Grading the NFL's 20 BIGGEST Free Agent Signings of 2021


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    NFL Free Agents of 2021 Grades
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    With practically all of the top 2021 NFL free agents now signed...TPS school is officially in session.
    Which signings received high grades? And which ones left us disappointed? It’s time to hand out the grades for the top 20 free agent signings of 2021.
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    Host: Aaron Leger
    Editor: Kyle McCormick
    Writer: Alex Hoegler
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    1. George Wilburn

      all professional athletes are paid waaaay to much

    2. Declan O

      “Anthony Harris B+” *then shows the name Kyle Fuller*

    3. Jacob Ball

      The giants love to overspend in free agency?? Love the content but that is so far from the truth. Love you man but... You did no homework on that one

    4. Henry Thompson

      All that you're spitting is a joke

    5. Joshallan21 Playsgamez

      On Anthony Harris‘s report card you showed Kyle Fullers

    6. MichelinMan

      Nobody watched this before releasimg lmfaooo

    7. Aidan Schalabba

      What about Hassan reddick

    8. Luck

      Washington is going to be amazing this year

    9. Patriotscards 26

      Day 62 of telling TPS their uploads are appreciated

    10. Kyle Boggess

      How is Mitch trubisky a D He should be an F

    11. WC M

      Is it just me or does Hunter Henry look like Tom Brady’s less handsome physically larger younger brother?

    12. 02zosick

      Patrick Peterson? He was a steal can’t believe he wasn’t mentioned...

    13. Itz J J

      the broncos spent less money for 1 year on kyler fuller then the bears did on andy dalton lol

    14. Ivan R

      dude you're fucking high if you think fitsmagic is a C+, he was straight balling out for the dolphins. Yes he has terrible games but that happens to everyone, i really feel like fitsmagic could have stayed at the dolphins and produced quite the show until tua came into his own.

    15. Chop Chop

      30 isn’t old ya bastard! Lol

    16. Zero Sports

      John Johnson?

    17. Jefe Muga

      good content, sloppy editing. tighten up!

    18. Krandle 47

      Did Jimmy Two Times write this?

    19. Rock Forehead

      dude, the editing in this is suspect, respect your work.

    20. Richard Donkers

      when they showed anthony harris it still said kyle fuller 😭😂

    21. Mvtt -

      TPS hates the giants I swear 😭💀

      1. Entertainah the sauce God

        Lmfaoooooo yup 😂😂😂

    22. Pretty Flacko

      If you paid someone to edit this video, you should never pay them again lol. If u did urself you need to tighten up and actually watch them before posting...

    23. cristiano

      i will never take tps seriously putting matthew judon as a better signing than golladay. and adoree jackson at a D-😂 this channel sorry

    24. Will Norcross

      Galloday is a overpayed wr who can’t stay healthy

    25. ECK Sports

      3:51 yeah maybe it’s an overpay but now by much, they needed him BADLEY and also the titans cut him to save 10 million, because he had no dead cap hit, not because they were not willing to pay him. This move at the least is a B

    26. Michael Ambrosini


    27. Michael Ambrosini

      bruh fuck this dude he always got some shade for the steelers bud been good for the past couple years and without him at the end of the year they blew ass

    28. RightReason

      These guys always have been and always will be idiots and failures

    29. Youngdogbert 71

      This list is just not it

    30. Mark Rodriguez

      Patriots biased much. Judon hasn't even been that productive. I don't see how that's an A. Will fuller is inconsistent and been injured too. Sone of these grades are bad.

