NFL Players REACT To Every Team’s 2021 Draft Picks


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    NFL Teammates and players took to social media to react to all 32 NFL teams draft picks for 2021.
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    Today we present, NFL Players React To Every Team’s 2021 Draft Picks.
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    1. TPS

      *Packers: Draft a cornerback* *Aaron Rodgers: IGHT, IMMA HEAD OUT!*

      1. Jonah Slaby

        Stop im so sad as a cheese head

      2. Scarcrow 777

        You skip browns mean

      3. my love songs

        Funny that the first respectible WR they've drafted in a minute has the last name of Rodgers. A slap in the face to Aaron!!!

      4. Bob Bluefield

        This video is beyond lame

      5. Ryno Art 88

        I'm from Wisconsin and love Rodgers and the Packers. But im also a Denver fan so the talk of him coming to Denver makes me happy. He deserves more Rings, Packers aren't gonna do it.

    2. Reeve Herbst

      Lol why y’all skip the browns like that

    3. Francisco Medina


    4. JBMUSIK

      Tua time 🐬🐬🐬🐬

    5. Cleve2cali MrWhoady

      This must be a ratbird, bungles or steelwhore account cause you went from 25 straight to 27. the title says "every team's 2021 draft picks" my Browns had the 26th pick and its not there. Ya'll can hate all you want but Browns are not the same ole Browns #D4L

    6. MoanaLee Jasmine Navarro

      Go ZACK 😁👐🏼🏈

    7. Get Lotion

      The way this draft went made me feel like we're all going to the Superbowl 😂

    8. Edward Saucedo

      Cheers, shared

    9. Barthell Family



      giants down bad

    11. Edward Saucedo

      Raiders had me scratching my head in 1st round but got the guy in the 2nd. Couple teams are gonna make noise. Surprised that dallas went heavy on defense.

    12. Hudson And Brandon


    13. Im_Dontai Shorts

      Matt Ryan cried the most tears of joy that night


      Me hearing MAC Jones got drafted WHAT!!!!!!! now there’s someone else to play in the super bowl sheesh, who will play I don’t know


      drafted the best Alabama Crimson Tide player and is the Ohio State quarterback:. Me: the The eagles and the bears are defenietly playing in the super bowl against each other.

    16. Mike Thao

      uhh wheres LA?

    17. Sand Box

      Nobody Da baby: 0:54

    18. RollTideRoll8

      7:11 Lmao yall know why Elliott tweeted this at him right?

    19. Michael Lane

      Panthers secondary is now one player and one year off from being a top unit.

    20. AnimationStation

      Jalen Mills, u r such a traitor! Hope all the new guys in Philly crush you and those cheating Pats!

    21. Cory Idle

      It’s really cool you included guys on the Jets roster as NFL players. Super nice of you!

    22. my love songs

      In 2018, Cards drafted UCLA QB Josh Rosen. Then a year later, they gave up on him to draft Kyler Murray. Jets drafted USC's Sam Darnold in 2018. They gave up on him this offseason in order to draft BYU's Zach Wilson. Sad how that happened, but i do understand it. Murray is far better than Rosen. So far, Darnold hasn't looked great in the league, so the Jets went ahead and traded him to Carolina, and drafted Wilson. We'll see how the Jets faire with Wilson under center. Elway knew Dallas wanted Surtain. He said "Not gunna happen!" and intercepted the pick! 😜 Elway is pretty sneaky! Interesting how Zeke tweeted to Micah Parsons to not touch him in practice. Zeke needs to get smacked around a bit by Parsons in practice. He is declining in production. He needs to toughen up! He used to be my favorite RB in the league! What happened?


      I’m just hoping Mac jones becomes the next Tom Brady

    24. Dc 4 life

      I like the Zeke don’t touch me in practice

    25. Daboraj Chy

      Jordan is such a savage

    26. Boogie

      3:24 sheeeeeeeesh

    27. Andrew Sunde

      Bruh, again TPS fakes their videos. This wasn't every team.

    28. Da RajunCajun

      Lol Dan saying the lions are guna have a top 5 line with this kid. The lions will only be in the 5 of saddest teams n the NFL.

