9 Blockbuster Trades that Would DRASTICALLY Shake Up the 2021 NFL Draft


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    NFL Draft Day trades that could change the landscape of the NFL.
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    The 2021 NFL draft should be home to several blockbuster moves that promise to change the landscape of the league. Yes, there will be the usual trade-ups and trade-downs. But for entertainment sake, let’s hope that draft weekend also provides us with several blockbuster moves involving veteran stars.
    Here are 10 blockbuster trade ideas that could dramatically change the 2021 NFL Draft.
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    1. Jorge Flores

      My prediction 2022 SB, Patriots vs. Bucketneers Rodgers vs. Brady.

    2. Adam Caballero

      Giants have two solif receivers already in john ross and kenny gollday why would they trade up for another one

    3. Anthony Valeo

      POV teddy b already got traded

    4. Rudy Salas III

      Well now we can add the Aaron Rodgers situation

    5. Wes Ruden

      What you mean "bears need a second receiver" bro we have Darnell Mooney

    6. CoolBunny Gum

      As a giants fan, we need o line

    7. Mosstwig

      Teddy is no longer a Panther lol

    8. Andrew Gluck

      Gilmore is a hall of famer

    9. Killer4life Berry

      They really think a team can get ertz for a 4th 😂

    10. Andrew Gluck

      I want Tennessee to draft Elijah Moore or Caleb Farley or Kwity Paye

    11. Andrew Gluck

      If Julio Jones goes to Tennessee I’m gonna go crazy

    12. Andrew Gluck

      Who wants to see Julio Jones and AJ Brown on Tennessee next year

    13. Andrew Gluck

      Julio Jones Plz Come To Tennessee I want to see You and AJ Brown

    14. Carol Carcar

      Bridgwater is already on the Broncos

    15. Jay Jay

      Ayo what kind of dumbbell was that?😂😂

    16. Michael Fetter

      Thinking the team picking at #9 is just a QB away from being a Superbowl contender is hilarious. Go Chiefs!

    17. Pika250

      inb4 Bridgewater to Denver

    18. Seahawks 4life

      Who's here after Bridgewater is at Denver?

    19. John Adams

      Who's here after the Bridgwater trade?

    20. Leo The Lion

      well that potential trade for Bridgewater is now in the toilet

    21. Nolen Now

      Well the bronco falcon is shot now because of teddy Bridgewater

    22. Merjanic

      Cowboys wouldn’t trade Gallup for anything less than a late first, nice try though

    23. Jayden Carroll

      Where’s my Seahawks fans at 🔥

    24. KingXGaming

      Bridgewater gone

    25. Steve Gallo

      Carolina just traded Teddy Bridgewater to Denver. That will have draft day implications.

    26. Ben Goedrich

      Well y’all got Teddy being traded right. Just not to the right team or return

    27. BROK

      *Broncos definitely aren’t trading up now after trading for Teddy B*

    28. Kyle Harpole

      Julio to the Titans

    29. Ilijah Saiz

      When did we get Darius slay? 🤔

    30. Michael Taylor

      Hey look, that Broncos/Panthers trade happened.

    31. Wongani Schlegel

      U are my fav out of all the tps peeps

    32. Trei Bolton

      Can you do best draft years for each team

    33. shawn bopko

      The jets need alot more to happen than just quarter back

    34. Walter Flowers

      I think the Ravens should trade there #27 and #31 1st round picks and their next year 2nd round pick for the Eagles #12 pick

    35. B P

      Bears cowboys trade is FUCKING HORRIBLE

    36. Oliver Fernaays

      Bills to trade up and throw in devin singletary with some late round picks

    37. Drew G

      Do a bit more homework on the Packers. 1st rd picks are for premium positions. GB won't trade up for an undersized receiver. Expect either OT or DB in the 1st.

    38. Andrew Smith

      I love how people always have offensive of player going to the falcons, when offensive was not the problem we need defense

      1. Sunset Ice

        We need to trade down to take a defensive player tho

    39. José Albino

      Gilmore to Browns not happening man.... Think about it for a while man.... We probably taking a CB at #26 or sooner, why would we trade our picks for Gilmore, if we can get the position filled????