    31. Gizzle Maanee

      You have interesting topics and decent editing but dude your takes are garbage.. hire some real analysts! Isaiah Simmons season was not disappointing it was very promising tbh he showed all the promise in the world and arguably got better every week. Respect to you guys and I’ve watched multiple videos but your commentary just doesn’t hit as people who really love football with your uneducated takes. Sorry if this is harsh I’m just disappointed that every video you guys say something questionable sometimes multiple. Best of luck to the future!🙏🏾

    32. Rhys Sanders

      3 year 39 million dollars. holy shit

    33. Hobie Armstrong

      Yannick is an A grade. Best edge rusher on the market for the same price Nelson agolhor got. Smh

    34. rivers joseph

      I guess Trent Williams is not a huge signing...smh

    35. Lynn Ohman

      Who here after the sam darnold trade

    36. David Amuka

      Repent and turn to Jesus

    37. Chiefspin

      Lol Kyle fuller instead of Anthony harris

    38. Orange-Macky-Monkey

      Anyone else notice that at Anthony Harris it said Kyle fuller?

    39. Crispy wave !

      This is a video all I gotta say.

    40. Joao Ribeiro Lima

      When They said antonhy haras It apeard kyle fuller

    41. william white

      I'm soooooooooo glad no more Andy Dalton in Dallas

    42. Isaiah Olivas

      Wtf is up with these grades. It was skipp and Shannon and the entire nfl and now you?!

    43. Dante Haskell

      Andy all 3 teams online were bad he needs an oline

    44. Venomouspro9

      I like how they accidentally put Kyle Fuller instead of Anthony Harris

    45. calvin johnson jr

      U missed the 49ers free agent sign

    46. Isaac Aragon

      Will anybody ever mention the fact that Linsley is literally a center?!

    47. Crispy Waffles

      Maybe it’s just because I’m a panthers fan but I thought the panthers additions of Haason Reddick, and Denzel Perryman where some pretty solid moves. Then again Its just one persons opinion.

    48. Nevell & Nekyr YT

      "Anthony Harris: B+." Am I The Only One Who Noticed That Anthony Harris Is Suddenly Kyle Fuller? 3:25 Bottom Of The Screen. Look I Get That TPS Is Tryna Put Out Stuff Every Week But Where's The Proofread?

    49. dave s.

      When did Andy Dalton stop being a starting caliber qb? When did starting caliber qbs stop being worth 10 million and higher? He struggled initially but in the final 7 games he went 4-3 w/ a 95 passer rating, 13tds & 1,700 yards (all of which are top 10-15 during that span

    50. Dalton pen

      watt should be a b+ of not an a-

    51. Md Jobidul


    52. Adam Gladwin

      5:12 they got the young veteran pass rusher c’mon TPS sort your bullshit out

    53. Brian Belden

      The Bears got a D? The Bears should get an F. A big F as in Fire Pace ans FFFUCK the McCaskys!

    54. ballernoah2019

      He didnt do alex mack

    55. Chantheman

      Brady has it made but he needs more rings then cars that he has

    56. Christopher Bingham

      Fitz = C+ ? He was the best QB available in free agency and he'll be the best Washington QB in a LONG time other than Kirk, Alex, and RG3 before the latter 2 got injured. Terry, Curtis, and Logan will love playing for him. He can also mentor a young QB. And he's become less turnover-prone in recent years. If this works out, we can extend him, and if not, it's okay because we only signed him to 1 year. I'd give him an A+ William Jackson 3 is also an A+. We needed to upgrade the CB position after Darby left, and we got one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL. He, Fuller, and Kurl will form a strong secondary that will complement our strong pass rush. It will be difficult for teams to score on us.

    57. steven baldin

      Kyle fuller should be 1st

    58. Jay Miller

      Washington is gonna be scary this year.

    59. Nathan Goble

      Dan Quinn is signing all the former Falcons players apparently

      1. Nathan Goble

        @R & F hopefully it doesn't turn out like that

      2. R & F

        So they are choke artists then right?

    60. Alex Hittle

      did they just say that the Dolphins "won the division"? lol

      1. Alex Hittle

        oh oops they were talking about the Washington no-names oops

    61. Alex Hittle

      i thought that Adoree Jackson was a great signing personally

      1. Entertainah the sauce God

        He is a great signing The Titans didn’t have pass rush so coverage can only hold up for a while and that made him look terrible but the giants got pass rush so he’s not gonna be terrible hoping he stays healthy

    62. Dana Carter

      No love to the Browns, again.

