10 Blockbuster NFL Draft Day Trades that Were “WIN-WIN” for Both Teams


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    NFL Draft Day Blockbuster trades.
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    The vast majority of NFL blockbuster trades usually end up being very one-sided. But draft weekend has been home to many mutually beneficial trades that helped turn the fortunes of not one, but two NFL franchises.
    Here are 10 blockbuster draft day trades that were win-win for both teams.... And remember, they must actually take place ON draft day.
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    1. Aksh Chalasani

      Vita V

    2. Skunk Ape

      I don't even care that Warrick Dunn went to Atlanta. He was a stud for my Bucs. I love that dude. My buddies used to laugh at me after Dunn went to ATL because I'd cheer him on while he was tearing off big runs against my team. I even wore his Bucs jersey while he was doing it. He and Warren Sapp will forever be Buccaneers in my mind, regardless of where they went afterwards.

    3. Jake Rumschik

      Biggest “What If” Moments for each NFL team.

    4. Panthers Nation

      Philip Rivers went North Carolina State Ik there similar but we’re huge rivals

    5. cute_Scarr Games


    6. Eli Adler

      Tremaine Edwards

    7. AndyVintage on Spotify

      Tremaine Edwards and Vita V? At least do your research

    8. Simon Rettieck

      Bills linebacker Edmunds not Edwards

    9. Kenny White

      Edmunds! not edwards. lol.

    10. Anthony Kernich

      Manning said that he didn't want to play for the Chargers, but they drafted him anyway lol. Chargers should have stuck with Brees and taken Larry Fitzgerald. They already had Tomlinson. That would have been a dynasty.

    11. Jessica Sweeny

      Anyone else hear tre’maine edwards

    12. Track Runner 16*29

      2:41 it’s Tremain Edmunds smh not Tremain Edwards

    13. Boston Nate

      Eli is a bitch, choosing where you go, go wherever and be grateful you prissy baby

    14. Boston Nate

      Every teams biggest contract in history or every teams worst contract in history

    15. Michael Engelmann

      I like hating Eli as an Eagles fan but wonder what it would be like if there wasn’t a trade

    16. The Hooded Hero

      15-second flex: I'm in the Revis' at-home draft party clip shown. One of the coolest moments I've ever been a part of.

    17. Jeffe Nordy

      if you cover sports, say the names right

    18. Babylonian Cowboy

      Josh Allen has one good season so far (hopefully the first of many), but Mahomes is an MVP with a Super Bowl ring and three AFC Championship games. The Bills still have plenty of time to catch up, but there’s no way that it’s even so far. Mahomes is one of the best of all time. Allen isn’t close to his level.

    19. Nathan Stegner

      I always thought it was Tremaine Edmunds, not Edwards🤔🤔🤔

    20. lopezfam

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    21. ThatRedHairedDude

      Mr Irrelevant of each draft since 2000 and where they are now

    22. stumpalump2000

      Do the opposite, make a lose lose draft day trades

    23. Jonathan Mako Symmank

      Winners and losers and grades for EVERY NFL team

    24. vondell12

      Every teams' biggest win and biggest loss

    25. Gabriel Magdaleno

      Let's me honest...the only Patriot who was key in the victory over the Hawks was Malcolm Butler. Because without him, the Hawks would have won. Lol

    26. Swazey Danny -

      Gotta love Veta Vi

    27. Jacion Bryant

      were my raiders at man

    28. emmanuel pius

      I got board so I just decided to rewatch the video

      1. emmanuel pius

        @Lego Cuber08 oh yeah. Sorry 😐

      2. Lego Cuber08


    29. Jacion Bryant

      2017 a great draft

    30. Jacion Bryant

      2004 a good draft

    31. Eric Garcia

      Do a worst trades ever

    32. Adam Siegel

      Day one of asking TPS to do "10 players who revied their career"

    33. Poti Gotti

      Chargers and giants both got a hall of famer.

    34. Kristoffer Thorsheim

      Day 4000 of asking: Best International NFL players all time.

      1. Braden Bowen

        @Mikey Carrero he means players that are from different countries

      2. Mikey Carrero

        There are no international nfl players. If you mean the best international (american) football players that list would still be all nfl players.