    40. JyTheDon

      As a Washington fan I would like to say we don’t not want bridewater

    41. edward a. Garcia

      people who think dallas cowboys would trade michael gallup are idiots

    42. The Chief

      I kinda want the Panthers to nab Trey Lance if avl there.

    43. Zakia Santos

      me personally i want a qb for my broncos. ik it’s a projected pick for us to get micah parsons(who i respect high) but we don’t need more defense seeing that von is still there and the defense as a whole is still top 10 sound sooo ye that’s just me 😬😬

    44. Zakia Santos

      does julio leave along with the #4 pick? find out on nfl draft kai🤦🏾‍♂️🤔🤔

    45. Poti Gotti

      That pats panther trade should happen.

    46. ThatRedHairedDude

      As a Seahawks fan, I like that Ertz trade

    47. ChiefsKingdom15 10

      Video idea: Who is most likely to trade for Julio. And what would the trade look like

    48. Giancarlo Salva

      dude rondale moore is like wr 8 of this draft... why would we trade up for him!? If anything we’d trade up for bateman and maybe marshall (but marshall could fall to 29)p

    49. CW Volcano


    50. Sergio Jaime

      🤣 now why would the cowboys do that!

    51. Jacob

      Seahawks don’t need another tight end. We just got Gerald Everett

    52. April Ligtenberg

      How many trades do you think will happen in first round

    53. Drake Griner

      So what about this Panther-Patriot trade Patriots receive - car 2021 #8 pick Panthers receive-NE 2021 #15 & 97 plus jc Jackson or Stephan Gilmore

    54. Charles Dougherty 22

      Seattle would not trade for a TE 😂

    55. Tfue 8506

      Julio Jones might be traded

    56. Gabrielle Williams

      Day 2 of asking if you can do nfl players that said they were retiring but came back

    57. Tfue 8506

      Mac Jones is that Fat 8:56

    58. Tfue 8506

      The Patriots won't trade Gilmore for that 89 and 169 pick WTF atleast 2 round pick

    59. RealWorldFantasy

      Gallup is worth a first round pick, no question. Easily can be a number 1 on an offense that doesn’t have cooper and lamb to share targets, especially the bears

    60. MooseHead

      10 Best Most Exciting Non TD 1 yard runs.

    61. Taran Gopianandan

      Jimmy to NE for 45, not 96

    62. Patricio Pérez

      What about this: garopollo to the patriots and a sixth in exchange oficina cam newton and a fith

    63. ytc isbeast

      do top 10 undrafted players ever

    64. Sean DeVylder

      The pats will not trade Gilmore Lamar is a free agent and he might not even stay with the ravens after the 2022 season

    65. Bigbook 7414

      Gilmore to Atl for Julio Then the #4 to NE for the 15th, 96th and next year's 1st so we can grab Justin fields

    66. TheRobotofDoom5

      Seriously, they think Daniel Jones should still stay in NY, but locks a bust and should move on ? Huh. Look at how injury bugged Denver was compared to NY. TPS has become a joke anymore

    67. mr. duck

      You guys should do amazing catches or plays that happen in college football that wish they could be repeated in the NFL like Jadeveon Clowneys famous hit or CD Lambs amazing catch

    68. Walker Stringfellow

      Falcons could get Patriots 15# pick and 2022 first round pick or Stephon Gilmore. Patriots could get the 4# pick and get one of the qb's after whoever the 49ers pick. Justin Feilds or Trey Lance could be scary on the Patriots.

    69. William Summerson

      The trades I like the most. Zach ertz to Seattle Jimmy g to new England Gilmore to browns

    70. Ian carlo Perez

      Gilmore to Browns? They got greedy Williams back, he is the number 2, john Johnson is the slot, Troy Hulk is there, do not Say bulshit, also, the Giants o-line is terrible, stop moking wide receivers yo nyg they have enough playmakers

      1. Caleb Queen

        John Johnson is your deep safety

    71. The Catcher's Couch

      2 things: patriots would want a t least a 2nd for gilmore. They'll get a compensatory 3rd if he departs via free agency anyways, so why would they trade him for the 89th pick? Also, it would be awesome if the patriots traded the 96th pick either to trade up or to get jimmy g because that's the pick they got as compensation for losing tom brady, so they're essentially trading brady for their next franchise qb

    72. Justin Mathewson

      Do every NFL team's biggest contract liability for the next couple years.

