Most DISRESPECTFUL Players In NFL History...


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    Here are the most DISRESPECTFUL Players In NFL History.
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    Whether it’s a savage touchdown celebration, fighting with your own teammate or harsh trash talk, some NFL players like to play the game without “class” in their vocabulary.
    Today, we present These are some of the most disrespectful NFL players of all time.
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    1. Boston Nate

      Ramsey was right about Prescott and Eli

    2. Boston Nate

      Brady shouldn’t be on this list, he didn’t shake hands a couple times. Boo hoo

    3. Richard Schulman

      Conrad Dobler. Jack Tatum.

    4. TTL Sr.


    5. Steveknowles Knowles

      It's called steroids

    6. Russ Cowper

      Brady hater!!

    7. Bryan Gray

      I love hearing the White Hat tells Rivers to "Get the fuck out of here" lmfao

    8. KAIizflawed._ 21

      The thumb nail sucks

    9. Jordan Martinka

      90 yard touchdown!!!!!!!!!

    10. Babylonian Cowboy

      I think what Patrick Mahomes does to defenses is disrespectful.

    11. CliffArt

      you forgot Heinz Catsup Ward. total ass.

    12. Jarrett Vasco77

      Did we all know that Brady is a bitch if it's not going his way he will bitch and cry like the rest


      This should be call Rich Ball Players get BUTT HURT.... and cry like babies.....

    14. Maria Brandon

      You put Tom Brady as # 1 I agree with you completely.

    15. doobydevilbrotha

      Shannon is the perfect example of what happens when the brain don't get enough oxygen!

    16. Russell Drew

      Hey I respect and like your videos and this is probably first time I thought you missed some key info on something you put out there. Even the honey badger has come out and admitted Brady never said anything racist or anything worse than 99% of players say every game. He was just stunned how fired up and how aggressive Brady got in the interaction. Now I'm torn on the whole handshake thing in the Super I agree it's respectful to go shake hands but if I just won the biggest game of my life the last thing I want to do is go give my condolences. He either called or text Foles that night. Now honestly not doing it in regular season is a bad look, only guess I have is all the stories I've heard about him since his days in Ann Arbor. Most competitive and hates to lose weather it was football or drinking game against his own O-line. But you have to be a pro at times I agree with it during the regular season during the playoffs I say a call later is ok.

    17. hypocritex

      No Incognito or Suh? Dang.

    18. Matt Hamilton

      Brandy is literally the most over rated player ever

    19. jsum33

      Clicked on the video cause the thumbnail and it took me less than 2 minutes to remember why I don't watch TPS anymore. You idiots are aware Mathieu deleted that tweet after discovering Brady was mic'd right? There was absolutely NOTHING controversial about Brady not getting flagged. God.

      1. jsum33

        And how the fuck do you not mention the phone number incident when talking about Shannon Sharpe? Wow

    20. Daniel Ouellette

      I saw the thumbnail and the first thing I thought was what if that girl thought that

      1. Ham Burglar

        Underrated comment

    21. Paul Clarke

      Who already knew Burfict was on this list before watching

    22. R & F

      How is Ray Lewis not on this list??? He always ran his mouth and pranced around and danced like an idiot, everything he did, EVERYTHING he did was disrespectful to others in that he always carried himself like he was Gods gift to the world. Way way too cocky. Deion Sanders too. Being obnoxiously cocky is disrespectful.

    23. Gavin Strausbaugh

      The most Disrespectful person is ANTONIO BROWN Everyone!

    24. Donnie Lang

      Let me get this straight. there are players that play dirty, abuse women, commit crimes up to murder and you call players who trash talk and voice their opinion disrespectful. Must be a slow day for your dumb ass. And I'm not even a fan of trash talk.

