The Official “WAY TOO EARLY” 2021 NFL Power Rankings (POST FREE-AGENCY) || TPS


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    2021 NFL Power Rankings Post Free-Agency.
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    With the 2021 NFL free agency now over, where do all 32 clubs stack up against one another? Behold...our second 2021 edition of the NFL power rankings...offseason edition!
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    1. TPS

      Sup TPS FAM!!! Should we do more of these power rankings leading into the season?

      1. Bronco 111

        Yes please

      2. John Zuba

        @Andrew Altice exactly

      3. Andrew Altice

        It's much better than NFL networks ranking! They had the division winners, "THE FOOTBALL TEAM" in third behind the giants and the cowgirls!

      4. John Zuba

        @CJ GAMER 12 98 lol how would you have done it

      5. CJ GAMER 12 98

        no cuz your rankings suck!

    2. Doni 3lezi

      Cant wait for steelers to show everyone wrong this upcoming season mark my words

    3. Damon Windle

      Yo the seahawks hate is real they had a great off-season so far

    4. PandaGotThatKush

      What happened to the other guy like him better

    5. Del Blodgett

      I believe you're way off with were you are putting Denver!!

    6. LKL Chriss

      Do panthers move up with sam darnold trade or no??

    7. Vikings Productions1

      Nobody understands the Vikings now have a top 5 dline

    8. Obkool27

      These people obviously dont pay attention to the Vikings. Poor analysis. Keep giving the vikes fuel

    9. Roberto Gallardo

      Buffalo should be 2nd.

    10. Patriotscards 26

      Day 65 of telling TPS their uploads are appreciated

    11. AT RealBurgerKing

      Cardinals at 18, your high

    12. E_Man 321

      Seahawks 🏈🔵🟢

    13. BountyDodger

      Now were are the cards

    14. Ethan Edinburgh26

      this man put minesota at 22 he and carolina at 31 this man is crazy both these teams could be in the playoffs

    15. TheFoodGamer

      You weren’t wrong on the way too early free agency because it’s like you only watch the main headlines for free agency and not go more in depth. Seattle literally improved their o line, got a very good tight end and we replace griffin with Witherspoon who has a higher pff grade and got for a cheaper price. Resigned Poona Ford and signed Kerry hyder who had 8 sacks with the 49ers. Like I said it’s not all about signing big name players. Seattle has always been know to signed “not know” players that are really good and players people pass on and we bring them and and they flourish. It’s not about the name of the players it’s about the talent of the player. You just love hating on Seattle. Plus I love how you put the rams over us when they been lost so much players and is higher than us because they got Matthew Stafford who is solid but not better than Russ where he can win the division. Plus the rams lost some key players in their secondary. So next time do your research

    16. Joshua Widener

      how are chiefs number 2? They have a bottom tier QB that destroyed the team with his contract and got worse so far.

    17. Jordan Cramer

      Raiders need to be higher

    18. Drew Bear

      Hope the cardinals make the playoffs

    19. Kieran Piper

      Raiders worst team in AFCW? Wow you guys hate the Raiders

    20. Moe Lester

      You’re wrong with the Seahawks I’m telling you

    21. Mundo Guerra Carlos Iñaki

      I thing raiders are better, 24 is not fear men

    22. Franklin Madon

      Why does everyone hate on the Vikings

    23. ECK Sports

      10:58 that’s really aggressive and also the panthers should be higher than 31, 11:58....they don’t have much talent though

    24. Lance Oelrich III

      Vikings are way to low their offense was on fire at the end of the season. And they are getting all their defensive players back in Erick Kendricks, Daniele Hunter, Anthony bar, Michael Pierce, Mike Hughs

    25. Lizard Sports

      Wait Trent brown didn’t do nothing for us, I was indeed sad to let go of Hudson and Jackson

    26. Jeff Chan

      Your really going to tell me that the football team and the dolphins are better then the Seahawks. Jeezus why do people hate on them so much

    27. JGULY I

      Carolina at 31??? I’m not a panthers fan but wtf is this

    28. Dylan Mathew

      Wait so free agency is done 100% now ? Kinda just got back into football for the first time in awhile not familiar with these intricacies

    29. Taran Royyuru

      Wait a minute.... did I just see a team that doesn’t have a name above russell Wilson yeah nahhh

    30. JOSE T

      Chargers should still be at 15 their better than the giants and the pats, they have a better offense but not defense have a better coaching staff than last year, titans should be at 14 should.

