Every NFL Team’s WORST Free Agent Signing EVER...


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    The WORST Free Agent Signing in Every NFL Team’s History
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    Every NFL team has experienced some buyer’s remorse in free agency at some point in their history. Unfortunately, most of these signings come with a “no refund” tag.
    If every NFL team had a mulligan on one regrettable free agent signing? We think we know who they’d like to use it on.
    Here’s a look at the worst signing in every NFL team’s history.
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    1. TPS

      Poor Bears fans!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. Paul Z

        @Wick Dolf Wrestlers are athletes

      2. Wick Dolf

        @Paul Z how about real sports?

      3. Flash_Jax

        GO PACK GO

      4. Bryan Welsh

        I hate this channel

      5. GiveMeThemToes

        @Eli Peterson hi Mr clean

    2. Paul Clarke

      I swear this background music is Justin Fractions’s signature because I very rarely see him not use it for when he’s making a video

    3. Char Lie

      jWeertyuopasdfghkfllzxmcbvnj what letter is missing

    4. George Idan

      DUNTA Robinson is a cornerback you called him a QB

    5. Martin W

      I would say Larry Brown, Dallas Super Bowl MVP, going to the Raiders and be much less than a MVP!

    6. NSE Productions

      Being a Jets fan is rough 😂

    7. Michael Shrute

      The Bears suck.

    8. Austin C


    9. bradly mangold

      Titans Randy Moss cause we didn't use him and got rid of him quickly, so we signed him for no reason

    10. Rad Bandit

      For az Sam Bradford was pretty bad too

    11. Daley Holder

      Oh, how things would've been different if Albert Haynesworth signed with the Tampa Bay Bucs instead of the Washington Redwolves (and NO, I am NOT calling them the Washington Football Team). Haynesworth would've excelled under the Cover 2 defense the Bucs were running at the time. Heck, he may have been a Hall of Fame consideration had he had not gone to Washington. Dishonorable Mentions: -Ahman Green to Texans -Dana Stubblefield to Redwolves (Again, not calling them the Washington Football Team) -Dale Carter to Broncos -Neil O'Donnell to Jets -Andre Rison to Browns -Larry Brown to Raiders -Desmond Howard to Raiders -Alvin Harper to Bucs -Adam Archuleta to Redwolves (Still not using the WFT moniker) -DeMarco Murray to Eagles

    12. German Acevedo


    13. Angel Corral

      yes of course.

    14. egg boi

      Betting the bucs is Michael Johnson, Yep

    15. Michael Wallis

      Rick Wagner, Detroit Lions. He was signed on to be the highest paid right tackle in the NFL, a five year $45 million deal only to be cut after three seasons!

    16. R. B. Smada

      Glennon certainly wasn't a good decision but worst ever? I doubt that very much.

    17. Carlos Topete

      What were the cowboys thinking?

    18. Tesea NYG

      Still don’t understand Glennon to Bears , & now Dalton this year 😂😂😂

    19. Jesus Quevedo

      You guys should do when NFL players got revenge on another team

    20. cody hoyt

      Brock should have stayed with the Broncos and love the videos tps

    21. Taison Tran

      San Francisco 49ers: There can't be any other choice than Lawrence Phillips. He ended Steve Young's career with a completely blown blocking assignment.

    22. Rob Rousseau

      Scott Mitchell should have been cleaning the bowls at the stadium instead of being on the field.

    23. Nicholas Natsvaladze


    24. Stephen H

      Jaguars-Nick Foles

    25. Zach's Factory of Sadness

      Dang, as a Browns fan I thought it would have been Dwayne Bowe

    26. Badd Newz

      Adalious Thomas is the reason Bill doesn’t play players anymore lol

    27. PhoenixGamer34

      Giants-Nate Solder

    28. Keith Brubaker

      What about Dwayne Bowe Cleveland Browns

    29. Carlos Kreek

      Poor ravens

    30. Jeffrey Bomber

      Elvis Grbac!? He took Baltimore to the playoffs! Earl Thomas was a disaster of a free agent for the ravens.

      1. PhoenixGamer34

        The defense took them to the playoffs.

    31. Eli Adler

      Great vid

    32. Leonel Rodriguez

      Mike glennon the goat

    33. Lukas McCoy

      Glennon was a head scratcher for sure.

    34. Philly215

      Eagles could’ve had either Nnamdi Asomugha or Byron Maxwell here. Maxwell got destroyed by Julio Jones in his first game here and it only got worse.

    35. Kylo Rem Gaming

      Steelers should have been Donte Moncrief

    36. Lil Ronnie & Co

      I'd say Jadeveon Clowney for the Titans

      1. PhoenixGamer34

        Yeah, that was an absolutely terrible signing for them, was supposed to greatly hope their weak pass rush instead, it was still one of the worst in the game. Oh well, at least Ryan Tannehill, A.J. Brown, Corey Davis, Jonnu Smith and of course, King Henry bailed them out.

    37. Tracy Files

      Patriots are nuts in free agency

    38. Tracy Files

      Pats are going nuts in free agency

    39. Patriotscards 26

      Day 51 of telling TPS their uploads are appreciated

    40. Haley Murray

      The saints should have never got Winston

    41. Rodrigo Sánchez Maldonado

      Forget, DeAngello Hall to Raiders and DeMarco Murray to Eagles

      1. Rainbow 6 CEEJ

        That was probably the Eagles worst signing tryna use him as a east to west runner when he's a north to south runner.

