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    2021 NFL Mock Draft
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    With the NFL season over we all look the the NFL mock drafts to see where our favorite college football players will land and if they will land on our favorite NFL teams.
    Today we present the 2021 Official NFL Mock Draft version 3.
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    1. TPS

      Which player do you want your favoite NFL team to draft this year?

      1. Our Family

        Titans.need help

      2. The Tumbling Man

        Giants. Slater

      3. Official Routes

        I want the raiders to draft Jaycee horn

      4. Nick Stangle

        Eagles at six Kyle pitts I think other Trevor Lawrence and sewell he’s the top prospect in this draft especially just running a 4.46

      5. LeviathanRules

        I want Washington to draft Christian Darrisaw

    2. b r o k e b o i

      trent brown wasn’t good for the raiders

    3. Bulls 190

      Top 10 reasons why tps doesn’t want Allen Robinson on the bears

    4. voyager

      I don’t think parsons to panthers cause if they trade for deshaun Watson then they most likely have to trade the #8 pick

    5. Ryan Ouellette

      Why so many trades

    6. Darius D Millz

      Time for a new one

    7. noobical noob

      I honestly like the Patriots/Washington trade.

    8. Trey Cramer

      Slater is the best offensive lineman in the class

    9. Lev Anderson

      The 49ers have the dolphins pick

    10. Lev Anderson

      So bad

    11. Judge Advocate

      For the Packers, a WR isn't a great need. An ILB, DT/DE, and OT are great needs and should be targeted for the first 3 RDs. I'd like to see the Packers take ILB Nick Bolton in the 1st, and DT/DE Levi Onwuzurike or Marvin Wilson in the 2nd. Maybe, OT Brady Christensen or Jackson Carman will be available in the 3rd RD. We can always get a good WR after the 3rd RD, like D'Wayne Eskridge, Marquez Stevenson, Izmir Smith-Marsette, or Frank Darby.

    12. larry peoples

      Y'all really have Pitts outside the top 10? Ok then.

    13. Nicholas Natsvaladze


    14. Chastinn Allen

      Wilson gonna drop like Johnny

    15. Char Lie

      Where is Jason biondo?

    16. farrisfam12

      Najee Harris to the Tompa bay buccaneers


      Wrong dallas is not passing up Kyle Pitts

    18. Jack Forrester

      Ravens would not move up for Rondale Moore, they would do that for Bateman

    19. Tyson Snider

      Watch the jags draft Justin fields over trever Lawrence they always find ways to mess stuff up

    20. Italienische Landküche

      I think steelers will pick a center. This year they have Haskins behind maybe the last year of Big Ben. I think they will pick a QB next year

    21. Mason Ripton

      Yes cause it totally makes sense for the pats who need a QB to trade the pick away and move down when they could get Mac Jones in this production y’all are dumb

    22. Ezekiel Soules


    23. Dobet Crisostomo

      Pats will draft Mac Jones

    24. tsuv tom

      Almost every team wants a dual threat QB. Tom Brady: "Hold my Lombardis."

    25. Jacob Mendel

      I want $500

    26. Joel Stands

      Wow Asante Samuel ok like

    27. Joel Stands

      Ok Justin to SF works for me

    28. Daley Holder

      If Giants draft Kyle Pitts, could it be the end of Evan Engram's time with the Big Blue? Especially with the recent signing of Kenny Golladay?

    29. Jason Alexander

      The #7 trade. Budging off 7 for a 3rd comp. Silly video people.

    30. Dani Sanz

      No way panthers dont take Pitts if no other top 4 qb available

    31. Tristan Main

      This mock draft was just sad

    32. dan po

      honestly i just hope the 49ers don't take justin fields they will just be wasting his talent

    33. alejandro

      if giants get kyle pitts they’ll be real contenders but if they don’t draft him then nah they’ll still be trash

    34. Daniel Davis

      I see no situation where the Patriots give up the 15th pick for a 19th and a 3rd round pick. I see them either trading up or attempting to pick up one of the 5 QB prospects with number 15.

    35. timothy earnest


    36. Malachi Burbank

      I can’t wait for the draft😁😁😁 Who else??

