10 Tank Jobs That FAILED…Costing These Teams a GREAT Player


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    NFL Tank Jobs that didn't work
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    When your favorite team experiences a miserable season full of losing, it’s not always such a bad thing! You embrace it, and you simply cheer for them to tank in hopes of landing a franchise-changing star in the next year’s draft.
    But there have been too many reminders throughout the years that players aren’t here to tank. Sometime they’re going to win a meaningless game that you’d rather see them lose-because as Herm Edwards once said, “You play to win the game!”
    Simply put, tank-jobs don’t always work out how you’d like them too.
    Here are 10 teams whose tank jobs failed miserably...costing them a great player in the process.
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    1. acaza1234

      2017 9ners wasnt even a tank job you moron....

    2. Nick Carlson

      Every time the Kings tanked since 1985-86! And when they DO get lucky: 1989 perhaps the worst draft class ever and Marvin. Bagley.

    3. Emmett Jury

      Do: Nfl players who only got big contracts on a new team because of what spot they were drafted.

    4. jode boyd

      trevor lawrence will bring lots of viewers here

    5. achim Sinn

      Is there anybody else from europe who still can't get used to teams tanking entire seasons just because the league rewards being last?

    6. Nicholas Natsvaladze

      That be saying my bad

    7. Char Lie

      Niks video

    8. ArtixH0und


    9. tigers9879

      Why not do a list on teams that had a bad season.. and not really high can’t miss quarterbacks or great players.. like the Kansas City chiefs in 2013 when we took Eric fisher with the top pick because no good players that year

    10. Jonathon Zenk

      This is a bad list that didn't do much research. Why aren't the 1968 Eagles on this list. They were 0-11, but won 2/3 to end the season and cost themselves OJ Simpson.

    11. Austin C


    12. Tician S

      The cautious korean aerobically plug because drain adventitiously scrub across a political vise. kaput, plastic hobbies

    13. AiyukForSix

      Imagine if the Niners had not traded for Garoppolo and drafted Allen

    14. German Acevedo


    15. Daley Holder

      2006 Oakland Raiders: They did everything right, and STILL, the tank job backfired on them. Because in the 2007 NFL Draft, they selected LSU QB JaMarcus Russell, who went on to become the Biggest Draft Bust in NFL history. To add insult to injury, the two players drafted right after Russell were a soon-to-be-inducted Hall of Famer (Georgia Tech WR Calvin Johnson) and a future Hall of Famer (Wisconsin OT Joe Thomas). The Raiders even passed up on Oklahoma RB Adrian Peterson, Ole Miss LB Patrick Willis, and Pitt CB Darrelle Revis -- ALL OF THEM Future Hall of Famers.

    16. Angel Corral

      Garropollo just did what he wanted to do.

    17. Carlos Topete

      The jets are unbelievable, they had everything lined up and start to win

    18. Supergameplayer

      Adam Gase can’t do anything right. Not even a tank job

    19. JoyMike Stanford

      I hate all of TPS narrators except the Chunky black dude that looks like Cleveland without a mustache. He rocks. The real suck.

    20. Noah Axinn

      Do you not remember the phrase “Tank for Tua?” and they got their guy...

    21. Noah Axinn

      Garoppolo was the franchise changing guy they wanted to draft anyway so it was a win/win for the 49ers

    22. FootballMadmen


    23. Jt McElroy

      Best FA signings so far

    24. The Padraig

      The coyotes just drafted bad, here’s a list of players they could’ve drafted in 2015 (the best draft since 03 and maybe of all time) -Mitch Marner -Mikko Rantanen -Mat Barzal -Sebastian Aho -Brock Boeser -Zach Werenski -Ivan Provorov -Thomas Chabot -Kyle Connor -Denis Gurionov -Ilya Samsonov The just messed up their pick, not their tank

    25. Eli Adler

      👍 vid!!

    26. Whammaster

      Did this guy really suggest rg3 over tannehill? ='D

    27. subtle 6


    28. Kole Webb

      The 49ers are ok

    29. Mario Olivo

      I don't think they should do that... but i strongly beleive the Colts tanked for Luck

    30. Just Jack

      Why would you not go through with a tank if you are in the drivers seat for the 1st pick? Especially if that player is someone like Trevor

    31. jerome harris


    32. Bzerk


    33. Jackson S 2030


    34. Andrew Doumit

      The jets failed tank job was hilarious

    35. Joe4

      Now do the opposite: teams that were great all year, but collapsed down the stretch potentially costing them a championship. Teams like the 2020 Steelers or the 2019 Patriots.

    36. JBSptfn

      1988 Kansas City Chiefs: Went 1-0-1 against the Jets in two (for them) meaningless games. In each, they came back in the fourth quarter to win or force OT. If they would have lost both, they would have had Troy Aikman. 1968 Philadelphia Eagles: They were headed on a collision course for OJ Simpson until they won a few meaningless games late in the year.

