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    2021 NFL Mock Draft
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    With the NFL season over we all look the the NFL mock drafts to see where our favorite college football players will land and if they will land on our favorite NFL teams.
    Today we present the 2021 Official NFL Mock Draft.
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    Host: Aaron Leger
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    1. TPS

      Sup TPS FAM... I really can't wait for the NFL Draft this season.

      1. Connor Alexzander

        @Lorrine Schoenmaker wow! Took about 15 minutes but it actually worked!!

      2. Lorrine Schoenmaker

        i dont know if anyone gives a damn but last night I hacked my friends Instagram account by using Instaportal. Cant link here so search for it on google :D

      3. Boys Incroporated

        Me too

      4. Mr Hat

        2nd Round gems all around

      5. Jeolija Sandrine

    2. Magda Papik

      I can’t wait for the draft

    3. dws nono

      Why would the Packers draft a running back. They resigned Jones and have AJ (2nd round draft pick). They need secondary and a wr not a running back. This is a garbage mock draft.

    4. Nicholas Natsvaladze


    5. Char Lie

      I like this mock draft it seems reasonable

    6. ActoSket

      This is terrible, how the actual hell does Christian Darrisaw go before Rashawn Slater

    7. Faded Gaming

      Ayo Zimmer. You saying my Vikings defense is the worst you ever had. Well it's not helpful when you drop Linval Joseph and Everson Griffen and proceeded to NOT REPLACE THEM and also... yes I get that Patrick Peterson is one of the best CBs of all time but um you drafted Jeff Gladney and Cam Dantzler.. why get another corner that'll only be around for a year or two?

    8. dmcclure7483

      im a colts fan and cheifs

    9. Ben Shasteen

      Go cards

    10. Cole Murphy

      If JROB and the titans gets another o line man in the first round with all the talent they cut loose this year. The fan base will freaking riot.

    11. Everett Spn

      I love the Giants

    12. Angel Corral

      I love these man

    13. Jeremy Barker

      Denver will not pick a cb

      1. Jeremy Barker

        In first round

    14. Carlos Topete

      I would love surtain ll to dallas, the reunion of trevon and him would bring an electric season

    15. Aayan Samurai


    16. Aayan Samurai


    17. spclklh

      I hope Najee Harris is still on the board by the 24th pick so the steelers can take him.

    18. takeshie bernardo

      shawks sucks

    19. spclklh

      Why would New England draft Mac Jones if they resigned Cam.

    20. Tommybro

      Really good videos

    21. Caiden Hughes

      I like your chanl

    22. Brendan Federspiel

      This channel literally knows nothing about the Buffalo Bills

    23. William Chan


    24. ZaiDaDon

      Why would the packers draft najee after resigning Aaron Jones? They also have their back up in AJ Dillon. That would be a waste of a pick imo

    25. Korkskrew

      no way that Trask goes in the 1st.

    26. Y&M Studios

      I’m a Steelers fan and I am pretty happy with Kyle Trask. But we got Dwayne Haskins. Maybe you could have said Najee Harris or Javonte Williams or Travis Etienne. And Mac Jones will definetly not be selected that early. At least like the 24th pick man not the 11th. Plus to support my answer of Mac Jones not being picked that early they re-signed Cam Newton bro. So like that’s all I got but Mac Jones being picked that early is like the worst mock draft pick of all time

    27. Terry Rodgers

      Sorry, but no way the 49ers leave the draft without a new qb, if the Patriots try to trade up, so will the 49ers, and they have the better pick. This is especially obvious after trent William's just signed his huge contract

    28. subtle 6


    29. subtle 6


    30. Mario Olivo

      Hoping to see Zach Wilson shine in the NFL and Mac Jones to the Saints please!!

    31. Henry Ambrose

      Ahhhhh yes the jags take a guy who didn't have a single sack to revive Sacksonville 2.0

    32. Jeff Murray

      Kyle Pitts is a "Versatile Weapon"

    33. Big Ricebowl

      Cardinals need a cornerback wayyyy for than Oline

    34. Joeygalloisthebest

      Nice even tho I’m not gonna win but great vid

    35. stunz

      kyle pitts is a versatile weapon

    36. lance blank

      J WADDLE AND Tua I can't wait

    37. Drew White


    38. Eli Johnson

      2 round 1st or 2nd best rb

    39. Eli Johnson

      stellers holl team is good but they need a rb

    40. Elbert Platt

      Let’s go jags ❤️

    41. Th3rmal YT

      Where’s Etienne and Zaven Collins, besides these misses, good mock!

