Every NFL Team’s HORRIFICALLY BAD Draft Day Trade OF All-Time


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    The worst NFL Draft Day trades of all-time.
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    Throughout NFL history, we’ve seen plenty of draft day trades that looked genius at first, only to wind up as all-time disasters.
    Here is a look at every NFL team’s most disgustingly bad draft day trade.
    And remember! This list ONLY includes trades that actually happened ON Draft Day. Not before.
    Today we present Every NFL Team's DISGUSTINGLY BAD Draft Day Trade in History.
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    1. Kayel Flores

      Oh na .. y’all did Kyler Murray dirty with the picture 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      1. Ritchy Morin


      2. Creamy Crust Of Carmichael's Crack

        @Hudson lander no ur alright all this just threw me off lol

      3. Hudson lander

        @Marck Sawyer yes but not two years ago but we kind a got revived by Kyler and dhop

      4. Hudson lander

        @Creamy Crust Of Carmichael's Crack I know that the photo is not real and it’s my fault that comment was confusing

      5. Marck Sawyer

        @Hudson lander Far from extinct.

    2. Jonathon Zenk

      The Packers traded up for Jason Spriggs and Jerel Worthy. Those are far worse.

    3. Thalfon The Resh

      I think the Giants messed the 2021 1st round pick, drafting a wide-out when they have a lot of them lol

    4. Krandle 47

      Thank f'n god Bears drafted Fields. Polar opposite of Mitch

    5. Steve Gallo

      The Saints trading their whole draft plus two picks in the following year's draft to move up to get Ricky Williams has to be the stupidest draft trade of all time.

    6. Bayu Grahananda

      Ricky Williams trade is pure head scratcher... Can not comprehend the logic

    7. Roberto Hernandez

      Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t the giants trade up to take Deandre baker in the 1st a couple years ago? He was a bust plus a locker room cancer with his mom yapping her mouth.

    8. Andrae Coleman

      Do each team's great draft day trades!

    9. Shaun

      To be fair, Larry Johnson had two of the most productive years of any RB in history. And if you had ever faced a fantasy team with him as the RB, you'd remember that.

      1. Michael L Rakes

        Whats 2 good years vs a dominate hall of famer Safety? Not much

    10. Mr. Anonymous

      Probably pretty difficult to pick the worse of all when it came to a certain handful of teams... Those seem to be the same group of franchises that pick in the top 10 every goddamn year!

    11. Arnold Rite

      I want love to succeed because everyone wants him to fail

    12. Dion R

      Atlanta's worst draft trade was actually their trade with the Chargers in 2001 to draft a man involved in dog fighting. On the flip side of the IND-ATL trade, Indy eventually traded Jeff George to the same team they traded to get him in the first place, and Jeff George SHOCKINGLY met the criteria necessary to turn the Atlanta 96 draft pick they owed to the Colts into a 1st round pick. Who did Indy use that pick on? None other than Marvin Harrison. So yeah, trading up for Jeff George did work out for the Colts, just not as expected, and in a way that would benefit them greatly a decade later.

    13. kwallace0307

      Total pro football more like it f baseball f hockey f basketball like those sports dont exist you used to do great videos on all sports what the hell

    14. lopezfam

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    15. False Michael

      Giants :)

    16. BananaBeats

      49ers.... Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers

    17. Justin Winikoff

      Kind of you to ignore the giants Deandre Baker trade

    18. WV life

      At 12:08 he said wavens

    19. Luchiano. Gaming Tv.

      U forgot one specific trade the year randy moss was drafted . If you look it up Minnesota drafted moss which originally that pick belonged to Miami . Dan Marino was still with Miami at the time could You imagine if Marino would’ve had moss to throw to with that awesome defense they had at the time could’ve been the chance Marino needed to get 1 ring . Instead dolphins traded down and drafted some stupid running back which was ups driver Bernie parmalee ..

    20. Diego Hidalgo

      The pat love to mess around with other team don’t they

    21. Axe2Grind

      Old Bills: Hey let’s use 2 firsts to get Sammy Watkins with Mike Evans and OBJ still on the board.....and totally ignore the fact that EJ Manuel is god awful.

    22. Juan P

      I wouldn't call Josh Rosen the biggest draft mistake. He was only given one season to prove himself.

