15 NFL Draft Picks That Teams Totally F****D UP On…And How They Eventually Corrected It


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    Messed up NFL Draft picks and how they were finally corrected.
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    For any NFL team, there are few better feelings than totally redeeming yourself after making a brutal mistake.
    In recent years, several NFL clubs swung and missed on a highly-anticipated draft selection, only to make up for it a few short years later.
    Here are 15 examples where a team totally messed up on a draft pick....only to make up for that mistake a fe years later.
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    2. Eddison Foncette

      Yes, "the nine mistakes " statement was ridiculous however, Rosen doesn't deserve to be on this list as he never really had an opportunity to develop. The new regime got rid of him immediately, Trubisky and Darnold at least had time. Go Hawks

    3. justin beleski

      F Josh Rosen,And yes to K1

    4. Hexor SSB

      Man, I don't even remember EJ Manuel being around for /that/ long. It feels like he got drafted and just dipped lmaooo

    5. Todd Irwin

      2020 Tom Brady Rushed 30 Times for 6 Yards? XD

    6. stephenson aman

      Tbh I just watched to see if the Pats were on there 🤣🤣 #InBillWeTrust 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

    7. Paul Weston

      How about ranking all of the First overall draft picks who have won a Superbowl!!! While I think Payton Manning would be #1, what about the rest? John Elway, Troy Aikman, David Carr, Terry Bradshaw, and who else? I think it would be a good list. Please help make it happen.

    8. Frank Gariépy

      Id take Kuechly over Wagner any day of the week, FIGHT ME

    9. MAC P

      I'm not gonna lie, I thought Solomon Thomas was going to be a stud

    10. Connor M

      13:28 “I’m coming for Tom Brady’s record” he couldn’t even say that with a straight face

    11. Damos Doom

      Funny how you skipped Peterman for the bills

    12. bakken hawk

      Calling Baker a "home run" is a bit of a stretch.

    13. Stacie Watson

      Yo sick vid

    14. Xzander Graves

      Jesus loves you and He died for your sins and because of His love grace and mercy He is willing to forgive you. Also it's either paying for your own sin (hell) or accepting Jesus' payment for you, Which do you choose?

    15. Ryan Marino

      I think Luke Kuechly was the best LB of the decade, but other than that, good video.

    16. chris ayres

      between manziel and mayfield there was deshone kizer, i know he was a 2nd rounder but he was drafted to be their qb1 and started 15 games his rookie season....video wouldn't be as flashy without that manziel to mayfield connection but you can't bypass history

    17. Randall Daryelle Johnson

      Really Tom Savage.. dude was a 4th round pick and had 0 expectations to lead a team

    18. BigW55

      Rosen never had a fair shot. Change my mind.

    19. Troy C

      Allen has a great arm. He can throw bombs

    20. Troy C

      Manziel could have worked out if he was mature enough. Too bad


      Everybody ahead of rosen has had a good career accept maybe darnold but he just escaped gase so maybe he could turn it around. Its just so hilarious

    22. Oscar Perez

      The EJ Manuel pick from the Bills had me rolling.

    23. Desmond Clark

      What the hell! This list is in a random order

    24. Jason Brown

      I wonder if the bears taking fields after the trubisky incident will be one of these incidents

    25. Blink

      Mitchell Trubisky to Justin Fields

    26. Poti Gotti

      Bills deserves a ton of credit for the patience they showed on josh allen.

      1. Connor M

        Fr they had a plan and they stuck with it

      2. Poti Gotti

        @14gears 2years is a lot of time especially in this era. Back then.. its a different story. But in this generation? Team get impatient on qbs that quick

      3. 14gears

        2 years is not a lot of time to let a potential franchise QB develop. You saying that just proves how short an attention span some fans have and is the reason some teams keep drafting a new QB every few years.

    27. Poti Gotti

      U should put all qbs the browns picked before baker. Hahaa

    28. ThatRedHairedDude

      Day 8 of Top 10 Dreadful Mistakes made by the Cleveland Browns

    29. Kent Freeman

      Even if Fields become a hofer like I see it playing out still don't justify passing on Patty

    30. ErikCB912

      God Jamal Adams, I’ll never forgive Adam Gase for chasing him away. At least the Jets got a lot of draft picks for him.

      1. Troy C

        ErikCB912 Jets fans deserve better.

    31. Angel Personaldvds

      @tps Next Video Suggestion: 10 Worst NHL Contracts of all time.

