The OFFICIAL 2021 NFL First Round Mock Draft (6.0 One Week Till The Draft)


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    2021 NFL Mock Draft
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    With the NFL season over we all look the the NFL mock drafts to see where our favorite college football players will land and if they will land on our favorite NFL teams.
    Today we present the 2021 Official NFL Mock Draft version 6.
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    Host: Aaron Leger
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    Writer: Alex Hoegler
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    1. TPS


      1. cam wurtz

        I am

      2. Wyatt Redman

        Your worst draft yet

      3. Antonio Hernandez

        Harris, and Cisco

      4. Moahamed Elkodssi


      5. Lo C

        IF THE GIANTS TAKE GREGORY RESOUO IM SO HAPPY ( because im a Miami fan and a giants fan

    2. William Christofilos

      Really Kyle Pitts. I will sub to your channel if they pick him

    3. Cuco FBI

      I'm a bears fan and I have to say we don't need a receiver, Goodwin, Robinson, Mooney, and Miller is alright

    4. thog ro99

      Why does he not do a normal voiceover. It's like he is wailing or trying to imitate a seal while sounding excited....

    5. Darrien Hinton

      Man listen Giants need someone on the o line end of discussion shit is atrocious

    6. Frank Leszczynski

      Supporting cast doesn’t mean shit without an o line I hope your IRvision channel gets deleted

    7. Jack Catoe

      I’d be very surprised if Horn falls all the way to the Football Team. He’s the best corner in the draft.

    8. Phillip Hageman

      Hey TPS going to do another one chiefs just traded their first round pick to the ravens

    9. IndyAkitaPack

      If I’m the Jets I’m taking Fields second instead of Wilson.

    10. Juan Torres

      What a mistake 😒😒😒

    11. Bazil4444

      I don't think this video could have been edited more annoyingly

    12. Target Zeal

      Did y’all just copy and paste another yt video but put this dudes voice on it?

    13. samjenko

      Did you forget the Football Team already have Fuller?

    14. dubonbernardo

      Best mock draft I’ve seen. Good job.

    15. Hector Hernandez

      Trevor Lawrence goes to the Jaguars please

    16. Panda Bear

      This is a trash prediction

    17. Panda Bear

      R u guys high

    18. Nini King565

      the Steelers are going to get a QB

    19. Mateo Gallardo The Potato!

      Finally someone who didnt put the 2nd most overrated player in this draft in AVT on the vikings..

    20. cam wurtz

      I would love for Broncos to get fields to sit behind lock for a year and then moving on form lock to play fields

    21. Sm Brk

      Justin filed should go first IMO

    22. Kevin Hobbs

      Walker Little. Eichenberg. Leatherwood. Cosmi. Radunz. All there. JALEN MAYFIELD??

    23. Kevin Hobbs

      Those trades are so shitty holy cow. You just have a kings fucking ransom to move two spots up to draft someone who will spend most of his career losing to Patrick Mahomes.

      1. Kevin Hobbs

        THE BROWNS TRADING THAT MUCH FOR A 2-3rd round pick. Who tf made this list 😬

    24. shawn bopko

      is zach wilson really the right pick for the jets idk we have to see

    25. Syd Z

      Trading up to take Jamin Davis when you still have Zaven Collins and Nick Bolton on the board ?!... The Pats on Trey Lance instead of Justin Field doesn't seem right either, but who knows...

    26. Giancarlo Salva

      ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Newsome and asante samuel on the board and we select rondale frickin moore??? LLLLL

    27. Hoss Boss

      Not sure if it's already been done but I reccomend making videos on.... Top 10 Statistical Seasons for every position. A different video per position.

    28. Jonjon jonboi

      Lions would not trade Justin Fields if he fell lmao

    29. Katie Hallan

      If SF takes Jones over Fields for that draft capital, they will be regretting it for the next decade

    30. staring hamster playz


    31. Cobalt Strikes

      Why isn’t pitts like the first 10🤣

    32. Cobalt Strikes

      If bears don’t draft a ab I stg🤦🏾‍♂️

    33. Cobalt Strikes

      Ok why the hell would the cardinals draft Farley over horn if he has injury issues

    34. Shane Peterson

      If you think the Packers are staying at 29 you haven’t been paying attention, they have 10 picks and have moved up every year since Gutey has been GM

    35. Rusty Shackleford

      The disrespect for Justin Fields is unreal.