    29. Mike B

      Oh know a former place kicker doesn't like the trade for Trey Lance! What ever will the 49ers do! :D

    30. Julius Vegh

      just skip the 26th pick huh...

    31. Ze Hermanator

      Ok Okudah, I expect you to give your old teammate hell twice a year, every year! Show him what this new lions regime is about! 🦁

      1. Ze Hermanator

        @Gamo The Legend ok that's why the Bears almost have an even record against lions since 2003 lmao yall suck just as much

      2. Gamo The Legend

        Justin not worry about the lions 🦁

    32. WesternConfrence

      Las Vegas 9:01

    33. Chris Sandell

      Dan Orlosky (however you spell the gym teachers name) is the BIGGEST TOOL in sports talk shows....maybe JaMarcus Russell can get on ESPN too, since he was TEN FOLD the QB Dan ever was.

    34. Dylan Thomas

      Lance is gonna be a bust

    35. Kody Dunbar


    36. Troy Staunton

      Justin fields to the bears is the biggest get of the draft. How the broncos didn’t get him is beyond me. But the bears stole a diamond.

    37. Balen Williams

      You said every team? What about the teams that didn’t get to draft in the first round

    38. ğĽØç

      Im very disappointed, you said every nfl teams picks yet i didnt see the seahawks

    39. southelgin25

      Not going lie a lot these teams use their first picks on spots I think think they pretty sack at

    40. puffmoose

      Jesus Loves You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    41. puffmoose

      Jesus Loves You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    42. puffmoose

      Jesus Loves You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Troy Staunton

        But the devil does that thing with his tongue I like.

    43. John Slavik

      Nobody noticed that whoever “edited” this left out my Brownies?? Good Lawd our D has transformed overnight. 2022 Kings of the North. Where’s KC??

      1. Daymon Mason

        Yea they must be a Steelers fan.

    44. William Summerson

      Some players were picked to high and some to low. My rookie predictions. Offensive rookie of the year. Pitts or najee Harris. Defensive rookie of the year. Parsons.

      1. Gamo The Legend

        Or Justin fields

    45. YutoTheSaiyan

      I was mad when the bears traded up, but I am not mad anymore cuz we got “Big Mac” Jones.

    46. 𝙒𝙝𝙮?

      Jaylen Waddle bouta be running straight past dudes! Tua went "SHEEEEEESH" cuz he know we bouta be lighting up the league

    47. Steven Grant

      Joe Burrows other ACL: Oh shit here we go again

    48. Chris Wilson

      Jags and jets are sad every year they get Top 2 picks and still horrible 🤦🏾‍♂️what’s to celebrate?

    49. Irvin Urioste

      This video shows me how much twitter sucks

    50. Space Ninja

      Jags:gets Trevor Lawrence Me:not surprised Jets:get Zack Wilson Me:not surprised Pats:get mac Jones Me:ok then Bears:get Justin fields Me:excuse me,WHAT

    51. Jonathan Rupert

      Can you count? 26 comes before 27.

    52. Chris M

      Lmao Joe Mixon thinks opponents can't stack the box. Cincy still has no oline, and they let Gio walk. Both Joe's gonna get broken in half.

    53. Chase Chamberlain

      Bruh I’m a gator fan and I am slightly offended with you giant fans not happy about my man kadarious toney This is only a joke so don’t take seriously

    54. Elextz Goat

      RIP Joe Burrow

    55. Ai Ai

      They, know jimmy g going back to patriots.

    56. Poti Gotti

      That mac jones to 49ers hype was a smokescreen all along. Knew it.

      1. Poti Gotti

        @bunke prefectly executed plan.

      2. bunke

        The fact that John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan laughed at the network analysts running with "Mac Jones at #3" story was icing on the cake.

    57. Mythical _ Jelly34

      The lions might have a top 5 o line but you can't do much with an offensive line without weapons for your quarterback and running back will not do you need wide receivers

    58. AndyVintage on Spotify

      Bears: Andy Dalton QB1 Aged well

    59. AndyVintage on Spotify

      God I feel so sorry for Pennei having to play for the Lions💀

      1. my love songs

        Maybe the Lions might start waking up and being a respectible team. A pretty good QB, Matt Stafford, told them to go to hell, i'm not playing for you anymore. That's gotta be a wakeup call! Nah.....Lions are still gonna suck. 😜

    60. Saruto Uzumaki

      Yooooo I'm a Eagles fan but Zeke is funny as hell addressing Parsons with that hazing stuff lollllll. All love Cowboys. Smart decision not letting Giants have Golladay AND Smith. It's called splitting your bets. Very Blackjack!

