Every NFL Team’s MOST HATED Non-Division Rival Ever


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    NFL Team rivals.
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    As the years continue to go by, more and more teams across the league start to develop new rivalries with different NFL teams outside of the traditional ‘rivalry match ups’ they have with their divisional foes.
    And just like the old school rivalries, these new ones help make the league a more entertaining place.
    So, without further ado, let’s take a look at every NFL team’s MOST HATED non-divisional rival out there!
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    1. TPS

      Happy Saturday TPS FAM!!!! Who is your favortie NFL team???

      1. Dakota Linsteadt


      2. NoTaPRoGamER498

        @Homeycow the jets. So sad

      3. Homeycow

        @NoTaPRoGamER498 his is the jets

      4. Flareon


      5. Gamer&baller


    2. Dakota Linsteadt

      Chiefs and ravens is a good one they face eachother again

    3. Hallow Fade

      I hate Greenbay so fucking much.

    4. Chris Thayil

      To sum up this video: Everyone vs. New England Patriots

    5. KC Luu

      From my experience, everyone hates the Eagles or Cowboys due more to their fans than anything else.

    6. Alfvedo

      For 49ers I say cowboys and vise versa I’m always arguing with cowboy fans

    7. Jake Wilson

      Falcons Eagles!!!

    8. Martin Elliot Edwards

      As a bucs fan I don’t think we hate the patriots that much. In fact we’re kind of thankful for their generosity rn. I’d say our biggest rivals are the saints, packers, and eagles.

    9. goblue193

      Ravens vs Patriots

    10. manuel1846inla1

      Video Idea: Every team's most hated cross-conference rival

    11. eli claunch

      I’m a bears fan and I disagree, I always saw the colts as more of a rival than the eagles.

    12. Yong Cho

      how is it not the giants for the patriots. denied new england the perfect 19-0 season and then denied em a second time....

    13. TheCarter_Show

      Out of all the teams they could have picked for Tampa they picked the fuckin PATS? A team we haven’t played since 2017? Because of Bill and Tom? You got the Raiders, Bears, Packers, Eagles, Jags, Dolphins and Rams....these teams all play hard when they play Tampa 🙄

    14. Austyn Locastro

      Somehow I was born in Jacksonville to a family full of steeler fans.... its been awesome. Only team to beat Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh twice in a year and they've done it twice.....

    15. Daniel Boelke

      No the one for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers should have been with the Raiders. There is still animosity over the 2003 Super Bowl, pretty much everyone in the league hates the Patriots for good reason because they're the evil empire. Patriots fans hate us because we were an attractive destination for their quarterback after the GM and head coach failed to put an adequate team around somebody of his talent. It's not the Buccaneers fault that Brady left, and gronk was a steal. They don't even play the Patriots often enough for it to be a legitimate matchup. You guys need to actually do your research and also know the teams instead of just writing some BS to get a paycheck. Whoever wrote this video is a dumbass.

    16. Hollisbot Gaming and outdoors

      The title says most hated ever but the bucs could care less about the patriots if I was to pick one for the bucs it would have to be the eagles back from the late 1990’s and the 2000’s when they had a huge rivalry in the playoffs and then when the bucs shut down the vet with ronde barbers pick 6 in the 02 nfc championship game and all the years before that the bucs lost in the playoffs to them. (You probably don’t care if you weren’t alive back then or not a fan but as a bucs fan I will say fuck the eagles)

    17. Dean Schaefer

      The Patriots biggest rival is the Giants. There’s no question about it

    18. Mike Johnson

      I mean come on. Surely the 49ers rivalry with the cowboys is bigger than their rivalry with the saints

    19. The Stonk

      Browns And Broncos

    20. Victor Smith

      For the Cowboys it has to be San Fran or Pittsburg not GB, thats only a Rodgers thing for the last couple years.