    36. Wyatt Redman

      I feel like the broncos should trade up to the Falcons for trey lance

    37. Qua

      WFT would draft LB Or OL Or SAFETY from TCU or toney

    38. fastpace101

      Your #3-9 is completely wrong trying to be mel kiper

    39. fastpace101

      Anyone who thinks patriots are trading up that high are that high as fuck. Bill will never and I mean never trade up to 4

    40. Lannce

      Patriots are drafting Fields

    41. Justin Taylor

      Trading up to take Jamin Davis in the 1st round makes zero sense. He is a second rounder.

    42. Jacion Bryant

      Mac Jones is the next Alex smith a bust but sold player

    43. Jacion Bryant

      Raider nations

    44. Jacion Bryant

      Raider nation

    45. Leoninihos

      I like this

    46. james beachem

      Dang! Y'all just killing Sewell stock.

    47. Cain Thomas

      i don’t see the point in the broncos trading down and trading their picks away if carolina is after and they get sam darnold, we then have the 9th pick where in this case justin fields should still be available

    48. Tony Garnica

      By far one of the worst mock drafts I've seen

    49. Jolteon Gamer

      Do the 5 hidden gems and 5 draft bust of this class. Or do players in this draft that fits a system of a team

    50. Basketballislife For m

      If we fucking draft Mac Jones I am am going to move to la and become a rams fan

    51. Isaque Oliveira

      If swell hit the #8 Vikings would trade with panthers

    52. Kagemusha70

      Bungl;es aren't going to take Kyle Pitts because they need playmaker wr ,so they will take Ja'Marr Chase. I also think Falcons will probably trade down from #4 while Cowboys will trade up for Kyle Pitts or Patrick Surtain Jr. because both will probably be gone before their turn to pick. I wonder why did they think NE will take Trey L:ance ? because he doesn't fit in Belichick's offense ,so I think they will trade up for one of receivers. I did hear that Miami Dolphins like Devonta Smith that much.

    53. Larry Frye

      Colts fan. Ballard loves to trade down for more draft picks, he is trusted to make the right decision but dont be surprised if the Colts pick at 21. Probably either Left tackle or edge!

    54. Scott Davidson

      No! The Niners are not drafting Mcorkle Jones! 🙇

    55. Tony Tibbetts

      Hey y’all just made my mock draft for IRvision! Go check it out and tell me what you think!

    56. Jordan Milosevich

      Vikings trade back.

    57. Octane Da Boss

      Honestly after the top 5 nobody will know until the draft. Shit changes like the wind.

    58. Robert Davis

      This is almost the same mock draft that I have! Nice job!

      1. fastpace101

        So you're completely wrong too grats

    59. Shawn O'Sullivan

      As a Bengals fan, I'd be ecstatic to land Kyle Pitts. We're thin at TE and the TEs we have are frequently missing time throughout the season. So of course, the Bengals will pick someone else.

    60. timothy earnest

      I would be happy with Jaylen waddle

    61. thatguy _do

      The Denver trade was dumb

    62. Ricky Morales

      We are not picking Mack jones if we pick him I’ll cry he always over trows

    63. adrian delacruz

      Your wrong about number 3 it’s gonna Justin

    64. Henry Tilk

      You missed the Seattle Seahawks

    65. Tai Ho

      Do every NFL teams best season during the super bowl era

    66. eflizzle1

      I’d be happy as shit of the Broncos get Fields.

    67. bradly mangold

      Titans need alot we did revamp our D alot but we still need another CB and a legit #2 WR

    68. Dylan Pitt

      Vikes are not taking paye with darrisaw still on the board

    69. Lazor _US

      Cardinals pick 🤢🤮🤢🤢🤮

    70. Fabian Rönsch


    71. David Cicet

      This is stupid the saints definitely take a corner we need to take a chance on someone to be that piece on side of latimore in that spot we take Asante Samuel Jr

    72. Krandle 47

      Allen Robinson is GONE after this year. I'm a Bears fan, and I'm not buying any of this trash other Bears fans accept, because they want the team to be good. Is replacing him with a 1st round receiver a good idea? Yeah, if Ryan Pace wasn't the GM. Remember Kyle White, or literally any first round pick of his, aside from Roquan Smith? Honestly, the best thing for the Bears is if Pace makes no trades, bombs the draft, and Chicago can get a new GM and a chance at a franchise qb. Pace is making moves for both the immediate future and for a rebuild, but his moves are only driving Chicago firmly into mediocrity.