    31. Harrison Suzara

      Sub to NFL Nerds Podcast

    32. Natalie B

      32.Texans (Horrible roster and Deshaun Watson mess) 31.Panthers (Sam Darnold is bad) 30.Eagles (Rough roster especially at receiver) 29.Jets (Still not buying in) 28.Jaguars (Trevor Lawrence won’t be enough for the first year) 27.Lions (Downgrade at Quarterback and an even worse roster) 26.Bears (Not buying into Andy Dalton or Nick Foles) 25.Giants (A better roster mainly on Offense but not a big fan of Daniel Jones) 24.Falcons (A better roster, no more Dan Quinn, but still the Falcons) 23.Raiders (They could be a lot better than this but just a boring roster with an awful Defense) 22.Bengals (Joe Burrow will carry this team a lot but need better Offensive Line) 21.Broncos (I’m sold on most except Drew Lock) 20.Washington (Still a very good defense and a better Offense but still not completely sold) 19.49ers (Players coming back but still a little worried about injuries and competition) 18.Saints (Still have a decent roster and great coach but not sold on Winston) 17.Dolphins (Will Fuller signing is big and still a good roster and coach) 16.Cowboys (Dak coming back and a decent roster probably the best team in the NFC East) 15.Patriots (Not a great Offense and not a huge fan of Cam but can’t count out Belicheck) 14.Chargers (Herbert takes a step down but team takes step up no more Anthony Lynn) 13.Vikings (A lot of their roster coming back a very underrated team) 12.Cardinals (One of the best rosters in the NFL especially on Offense but worried about Kliff) 11.Steelers (Big Ben is overhated but is declining but has amazing Defense) 10.Titans (Still a pretty good roster) 9.Browns (Baker Mayfield getting better and a very good roster) 8.Rams (Upgrade at Quarterback and a really good Defense) 7.Colts (Carson Wentz very overhated and a really Solid roster) 6.Ravens (Lamar Jackson overrated but a really nice roster for the most part) 5.Seahawks (Wilson not getting traded he will carry the team) 4.Packers (Rodgers is going to carry the team) 3.Bills (Josh Allen improving very good team) 2.Chiefs (Has the best player in the NFL currently the most explosive Offense in the league) 1.Buccaneers (Defending Super Bowl champs still have Brady and most the team)

    33. Joe Fernandez

      Top 10 potential late round gems?

    34. diegootter

      That's where I want to see my browns

    35. The_social_gammer

      This list is whack

    36. Mark Rodriguez

      Colts should be 9. They are better than those other teams. And they almost beat bills number 3 if it wasn't for an old Philip rivers.

    37. Drew

      Panthers signed Darnold, so I'd put them higher.

    38. ángel


    39. Princess Lightning

      I can’t believe John Elway let go of Philip Lindsey like that THATS WHY YOUR TEAM IS IRRELEVANT JOHN

    40. Nini King565

      Steeler so stay up there there’s a combat kings

    41. Nini King565

      Steelers are the best

    42. bluerisk

      Zach Wilson for the Jets. Fields for the 49er. Belichick is still given more credit than he deserves: 9-8 and no playoff berth. They won't win the division, and with the Browns, Steelers, Dolphins, Ravens there are too much competitions for the wild card berths.

    43. 블루베리

      Totally Agreed.

    44. Josh Kutz

      I can’t believe you put my Vikings at 22. We did get a much better D-line by getting Dalvin Tomlinson who you didn’t even mention and getting Danielle back from injury plus Michael Pierce back from opting out. Plus, the Vikings also got Mack Alexander back, who knows the system. We are way better than 22.

    45. Luis Angulo

      Damn if only you actually paid attention to the Raiders season they only lost Rodney(who asked to be released), Gabe was easily replaceable and Trent was just a joke on the team. Tom cable coaching made the back ups back up look like starters... not even worried about it.

