10 CRAZIEST Stories Why These Super Bowl Champions SOLD Their RING


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    Super Bowl rings sold.
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    Super Bowl rings are not easy to win, so you’d think that anyone who got one would hold onto it for dear life.
    Well, that’s not always the case. Several Super Bowl rings have hit the market over the years, and in many of those instances, the reason for their sales have been pretty ridiculous.
    Here are the 10 CRAZIEST Stories Why These Super Bowl Champions SOLD Their RING.

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      8 out of 10 nfl players experience financial stress just two years after retirement An estimated 1 in 6 nfl players file for bankruptcy Career length and money earned has no impact on who goes bankrupt and who does not If you can't manage small amounts of money getting more doesn't mean you will all of a sudden know how to handle large amounts of money

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