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    NFL player "How are you in the NFL?" moments
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    NFL “brain dead” Moments.
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    1. TPS

      Let us know what other types of videos like this you all want to see and we will make them. Thanks TPS fam! 🙏

      1. Max Schliebner

        The giants guy at the end 😂

      2. Bobby Steele

        I'm cool with highlight/ lowlights videos but I actually enjoy yall commentary on the topics yall cover (too much use of the word

      3. Christien Milino

        The story of TPS's life

      4. Peyton Ifill

        TPS i think a video of the "Best moments of Drew Brees Career" to celebrate his career after his retirement would make a good video..Please see this

      5. Peyton Ifill

        Video Idea: Predicting Every NFL Teams record in 2021 Way Too Early

    2. B. White

      Wow. This is poorly made. Maybe try letting the plays run to conclusion.

    3. Elijah Rowland

      The last one he was probably trying to tackle him so it could be a touchback.

    4. AnimationStation

      How you know this is bias: No Cowboys despite them being infamous for botched passes

    5. WKGamingYT

      2:22 this one he had no choice

    6. Nicholas Natsvaladze


    7. Char Lie

      I like funny football memes

    8. Uche Gabriel


    9. Noah Sheil

      “Only missed his target by about 30 yards” The disrespect by the announcer

    10. RA1NM4N978

      This video should have been named "Andy's Mistakes lmao"

    11. Andrew Howard

      I’m glad we got a better version of Ryan Tannehill, here in Tennessee.

    12. Jachob Rowe

      Here we go again hahahaa

    13. Hunter Deluca

      kansas city plays only

    14. Kennedy Cobb

      Yikes format.

    15. ETPDRI11

      The Russel Wilson one hurt it brought back some terrible memories from 2015

      1. ETPDRI11


      2. Abigail Arhin


    16. Ermin Duratovic

      Tbh the Bears have a good quarterback, it's the receivers who are ass.

    17. Gorilla Gang


    18. Random Name

      1:20 He didn’t put it down to the 1 he gave it to the cowboys 🤣

    19. Max Schliebner

      Lol good vid

    20. Stankhank


    21. aspenrebel

      I'm still trying to figure that last one out.

    22. aspenrebel

      Jared Goff traded to Detroit. Poor Bastard!! Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!

    23. aspenrebel

      Oh yeah, and people talking about the Patriots picking up Andy Dalton (now 3/18/21). I don't think so. I think I heard some team did grab him. Why? All this talk about all the Free Agent QBs, and they are all LOSERS!!

    24. aspenrebel

      Geee, I never thought of that before. A QB has a choice between Spiking It and Taking a Knee. Hummm???? And there is a difference in result. Hummm????

      1. aspenrebel

        I just never thought about it before. Cuz it's just automatic. Come up to line, spike the ball. Or take a knee.

    25. aspenrebel

      How about a video on "QBs that just never really made it in the NFL".?

    26. aspenrebel

      Tony Eason sucked!!

    27. aspenrebel

      I guess Russell Wilson didn't learn his lesson about throwing a pass from the 1 yd line. "Malcolm, GO!!".

    28. Trent Kellas

      8:50 The "UMPIRE" saved him lol

    29. mystic farts69

      Very good

    30. Martin Newton

      That last clip was definitely a rigged game 😂🤣😂🤣

    31. Football Productions

      Ryan Fitzpatrick was throwing to the dolphins before he was even on there team XD

      1. Abigail Arhin

        @Football Productions ik

      2. Football Productions

        @Aquatic Snake shut up this isn’t the spelling bee

      3. Aquatic Snake


    32. Paul Schultz

      I see you’ve moved on to copying Ding Productions

    33. Clumxzy YT

      omg it said red skins im TRIGGERED

      1. aspenrebel

        Rut Ro!! you're banned!! Not PC. You're not a good little lemming.

    34. ArmandAce

      Imagine being. a bears fan watching this and then getting the notification telling u Andy dalton is ur new qb.

      1. aspenrebel

        oh is that where Dalton went? Yeah send all Bears fans these clips of Dalton.

    35. Far and Beyond

      Could have put a whole video of just clips of long snappers with this title😂

    36. Abi

      I saw Andy dalton in this video more than anyone else

    37. Alex Villegas


    38. Kylethagoddd


    39. Chastinn Allen


    40. Tesea NYG

      Still think Bears make that game closer if Wims hauls that in I was pissed he dropped it

    41. Trenton Verigan

      Romo tho

    42. Trenton Verigan


    43. swyllie21

      Damn I like Brandon weeeeeden

    44. Jeremiah Womack

      I’m a bears fan but FUCKKKKKKK we could of won that game

    45. Sedrick Sly

      Hilarious video! Really enjoy it.