    46. Landen McCormick

      Wow this list is just terrible haha

    47. Steven Childers

      Lol Panthers at 31 yall smoking something. lmao

    48. Jennifer Melody

      Where’s Jason biondo

    49. square347blade

      When you have the Washington Football Team over the Seahawks 💀

    50. Yaha

      Vikings 22 is criminal

    51. Kieran Seery

      Patriots > Dolphins

    52. Marcus Myers

      ok you are being mean to us seahawks fans

    53. John Ratcliffe

      The Jets had an awful offseason. Everyone wants to play for Saleh? No one good came. This coach is aids. They got crap players no one really wants, and this team is set to be absolutely awful. 2 or 3 wins top. No one is gonna give them respect if they beat bottom feeders such as Philly (unlikely) as 0-11 lifetime, The Jags, and Texans. I hate this damn team and idiots like you guys and every other analyst see the same old Jets free agency as a sign of something good because new coach. I hate you all. Failure awaits

    54. John Ratcliffe

      I'm sorry you have the Jets ranked way to high, 31 is the perfect spot for them.

    55. iNF1N3

      Says 5-7 wins with Lawrence, just look back at Mannings rookie year, dont be suprised if they lose all games.

    56. DerpyFatPugPlayz

      POV: You don't know how to do your job correctly.

    57. John Willard

      Rams above Packers? Really ?

    58. Michael Shrute

      Broncos will do better than last year I think

    59. Logan Finn

      I guess getting Dalvin Tomlinson wasn't good. Also having hunter and peirce play won't help Minnesota. What about Alexander Mackensie is he bad as well?

      1. Logan Finn

        @Josh Kutz Yeah

      2. Josh Kutz

        All of his takes are wrong. The Vikings should be way higher, he’s just talking dumb

    60. Andrew Burke

      hot take: Dalton will be better than expected in Chicago

    61. SimonsenSays

      Dudes...I like the pats but I feel like half of those signings were mediocre signings at best...aghlor had his 1 relevant season last year...he won't get that w cam...Bourne is a wr3 at...hunter Henry and jonnu Smith can't stay on the field cuz of injury...don't sleep on the vikings...their defense is going to b strong...their weakness is gonna b offensive line not defensive...

    62. tino frisch

      not gone lie, the guy who did this video was boring as hell. we need jason biondo back to these videos please. he’s the best

    63. Maximo527

      giants 16 this video is a joke. they say east coast biased isnt a thing. the panthers who you put at 31 will probably have the same record as the giants.

    64. King of the Void

      So based on this, here's the playoff prediction: AFC - East: Bills (2) North: Browns (3) South: Colts (4) West: Chiefs (1) Wild Cards: Ravens, Dolphins, Patriots NFC - East: Washington (4) North: Packers (3) South: Buccaneers (1) West: Rams (2) Wild Cards: 49ers, Saints, Seahawks

    65. Ward Ausman

      You may have rated the Vikings too high.

      1. Josh Kutz

        No way. Too low for sure. They are getting all their players back from injury/opting out, got great FAs and already had a good offense. Everyone is forgetting about all the Vikings injuries last year.

    66. Ben's Lair

      I agree that my Steelers went down but not that down

    67. 1Way Road

      I swear, if the next super bowl is Bucs v Pats...

    68. Daniel Lungu

      So the hawks didnt sign a guy with 8.5 sacks last year ok dumbass

    69. Daniel Lungu

      9:14 tf is on bills elbow

    70. Bruce Wayne's Boss

      I think the Browns really did a good, smart job in FA! They could be ready to make a serious run to the SB!

    71. ForeverAfter Financial

      Question for the Panthers.... dont get me wrong, I love Curt Co, but he was our 3rd WR, and was our only main loss.. and we drop 3 spots.? Lol

    72. Ryan Fitzpatrick

      Do top 10 versatile weapons in the draft. Kyle Pitts better be 1

    73. Sullivan Saunders

      I t hi o nl l the Colts are in a gi older era.

