Cowboys in succession. Then he did it to the entire NFL. He's in a category all by himself!

    87. 123 Blake’s

      Jets stands for....... just end the season

    88. New era time gaming


    89. Funkbringer

      it feels like i dont get enough tps vids anymore :(

      1. Flareon

        @Idk what to put here the titans!I love Tennessee

      2. Idk what to put here

        @TPS what about top 10 most best fanbases

      3. Funkbringer

        @TPS let me reword that - i cant seem to get enough TPS videos lol sorry for the confusion. I love the work guys please keep em coming

      4. Nicky99

        @TPS video idea: Top 10 biggest jerks in NFL history.

      5. NoTaPRoGamER498

        @TPS look at me

    90. All Sportz

      Hahah dissssss tracks

    91. Alex S

      Good grief

    92. Kylethagoddd


    93. Jack Ford


    94. Madden Playz

      Can u do top 10 players for there salary rookie contracts not included

    95. Brent Fugate

      Hurts with Amendola

    96. Brent Fugate

      3 minutes after

    97. Jim Jimmy

      this looks like a banger im so excited

    98. Isaiah Saw


    99. Commander Wolf Ceccarini

      This is just sad they stoop down so low

    100. Ethan Colman

      Top 10 running backs to never win the superbowl