    25. Gamer&baller

      Juju “corvette corvette” smith shuster

    26. Billy Love

      Ramsey is kind of right lmao flacco is bad😂

    27. sam wang

      The cheap packet indisputably mourn because table conceivably cry about a sulky asia. resolute, silent france

    28. John Adams

      Antonio Brown must is an idiot. He's over 30 now and his knees are gone. This could be his last season of Brady ball. Bill Romanoski is a piece of garbage. The NFL doesn't need players like him. He belongs in HELL, never mind prison.

    29. caras2004

      Funny banner at a football game T.O. HAS B.O. He tore the banner

    30. John Bollinger

      You're an idiot and a loser if you're shaking someone's hand after they just beat you. You're just walking up to them and thanking them for beating you.

    31. AnimationStation

      Super Bowl was awful, but at least Foles got to kick Brady's butt again

    32. bgood

      Y'all should have told the story of where Shannon Sharpe was on the field saying Derrick Thomas's wife phone number and DT jumped offsides 5 or 6 times on the final game winning drive.

    33. Dennis Silva

      Here goes tps gossiping like a bunch of women lol you guys are weak af

    34. Chastinn Allen

      The boz

    35. Zound Z

      Yoyoyoyo lets goooo

    36. Char Lie

      AB is just the greatest thumbnail

    37. Corb Durr

      Bret farce would be better the bast qb

    38. Mike Playz

      You said that he was in Oakland Antonio Brown for 10 years lol

    39. Cody Campbell


    40. Solomon Booker

      Everybody knew Roman was a racist!

    41. YJSAVV

      If the NFL had the same fines as the Nba He'd be -100000$

    42. Ty's Tv

      2:09 who else thought that was a foot in sand

    43. G Fernández

      Tom Brady is a known sore loser, cheat and a cry baby also on the other side he's not a very gracious winner. That's why most fans can't stand his ads and he's lucky 2 of those Super Bowls were handed to him. The Seahawks most boneheaded play all in the history of the NFL and the Falcons with the biggest choke job in any sport history. 2 more SB Brady should've been running his ads back to the locker room to cry instead of being a man and shaking the winning teams hand

    44. Jimmy Nguyen

      Narrator doesn't follow the NFL at all. You can tell by how many names he mispronounced

    45. Maximum Vejnar

      Good vid

    46. Rsc_isaiah 1


    47. Kevin Chaires

      Owens mocks Dallas then becomes Dallas

    48. blacker58

      brady had a right to walk off the field in super bowl 52 with 500 yds and 3 TDs, but the giants super bowls are another story

    49. Fz0

      The fact that Chad Ochocinco isn’t on this list makes it politically incorrect

    50. b s

      The numerous engine immunohistochemically listen because quince extraorally reject besides a fabulous north. defective, bawdy downtown

    51. timothy earnest



      BIG BILL

    53. Jose Gringo

      I feel like most of these should be called great players who clowned their opponents because they could. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    54. Joshua

      Honestly, people are just jealous that Brady wins so much. He is honestly a really good guy off the feild. This is coming from a saints fan.

    55. B. White

      Tom Brady is not disrespectful and you're a moron if you think so. Sharpe was good at trash talking so... what..? Not disrespectful. Jalen Ramsey... See my comment on Sharpe. I'll say T.O. could be considered somewhat disrespectful but that's only because of the Dallas incident. Other than that? Grow up... He said words. Philip Rivers? 😂 Shut up. Stop it. Not even a little bit. AB is just bat shit crazy (thanks Vontez). Speaking of... Burfect isn't disrespectful... A little dirty (but only in todays game). Hard hitter that never quit and was loved by his team mates. Bill? Hey! You got one! Good job. He's a POS. But the rest of list is literally laughable.