    37. Mario Garcia

      Giants taking waddle bro

    38. Prestige V61

      No way the falcons draft a qb. It’s literally one of the best positions on their current roster. They’ll draft defensive players because that’s what they need

    39. FR

      Giants aren't taking Pitts with Rudolph

    40. Michael Lewis

      Lions got the shaft with that trade

    41. Who TF Dun It

      Steelers are not going qb 😂

    42. TRdutch

      Made it to pick #3 and I’m out. Any GM that passes on Chase is going to be unemployed next year

    43. jic

      christian darrisaw over rashawn slater and jaycee horn?

    44. Plumbo Dipkis

      Danielle Hunter isn’t going anywhere. Sköl

    45. ltoomer421

      Les go

    46. mike mars

      STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP with the Smith at 3 for the Dolphins. I take it you know nothing about football. F me and Phillips at 18.

    47. Nick Simich

      I don't see how the browns pass up the linebacker from Notre Dame or the linebacker from Tulsa. They are both perfect for the new defense. Cornerback would be an issue if greedy Williams can't go. but we just signed Troy Hill who can play outside or on the slot position. Denzel Ward is probably going to get franchise tagged to move the decision of either resigning him down the line or grooming a new cornerback. The only way the browns take a cornerback at 26 is if one of the top two cornerbacks fall to them. I think they'll wait till the second round and take the kid from northwestern even if they have to move up by giving one of their third round picks to the team they trade with in the second round to move up and take Greg newsome from northwestern. Trying to figure out what the ivy league front office of the Cleveland browns and I mean ivy League...... Are actually thinking of doing is crazy impossible. They're not impressed with eye candy. They're looking at so much more like what is the player's study habits how smart is the player is the guy just all talent and no brains cuz if he is they don't want him. They're bringing in veterans that are super smart football guys. Guys that can play a little but more importantly teach a lot of these younger guys what the NFL is about and how to properly study film and get advantages on Monday when no one else is working. They just signed Anthony Walker but linebacker from Indianapolis who does exactly what I just said in the last sentence. Finally Cleveland has themselves a smart front office and a brilliant coach and by the way they're sitting right now with probably the most talent on one team in the NFL. Now that will change in the next couple years because they won't be able to afford all these guys so look to them to make smart moves and make a super bowl run as early as next year.

    48. Luke Hodges

      No the panthers will not take Micha parsons

    49. DoggoBoi


    50. Nate Perkins

      really hoping the steelers take a running back

    51. Wayne Verhoff

      Barmore isn't a run stuffer.... He's a pass rusher from the interior. He is less than average for a run stopper.

    52. Wayne Verhoff

      No way in hell the Ravens would trade up like that for a WR lol and the Titans could use Rondale, Horn, Bateman, Samuel Jr., so why would they trade down. Also Owusu ain't dropping that far anyway.

    53. Wayne Verhoff

      How does a Tight end "open up the field" he's not an outside receiver

    54. Wayne Verhoff

      I'm sorry but why would the Giants not get a QB this year. This year's draft class is good. I would trade up for a QB this year and if Daniel Jones works (which he won't) trade the new guy. Or start the new guy. Or a more likely scenario and both suck well try again in 5 years why put it all on next year. Look at the Cardinals and Rosen If you know know

    55. Wayne Verhoff

      Broncos could use another CB but not on top 10 lmao

    56. Wayne Verhoff

      Sleeping on Sewell.

    57. Jon Smith

      No way Lions trade down for 1 3rd round pick that's just dumb

    58. Barrett Evans

      Go browns

    59. Noah Goodin

      the steelers will either take one of the running backs or tackles

    60. Noah Goodin

      i think the giants take rashawn slater since they just got kyle rudolph

    61. BeHappy

      Um...I may not be an expert but the Bills def need a RB so I think they should def take him rather then the Bucc's. The Buccs honestly don't need a RB anyway

    62. Bo Life Network

      Why would the Ravens go get another short wr

    63. stepped Harbor 80

      I really hope the pats select either Mac Jones or Kyle Trask because Cam Newton just isn’t going to cut it he’s better as a backup

    64. Alberto Ippolito

      Nice clouds

    65. Michael Shrute

      I hope the Broncos get someone good.

    66. D'aunte Bowens


    67. Swagster OG

      I don't see falcons taking a QB that high, especially not Lance. They just resigned Ryan as well

    68. Andrew Smith

      I really doubt the falcons would draft a qb at 4 it’s not a need for them

    69. Egor Vass

      First off . Titian’s and Ravens hate each other . Don’t think they’ll work with each other . Even if they do why would the Ravens take another tiny 5.7 WR when they have Hollywood??? Trade up and get Bateman !