    74. Dizear Marsh

      This is a fucked list

    75. unknown 13

      Titan up 13-4🤞

    76. Dizear Marsh

      Seahawks tho

    77. Parker Williams

      I give the Cardinals free agency an A+..

    78. Dominic Olson

      Why do the Vikings need to work on their d-line? They got Steven Weatherly, Dalvin Tomlinson, Micheal Pierce and Danielle Hunter.

    79. Johnathan Abram

      im convinced that tps just puts the top 10 and then spins a wheel for all the other teams

      1. Johnathan Abram

        @Steven Childers fax they weren't good but they should be in the top 22 imo

      2. Steven Childers

        yeah, for real. The Panthers at 31 wtf?

    80. Ziggy


    81. Christopher Bingham

      My ranking: 32. Eagles. I'm not buying into Jalen Hurts, Anthony Harris, their new head coach, their conditioning staff, or them trading down in the draft. 31. Texans. They were bad even with Watson. Without him, they've got nothing. That said, Tyrod Taylor is better than Jalen Hurts which is why the Texans aren't #32 on my list 30. Lions. Going from Stafford to Goff is a HUGE downgrade. Stafford was the only reason the Lions won games. They've got lots of draft capital which could lead to a bright future, but it means they'll be bad now. 29. Jaguars. Trevor Lawrence and Urban Meyer will bring their fans some short-term excitement. The question is, is hone of them Peyton Manning or Ryan Leaf? And is the other one Pete Carroll or Bill Peterson? 28. Jets. Their defense should be much improved with the signings they have made and with Mosely coming back. The offense still has a ways to go and we don't knwo who the QB will be or how he will pan out. 27. Falcons. It looks like it will once again be up to Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, and Calvin Ridley to prevent this team from going 0-16. 26. Bengals. Burrow was the only thing they had going for them last year. They still need some running backs, receivers, an O-line, and a defense. Hendrickson may not be so good without Cam Jordan on the other side drawing defenders. 25. Raiders. I thought Jon Gruden was a football expert. He's made nothing but dumb moves since returning to the Raiders. Now, he has let 3/5 of their formerly strong O-line walk away. Yeah, he signed Yannick, but he wasn't that great last year so why would be be this year with less help from his teammates? It will be up to Derek Carr, Darren Waller, and Josh Jacobs to bring this team all the wins they will get, and the latter had a down year last year. 24. Patriots. They brought back Cam Newton, who had a whopping 8 TD passes last year. That guy has proven that he's been finished for the last 2 and a half years and he's only good now for his running ability in short yardage situations. They signed lots of guys, but Matthew Judon is overrated, Jalen Mills is a bottom 5 player at his position, and none of the weapons they added scare me in the slightest except maybe Agholor but at his best he's good not great. I don't know why TPS is so excited about them. 23. Cowboys. Well, they signed Dak Prescott. The problem is, they don't have much else. Their defense was histrically bad last year and Keanu Neal won't fix that. Elliot was also very bad last year and had a fumbling problem. A healthier O-line would help them, but Travis Frederick retired and Tyron Smith's play has been going downhill for years now, even when healthy. Prescott has proven that he can't win games by himself, so they are still in bad shape for years to come. 22. Giants. I don't think their free agent signings were as great as TPS thinks they were. John Ross and Adoree Jackson were busts in Cincinatti and Tennessee and Kyle Rudolph wasn't too good last year. The only move they made that I do buy into is Kenny Golladay, but he won't stop DJ's turnover issues. He, a healthy Saquon, Gallman, and Engram will give the offense some weapons, and their defense is strong. It comes down to Daniel Jones. If he cuts down on the turnovers and improves significantly in year 3, the Giants will be surprise contenders. If he doesn't improve, these signing won't help them much and they will have a new QB in 2022. 21. Panthers. I don't know why TPS ranked them so low. Yeah, they lost Curtis Samuel, but I woud think getting Christian McCaffery back healthy will more than make up for that. They may have been 5-11 last year but they were better than their record indiactes. They had a tough schedule and they gave the Buccaneers, Chiefs, Saints, Packers, and other teams everything they could handle even without McCaffery. With him healthy and some young studs on defense, they could be getting better. They need a better QB though. 20. Vikings. Their defense is atrocious and they still need a new kicker. Kirk Cousins isn't the sort of QB who can take you to the playoffs by himself, even with Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen. Dalvin Cook can win games by himself, but there's only so many games a running back can win by himself. 19. Bears. Unlike TPS, I think Dalton is indeed an upgrade over Mitch Trubisky. PFF thinks so too. Not much of an upgrade, but an upgrade nonetheless. He will have Allen Robinson and David Montgomery to help him out, and the Bears have always relied on their defense to win games. It got a little weaker with the departure of Kyle Fuller but they still have Khalil Mack and Akeem Hicks. 