Predicting Where the TOP Remaining NFL Free Agents OF 2021 Will Land


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    Where will the remaining NFL free agents sign and who is left?
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    It’s been several weeks since free agency opened. And somehow, a handful of marquee names remain unsigned. We’re talking multi-time Pro Bowlers and even some future Hall of Famers!
    Nonetheless, it’s only a matter of time until these guys find a home. Here are our predictions for where the top 15 remaining free agents will land.
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    Host: Jason Biondo
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    Writer: Alex Hoegler
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    1. Prince Dunce

      I am a simple man. I see a new TPS video, I click.

      1. Red Racer13

        @TPS Alex Smith retired, which is sad. I hope he enjoys the time with his family. He's a Legend and a Warrior.

      2. timothy earnest

        Me too

      3. FREEZE Saint

        God loves you 😎

      4. Riley Freeman

        click for clickbait

      5. Emmir Cuellar-Silva

        @BLADE ok

    2. Robby Anderson is a shrimp Jeffrey

      “It’s a wonder why he’s still unsigned” *proceeds to explain exactly why he remains unsigned*

    3. 12thman Railfans

      3:12 aaaaaaand Sean Lee retired earlier today

    4. IGO BIG

      We don't want Ryan

    5. DuvalJay

      Please keep loudmouth disrespectful Sherman out of Duval county

    6. Sports Nation

      who else is here after Alex Smith retired

    7. Wyatt Snell

      Please Sherman go to the bills

    8. First I Think Not

      Well now Alex Smith is retired now

    9. Anthony Abbett

      I'm just hoping the Colts DO NOT sign Richard Sherman. He gets way too much credit for an average career. He has a loud mouth and I've read a lot of former teammates don't care for him at all. We don't need that shit in Indy.

    10. Delishua Gibson

      Sherman come back to Seattle 💙🐐

    11. William Uppington

      Houston to the panthers makes absolutely no sense. They have Reddick, Burns, and Brown.

    12. The Angry birds Channel

      Thank you TBS for picking Richard Sherman to Seahawks

    13. Tony Ram

      Browns over paid for Clowney

      1. Red Racer13

        Fr u heard about his injury?

    14. El Copygato

      Sherman isn’t an instant upgrade. His all pro year came from playing the #2 or #3 receivers and getting constant over the top help. And he still got burned by bums like Andy Isabella. Not to mention all the plays that he’d give up on and not attempt to tackle. Love my 9ers but Sherman wasn’t worth his contract. He’d be a good fit for a DB coach somewhere.

    15. The Truth

      AB is a pro bowl talent still

    16. Agent Chiefs

      Brown might not get resigned. Bruce Arians didn’t want anything with AB to begin with. +The Smith one is surprising and WHAT A GOOD CALL TPS!

    17. Tubo TTG

      Sherman can’t guard any of those guys you named lmao

    18. Trey Lehman

      Washington was 11-5 in games Alex Smith started and 6-26 with anyone else. The guy knows how to win and is one of the most underrated quarterbacks in the NFL. Right next to Tyrod Taylor

    19. David Robinson

      Geno Atkins?

    20. Rawad Fayad

      So we gonna act like the lions aren’t taking anyone here even tho we still have so many holes to fill in?

    21. Samuel Neuin

      I like Alex Smith going to Denver. A perfect fit for both parties

      1. Jayden Marten

        Well he retired

    22. Marvin Newbill

      I like this video. Very Cool

    23. Ralph Yoder

      Is Brandon Cooks still out there? I want him to get picked up by the Detroit Lions. 💓

    24. DarkMatters Project

      Great video. I’d say you were 95% correct

    25. demoor69

      Could see the Chargers looking at one of the o-line guys.

    26. Pollyde

      Would love to see Smith get back out there.

    27. Bob Ester

      Ima be pretty mad if ryan goes to the cowboys. Dont do us dirty man

    28. JadeDragonMeli

      Sad to see Ryan Kerrigan looking to leave Washington. One of the few jerseys I've purchased over the last 20 years, but I completely understand why he would want to look elsewhere, I just hoped he would retire with the team. He was the best player on a lot of bad teams over the years.