    73. Matt Bib

      Video idea: every teams worst player right now

    74. Carlos Castillo

      Question: What does a browns fan say to a robber? Answer: I hate the steelers.

    75. Afro Dylan

      holy imagine the browns with stephon gilmore

    76. Waylon Felter

      your out of your fucking mind thinking dallas going to trade gallup for a 3 and a 6 dude..

    77. Waylon Martinez

      guy has no idea what hes talking about

    78. Kunal Saxena

      Why the fuck would washington trade for teddy bridgewater? If were trading with the osnthers we’re moving up

    79. Cowboys Fan Studios

      I can't imagine seeing Gallup a new jersey So I can't imagine that trade happening to my favorite cowboys wide receiver without it being contract

      1. Caleb Queen

        Man, I really, really hope we extend Gallup. My girl just bought me his jersey, and I went to Colorado State right before he went there

    80. bash prod

      Love the Videos

    81. Jesse Roper

      That trade would be awful for the Cowboys. Who the hell came up with that?

    82. CleetusVanDamme530

      Hell no, 1st or 2nd for Gallup

    83. Sir. Kidd

      Day 4 of asking for top 10 times tps talked to soon (like when you u said Josh Allen wasn’t worth a 1st round pick)

    84. Evan Kang

      Did I hear you say Broncos are a quarterback away from super bowl contention? That’s gotta be a joke

    85. John Mannix

      I would love to see what the ravens could possibly due now with two first round pick. Like maybe a pass rusher or another wideout. Maybe even get some veteran help as well

    86. EvanME El

      The pats aren't trading gilmore for that they declined a 1st and a 4th and said they want a 1st picks and a young player

    87. EvanME El

      I like how the pats r up here 3 times

    88. Raider JohnJuan

      The most hilarious part of this video is you saying the Doncos are 1 Qb away from a good or SB season. 🤣 bro that ish hilarious my guy. Good sh*t

      1. Hyab Berhane

        They have a really good offense. Super Bowl nah but playoffs definitely

    89. Ammar Sinada

      Day 1 of asking TPS to make an "Every Team's Future Breakout Star In 2021" video.

    90. Brendan Power

      Y’all undervalue players waaaay too much. A 3rd and a 6th for Gilmore? He’s a top corner, and will get at least a first round pick

    91. Brendan Major

      The Jimmy G to the Patriots trade won’t happen

    92. Antonio Veloz

      Julio to the Raiders 💪🏼

    93. Adam Dickinson

      Reporter: Can you guarantee you'll have a roster come Sunday? Kyle Shanahan: I can't guarantee we'll still be speaking English by Sunday so it might not be called a roster by then

    94. Super swag

      7:37 I don’t know about top 5 the pass rush is really good but the secondary is meh definitely top 10 though cause like I said the secondary is meh they would need a great secondary to hang with defenses like the bills, and the ravens, Steelers and colts but for sure top 10 I dont really know about top 5 there chief. maybe

    95. D S

      Cowboys will want more then a 3rd and 5th for Gallup. More like a 1st and 4th round pick

      1. Hyab Berhane

        Gallup is good but not worth a first round QB

    96. Super swag

      6:22 Darius slay?😂

    97. Epiilogue

      Packers and Browns. Packers get OBJ and 4th 2021. Browns get 3rd and 5th 2021 and 4th 2022.

    98. Lego Cuber08

      Day 3 of asking TPS to do the best undrafted free agents from each draft

    99. Nathan Ortiz

      Mine trade would be like this : colts - falcons colts get julio and the colts give 1 and round picks and maybe jacob eason to learn behide matt ryan

    100. Mike Martin

      Ppl plz stop sayin Denver is a qb away from win a championship it's jus nt the qb tht is the problem Drew didn't play every game nd yet the others qb didn't do much better fix qb coach and offense coordinator first