    70. Marcus Pierce

      This mock draft is QB hyped to much & trade happy. Yes trades happen. Also the bears adding a third WR when clearly there is more talent on the board unlikely & the ravens reaching for a WR when they have NO pass rushers is unlikely as well. I feel like after the first 5 picks you just went for shock factor picks

    71. Ivan Hernandez

      This is dogshit

    72. Marc Rover

      Lol Trey Lance at 4. Are you on drugs?

    73. Louis Brusco Jost

      I believe that this curse regarding Ohio State producing bad NFL QB’s will only end if Justin Fields gets drafted to the correct team. I’d hate to see him become yet another Buckeyes bust, because he looks like he’s got more talent than any other QB in their 🏈 program’s rich history.

    74. Austin C


    75. Nunya Bizness

      Hmmm....Colts need an OT more than a corner.

    76. David Figley

      Smith at 3 gtfoh

    77. Heath Wood

      Rams pick Dylan Mosses with their 2nd round pick

    78. Mr Jalapeño

      If they don't get wasen

    79. Nicholas Woods

      Mac jones is trash btw good luck with that

    80. Mr Jalapeño


    81. Mr Jalapeño

      Trey Lance

    82. John Ratcliffe

      I'm going to say this as blatantly simple as I can. Zach Wilson is fucking garbage. To call him an A prospect is just ridiculous. The Jets, their seemingly getting worse GM, and awful new HC are just repeating the same 50+ year cycle of being fucking garbage they love. Wilson has a ceiling of JaMarcus Russell and a true basement of Ryan Leaf. Absolutely faced 0 legit NFL caliber defensive prospects, and lost to a true powerhouse in Coastal Carolina while looking like pure shit in the process. He didn't play any legit competition for that matter.. Add in the fact the Jets have an absolutely shit offensive line, and Wilson got hyped up draft boards for absolutely no fucking reason and bust seems like a very real thing. Also this is the Jets they love to ruin all talent they draft, trade them on the low, and then those players develop rather well on other teams. I'm a Jets fan, and this Jets team is a fucking joke, and the punchline on this awful offseason will come when Goddell says, "With the 2nd pick in the 2021 NFL Draft the New York Jets select Zach Wilson QB BYU." I'm just gonna resume drinking after what will have been not touching a drop for over 2 months. Seriously fuck this fucking pathetic squad.


      Caleb Farley reminds me of Jordan Poyer


      If the Panthers get Watson and Draft Micah Parsons or Caleb Farley they’ll have a easily top 10 defense


      A prospect I would want in the draft is J’Marr Chase he reminds me of a Kenny Golladay

      1. Lamarvelous

        Ive seen the comparison of a faster anquan boldin


      I think Devonta Smith isn’t gonna go good if he doesn’t have a good quarterback in the nfl maybe Cinccy or Lions he’ll do bad


      I want the Tennessee Titans To Draft Azzez Ojulari or Rashad Bateman,Bateman would help our offense

    88. Dillon Pinneo

      NE is not trading down.

    89. Burrito

      The steelers should take Najee Harris if he is available.

    90. Peter Donnellan

      Vikings not going defence. They are going to be good on d this year as last year they just had a lot of injuries. Plus 2 solid defense free agents have helped. I see vikes going oline

    91. Brandy Recto

      I would Najee in Tampa Bay but that is impossible 🥴

    92. Elid 57

      I don't really think the giants would get pitts if we got engram and rudolph but if we trade engram then there's a possibility, I feel like they would get a edge rusher

    93. Austin Cox

      The colts arent going to draft a db, they're going to draft a LT

    94. jamel shaw

      Colts corner... ok I respect it 💯

    95. josh espedahl

      Cardinals need a corner soo no they wont double down

    96. Chris Spano

      I'm amazed you don't have the Cardinals taking a CB with the 16th pick.

    97. James Spires jr

      the steelers are not taking trask get real there taking a rb or ol


      steelers are more than likely taking a running back, or OL

    99. Alex Snider

      The Panthers won’t have that pick if they trade for Deshaun Watson

    100. Vince G.

      I thought you couldn’t trade compensatory picks.