    63. Dana Carter

      John Johnson to the Browns: A+

    64. Mohammed Saafin

      Forgot about the browns signing

    65. zach ramsay

      Yeah congrats to Miami for signing Fuller for 5-10 games

    66. Rio Runner

      Where was Samson Ebukam?

    67. Ryan Daub Daubenschmidt

      Editors really didn’t take their time on this one huh?

    68. Liam Franson

      They put Kyle fuller twice

    69. Nynxkx

      emmanuel sanders, john johnson underrated asf

    70. Thomas Dietz - WPM1C

      the chiefs cant have much cap space when they are paying Mahomes and the new offensive tackle they signed so much money, are they gonna be able to keep Kelce and speedy Gonzalez whenever the approach FA

    71. Hudson Hind-Dersch

      TPS hates the chargers. its confirmed

    72. Eli Adler

      Lol jackson is massively overpaid

    73. Josh Rodriguez

      Do the Patriots own TPS

    74. Reilly Butz

      Anyone else notice that they all were literally in love with every move the Patriots made?

    75. Mario Martinez

      Keanu Neal?

    76. S B

      JJ Watt is not a necessity...are you stupid son or just bad at being on the internet?

    77. Vada__

      You think Shaquille Griffin to the jags was good?

    78. Billy Brittain

      Bud Dupree was definitely a B+ to A- signing. The fear of him not being able to produce without Heyward or Watt is understandable but this Titans defense has Jeffrey Simmons, Harold Landry, Rashaan Evans, & Jayon Brown all in the box. Dupree - if healthy - will have a lot of success and bring the Titans a much needed stabilizing pass rusher.

    79. XxUnsaintedxX

      What about Mitch turbiski or Emanuel sanders? Fake news...

    80. Jon Doe

      These video is edited super ghetto

    81. Mark Anfang

      Big offseason

    82. Stupid Stuff

      Anthony Harris appearently changed his name to Kyle fuller

    83. Chastinn Allen

      B for the Patriots

    84. Brody Grenz

      On Anthony Harris they still had Kyle Fuller than they didn't change it

    85. Poopy Butter


    86. The L.Y.T Network


    87. Jess Wilson

      Now go by team... AZ got J.J. Watt, A.J. Green, Malcolm Butler (who picked off R. Wilson in the superbowl I might add) and more including a safety and a guard and a trade for a great Center who only has allowed 3 sacks... Id give AZ an A for all off-season moves combined so far...

      1. Carson Jones

        Yeah but they hate on az

    88. Zaaa Warudooo

      The bengals get a third round comp pick for Lawson next year which is most likely why they chose Hendrickson over him

    89. timothy earnest

      Welcome to the eagles Anthony Harris

    90. Rohit Thomas

      Am I the only one who saw that instead of saying Anthony Harris it said Kyle fuller again

    91. No Name

      So this guy has no idea what he’s talking about..

    92. Joshua Hunt

      One of the biggest reasons titan signed Dupree is bc he is great in the run game do your homework before saying stuff

    93. Nathanael Schepian

      who needs a good secondary when you have j.j watt!!!

    94. Tristan Webb

      Grade each team based on how good they did in free agency

    95. Angel Corral

      I like these videos.

    96. Pharisee

      C on dupree lmaooooo , BUD helped tj just as much as tj helped bud

    97. JackAttack Clan

      Anthony harris is apparently kyle fuller

    98. Charles S

      Is it just me or am I the only one that noticed that with golladay they said he missed all but five games and 2020 and will be back to full health in 2021 twice

    99. Jordan Smith

      Man I wish we could have franchise taged Kenny golladay we needed him

    100. Andrew Merrill

      No John Johnson lll or Troy hill wow! Sleeping on Cleveland Browns.