    23. Sherri Conrow

      Idea: Every teams best draft pick that didn’t help them

    24. Mark Douglas

      5:56 Rodgers doesn't get it either. Bye bye Packers and deservedly so....

    25. ThatRedHairedDude

      On paper that Browns to Falcons trade is really smart


      Well how bout them bears with those trades

    27. J Gunzler

      So Earl Thomas is a “future hall of fame safety” ... 🤨 Sorry but no he’s not

    28. maxpowr90

      Belichick fleecing a lot of GMs.

    29. jr_fishing92

      The dion jordan pick still blows my mind to this day

    30. Dan Ford

      What do you mean the Giants didn't make any terrible trades. We traded up to get DeAndre Baker who had a garbage season as a rookie and in the off-season robbed a poker game at gun point in some typical Florida man shit. He was then cut

    31. BroncosFan38

      Not like we’ve ever made a terrible pick before

    32. supremelord305

      Kyler didnt deserve that lol

    33. Andrew Edwards

      Gonna guess bears is 2017 draft

    34. Metalbass10000

      The Packers were just fine on offense, just look at the statistics. A WE or OL? Sure,. The player they SHOULD have taken was an ILB, who was a Pro Bowler in his rookie season, and he still on the board for the Pack


      The Packers picked Jordan Love because they knew Aaron Rodgers didn’t want to stay there.

    36. Robert Hulen

      Jordan Love looks real messed up now doesn’t it? ARod gone✌️

    37. Boogaloo 22

      Watching this after Rogers says he wants to leave GB is funny

    38. S G

      Players should be in league for 3 years before anyone decides anything. Also, the Rickey Williams trade was a disaster. Ditka was a mess

    39. b r o k e b o i

      swear y’all hate the raiders😂

    40. I love God

      Coveting is a sin

    41. I love God

      The simpsons are sinful

    42. universe 86

      remember on draft night when rosen said 9 teams made a mistake not drafting him? instantly turned me off of him. you cant come in, do absolutely nothing, and stick ya chest out. rarely ever works.

    43. 33 & Me

      wow, thanks for that awful reminder....


      chiefs trading up to get mahomes

    45. Brad Douma

      You forgot to mention that the Cowboy's owner Jerry Jones said that if they hadn't made the trade, the Cowboys would have taken Michael Brockers with the first round pick and Bobby Wagner with the 2nd round pick. Yeah, I wish they hadn't made the trade. Although, at the time I was okay with it.

    46. Jimmy T

      Browns trade was ad. Honorable mentions for trading up for Winslow or moving down a spot to give the Ravens Haloti Ngata

    47. James Worthy

      Giants traded up for deandre baker he had a bad season rookie ur then turnt into a armed robber in the off-season n never played another snap

    48. seshan smith

      SF finessed the fuck out of the bears that year because they weren't taking Mitch with that pick. But then SF blew the picks anyways lmao

    49. seshan smith

      Andre Rison had "some success"?

    50. Shortie Long

      Eagles-2020 and 2021

    51. The Alaskan Bullworm

      Personally I think the Rams worst trade was them trading up for Goff and giving the titans the picks that would become Derrick Henry, Corey Davis, and Jonnu Smith

    52. Roy McCoy


    53. Roy McCoy

      The opening simpsons scene 😂

    54. Nathan Claflin

      the packers trade should have been passig on t.j. watt a nd trading back for kevin king

    55. Stefan Harris

      Jerry rice been looking the same for the last 35 years

    56. Frank Masselli

      Sincorce moss was a decent return man tho

    57. Jack Wallis

      Didn’t the giants trade back up a few drafts ago to get the Georgia corner who just got arrested for gun charges. I can’t remember his name

    58. Jack Wallis

      “Future HoF safety Earl Thomas” ... is this something everyone agrees with?

    59. createdmyusername

      I wanna start a petition to get TPS to stop calling Minnesota “Minny”

    60. Strongbah43

      What is there to get on the Love pick? Rodgers is on an 0-4 skid in the conference games and looks worse each year he makes it there.

    61. Rodrigo Garcia

      0:54 lol

    62. Captain Pennsylvania

      Got damn JP Losman was so sure of himself, he even convinced me 🤦🏽‍♂️

      1. Captain Pennsylvania

        @dertylox45 Naw Bledsoe was 1 overall in 93, but we could've had Luke McCown or Matt Schaub in that draft. Both better than JP

      2. dertylox45

        They really chose him over Bledsoe

    63. il ross


    64. Bobby Wood

      Jets draft trades could fill an entire list like this

    65. Tstarr

      How is the Chargers trading up for Ryan Leaf NOT on this list?