    21. Zenith Bear

      Bears vs Saints are hella underrated... We always throw hands almost everytime. Eagles and Bears have no beef.

    22. Philo Beddoe

      As a 49er fan since the 70's I'd have to say it's the Cowboys. They tormented us in the 70's in the playoffs and we tormented them in the 80's and both tormented each other in the 90's. After that I would jave to say it's the NY Football Giants. Same reason from Montana to Young to Garcia to Smith, always played the Giants in the playoffs. Playoffs are where rivalries are born. Modern, from the 90's on would be GB. They handled us for the most part during the Favre years but we own the Rodgers era.

    23. The king Ahsa

      Dallas vs All🤣🤣🔵🔵

    24. Rocket Leaguacy

      I feel like the Eagles’s enemy should 100% be the Seahawks I HATE the Seahawks and the eagles lose to them almost every year

    25. King Aki'L

      The buccaneers most hated non-division rival is STILL the sAints They're just wearing different jerseys

      1. Hollisbot Gaming and outdoors

        I’m confused I might just be missing a joke but NON division rivals which the saints are in our division but yes they are the most hated. The eagles would have to be the most hated non division rival though

    26. Whitney Coake

      I think that the Kansas City Chiefs hated rival is the Colts

    27. Nick Carlson

      Every Raider fan: WHAT ABOUT THE STEELERS????

    28. DJ spainks

      I gotta admit- being a long time Titans fan I appreciate having a fiery rivalry with the Ravens.. I literally hate them more than any single team in our division, plus their fanbase is just awful

    29. BoneCrusher

      As a die hard Cardinals fan, I have to mentioned that you got both the coach and qb who let the team to super bowl 43.

    30. Nick Guiliani

      This video hurt the soul to watch. Almost every "Most Hated" rival was justified by oh they beat them once...... shake finger. If there was actual effort put into the research you probably could make a compelling video

    31. EveryDay-jay

      As a saints fan you got them all right.

    32. Jorden Palinkas

      who else knew that it was gonna be NY vs NY?

    33. Cole Jones

      Where’s raiders vs Steelers ? Even when the raiders sucked it was still a rivalry

    34. Shannon Smith

      Sorry TPS you guys got it wrong. As a Panthers fan, our rival of rivals among non division opponents are the Seattle Seahawks. Thoughts NFL fans?

    35. Jarren Hyams

      Let’s all agree if the Cowboys don’t go eating 8-8 or better they lose the America’s team name

    36. Kanekei

      For the Cowboys I thought it was gonna be 49ers

    37. David From Colorado

      49ers should be cowboys

    38. Louis Brusco Jost

      Atlanta Falcons: New England Patriots. Denver Broncos: New England Patriots. Houston Texans: New England Patriots. Indianapolis Colts: New England Patriots. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: New England Patriots. I guess that less than ¼ of the entire NFL just fucking hates those Patriots.

    39. Louis Brusco Jost

      Arizona Cardinals: Pittsburgh Steelers. Jacksonville Jaguars: Pittsburgh Steelers. Miami Dolphins: Pittsburgh Steelers. Philadelphia Eagles: Pittsburgh Steelers. I guess that less than ¼ of the entire NFL just fucking hates those Steelers.

    40. Louis Brusco Jost

      Dallas Cowboys: Green Bay Packers. Los Angeles Rams: Green Bay Packers. Seattle Seahawks: Green Bay Packers. I guess that less than ⅛ of the entire NFL just fucking hates those Packers.

    41. Name of Names

      Not sure how 49ers vs cowboys doesn't make it. Probably one of the most naturally hated competitors.

    42. Spencer Howard

      How is the Cowboys’ non division rival not the 49ers

    43. Matthew F

      As a Saints fan, I gotta disagree, to me our biggest rival is the 49ers, we went to the playoffs four times in a row 12-2 because our only losses were to the 49ers.