    46. Benjamin Franco


    47. The MTB MANIAC

      The ravens weren’t on here 💪🏻

    48. Landen Voskuil

      Wow people should think before they make a move

    49. Eduardo Segovia


    50. QuitWhining

      Aye I think Fitzpatrick knew he was going to miami

    51. UNTCPFC

      Intros are making me dizzy....

    52. Slymongoose

      Guys should check out average people kicking field goals.

    53. Korrry

      What do you mean Ryan Fitzpatrick threw to the dolphins touchdown

    54. trenton bruton

      This video should just be the Seahawks o line

    55. Franklin Carlson


    56. Deuce Deuce

      That last one has to be the worst one.

    57. Brayden Baumgartner

      Notice there was no Butt fumble

    58. billybats releaseparty

      Brandon marshal seen that Randy Moss highlight lateral and wanted to try it.

    59. YSF Dontéx

      I've never seen someone tackle his own teammate before omg🙉🙉😂😂😂

      1. aspenrebel

        Oh I have, but not for a safety/fumble/TD.

    60. Conor Horn

      I'm a Chiefs and Saints fan

      1. aspenrebel


    61. Camden Smith

      Why would I win

    62. Nick Romano

      In the last clip I understand he wanted him to go down instead of run but his teammate had no clue that’s so bad lmao

    63. Sentient Blob

      The Case Keenum throw wasn’t his fault. He clearly expected the receiver to keep running into the end zone and since it was a blitz he didn’t have time to wait to throw it. That should be on the receiver

      1. Simarion Shade

        That's what I was thinking. Both receivers do 5 yard hitch routes on the play. Something tells me the outside receiver ran the wrong route.

    64. Blackngoldfan89

      How about players doing things they wouldn't normally do? Like Ben Roethlisberger, he's punted once and made a tackle on his way off the field, which enabled the Steelers to go to the SB. Or Randell El throwing a TD pass to Hines Ward in the Steelers Seahawks SB?

    65. Jakob Krapfl


    66. Video Gamer 2.0

      I love these types of videos

    67. Cameron Sherwood

      7:13 poor guy 😂😂😂

    68. The L.Y.T Network

      Tps 🤣

    69. Michael O'Kane

      I’m shocked the butt fumble isn’t on here

      1. aspenrebel

        That was returned for a TD, wasn't it?

    70. Jimmy Chu

      Stop stealing ding prod's video ideas

    71. Parker Williams

      Good News! I didn't see a single bad Cardinals clip.

    72. reece singh

      Who's the best returner now, Hester was a god but who else ya know in 2021

      1. aspenrebel

        the best returner ever was Patriots Mosi Tatupu RIP.

    73. Haley Murray

      Y’all should do every teams most hated player

      1. aspenrebel

        who hated by whom?

    74. Ethan Cottrell

      Ughh so many vikings players and you guys left some out🤦, but we understand, were used to it

    75. Esdras Vincent


      1. aspenrebel


    76. Nate Perkins

      some players just fold at bad time!

    77. The Zebras

      How many Dalton clips was that?😭

    78. Joel Chiappara

      Do get this guy a raise moments

    79. Quinn Toshavik

      That's interesting

    80. Patriotscards 26

      Day 44 of telling TPS their uploads are appreciated

    81. Dianna Smock


    82. Jake Tompkins


    83. Dianna Smock


    84. Cullen Hirschman


    85. Jacob Wise

      W vid

    86. Bryce Eikenbery

      this season gonna be lit

    87. Gianluca Stevens

      2:58 I thought that was Brady

    88. Rochester Wiffleball

      Everyone knew Denzel Mims would be in this video

    89. Patrick Chase

      That one at the end really had my head shakin

    90. Aku Munyonga


    91. Hunter Mitchell

      Liked and subscribed

    92. FootballMadmen

      Best player, EVER, at each position

      1. aspenrebel

        Worst player, EVER, at each position.

    93. Timothy Powell

      The Titans really saved Tannehill’s career. He was not too good in Miami, now look at him!!

      1. Henry Hudson

        he was playing with a rebuilding team for half his career in miami wdy expect

      2. Gregory Lumban-Gaol

        Playbook is full of “Give it to Derrick Henry and let him run over everyone”

    94. b.a.green2000

      Yo make a vid on the bengals new uniforms

    95. Tom Adey

      And no there were no 49ers plays lol.

    96. Joe Shine

      Soooo awesome

    97. Robert Holmberg


    98. Josef Harris

      just why

    99. Sean Newman

      I couldn't stop laughing this video was great. I hope TPS keeps making great videos like this. I also hope I win some money

    100. Nathan Ortiz

      I wouldn't wanna be like mike lol