    73. Lewis Shaevel

      ojulari isn't even a scheme fit for the bills

    74. J

      If Trevor Lawrence was black and Justin fields was white, would their draft perception change?

    75. Seth Romines

      Bro, this guy is a PFF listener for sure

    76. Tyrell Hines

      Ik a lot of people think Justin Fields is going to the niners but don’t be surprised if Mac jones is the pick 49ers fans will be mad

    77. Jason Martinelli

      The NFL Draft is more exciting and important to me than the ENTIRE MLB and NHL seasons.

    78. Carson Jones

      No way fields fall to 7th and no way waddle fall to 12

    79. Jacob Romero


    80. Austin Topero

      bateman to green bay packers

    81. Austin Topero

      pats get fields

    82. Ruben Martinez

      Y’all sleepin on Moore from ole miss

    83. John Ratcliffe

      The same change I make everytime. The Jets don't draft a megabust in wilson

    84. Ora no Kami

      Idk what’s worse. This mock draft or the nfl’s mock draft

    85. Stanley Pennock

      If the Browns trade up in the draft, it seems more likely to get a lock down outside corner or a top DT with exceptional speed! it's doubtful they trust Greedy Williams and they released Sheldon Richardson. Joe Wood values a Safety that can play LB when needed and really fast D lineman.

    86. ANaea

      The Defensive Line was bad because Hunter and Pierce didn’t play. If you know that, and now you know they added Tomilson, then it makes no sense to go with Paye, especially since the OLine has been the most glaring need for years.

    87. Ben Riffice

      Bro burrow can’t throw the ball if there is no oline they will take Sewell

    88. Joseph Perez

      I cant take these people no more! MAC JONES IS NOT BEING PICKED TO THE 49ERS!! He shouldn't even be a top 10 talk

    89. Judge Advocate

      "A. Rodgers and D. Adams can really use some help"?? NEWSFLASH!!... the Packers had the #1 scoring team last season, so they didn't have a problem scoring. Where they need help at is the OFFENSIVE LINE! LT Bakhtiari has an ACL injury, C C. Linsley left the team, G Taylor left the team, and 2 other OL have not resigned, in which they both may retire, or just not signed to a new contract. The WR is the least of their worries. Other greater needs are on the DL and at ILB.

    90. Robert Amick

      Surtain is not the best imo the best just got cleared for his prior injury.

    91. Krish Kurma

      just saying but jonah williams could turn into something special at LT or RT.

    92. Greg Litrell

      This mock stupid

    93. Tubo TTG

      I feel like the Steelers or Bucs won’t pass on Ettiene

    94. Tubo TTG

      I doubt the Cardinals would pass up on Horn for Farley, he’s arguably the best CB in the draft, tied with Surtain

      1. Tubo TTG

        @Nima Naderi Farley is having a back surgery, no team is gonna pick that high on him with that information

      2. Left Twix

        Exactly, that’s what I said last mock 😂

      3. Nima Naderi

        I mean you can say the same about Farley

    95. Goated Dude

      So we got Jalen Hurts throwing to Jalen Reagor and Jalen Waddle?? THE RISE OF THE JALENS

    96. Tubo TTG

      Trust me, Surtain isn’t boring, Cowboys fans would love that or Parsons, or Pitt’s, at least the smart ones lmao

      1. 808bboarder

        I’d be shocked if they get Pitts

    97. Cyrus Steliga

      Sheesh You guys had Horn fall. That's not happening

    98. Malachi Burbank

      And there will be a 7.0 mock draft before the actual draft starts

    99. Arthur Thomas

      Its crazy how you picked 90% of these wrong lol

    100. joeyv47

      Guaranteed the Detroit Lions will draft a TE.......