    35. brendan pontes

      U should do a most akward moments of the 2021 draft video

    36. Derrick Dawkins

      Best nfl teams RB/FB ever

    37. Thomas Melin

      0:51 Rivers had 2 children before he was even drafted Kid machine

    38. Uriah Acosta

      Top 5 or 10 players selected as the final pick in the draft please 🙏

    39. Alohavibez808

      This guy clearly don’t know nothing about a lot of things to do with NFL it’s sad

    40. Revealing Storm

      It's Edmunds not Edwards

    41. stealthraidzgaming

      It’s Pronounced Veya not Ve

    42. Bilal Qureshi

      It's Tremaine EDMUNDS, not Edwards! We don't like the name Edwards around these parks

    43. MerlinTheCaT

      Tremaine Edwards 😂

    44. CMT COOKI3Z

      Manning was better

    45. FREEZE Saint

      God loves you 🙏

      1. Revealing Storm

        Sounds like god needs a restraining order

    46. DaCoolBoy24

      It's Tremanie Edmunds not Edwards btw

    47. Dylan Soar

      VITA VEE?!

    48. Roy Mela

      Most of these are about who teams *drafted*. Not about who they traded for.

    49. Nathan Kim

      Lol he said tremaine edwards not tremaine edmunds😂

    50. Agent Beamstar

      2:40 My guy Tremaine Edwards is a beast

      1. Agent Beamstar

        @JoshAllenyaDigg? 😂😂 I remember that

      2. AndyVintage on Spotify

        Not to forget Vita V

      3. JoshAllenyaDigg?

        Lets not forget about Trent Edmunds our past QB who had us 4-0 until Adrian for the Cardinals destroyed him.....🤣

      4. Lego Cuber08

        I was waiting for someone to say it

    51. Owen Seifried

      Man, Tremain Edwards is great

    52. Mona Kolososki

      Day four of asking for best player in franchise history on each team

    53. Pokémongaming33

      Do power rankings after the draft plz

    54. xJustinian995x

      bills influenced the last two superbowl winners with trades. . . . interesting

    55. Brent Fugate

      Chiefs one def worked

    56. Francisco Castillo

      I really like this guy voice more than the other guy, the jets fan.

    57. Sir. Kidd

      Day 8 of asking for the top 10 times TPS talked to soon, I will go on forever

    58. Superman23

      The Bucs-Bills trade was definitely a win-win trade for both teams because the bucs got the player they wanted all along the stud defensive tackle Vita Vea who's going to be buc until he retires and the bills got their franchise quarterback in Josh Allen. so, for me that was definitely a win-win trade for both teams and as a bucs fan I was ecstatic the bucs got the polynesian Beast Vita Vea Go Bucs!

      1. Superman23

        Hell imagine Vita Vea in a faction with Roman Reigns and the Uso's that would be in the words of the miz awesome!!!!!

      2. chaosgreyblood

        I wonder if by some point he'll moonlight as a wrestler. 😁

    59. Ethan Schmitz

      It’s tramaine edmunds

    60. Michael Kurtzman

      if we are being honest, Manning in those super bowls got carried by his defense. But he did make some huge plays

    61. Dane Overdorf

      2:42 Edwards?

    62. Matt Jaskula

      Tremaine Edmonds not what you said

    63. Michael Kish

      Stopped watching after Manning -Rivers. Giants got a guy who never missed a start due to injury, set franchise records, finished 8th or better all time in yards and TDs, 4 pro bowls, 2 SB MVPs. Chargers got a choke artist kicker, a steroid abusing LB who both flamed out, and a QB who couldnt make the playoffs with the #1 ranked offense and defense. Win for the Giants all day.