    42. DroxzLF

      49ers are getting Kyle Pitts wdym

    43. Lone Some

      Why would cardinals draft O line? We literally have no CB besides glass Alford

    44. motorcycles 365

      The giants and patriots aren’t trading won’t happen

    45. Maria Guzman


    46. D Berk

      Chicago needs to grab MOND @20th pick. Kellen Mond is the sleeper in this draft.

    47. Barrett Evans

      Go browns

    48. Everett Bateman


    49. Nicholas J.

      Love the mock videos

    50. sillykyle17

      I'm only commenting so I won't get fined.

    51. Nathaniel Reed

      ok im sorry but Tennesee needs edge rushers bro.....

    52. Arsim Ibraimi

      If the steelers draft Kyle Trask @ 24 I will eat socks with spinach

    53. Henry Masellis

      If the chargers go parsons over pitts I will rage

    54. Krandle 47

      There's virtually no way the Bears don't trade up for a QB. This list is CBS Sports level bad

    55. The Packinals Fan

      Post free agency mock drafts gotta come.

    56. Brady Morrison

      YOU SERIOUS? the browns WILL NOT be taking a cb. We need EDGE

      1. Brady Morrison

        We will take a LATE round corner tho

    57. Felipe Souto

      How about the trades?? No way those moves gonna be so cheap... Giants trade down 4 spots for a 2022 3rd round? Can't see this appending...

    58. Super Famous Pro

      Sorry to break it to ya but the restructuring of Ryan's contract guarantees they arent taking a QB at 4 I expect Sewell or Slater who they grab

    59. Pancho Saldana

      Patrick surtian will be deadly with diggs

    60. Nick Navas

      Lol that trade for the Dolphins was terrible. They aren’t giving up 3 for a pick switch and an additional 2nd. They’re gonna get another 1st next year plus a 3rd or 4th this year

    61. Jok3r_Tr1ckster

      They resigned Aaron Jones. Receiver, OL, or Defense. I'd take Wyatt Davis. Solid player and you need to replace Bulaga and Linsley after they went to free agency

    62. Anthony Carmichael

      Howie and Jeff will figure out a way to confound the entire League, Sports Media, and Philadelphia Fan base with the 6th overall pick this draft, It won't be Jamar Chase.

    63. Marsh Cogburn

      Falcons need everybody lol

    64. Flexed Burrito

      This isn’t realistic Dave Gettleman doesn’t understand the art of trading down in an NFL draft

    65. Manuel Lopez

      Even more trades have happened now haha

    66. TIM Hamann


    67. Unyielding66

      Let’s go Kwity!!

    68. Mr. Young living


    69. Mr. Young living


    70. Mr. Young living


    71. Mr. Young living


    72. Mr. Young living


    73. Mr. Young living


    74. Mr. Young living


    75. Mr. Young living


    76. Mr. Young living


    77. Mr. Young living

      Hello I’d like to enter the draft

    78. Alex Villegas


    79. Chastinn Allen

      Pat's need an rb

    80. Parker Grimm

      my favorite team is the browns...

    81. Tesea NYG


    82. Miguel Brockmann Escalante

      The 4th pick is awful, Matt ryan isn’t the problem, it’s the defense so they’ll probably pick a defensive player

    83. Luke Gragg


    84. ayexiety 13

      Y’all gonna need to make a new one cuz damn hella mfs jus got signed

    85. Trenton Verigan

      Patriots going crazy

    86. Listoe Armand

      Thes are the WORST predictions bro what about jammer chase bro this is so AWFAL AND WHATS WITH MAC JONES

    87. Ryan Dattilo

      Tbh I have to admit, I wouldn't mind if my colts picked up jayce horn in the first. Or OT. Or a decent wideout. #ForTheShoe

    88. Chris Fagot

      This vid was good

    89. Bubba Coopland

      No waddle?

    90. Armando Casillas

      TPS always gives good mocks

    91. Tyler Beck

      How is taking a running back showing Aaron that green bay is building around him they need a o line guy with Linsey gone out a pass rushers to beef up that defense

    92. NFLLover8


    93. Weather Wolf

      Lets go Buffalo

    94. Chris M

      Miami drops 5 spots for a middle of the second? /doubt

    95. Chris Tannuzzo

      I could see the Patriots trading up to draft Mac Jones.

    96. Kadin Andreasen

      Wtf is that najee pick are u dumb

    97. JWidows

      6 QB's in the first round?? SIX? SEIS????? AND THE PACKERS TAKING A RB!?!??!?

    98. Sedric Jonez

      I'm disgusted with that Pittsburgh Steelers pick man. We all know its goin to be someone with immediate impact next season. QB from Florida is a horrible pick. Did anyone not see wat happens wen we draft QBs early

    99. cris ybuks

      The idea that the Giants could walk out of this draft with Pitts and extra picks seems a bit of a stretch

    100. Lions Den AKA TreyX

      This is awesome