    29. Andres Acevedo

      Best host on TPS

    30. sean dunleavy

      TPS you should do the top 20 rookies in the draft. Plz. P.s. you are the legend

    31. Michael Harrison

      Eagles would be a good fit for Sherman

    32. Sam got sports

      Alex Smith could also be a good mentor for drew

    33. Joshua McClellan

      Kerrigan better not sign with those losers


      The Texans should sign Richard Sherman and Melvin Ingram and Mitchell Schwartz and not Eric Fisher

    35. ald3baran s3x

      i like sherman to the bucs

    36. Tiger Gutierrez

      Day 1 of doing a day “day” asking about days I’ve been doing “days”

    37. Jack Forrester

      Ravens are def signing either Houston or Gordan, y'all trippin tps

    38. Fish .mp4

      Thought we already got K.J Wright

    39. Bruce the Brown

      Who is here when the browns signed Jadeveon Clowney

    40. Crosby4ever

      I think the Chiefs still need OL help so that FA whose name I can't spell they should sign to keep Pat Mahomes protected then either sign another CB or draft one

    41. Earl Martin

      My guess for Mitchell Schwartz would be Green Bay

    42. Adam Boyer

      Finally! Jason Biondo is back!

    43. timothy earnest

      When I watched the video I kept thinking why the eagles haven’t signed any of these players then I realized they only have like 2mil dollars

    44. Nathan Vermilion

      “One of the leagues worst pass rushing units” lol

    45. NatFL

      Fisher for my Dolphins ? Are you kidding me ?

    46. notgutnoglory

      if kargen even when to the cowboys hed never be alowed in dc agen

    47. Matt Dennis

      Another great video but Sherman can't cover Aiyuk or Deebo.

    48. Elevated In Nature

      Does tps hate Indianapolis... I feel like you never even acknowledge they are a team...

    49. Elevated In Nature

      Too many adds for this short of a video... chill out on trying to make so much money on advertising

    50. MyDudesBeTrippin

      Clowney to the Brownies

    51. JadeveonClowneyIsABeast

      Wheres Frank Gore gonna go?

    52. Michael Rys

      ( Nobody To The Kansas City Chiefs ? ? ? ? ? ) - Makes Perfect Sense . . . . .

    53. jt

      bruh I can’t watch these videos anymore literally each video has 10 ads 😂

      1. Sky Blaze

        Fast forward to the end then hit the playback button boom no ads

    54. The Mamle

      Is it just a coincidence, that K.j. Wright exactly looks like 2pac?

    55. kwallace0307

      Thumbs down until u cover other sports u hate nba hate nhl hate mlb why thumbs down all TOTAL pro sports videos not just nfl

    56. Xavier Hardy

      Alex Smith should be backup to Jaguars. Trevor Lawrence does need a mentor

      1. Xavier Hardy

        Also give Eric Fisher to the Jaguars

    57. Andrew Gluck

      Melvin Ingram to Tennessee would make me want to go to Titans game

    58. Andrew Gluck

      Tennessee Titans should Sign CB JC Jackson Or Trade For DE Danielle Hunter

    59. Bluye Bluye

      Dude did he just say the panthers D line basically sucks?

    60. Daniel Ramírez Torres

      I really want to see the packers do something with free agents

      1. Jayden Marten

        They can't do really anything

    61. jake08311

      How in the world did you overlook Jadeveon Clowney? Still unsigned.

    62. ThePotatoMan 2495

      How did they not talk about clowney

    63. Kallum Watts

      How many fucking ads do you have in this vid holy shit

    64. TheRapper10000

      Bears need to sign a OL man before going into the draft and any final trades to move up in the draft. We need Zach Wilson or Mac Jones as our QUARTERBACK.

    65. derLuddy

      What do you think where Golden Tate will land?

    66. Rodrigo Garcia

      Sherman should really consider moving to free safety. He’s just not as fast as he used to, and WR’s are every time faster, he just can’t play man to man anymore and Jamal Adams could really use some help from a free safety

      1. Liam Brier

        Quandre Diggs made the Pro Bowl and had 5 ints last year. We don't need a safety.

    67. gz

      Vikings need to sign sherman.

    68. ThatRedHairedDude

      I’d love Richard Sherman back in Seattle

    69. Hi

      I just disagree with the malik hooker signing the falcons have a early second rounder and that's the perfect spot for a safety in this years class and its no different in the risk taking department hooker is good but injury prone and someone like Trevon Moehrig can put up those numbers and stay healthy I think if the falcons are going after a safety the should take one in the draft.

    70. Patrick Chase

      I see the seahawks bringing back K.J Wright before they do Richard Sherman

      1. Liam Brier


    71. Tyson Bonaparte

      Same background music for at least 2 years now, love that. If it ain't broke don't fix it. (Can't find the tune anywhere, what's it called?)

    72. John Russell

      Justin Houston will be a Baltimore Raven 💯

      1. John Russell

        Or Melvin Ingram

    73. OG Kxllz

      Should do a list where u put certain good offense or defense from the past or present with certain past or present offenses or defenses to make teams u can rank

    74. ian kennedy

      Alex smith should retire

    75. Poti Gotti

      Justin houston have a lot left in his tank.