18. Broncos. They seem to be building another No Fly Zone, and when you combine that with Von Miller and Nick Chubb rushing the QB, that should be an elite defense. They also have a lot of talent on offense. It will come down to Drew Lock. If he breaks out in his 3rd year, the Broncos will be surprise contenders. If he continues to stink, the Broncos will have a losing record and, in 2022, a new QB. 17. Steelers. Their O-line just got a lot worse, and their defense took a couple of hits. it should still be a strong defense, and if Ben can manage the game will, they should still win games. But I will be surprised if they are in the playoffs next season. 16. Saints. The fact that Winston could not even beat out Taysom Hill for the primary back-up spot is alarming. But as long as he did what Drew Brees did in his final 3 years, rely on Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas to make the plays, the Saints should be fine. The thing is, Winston is known as a gun slinger, not a game manager. Can he change his game? 15. Colts. They are the only team in 2020 that had a top 10 offense, a top 10 defense, and a top 10 special teams unit. The question mark now is at QB. Wentz has been sliding since Frank reich left Philly, but now they're reunited. If Reich can get Wentz back to 2020 form, the Colts are Super Bowl contenders for years to come. But, Wentz has no more excuses. If he fails in 2021, he'll be in the XFL in 2022. 14. Titans. They lost a couple of weapons on offense and some starters on defense. They can always rely on Ryan Tannehill, Derrick Henry, and A.J. Brown to win them games, but that's pretty much all they have now 13. Chargers. Getting Corey Linsely will HUGELY upgrade the offensive line and help Justin Herbert improve on what was already a phenomenal rookie season. They lost Casey Heyward, but getting Derwin James back healthy will make up for that. Brandon Staley can't be worse than Anthony Lynn. But they stil need to do more work on a defense that had a Falcons-like tendency to blow leads in 2nd halves. 12. Cardinals. Kyler Murray was a Pro Bowler in his 2nd year and he should only be getting better. They added J.J. Watt and A.J. Green. They have enough talent to have a top 10 offense and a top 10 defense. And yet, they're expected to be the worst team in the NFC West. It's crazy how good that division is. 11. Seahawks. They kept Carlos Dunlap, but they did nothing else to improve the defense and they let several guys go. However, they still have Russel Wilson and now he has some weapons and an uprgraded offensive line, so they should still be good. 10. Washington. They won their division last year, and now they signed Fitz, who is an upgrade over last year's QB situation, Curtis Samuel, who gives Washington a much-needed weapon other than Terry and Logan, and William Jackson, who is an upgrade over the deoparted Ronald Darby. They're still a work in progress and they really need a linebacker, but they should be a top 10 team in 2021. 9. Dolphins. They were already 10-6 last year, and they still have a ton of draft capital for the next few years. They will be Super Bowl contenders soon, possibly starting in 2021. 8. Browns. Chubb and Hill are the best rushing tandem in the NFL today, Odell is back healthy, Baker has emerged as a very good QB, and the secondary has been upgraded. This looks like a darng ood team. 7. Ravens. I wouldn't worry about anyone they lost. Those players were overrated anyway. They will get Ronnie Stanley back, which will help Lamar Jackson and the running backs to what they do. Sammy Watkins will help in the passing game. They still have a strong defense and a top 5 kicker and top 5 punter, so they should be good. 6. Packers. The had a losuy offseason, by letting Corey Linsely go and not upgrading the defense and not getting a #2 receiver. However, Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Jones, and Davonte Adams will still win most games. 5. 49ers. They were just crippled by injuries last year. Just getting everyone back healthy and bringing back Trent Williams wil make them Super Bowl contenders again. They also traded up in the draft, probably hoping to get their next franchise QB. 4. Rams. They gave up a lot to get Matthew Stafford. The idea is obviously that they're trying to win a Super Bowl now, even if it means paying or it later. I think they're in good sahpe. They had the best defense in the NFL last year and when you combine that with Matthew Stafford, this team should be tough to beat. 3. Bills Adding Emmanuel Sanders makes their offense even better. TPS said their defense regressed, but they were actually a bend-but-don't-break unit last year. While they gave up lots of rushing yards last year, they didn't give up points. They stopped teams in the red zone, holding them to field goal attempts in their very windy home field, if those teams even got that. They also generated a lot of turnovers. So they didn't need to upgrade much. 2. Chiefs. They upgraded their pass rush. Losing their 2 starting tackles will cripple their O-line that was destroyed in the Super Bowl, but they still got Patrick Mahomes plus tons of weapons so I wouldnt worry too much. 1. Buccaneers. They should broguht back their entire Super Bowl-winning roster, so why wouldn't they be the best team right now?