    56. TrentManGaming

      I swear they put Burfuict on this list after Brown because that hit is the reason they are both on the list🤣🤣

    57. Yoboyrain 2

      Not shocking about some the players

    58. Steve Clark

      What about Richard Sherman

    59. bloodline

      Tom Brady doesn't shake hands when he loses because he's embarrassed, he hates it when he loses and is mad at himself for the loss, he's so embarrassed he can't bring himself to face the other QB (not a Brady fan, just what I think)

      1. Eli Benda

        Blames them

      2. Eli Benda

        Definitely a Brady fan and Brady doesn’t get mad at him self he yells at teammates

    60. Paul Martin Cordero

      JUJU be like most disrecpectful karma

    61. Brody Sodon

      For the algorithm

    62. Austin C

      Lil pp

    63. mjvlasic

      How about Ndamakong Suh?

    64. Jay HOLLIEWOOD

      Would like to see a video of hardest hitting players in the NFL past and present

    65. Kevin Devlin

      Champa Bay!

    66. Nick Bell

      Was Birbit the 1 that messed up Antonio’s brain

    67. Nick Bell

      Omg that thumb nail tho 💯

    68. D B

      Most disrespectful? All players that kneel during the National Anthem.

      1. SJ Ticklebottom

        Eric Reid was one of my favourite players. Sad he did that

    69. Willz Cama

      To be fair, he is Tom goat Brady lol

    70. Cyrus Incera

      The spurious var verbs = [aardvark proximally remove because prose likely radiate via a bright lan. mountainous, obsolete suede

    71. Steven Evert

      Just goes to show that TB might be considered the GOAT as a QB in the NFL, but he's a classless ignoramus. Happy to shake hands after his team wins, but lose n he's a piece of trash. Can't stand the Cheating Piece of S**t at all.

    72. BEANS 123

      My mom alwayyyyyyyyyys says pot calling kettle black

    73. APaper816

      That pic showed a kettle calling the pot black...not vice versa

    74. The L.Y.T Network


    75. Jack Rayner

      I mean jalen ramsey went 3 for 5

    76. ald3baran s3x

      Brady changes on field Psyco Tom

    77. The Dreamer

      Ramsey told the truth about Dak and Eli.

    78. Jy'Mir Smith

      8:11 kaykayes do that dance

    79. Jy'Mir Smith

      2:41 Reporter wants to be known

    80. Daley Holder

      You left out Ndamukong Suh

    81. German Acevedo


    82. Angel Corral

      ..... I don't know what to say.

    83. Carlos Kreek

      Sharpe is hilarious on his show with skip. He hasn't stopped, but just makes it entertaining now

    84. Fernando Tomasino

      Whenever i saw the tittle, i thought King

    85. Barrett Evans

      Go browns

    86. silent assassin

      lol tom Brady so petty when he lose run off the feild

    87. Chester Rabago

      You Forgot Earl Thomas When He Flipped His Finger To The Seahawks Sideline 😂

    88. Wade Porter

      Shannon Sharpe will always be a legend

    89. Carlos Topete

      I still don’t understand why ab went crazy

    90. Tesea NYG

      Ramsey funny af 😂😂

    91. Ray Finkle

      Shannon gets a pass

    92. Patriotscards 26

      Day 53 of telling TPS their uploads are appreciated

    93. Jacion Bryant

      Raider nation I know that marcu dude he work at my school bus job

    94. Jacion Bryant

      Marcu willam dude work at my mom school bus job now

    95. D O Double G

      Romanowski is a straight up 2 ways about it. One of, if not the DIRTIEST player in NFL history...that's his legacy, which he's probably proud of.

    96. Anthony Carmichael

      As an Eagles fan, I still give Cowboys fans grief for the signing of TO, after his prior disrespect of the star.

    97. Nashville Bottom feeder

      Also, they reviewed the miked up footage of what Brady said, and it turns out he lied and was just trying to get Brady in major trouble

    98. Nashville Bottom feeder

      One time Brady gave a teammate the silent treatment for a week because he picked him off at practice, he also threw a remote into a tv because he lost a game of guess who, dont beat brady

    99. Ryan McDonald

      My guy

    100. Dalmatian Marshall Puppy 2021

      I don’t like how Tom Brady is on this list 😡