    76. Poti Gotti

      Kerrigan to the cowboys is a huge help.

    77. Poti Gotti

      Ingram would absolutely give a boost to the tital d-line.

    78. Kimo from Kalihi

      Sherman to LV

    79. FlamingViperV12

      Because I'm still upset that Denver no longer has Phillip Lindsay, I recommend Denver to sign Adrian Peterson. Just because, pull a John Gruden with Jason Witten.

    80. Steven Durham

      Day 19 of asking my wife to bring back my kids. Karen please just call me.

    81. b r o k e b o i

      sherman will go to vegas

    82. lopezfam

      Dios bendiga a Todos los que estan leyendo esto! Deseo que tengan un hermoso dia! Buscad a Dios mientras pueda ser hallado! Jesus es el camino y el unico camino y regresa pronto! Recuerda cuando te sientas que no eres amado... el mayor sacrificio se hizo por amor! EL SUICIDIO NUNCA ES LA RESPUESTA! Porque de tal manera amó Dios al mundo, que ha dado a su Hijo unigénito, para que todo aquel que en él cree, no se pierda, mas tenga vida eterna. S. Juan 3:16 RVR1960 La paga del pecado es muerte (infierno) pero Cristo pagó nuestra deuda en la cruz para nuestra salvacion! Debemos volvernos a Dios y apartarnos de nuestros caminos pecaminosos, confesar que Jesús es el Señor y creer con nuestro corazón que fue resucitado de entre los muertos por Dios, y debemos de ser bautizados en el nombre del Padre, del Hijo y del Espíritu Santo y vivir por Su palabra y mandamientos! Confia que Dios ayudara con el resto! Busca a Dios, antes de que sea muy tarde! Hoy podria ser tu ultimo dia en la tierra! Que tengas un hermoso dia!

    83. Derek Theiss

      Jason is back!! Glad to see my man is back!!

    84. FREEZE Saint

      God loves you 😎

    85. DataTasha4Ever

      Smith in Denver could also be interesting because he clearly knows how to, and is willing to, take a young quarterback under his wing. The competition part is all well and good, but I could also see Smith being able to help develop Drew Lock in a more direct and intentional way.

      1. DataTasha4Ever

        @Michael Bailey Not disagreeing. But sitting behind Smith for a season or two could also be good for Lock, whether he stays in Denver or ends up somewhere else. Having that can be good for a QB anyway, and Smith is a particularly good candidate because he's shown that he can take the mentor role (as opposed to some veterans who get touchy or territorial about the younger QBs (coughcough Brett Favre)). Not saying Lock will ever become a superstar or anything, but there's room for improvement there.

      2. Michael Bailey

        Drew would never get to elite ab level you’d be better starting Alex smith

      3. John Russell

        Major improvement over Drew

    86. StarcoFan212

      I got the 1k like

    87. michael hinton

      Kerrigan stays in Washington

      1. Sky Blaze

        I'm getting that feeling but he really wants to start.

    88. don pepito

      I would love to add Mitchell regardless of the flags we need line help. If we could add him and get Teven Jenkins in draft or creed Humphries. Life would be good

    89. Minnesota VikingYab

      Have you ever meet a person who watches this and say hey I need to sub well...... Thats me lol

    90. Grandmaccaroon

      I like this persons voice it’s way better than the last one lol

    91. Krispy Boi

      There is a wide receiver in the draft named Mitchell Schwartz Packers get the RT and the WR next year for the ultimate joke

    92. aaron mathews

      guessing you think clowney will sign in cle? 🧐

      1. Ethan Solomon

        @John Russell lol

      2. John Russell

        I hope not. Ravens fan here

    93. chris glenn

      I think wright will sign with the cowboys they have more of a chance of making the playoffs than the Texans do next year

      1. Liam Brier

        The Cowboys just said they're not interested in signing him, the only ones interested are the Seahawks

    94. Michael Bacon

      OBJ TO Green Bay Packers!!!!! "My Knee"

    95. William Summerson

      I don't see anything wrong with this list, but I would never wanna play under John elway.

    96. Chastinn Allen

      Smith to the jets

    97. Fin —_—

      Day 1 of asking TPS to rank the last 20 MVP seasons

    98. Leeardas Murphy

      Hey I got another idea... i know it's draft season but I think y'all should do a best #2 wr of the 2000s or in each team's history

    99. jamari williams

      Alex smith to the Broncos makes so much sense

    100. Bill Graper

      How could you forget about Clowney???

      1. Bill Graper

        @Rushkie11 I watched this video a full day before he signed.

      2. Rushkie11

        He already signed