    44. generic_sauce

      The Washington Football team...that's still so freaking lame 😒

    45. spclklh

      I think you got it right with Green Bay and Seattle

    46. Rich Cicack

      Wow, it hurt watching this. you stretched several of the same rivalries into multiple entries and kinda left out the Patriot's hatred for the Giants. It seems like you guys have only watched Football for 2 or 3 years. That rivalry fits the criteria more than half of this crap.

    47. Jesus G

      As a cardinal fan I hate the cowboys the most but they used to be in the same division.

    48. Daley Holder

      i thought the Cowboys, Broncos, or Raiders would've been the Cardinals most hated Non-Divisional Rival. Also, shouldn't the Cowboys be the Texans most hated rival outside of the AFC South?

    49. Grant Eichinger

      Worst thing about the Packers-niners rivalry is that we're playing them for 3 years in a row. Oh wait, is that 4 years in a row? Jesus Christ NFL

    50. Jack Ericson

      Bears should be saints

    51. Rob Whitey

      As a Bills fan.... I can agree with the chiefs being a rival.... that Monday night game when Okoye ran all over us....

    52. Hungry Panda Studios

      As a Lions fan I can tell you that youre way wrong about us hating the Browns. We hate the Cowboys because Cry baby Dez ran on the field without his helmet on to cry to the refs to have a pass interference call reversed. Making us lose the only playoff game sense 1993

    53. Samir Timilsina

      San Francisco vs Dallas was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the video title.

    54. Mark Anfang


    55. Manbeast Morris

      I can agree with Lions and Browns we been feuding since the 50’s Lions last championship was against the Browns but I think the Cowboys is our most hated non division rival right now.

    56. Chastinn Allen


    57. Dee_ 23

      As a Titans fan, i can’t stand the ravens lol

    58. Idk _420

      I really wouldn’t say the Jets rival are the Giants. I feel like eagles are a better choice, considering that we’ve never beat them

    59. Deltasquad382943

      Wtf is with you botching the Cardinals’ Super Bowl lineup so badly? They made the super bowl with Ken Whisenhunt, Kurt Warner, and Larry Fitzgerald, NOT Bruce Arians, CARSON Palmer (not Christ Palmer for fucks sake), and Larry Fitzgerald.

    60. Robert Meyman

      Saints “allegedly” had a bounty program? Yeah and Sean Payton was “allegedly” suspended for an entire year. Super Bowl 44 champs*

    61. Matt Norris

      Or, for any Browns fan over the age of 13, the Denver Broncos. They kept us out of the Super Bowl three times. The Drive, The Fumble, Karlis Phantom Field Goal... Denver is 1000000× worse than the Jets. Lol

    62. matty1237

      as a panthers fan, its Seattle, defiantly Seattle

    63. Hippidy H0p

      steelers vs cowboys

    64. timothy earnest

      As an eagles fan I hate the Seahawks they always beat us in the playoffs (but cowboys are still the worst)

    65. IDK IDK

      No cowboys-49ers?

    66. Nicholas Miller

      As a skins fan, i totally agree with Seattle being the pick.

    67. Minej Patel

      I feel like the panthers and Football Team rivalry will be a good one for years to come

      1. Max Davis

        im a redskins fan but for the redskins it should've been the ravens

    68. Jayd3n _137

      Video idea 💡: every nfl teams best friend

    69. Michael Taylor

      The new York giants and the new York jets

    70. Killer Bee

      As a saints fan I am utter disgusted by the vikings and the Rams, I grew up with a guy on each of those teams and consider them nothing less than traitors. Also we can't stand 49ers fans

    71. Ryan

      Do non-conference

    72. ollieTHICC

      As a Steelers fan, we definitely hate the Patriots more than the Cowboys

    73. Bennett Hedman

      As a Seahawks fan I can’t believe u picked Packers instead of Patriots for our rivals

    74. Angel Corral

      I as a cowboys fan do feel like the packers is a good rival for them.