      1. Angel Personaldvds

        @HIGH GROUND Yep, That's True

      2. HIGH GROUND

        Rick Dipietro comes to mind

    32. Caleb McMillan

      trubisky to fields

    33. Jake Tompkins

      Great viddo

    34. Relentlezz41

      When are we getting 2021 draft grades?

      1. Relentlezz41

        @irishkidd84 thanks Boss. You're the best. I hope more people say it

      2. irishkidd84

        Editing that video now, will premiere tomorrow morning 9:30 EST

    35. AwesomeAce

      Vid idea: 5 hall of famers eho shouldnt be in the hall of fame and 5 soon to be hall of famers who shouldnt be in it

    36. Hassan Simpkins

      I understand the comparison, but 49ers passing on Watson and Mahomes isn't 100% absolved by Nick Bosa pick. That's why they needed to give up the farm to get a qb this year lol.

    37. Oddball Skull

      15 tps videos that said the chiefs would win the Super Bowl..and how they fucked up

    38. Cameron Gore

      Can we get some draft grades?

      1. irishkidd84

        Editing that video now, will premiere tomorrow morning 9:30 EST

    39. Gallonz ofFun

      As a panther fan i will never be allowed to forget Jimmy clausen. Fair enough 😄

    40. Arien Maxam

      Rosen has never had a good chance yet but I feel he was the best out of that class and I'm waiting for him to prove everyone wrong

    41. Brendan Major

      Wow you forgot about Diggs before Jefferson

    42. J P

      Benjamin a Popeyes biscuit away from being a tight end 😂

      1. KJ Jackson

        And what do you know, he's now a Popeyes biscuit of a Tight End on the New York Giants now.😂

    43. Denzel Ferges

      Kyle holler to joe flacco. SMH. Thank u joe.

    44. Chris Potts

      What about the Lions missing on Charles Rogers, and then getting Mike Williams, and THEN getting Calvin Johnson?? That was one of the greatest makeup jobs ever!

      1. Troy C

        Chris ugh too bad the Loins as a franchise wasted Johnson’s talents as well as Sanders. Lions fans deserve better.

    45. Adam Siegel

      Day 2 of asking TPS," 10 players who revied their career". Idk if it had been done but if it hasn't then go for it.

    46. Dominic Meyer

      Josh Rosen must’ve been high when he said he’s gonna catch Tom Brady’s records😂


      Lions- drafting Charles Rogers then selecting Megatron

    48. ItsStephen

      yall aint gotta do murray like that 😂

    49. Paulo

      I think you should... Adjust your uploads based on hour of uploading. Please only use Justin Fraction for night/evening uploads.

    50. Casey Linebarger

      Arizona fucked over Josh Rosen BAD, Rosen didn’t fail the Cardinals, Cardinals failed Rosen

    51. John Jenkins

      @4:10 y'all forget about Luke Kuechly?

    52. John Jenkins

      Oh yeah, Jimmy "Pickles" Clausen... Those were some fun years we had with Cam. CAAAAAAaaaaaaaammmmmmmm! I'll never forget that 2015 season, except the Superb Owl.

    53. The Guardian

      With top pick each year browns will get one right one day, fat baker is not the guy.

    54. MFG Productions

      In other words the 2013 and 2014 draft class were bust filled 😂😂😂

    55. Red C1515

      Good ole boys just accept it Rosen is a bust can't even get 20 career tds yet 19 ints 😂 they scared to hold that bum accountable for anything. No excuses he can't read a nfl defense. Typical UCLA QBs 🗑️🚮

    56. Bradley Miles

      I don't think Rosen is a bust. He didn't really get a chance to prove much

    57. Red C1515

      Here's a question, when is Josh Rosen going to get 20 career tds, 19 ints but still under 20 career tds.

    58. Jarred Brown

      I really wanna know this one about us Green Bay with this crazy Rodgers news going around tell 5 reasons why Rodgers should leave and 5 why he should stay with the packers until he leaves.

    59. True Journey

      Josh Rosen really said there was 9 mistakes drafted before him lol

      1. Kyle Woodowens

        Lol funny because every single one of them are still starters.

