The OFFICIAL 2021 NFL First Round Mock Draft (The FINAL Edition Before The Draft)


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    2021 NFL Mock Draft
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    With the NFL season over we all look the the NFL mock drafts to see where our favorite college football players will land and if they will land on our favorite NFL teams.
    Today we present the FINAL 2021 TPS Official First Round NFL Mock Draft.
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    Host: Aaron Leger
    Editor: Kyle McCormick
    Writer: Alex Hoegler
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    1. FoxFire Gaming


    2. Patrick Schlicher

      1. Jacksonville Jags : Trevor Lawrence 2. New York Jets: Zach Wilson 3. Bengals: Ja'marr Chase

    3. Jimmy Hausauer

      Raiders actually drafted Diablo in the 3rd😂😂😂 I only knew the name cause of them joking

    4. Marcus Jnorger


    5. Jim Jimmy

      pick one: correct pick two: correct 3: super wrong 4: correct 5: worng OOF 6: wrong (close tho) 7: wrong 8:wrong 9:wrong 10: nope but one pick off 11: close again one off. they got giants tradinng back tho correct 12 nope 13: naw 14: naw 15: wrong 16: no 17: nope 18: nope 19: nope 20: na fam 21: nope 22: naw 23: no... 24 heck naw 25; NO 26: no 27 no 28 nope 29naw 30 naw 31 nope 32 nope 3, not to shabby


      Uh well this is awkward but uh 🐻⬇️

    7. William Anderson

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    8. WeDumb Gaming

      Who’s here after the bears got Justin fields

    9. Michael Sandella

      Washington was stupid for not trading up for Mac Jones

    10. Carey Magee

      Why am I watching this during the draft?

    11. solo_00

      Washington already has Kendall Fuller along with William Jackson....Farley doesn’t make sense

    12. Aaron Peplinski

      Wow, ya'll REALLY did not need to include the draft jingle between each entry.

    13. light gaming

      Miami is going all offense on the 1st round anyone want to play bets?? How much you putting up???

    14. Chase Graff

      I like how tps showed a picture of the raiders breaking up a pass while saying" just look at how awful the secondary was last year" but we still really need secondary

    15. Bones

      I checked out when y’all said Jenkins to Pittsburgh instead of Najee

    16. TheBoysOnAcid

      Najee going to the Steelers

    17. Solid Family S.F.4.L


    18. RR96

      You pronounce Tua’s last name incorrectly. Just trying to help.

    19. Courtney Hart

      I'm not a fan of qb's being drafted so high. I also hate pressure picks... For example, the jaguars have a above par qb who has played in the system and is liked by the organization and fans. He's proven he can win in the nfl! So why draft lawrence?? Because he's the best qb in the! Trade down or shock and awe with a pic that makes more sense.

    20. Jonathan Thicklin

      Jamin Davis is an off the ball LB. Why do y;all keep mocking off ball LBs to the Titans?

    21. Jon Martin

      Still think Denver goes with a QB after trading for Bridgewater? It would still be smart honestly.

    22. Jheus Levin Rodaje

      Panthers won't draft micah parsons, they already signed Hasaan Reddick and they also have Shaq Thompson.

    23. Joel A

      1:50 Imagine they pick up Ja'Marr Chase and Julio Jones mentors him

    24. R. Jay stewart

      Aaaaaaaand another mock draft has Green Bat reeeeeeaaaching for a WR

    25. DR SensuBean

      Why does everybody have the same f****** mock draft a couple of random pics later in around everybody has the same top 10 you do realize Atlanta also needs a f****** quarterback yes cowfish is good but the falcons really need a quarterback replacement Ryan cuz he's getting old and if he gets hurt they're going to have nobody and Cincinnati needs a tight end or left tackle a receiver so I don't think top 10's going to be what y'all think of it

    26. fart butt

      The draft is tonight!

    27. Filora Sewell

      Video Idea: Players who got snubbed from the 2020-2021 nfl pro bowl.

    28. Randy Heredia

      Ain’t nobody trading back 5 spots for a 2022 3rd round pick dum ass y’all was doing good then pulled that shit delete the whole video y’all dum ass hell

    29. Ash Ketchup

      T law is coming to town

    30. Woke Queen

      Fun Fact:Cam Newton is Justin Fields Favorite Football Player

    31. andrew glaz

      Best draft year for each team

    32. Do Du

      how many wrs the cards need?! they got 3 future hall of fame wrs and 3 young wrs they drafted, kirk, izabella and butler...

    33. Dillan Anderson

      Pitts is going to the Niners

    34. Ryan Daub Daubenschmidt

      Why does the draft jingle have to be so freaking loud in this video

    35. mjc 7006

      As a Lions fan that would be amazing

    36. Zach

      TPS: Does final mock draft expecting no more pre draft trades Broncos and Teddy B : >:)

    37. Syker Vang

      It be crazy if mac jones get draft to Jackson vill where he is from.