      1. irishkidd84

        That trade happened more than a month before the '98 draft happened

    66. Benjamin Metcalf

      How about a best Players to come from the USFL or CFL to the NFL video

    67. Mark Dorsey

      u forgot tua, bust written all over him!

    68. Rick Mitchall

      Mac Jones 49ers will be on here in the next 2-3 years.Book on it

    69. Lentwolf

      You shouldn't be judging the packers trade because love hasn't played yet and also didn't expect Roger's to play like he did and it's good they get a qb to learn behind Rodgers and get time to learn

    70. Starter YT

      Dude Mitch trubisky is not the worst thing ever

    71. Nick Olton

      I'm a giants fan, and I'm going to disagree with this. The worst was Deandre Baker from the 2019 draft. Trading up in the first round to get him, and played horrible, bad work ethic going back to his college days, and got cut after getting arrested.

    72. Casey Taylor

      Idea: every teams funniest player/coach?

    73. Neil Alderman

      Claiborne was not great and I don’t think anyone would argue that but he’s hardly one of the worst draft day trades of ALL time. This list is suspect.

    74. Troy Taylor

      Atlanta’s worse trade was worse for Indianapolis. Jeff George was a total bust for the Colts.

    75. Bob Donald

      Idea: Every Nfl teams best hidden gem in the draft ever.

    76. Joekinggiant74

      Giants worst trade up was Deandre Baker tho

    77. Daniel Silva

      It's funny because the Browns trade could have actually been good if they were just good at picking players 🤣🤣🤣

    78. Warthog Ken

      Meh, not doing much. Its all subjective, team status means so much more than new guys, I get it but, not wrong, but means nothing

    79. Josh B

      There was one draft where the Browns gave up a few picks to the Vikings to move up one spot and take a running back the Vikings had no interest in (they already had Adrian Peterson).

    80. Liam Ryan

      Giants worse trade should’ve been trading up in 2019 to draft DeAndre Baker

    81. Tub Bee

      alternate title: Cowboys finessing every team from the 80s/90s

    82. Jacion Bryant

      sanites wtf are doing ricky willams is trash flightreacts

    83. Jacion Bryant

      the sanits are dumb

    84. Jacion Bryant

      raiders nations im mad rn to

    85. Jacion Bryant

      raiders nations don,t look i know it bad

    86. Raymond Solis Jr.

      Jerry "the cheater" Rice

    87. Brandon Madden

      Rosen was a terrible draft?

    88. Elevated In Nature

      Idea... guessing nfl draft players madden rating!

    89. Carlos Osazuwa

      0:53 lol

    90. Keu Kirito

      Everyone knew the bears

    91. William Gullett

      The Tampa one was worse for Jacksonville. They moved up and took Justin Blackmon who didn't even last the 2 yrs Barron was with Tampa. And...since they could have had Barron at 5 they woukdnt even have gotten the later draft pick. It was actually a good trade for Tampa...they got the pick too. It was just a bad pick taking Barron

    92. Evan Fernandez

      TPS is horrifically bad

    93. arturo Villafuerte López

      I was hoping when in 2019 the giants traded to no.30 pick to select DeAndre Baker, and they gave 2nd 4th and 5th rounds to Seattle

    94. manuel1846inla1

      So we're not gonna mention how the Rams traded up to the No. 1 overall pick in the 2016 draft, only to select Jared Goff, who would play good for only 2 years and then regress heavily after that to the point where they had to trade him away? C'mon now. Y'all know THIS was the worst draft trade the Rams have ever made.

    95. Ljloving 424

      I already know who the saints’ one is gonna be

    96. FREEZE Saint

      God loves you 🙏

    97. Jikola Nokic

      lol they kinda suck

    98. AwesomeAce

      Vid idea: 5 hall of famers eho shouldnt be in the hall of fame and 5 soon to be hall of famers who shouldnt be in it

      1. Babylonian Cowboy

        Kurt Warner, Brian Urlacher, Terrell Davis on that “shouldn’t be” list for sure.

    99. Owen Goodridge

      Giants=dead tea baker

    100. LegitLechner

      Ya know. If thats the worst trade the steelers have done. im down.