    61. Gabrielle Williams

      My thing is why did Denver take certain when they have cornerbacks and on top of that Patrick didn’t look happy

    62. Owen Storm

      Can Jordan is to savage 😂

    63. Ayush Rathor

      i don think shaq barrett knew the bucs were drafting a qb

    64. Nate Dennis

      Day 36 of asking do every teams most consistent position

    65. Teddy

      I swear it’s almost like the Packers don’t want Aaron Rodgers. GIVE HIM WEAPONS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    66. Lemmy Head

      Chicago. Were QBs go to die.

    67. Richard Deragon

      Nfl sucks grow pot at the stadium’s done then they have a reason to take a knee it’s for picking up the pot

    68. Monsoon

      As a byu fan I'm so happy for Zack hopefully he does good for the jets

      1. Ian Jewkes

        Me too

    69. E K

      Slater is a steal for L.A.

    70. LIttle Liam 28 YT

      2:20 there goes burrows other acl

    71. Carter Smith

      Kadarios toney as a huge family at his house

    72. Candela

      I still love how waddle just walked past his fam Nd went to his bro 🤣🤣🤣

    73. Tim Ozcan

      I can't tell if the Dolphins fans are happy or mad

    74. Brent Fugate

      Jimmy g tho

    75. bois after dark

      Caleb Farley looked so disappointed

    76. Michael Barrueta

      Day 28 of suggesting undrafted player of the year in the 2010’s

    77. GBK Løøps

      No one announcers after every pick: MMmmMmmMMmMmmM

    78. Isaiah Ortiz

      Dan orlovsky needs to chill

    79. DoodaBug

      the eagles will tarnish forever.

    80. Dev Vaughn Parker

      What happens when all the nfl teams are good and contenders

    81. Dev Vaughn Parker

      Poor Gardner minshew

    82. Jo NoSaY

      Ezekiel Elliot had the best one to me

    83. Ur Friendly YT Maker

      I was told the draft was today.

    84. Elias Gonzalez

      Actually jimmy called lance almost immediately after he was drafted to talk with him

    85. bruh

      James Robinson: "I need a new shoe and a new TV."

    86. ELECTRIK_Alx

      Tuas Reaction 😂

    87. Bailey The beagle

      Mac Jones next Tom Brady

    88. Stewart Aiden

      Notice how they didn't show the chargers fans celebrating after they picked reshawn slater because the chargers have no fands😂😂

      1. Andrew Jones

        😂😂. Facts.

      2. Stewart Aiden


    89. Chris Posey

      Dolphins were off to a good start until the second pick in the first round should have drafted a top running back. But dolphins screw it up again like always. When are they going to learn. The GM needs to be fired ASAP

      1. Hack To Scratch Golf

        Bruh, that Gm got them so many future picks

    90. Will Brench

      Colts won the draft. Somehow stole Kwity at 21

    91. mr. orange pizza

      3:46 had to call my boy Dan campbell out

    92. Fake Mrthc

      Sad thing is some of these guys gonna be busts 😔

    93. icebreaker

      Washington be like qb needed

    94. PhoenixGamer34

      Toney is a nice backup plan for failing to get Waddle and Smith.

    95. shawn bopko

      Zach Wilson and tucker the best draft that the new York jets have LETS GO

    96. Telepathy

      Bro I totally forgot the Texans didn’t have a single first round pick

    97. LBV Bros Valdez

      what did andy dalton say😏

      1. William Herman

        He said: "So... I'm NOT QB1 anymore?"

    98. Xzander Graves

      Jesus loves you and He died for your sins and because of His love grace and mercy He is willing to forgive you. Also it's either paying for your own sin (hell) or accepting Jesus' payment for you, Which do you choose

    99. Daniel Coronado

      The 9ers are straight stupid for taking lance hahaha

    100. Caden this song is amazing Friel

      My chargers got a steal with slater