    64. Terravolt paylor

      Did he say Treamaine Edwards??????Its Edmunds

    65. rush kon

      "Tremaine Edwards" LOL

    66. Left Twix

      You should do this again but do “Loose-Loose” situations 🤷‍♂️🔥🤯

    67. Jouse Ramirez

      Can you do Top 10 win and losers in draft day trades

      1. Kevin Black

        Most likely be the Browns on the losing side

    68. Hector Munoz

      Imagine if the giants would have kept Rivers! They would have been way better

    69. J Sudyn

      It’s Edmonds not edwards 🤣

    70. Mr. Mort

      La rams and tennessee titans. Rams got jared Goff, titans got Derrick henry, corey davis, jonnu smith

    71. LeSean Don

      Once again are the errors on this channel intentional?...there's a blatant error in every video 🤣

    72. Eli Muse

      The robot man himself

    73. Drew Shawgo

      Day 87: Best Duo of every franchises history

      1. Greenshockwave playz

        Bro not day 87 you have 10 comments on this channel

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      3. Mona Kolososki

        Do that

    74. Joe Haag

      Pronunciation is key

    75. Minnesota VikingYab

      I came to here to say Hi

    76. Timothy Murphy

      "vita vee" more proof these folks dont watch football and just read off a script

      1. gmanswcc

        They also said Rivers went to North Carolina when he went to NC State

      2. AndyVintage on Spotify

        Tremaine Edwards😂

      3. Henry Hudson

        yeaah lmaoo

      4. Free SLOTS Bonus


    77. Jude Parsley

      Tremaine Edward's

    78. itz crtz

      Edwards 😩

    79. Dominic Meyer

      Every teams best GM in their history

    80. TannerL 206

      Tremaine Edwarda And Vita Vee 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ fuck this guy sucks lol

    81. Peanut Butter Jelly

      My Cardinals definitely did the worst first 2 rounds

    82. Ray Shattuck

      Win win trade Saints revive- Draft rights to Ricky Williams Washington revives- ownership of the saints drafting rights

    83. Alex Hittle

      vita vi is not a player it is vita vea

    84. Alex Hittle

      "TREMAINE EDWARDS"??????????

    85. Silent Shady

      What about stefon diggs and justin Jefferson. We traded are first overall pick to get diggs and the Vikings used are pick to draft justin Jefferson.

      1. CPTNCRZY86

        The trade didn't happen on draft day. However, that is a trade that helped out both teams.

    86. bash prod

      Love the videos

    87. C V Nair

      Best undrafted free agents of all time.

    88. Tyler Xyooj

      Best late round (4-7) draft picks from each NFL draft since Tom Brady or that draft class.

    89. Bossome Bro

      Vita V? 😂 it's Vita Vea

    90. AgentWasabii

      Bills missed out on Mahomes during that 2017 exchange, but they also wouldn't have had that much talent on their team without all those picks from the Chiefs. Both teams win.

      1. Babylonian Cowboy

        The Chiefs won a lot more, so it’s not even.

    91. WolfDabber 999

      Day 74 of telling TPS to use chapters

    92. Brando T Comedy

      draft day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    93. Diago Bobo

      Tremaine Edwards nice 👍🏿

      1. Lindsey F

        Not to be confused with the Bill's 2007 3rd round draft pick, quarterback Trent Edmunds.

      2. Nolipoly1

        Yeah lol. It's Edmunds

    94. wryduchess7417

      Poor parsons hes on the cowboys mans career is over

      1. wryduchess7417

        @NightmareGAV um no I wanted Parsons but he went there so I simply said his career was over that's not living in my head

      2. NightmareGAV

        Glad you love them cowboys. Living in your head all day, Rent Free

    95. juan chavira

      Top 10 subscribers who pushed their ideas way too hard for too long 😂

      1. Jeremiah _Pain28

        On god

      2. Monsoon

        Yeah there not gonna see them

      3. Dylan Green

        If TPS (or any other channel) doesn’t like it on the first day, then they won’t like 79 days later.

      4. Supreme Military Commander of Cambodia

        For real though lmao, theres guys with day 80 or something crazy commenting the same damn thing

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    96. EliPlayz

      I swear, if I get one more annoying Uber Eats ad, somebody is dying.......

      1. Frank Masselli

        Tonight I’ll be eating.... IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT YOUR EATING TONIGHT!!! *the rock voice*

    97. unknown


    98. Jake Cummings

      Now do top 10 draft day trades that were a lose-lose of both teams

      1. FREEZE Saint

        God loves you 🙏

      2. Ryan Cooper

        I can only imagine the Ricky Williams trade would number one

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    99. Colby Hallberg


      1. KAY D


    100. Grady Richardson

      10 times a player messed up badly and did not feel sorry for