    75. Glenn Ross

      I feel most kc fans hate the patriots more

    76. Alexander Imgrund

      I'm surprised all of them aren't the Cowboys

    77. Niners4Life

      As a niners fan I can 1000% agree because one side of my family only likes the raiders and we always make fun of eachother over it

    78. Guy Man

      For people wondering, bills vs chiefs go a long way back. The recent AFC championship game between the bills and chiefs was the chiefs “revenge” on the bills for the 1993 AFC championship game where the bills dominated

    79. Steelers Fan1

      What about the Giants and Rams. They always tend to fight each other in just about every game.

    80. Shooter Mcgyver

      as a Chiefs fan Bucs are not our biggest non divisional rivals I would say Patriots are because Bill B draws up plays to contain us well ngl

    81. mrmoose6619

      No, no... Cleveland Browns and Denver. Need I remind you of those two ugly Playoff incidents in the mid-80's? Still HATE John Elway to this day.

    82. Cole Rubens

      I like how you say "Ever" but by ever you mean in the last decade. Morons. Bills fans hate teams they played against in the Super Bowl in the 90's 1000x more than they hate the Chiefs. Like, seriously. You're fucking stupid. The Bengals/Chargers isn't even a real rivalry yet and you straight up admitted it. This content is literally GARBAGE.

    83. Joe4

      The Packers' biggest non-division rival is actually Seattle, mostly because of the Fail Mary and the 2014 NFC Championship.

    84. Eric Chavez

      Raiders vs Patriots the Tuck rule is what started Brady's career.

      1. Cole Jones

        I just feel like they turn a blind eye to the raiders

    85. Aqua Shdwz


    86. bluerisk

      5:14 rivalry or comradery?!

    87. brandon 09

      what about the tank rivaries

    88. Samantha Rooney


    89. Billy Haber

      The Pats is no doubt the Giants. You know why...

    90. D.J Moore • 2 years ago

      The giants rivals probably are the patriots ik for a fact both fanbases hate each other and im a panther fan and even ik that there rivals is the Seahawks being that we play them dam near every year

    91. Pete Lucero

      U too

    92. Laird Purvis

      What the fuck are you talking about. The Steelers rival is the browns dumbass

    93. Call of Comedy

      Saints vs any one in playoffs

    94. Silas Agosti

      As a bills fans years I have suffered watching the terrible team I’m just glad the came to reluctance and I’m going to tell you that bills one is wrong it would be the Titans after the music city miracle and all the other times they have cost us a chance at the playoffs

    95. Matthew Hilburn

      Feel like the ravens rivalry should be the chiefs. Steelers rival patriots. Chiefs rival should be Texans. Before this year they’ve had a lot of great games in the past decade.

    96. Garrett Clements

      Love how the video name says 'ever' yet what they mean is recent for majority of the teams. I agree with the NYG, NYJ, Pitts, Eagles, and the Colts/Pats. But Dallas's most hated out of division rival has to be the Steelers and if not them then SF. KC could be GB, for Oakland it has to be Tampa bay for that one SB alone. For Bills maybe any of the NFC East who caused them to go 0-4 in the big game. The other teams I don't actually know enough about there rivalries to make a judgement.

    97. Fernando Tomasino

      As a 49ers fan, i dont hate saints I HATE THE FUCKING CHIEFS!!!

    98. Fernando Tomasino

      Saints hate vikings Vikings hate eagles

    99. Steven Clay


    100. Dracosmos

      Uh bro, the Cardinals went to the super bowl in the 2008-2009 season, and Ken Whisenhunt was their coach, not Bruce Arians. Bruce Arians was actually the Steelers wide receiver coach that year. Also, Chris Palmer? Do you mean Carson Palmer, who also wasn't their quarterback that year? Their QB in the super bowl was Kurt Warner. The only person who was on that Super Bowl team that you mentioned was Larry Fitzgerald who absolutely carried that team