    60. Rj Connell

      Luke kuechly>Bobby Wagner

    61. Jacob Leroux

      *Jacksonville Jaguars: Blaine Gabbert, Blake Bortles, Gardner Minshew, to Trevor Lawrence*

      1. HIGH GROUND

        Except Gardner Minshew wasn't a mistake. He was excellent value to get a starting caliber QB in the 6th round

      2. Red C1515

        So basically the bust cycle continues

    62. Jacob Leroux

      One year wonder team seasons

    63. vondell12

      Watson? Top 5? No

    64. Melissa Capaccio

      That kyler murray picture out of nowhere had me dying 🤣😭🤣😭🤣

    65. Michael Engelmann

      No, we should have Justin Jefferson 😤🤬🦅🦅🦅 as well as DK

    66. Jens-Christian Osen

      Oddat 4:07 it lists Bobby at 6’3 when he's really 6 ft

    67. Michael Engelmann

      Isn’t Bosa a racist? I remember he did/said something really bad

    68. Fresh Gaming

      I REALLY hope this Justin Jefferson thing ages well. Jefferson looked great his rookie year, and it was so fun to watch him. I would absolutely hate to see him be a 3-year bust.

    69. Kikin500 538

      Ayooo who else notice kyler murry feet 😂😂

    70. April Ligtenberg


    71. CosmicAlbatross

      Redo this video and put Mitchell trubisky and Justin Fields at the number one spot lol bear down

    72. MericanMade

      Bears fan here, Trubisky to Fields. I know that he hasn’t even played yet but the fan based attitude towards him alone is enough. No one wanted Trubisky when we drafted him but now with Fields we are excited

      1. Blaze Tino

        Yeah too early to tell. Come back on the matter one year from now.

      2. J P

        I don’t get it. I am not excited for Fields at all. No chance all of those qbs from this draft work out and I wouldn’t put money on Fields.

    73. FREEZE Saint

      God loves you 🙏💪

    74. CBPhilly Cards

      Rosen just needs an opportunity to succeed, I think he still could if they made it back on a roster. Maybe backing up some injury prone guy like bridge water, Wentz?

      1. Red C1515

        Nope had his chances accept it he sucks and is a bust

      2. Melissa Capaccio

        Oh ffs I'm sick of seeing this Miami have him a chance! Dude couldn't get right so they benched him!

    75. Ryan Swain

      Would the bengals Be John Ross to Ja marr Chase?

    76. Alex Loya

      Man they did Josh Rosen dirty, I believe that he can be a top QB in a system that works for him

      1. True Journey

        Top QB on Madden lol

    77. Nelson Roberts

      Rosen only had 1 year with a terrible team around hard to gauge

      1. Kyle Woodowens

        He competed for starting QB with Ryan Fitzpatrick in 2019 and lost. I think that says enough.

    78. Douglas Janifer

      Ravens: Breshad Perriman to Hollywood Brown?

    79. Noah Goat 101

      next vid: 10 qbs who looked like a franchise qb at first then fell off a cliff

    80. Jeramy Bange

      Jamel Dean and Carlton Davis III compared to the last 30 dbs the bucks picked lol

    81. Oscar Perea

      Who else saw they did kyler dirty

    82. Angelo Lopez

      Mayfield's is overrated

    83. bash prod

      Love the videos

    84. Daniel Silva

      Ryan Leaf --> Philip Rivers

    85. Cristian Salgado

      Not sold on Mayfield.

    86. Michael Jr.

      Huge Fred Warner fan, out of San Diego 🤙🏽

    87. Ethan

      Next video: Top 10 runs for exactly 4.2 yards in the 2014 season

    88. William Summerson

      Josh Rosen will forever be in the worst qb draft busts. Ryan leaf, Johnny Manziel, tim couch, tim tebow, jamarcus Russell

    89. Frank Masselli

      Surtain to the cowboys at 10 😂😂😂


      Where's From Clausen To Cam Newton

    91. Gabriel Magdaleno

      @12:06 As usual, TPS showing us they don't know what they're talking about. Randy Moss had 10 more TDs than Jefferson with only 87 less yards and on 19 less catches but Jefferson had the BEST rookie WR season of all time? GTFOH.

    92. tail

      Just 1 think Keuckly was better than wagner So that statement i disagree with Other than that good vid.

    93. Gros bs

      Noti gang 🤟

    94. BROK

      *Biggest steals of the draft??*

    95. Ivan Castle

      #1 Bill's nathan petterman to josh allen

    96. Paul Weston

      2013 will forever by known as the draft without talent! I may be wrong, but I would bet there wasn't 10 really good players in the whole thing. Definitely the worst First round since 2000.

    97. Jennifer Mayes

      Lol, no mention of watson's possible career ending legal issues

    98. Roger Alston

      Ej Manuel is the first and probably only qb to lose in three countries.

    99. Jacob Koong

      Browns with Trent Richardson and nick Chubb

    100. Derrick Dawkins

      Every nfl teams best RB/FB ever