    38. Victor

      We are not getting mac jones 🤦‍♂️

    39. Tyson Madding

      This sucks balls

    40. James Bea

      If the Niners draft Mac Jones I'm going to a new team

    41. Will Hughes

      As an eagles fan I accept any pick in the first round besides QB, RB, punter, kicker and long snapper. I wouldn’t mind slater at 12 if he’s there

    42. Gavin McCabe

      JOK > Parsons

    43. Stl Dmacc

      NFL's most overrated player on every team

    44. Sean Jordan

      Who decided to play rhat ringtone for every damn pick

    45. Gabrielle Williams

      Day 3 of asking if you can do nfl player that said there were retiring but came back

    46. Samuel Wagenknecht

      Packers trade for #3 pick giving thier first from this and the next 2 years and the 3rd round pick to get Justin Fields

    47. 49erscards11

      When people say mac Jones should be a niner 😐😑😐😑😐

    48. kspoth08

      Did you forget the WFT has Kendall Fuller?

    49. SteelNationRules

      if hes there i could bet money on the steelers taking najee lmao

    50. Oscar Nava

      Don't like the pick for my eagles

    51. Mike Martin

      I cn also c Pittsburgh draft Najee Harris nd mke a trade to get a early round second pick 4 a OT, cn c Ravers draft Azeez ojulari he's a great fit 4 there defense then draft Rondale Moore wit there second first round pick or trade dwn sme nd still draft him cn c Bills draft Zaven Collins he fit there defense scheme better

    52. Mike Martin

      I cn c panthers take Trey Lance don't believe they all in on Sam cn c Denver trade dwn a little bit if nt they draft Micha Parsons

    53. Trey Wilkes

      Credit the people who make these swaps. Y’all don’t do anything besides put together a google slides of other peoples content. I’d be shocked if y’all even made this mock draft yourself.

    54. Sawyer Chappelle

      Panthers and Broncos just said screw this video

    55. Jesse Bourcy

      This mock already broken w teddy going to Denver lmao

    56. BJ Andujar


    57. Zach B

      video idea giving the designers in this video credit

    58. Kyler Collins

      Say “TAG-Oh-Vi-Lo-Uh” again 🤣🤣🤣 jesus

    59. Donald Timpson

      Everyone is "the perfect fit" for kyles offense not mac Gonn be fields

    60. Flexxx Strong

      I doubt the Ravens trade that 31st pick

    61. X2 Builds

      mac jones had a dad bode no cap

    62. Aquarius Leviathan prophecy

      Nfl draft SUCKS booooo nba is better

    63. Dimitri

      If the falcons trade Julio I'm gonna be pissed

    64. Arizona Animal

      Has Matt Miller ever been right? Like in his entire life?

    65. Gundy Wundy

      Steelers r going Najee, and the Broncos rnt going qb

    66. Jimmy Garoppolo

      MAc JoNeS DoSeNt Make aNy mIStAkes Did you his pro day

    67. Adam Houry

      I’m tall

    68. Jake Militano

      Isaiah Johnson broke that play up lmao

    69. 4373fg

      Pats trading up for Fields????? LMAO these guys have no idea what they're talking about

    70. shy bill

      Jets should pick Justin Fields

    71. Jaden Stouch

      I don’t think the Broncos will get trey lance considering they just got teddy bridgewater

    72. whatsforsupa

      Why would the cardinals draft a WR? They have a great WR Corp, if not a bit old

    73. Bryan G

      Packers are not staying at #29

    74. Tyson Roberts

      rondale moore is easily one of the worst picks on this mock which hard because this was hard to watch

    75. Aiden Hartman

      Love the draft music in there

    76. not for human consumption

      Tongue-avi-low-a it's not that difficult

    77. Goochie Thanos

      Tbh that draft sound is so annoying

    78. Paul Narvaez Jr

      49ers are not taking Mac Jones. 🤬

    79. Mythical _ Jelly34

      This channel is stupid if they think Mac Jones is going number 3

    80. loganocota

      bro give credit to the swaps, what???? or, idk, ask for perms?? maybe, just maybe

    81. Ben Adams

      The pats has reports of taking gimmy groplo

    82. Emilio Palacios Miranda

      Nooooo idiot mac Jones Noooooooooo 😠😠😠😠😠😡😡

    83. cainnedrow

      No credit to people who made these swaps?

    84. cmerelo

      LMAO 11 to 16 for a 3rd. Yeah ok.

    85. Jason Keck


    86. ChangeHumanity

      Eagles got O-tackles. I’ll be shocked if they draft another one!

    87. Carlos Kreek

      Dylan Moses was missing

    88. Billy Sergeant

      Love the 49ers pick of Jones.

    89. rochel gutnicki

      larry fitzgarald can still play

    90. Jacen Abbott

      washington is getting fields.

    91. Miles S.


    92. Agent Chiefs

      The ringtone before every pick will haunt me in my sleep tonight. And where did the Chiefs go in the first round? There was no trade from them, only the ravens in the 31 spot? Did you guys forget who was in the 31 spot? The Chiefs.

    93. Rohan George

      Bruh can you stop screwing up Baltimore's picks

    94. Donnie Paul

      What the fuck 2022 3rd round pick an pass on smith are u dumb wtf was that for the giants wow dumb

    95. The True Pokefan JR

      I love that trade for lions

    96. Gmoney_8 -

      The Titans are obviously going to take a running back 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    97. Obi

      they picked micah parsons for the panthers??? they don’t know anything 😂😂😂

    98. Patrick Neblett

      I love Justin Fields going to New England.

    99. Randy Cool

      I’ve watched 20-25 mock drafts and this is the worst one yet. Cardinals taking wide receiver when they have 3 good ones. (Kirk, green, Hopkins) is ridiculous. Eagles not taking a wideout?? This is a bad list

    100. MCWolfGang

      Give credit to the swap artists you clowns.