    42. SportzBoi

      Patriots should’ve been Antonio brown. Literally played fir them for a week lol

      1. Kevin Barton

        they didn't pay him anything though...

    43. overseer Miller0330

      Honestly as a titans fans I think Deon Lewis was good for us, he was about one 100 yard touchdown run away from taking Derrick Henry’s job as the starter the year Derrick did that.

    44. Tyler Appell

      Justin Fraction has returned to us 😭

    45. subtle 6


    46. Luke Hodges

      Every teams best safety/cornerback

    47. Luke Hodges

      Can I have a Christian McCaffrey autograph rare Jersey I subscribed and view every day thanks

    48. Kellan Counts

      Mike glennon be like Uhhhh

    49. Mr. Young living

      They must suck

    50. Scott Sales

      Nobody in Indy regrets seeing Andre Johnson in a Colts uniform. Sure his numbers were down but he was and is a class act and HoFer.

    51. Quinn Jackus

      What are you talking about Mike Glennon is the goat

    52. Kevin Ramsey

      Arizona Cardinals should've been Emmitt Smith

    53. Captain Mando

      I'm subbed with notifications on!

    54. shermari peeples

      worst signing ever is Adalius thomas to the patriots

    55. Wade Porter

      Elvis the goat before the goat

    56. Issac House

      NFL team that Keep winning but It's too late

    57. Mario Olivo

      Brock Osweiler and Matt Flynn among the worst

    58. Quinn Toshavik

      Signing is a gamble

    59. JaQualen Winters

      NFL free agents grades

    60. Sullivan Saunders

      All of these players are WHOO

    61. Kevin Devlin

      Champa Bay!

    62. Kim Vickerman

      I subscribed

    63. DA REAL TRAY


    64. lopezfam

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    65. Chris Porter

      tps rules

    66. CosmicAlbatross

      Update your video for the bears signing Andy dalton

    67. Jesse Winslow

      Adalius Thomas worst free agent signing for the pats? *cough* *cough* Chad Ochocinco

    68. Carra Pool

      I feel bad for these guys but at the same time they can suck and still get paid way more than me while hanging out on the bench

    69. Mcsnuff Alot

      Ya Joe Johnson was one of the biggest wastes for the packers

    70. aba


    71. Flamzar

      Mike Glennon > Tom Brady

    72. BKC_ 2424

      The eagles can never sign a good corner

    73. Chinmaya

      Can you do times a draft pick proved their fan base wrong ; like jj watt and kristaps porzingis

    74. timothy earnest


    75. April Ligtenberg

      That bears when do you bears will have a good

    76. Macoog Gamer

      Bears cmon bro

    77. Tray Lathan

      Tips video suggestion each NFL team one off season move this year that will change there teams fortunes

    78. Benjamin Wagner

      Pretty sure we had worse signing than Garcia. Kenny Britt comes to mind or Dwayne Bowe

    79. Jon Stark

      Do best comeback of every nfl team!

    80. Alex Shearer

      Desperate teams

    81. NFLLover8

      feak 6ye

    82. Rocket Dude

      I'm surprised lucky Larry Brown and his big contract with the Raiders wasn't on this list .

    83. Daniel Ramírez Torres

      When this teams see this players they were like: what have we done!!!

    84. Ian Young

      Again do 10 NFL Trades that almost DIDN'T happen!

    85. Brennan Hess

      teel us who won the give away

    86. C V Nair

      Feel sad for each team.

    87. Allen Heissler

      I was so happy when the buccaneers said goodbye to mike Glennon, he was the worst qb I’ve ever seen

    88. Maria Garza


    89. PittsburghPens99 99


    90. Hamilton Pierpan

      you should just do a whole vid of all the bad signings by the bears lol

    91. HQ SPORTS

      Am I the only one that keeps getting deja vu from all these videos. Swear I’ve seen this before

    92. Jack Ford


    93. The L.Y.T Network


    94. sean dunleavy

      Mike Glennon was horrible the Bears

    95. kyle bachman

      You know these guys were busts when you've practically never heard of any of em

    96. Spaceknight79

      Bryant to Cincy.... injuries happen, no big deal. If this is a team's biggest mistake, they should be in good shape really. But this event instead highlights just how LITTLE the Brown family has even used Free Agency. In fact, before 2019 (and not including Bryant), Cincy had signed only ONE premiere Free Agency since it started in 1993. That was Terrell Owens in 2010 for a cheap one year $2 mil because nobody else wanted him. There's not another FA signing in all those years worth talking about. So of course if you don't play you can't lose.

    97. Brett’s Booze Reviews NOLA

      Brandon Browner was a much worse signing for the Saints....only time I’ve ever heard fans in the stands at a home game openly wishing for a player to playing for the other team so they can “score on him”

    98. Willem Waltheer

      Make a segment about each teams highest draft pick never to play a snap for the team that drafted them

    99. Carlos

      Hines ward was such a waste of miney

    100. Thomas Hickey

      Bears fan are rattle