    37. Beau

      Dope vid

    38. Aidan Cox

      Lol snoop dogg

    39. Barrett Evans

      Go browns

    40. wh9690 Harden

      Good video

    41. Austin Wilson

      Why is he saying Zion like that

    42. Zhang Jeffery

      Ah yes

    43. Ironeagle 777

      the buttfumble can't even tank right!


      Bears 2021 tank watch

    45. Hamilton Pierpan

      As soon as I saw the title I knew the 2017 9ers would be there.

    46. t p


    47. Taryn Berlin

      thats so true.

    48. mrmoose6619

      The NFL tanks are more meaningful since they truly controlled their own destiny. Lottery based, not so much.

    49. Bryan Rodriguez


    50. Ammo123

      rip jets lmao

    51. The Packinals Fan

      Sad when you can't even tank right.

    52. Hammsterwolf

      Let’s goo

    53. Ryan Whelan


    54. Mark Anfang

      Great video

    55. Oddball Skull

      Ten overhyped videos about the chiefs that annoyed subscribers

    56. James Carter

      Really thought jets would be #1

    57. Pancho Saldana

      Watch them never give those 500 bucks

    58. Cody

      Dolphins were never tanking in 2019. The media said they were, and on top of that they got the guy they wanted all along, Tua. And in 2011 the dolphins would have been better off with Luck but last time I checked Tannehill is still in the league and RG3 isnt. Tannehill was still on the dolphins when RG3 was Lamar jacksons backup so how would they have been better off with RG3

    59. Chris Tannuzzo

      Man if the 49ers got Barkley in the 2018 draft that would have been something else.

    60. Noakaim

      Jets are just bad at everything

    61. Tristen Hancock

      You know you fucked up when you fuck up fucking up

    62. Parker Williams

      I don't think the Jets really screwed up their 2020 tank job. Keep Sam Darnold and draft DeVonta Smith.

    63. Matthew Migliaccio

      I can't believe how tps uploads everyday I mean like they have been doing great and have been so successful like if they keep up, there going to be a big youtuber

    64. Team Ice


    65. Dominic Meyer

      Good thing the ravens never have to tank for a top 5 pick

    66. Micah Whaley

      Rip Bears

    67. Alex Shearer

      The jets shouldve went 0-16

    68. Alex Villegas


    69. Chastinn Allen

      Pat's shouldve tanked

    70. Paul Clarke

      As a Knicks fan it still pisses me off that we somehow we’re not able to get the number one pick because they wanted to change the rules on how the lottery draft went

    71. Nohea Lerma

      I Mean, the Jets Still Have the #2 Pick, It Doesn't Really Matter

    72. Bee Lor

      Who is Zeon?

    73. rome jessie

      Yeah but I understand real ballers don't lay down regardless.

    74. ryan cuscovitch


    75. Paul McKeever

      Great video.

    76. Allanisawesome Fernandez

      I subscribe and turn on bell

    77. Tesea NYG

      The Jets 💀💀

    78. Aku Munyonga


    79. MagmaticSoccerPlayz !


    80. Artem Subbotin

      Best rusher of every year of the decade

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    84. Paul Lyman


    85. Paul Lyman


    86. Paul Lyman


    87. Trenton Verigan


    88. CuJo Productions

      Thank you!!! The Red Wings got beyond screwed by the NHL Draft Lottery

    89. 0808 Nate

      Love the videos

    90. Charlie Sheppard

      The Biggest bust

    91. Smart Kid Sports

      These teams stil got good players though

    92. Issac House

      Fun Fact: the jets copied the 2011 Colts how they started 0-13 and won 2 games and lost the FINAL one.

    93. Brady Sherman

      The 2019 miami dolphins part was completly wrong. the fins wanted tua during the season and thats who they got. Sure they could've gotten chase young or joe burrow which would've been a better pick but i wouldn't say that winning cost the dolphins a great player.

    94. Alex S

      Here is a suggestion for a video: Top 10 NFL Teams To Watch In 2021.

    95. brent vance

      Everyone is saying Lawrence is going to be the best thing since sliced bread because all first round QB picks are never bad

    96. Tedros Henderson

      m.irvision.info/home/cqeqeIR_haWArqQ/fy-lm-h-y.html You need to do this video again, it needs some updates, esp for the Vikings.SkolVikings JJET ✈️

    97. Pat roche

      The 10 Greatest Tanks Ruined

    98. Smiley X

      Right pretty good now and the Knicks are solid now

    99. YetiForOne

      It's funny the jets sucked but then they won against the rams

    100. Javion Williams

      Do top 10 RB prospects in 2021 NFL draft