    82. Caleb Babcock

      why are the hawks so underrated we will be better next year with witherspoon and gabe jackson and hopefully richard sherman

      1. Caleb Babcock

        and we resigned tyler locket for 4 YEARS!!!

    83. Metgadeth Fan17

      Personally, I think Jared Goff can get the Lions a little higher. I dunno, guess it’s just me Edit: This is coming from a Bills fan

    84. Super swag

      Buffalo and their 2019 defense should come back hopefully knock on wood but I think their defense should and hopefully will comeback this year

    85. Harry The Hitman

      The Vikings take on the defensive lien was awful, Vikings have 3 new defensive linemen this year including a top 3 pass rusher

      1. Josh Kutz

        Agreed. We should be way higher than 22

    86. JBenEdits

      The giants should not be up there just cuz they signed kenny golladay and Kyle Ruldough and they are not going to be that good

    87. Statsguy

      What happened to the Jason guy

    88. The Rise of the Chiefs

      I disagree strongly with the Cardinals. And that's coming from a Chiefs fan

    89. Splashout

      We didn’t have a top 30 player this year in hunter you casual

    90. Splashout

      Vikings are gonna win 12 games this year, just got watch

    91. J.J. Donoghue

      You put the WFT ahead of the 12 win, division champs Seattle Seahawks...What 😳. They did much more than just resign Carlos Dunlap! They got Gabe Jackson for help on the O-line! They got . Witherspoon at CB, Hyder for a edge rusher. They resigned Pocic & Lockett & Chris Carson (which most would say was the #2 free agent RB, only behind Green Bay’s Aaron Jones!) And for the draft? I’d imagine they get a Center/Guard, maybe a WR #3? And perhaps another o-linemen for depth! They’ve done much more than just resign Dunlap and let Reed go...You obviously didn’t do your homework. Guarantee Seattle makes the playoffs this season and the WTF can watch them on TV❗️

      1. Andrew Altice

        Crazy as hell

      2. Splashout


    92. Robert Meyman

      Nothing but negatives for the Packers, yet they’re still 5? I smell stinky cheese.

    93. LK9ER324

      So we don’t talk about signing a new corner tight end and de

    94. SportsTimeline

      The panthers at 32 is just disrespect



    96. OnMyMojo

      Dang terrible list from the jump

    97. Daniel Ramírez Torres

      I really hope that the packers make a good draft

    98. jose guerrero

      Rams over 49ers? The Lambs haven't beat the 49ers in 2 years. Even with all the injuries the 49ers had last year, we still beat them twice. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

      1. Andrew Altice

        I don't like either of them, BUT the rams did get a major upgrade at quarterback and possibly the best defense in the NFL, though I think that'll be Washington

    99. spclklh

      The are going to be way worse.

    100. frostwolf707

      Placing the cowboys that high is funny cause they are just gonna flop like they have for the last... I guess since I can remember