5 Biggest WINNERS and 5 Saddest LOSERS From 2021 NFL Free Agency


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    Winners and Losers in NFL Free Agency.
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    With most of the top NFL free agents of 2021 signed, it’s time to take a step back and look at the big picture.
    Which teams, position groups and players came away as the big winners. And who came out holding a big, fat “L”?
    Let’s dive into it, today we present 5 Winners and 5 Losers from 2021 NFL free agency.
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    1. TPS

      Do you think Tom Brady will win another Super Bowl before he retires?

      1. Delisa Borchert


      2. Dababy_Prime

        @DeadlyBOT nah their o-line was dominanted by the bucs

      3. Skunk Ape

        @Cruz Brumet stop filling up the comments with this bs. Go start a subreddit or something, but keep this crap out of the video comments. Idiots.

      4. Skunk Ape

        @Gordon Jaiden stfu

      5. Skunk Ape

        @Henrik Slaug okay, now I get what you're saying. You're absolutely correct. The team and the players made "team first" decisions, and it's paying dividens.

    2. zeusify

      Bro Darby is garbage I hated when he played for the eagles he is not a superstar what so ever he is a bum

    3. Michael Engelmann

      My Eagles should have Wentz as QB & Agholor & after 52 after claiming a new era for Philly with multiple super bowl wins the staff & players broke up like a boy band 😩😤🤬🦅🦅🦅🦅

    4. Big Styx

      The Raiders got rid of a bunch of losers that refused to block for their quarterback because their BLM sympathizers. When Carr refused to Take a knee for the anthem they refuse to Block. Best thing to do with garbage is throw it out talent or no talent there’s still pieces of shit. Politics does not belong in football.

    5. David Gwatkin

      Ageing or aging?

    6. James Weeks

      The browns and jets are both winners. Texans and Bills are losers

    7. coolphil88

      Umm giants won the draft easy

    8. RM M

      Since the Buccs have so many veterans on one year contracts what happens when Brady retires? Are they living for the moment at the expense of what happens tomorrow?

    9. RM M

      No such thing as "a plethora of cap space", dude.

    10. Dreaded Raider

      The fact you calling Trent Brown a loss for the raiders is telling me you didn't take much time on this lol

    11. PandaGotThatKush

      I don’t like this guy voice

    12. David Suarez

      The Biggest Losers...TPS!

    13. Adolfo Ibarra

      Are we just going to ignore the colts?

    14. Billy C

      Why can’t someone post a video without misleading clickbait?


      I just think the Jaguars could’ve did a little bit more damage in free agency

      1. The Real Jay Stone

        It’s a long rebuild. It takes time.

    16. Michael Bailey

      The Seahawks take was so bad Jesus Christ. Seahawks got a lot better this offseason that was such a blind take

    17. Michael Caputo


    18. JD WHS

      I disagree with the Raiders being an L, Sure they got rid of Trent Brown, and Gabe Jackson, but they brought back Richie incognito, Resigned Denzelle Good who was really good for us, Andre James I think will be a solid center, nothing like Hudson was but solid. Kolton Miller is still at LT, and just got extended. We just need a right Tackle, and we can address that position in the draft, I wouldn't mind us Bringing back Dam Young on a cheap Contract, we were solid with him in there, he just needs to stay healthy. I think our o line will be fine, We actually tried to bring back Agholor but the Patriots offered more money, We brought in John Brown, you gotta remember, he was really good for Buffalo before Diggs got there, also he was dealing with Injuries in 2020. Yannick Ngakoue was a A+ signing, we also added alot of depth on the d line, we brought back David Irving, remember, he was really good with Dallas before the drugs, he seems to be working hard this off-season. We also Brought back Nicholas Morrow, and remember, we now have Gus Bradley as our DC. Oh and I don't see how the Kenyan Drake signing is bad, Jacobs and Drake will make a dangerous duo. Also the Raiders brought back Karl Joseph who isn't bad at all. Don't forget Willie Snead. I don't think the Raiders are losers at all.

    19. Danny Grant

      Raiders got a lot more that just Ngakoue, they picked up Solomon Thomas, Karl Joseph, plus starting to get a younger offensive line, I think they’re gonna draft an OT, if not a LB. plus our offensive line didn’t have two star tackles most of the season and did fine, definitely not an L

    20. Josh G.

      Who's the guy voice overing this now? I feel like I heard his voice before on a training video for a workforce video or something xD

      1. Skunk Ape

        Justin Fraction. He's been a part of the channel for a while now.

    21. The Angry birds Channel

      The F#@k you said about my team is a loser you little shit

    22. connor crum football

      Chris Carson got 14.5 million

    23. Neonblack789

      Panthers are major winners, greta coaches, cheap new quarterback great draft pick spots along side some great free agency pickups

    24. Sensei Beno

      Trent brown did nothing for the raiders Nelson wanted more money

    25. AJ Witzke

      How are the browns not winners ???????

    26. Elijah Munguia hernandez

      What about the panthers


      You forgot to say the pats got Trent brown

    28. Theo Sonntag

      nice clickbait fuck off

    29. Jake Tompkins

      browns winners

    30. Daren B

      Trent Brown didn't have a desire to be a Raider. The Raider o-line was in the bottom half in the NFL (24th I think). What were they supposed to do?

      1. Uli 9x

        highest paid unit and ranked 10th in pass block and 26th in run block 😂this dude don’t know shii he’s just a dumb casual that follows the media

    31. Dilbert Pecker

      You misspelled "aging"

    32. DA Champs of Mile High

      We’ve seen the Chubb-Miller combo before in Chubb’s rookie season. And its Bronco COUNTRY not Broncos Nation.

    33. Travis Martin

      May call the ravens losers here, but remember they are one of the best drafting teams. They will find some gems others look over.

    34. Austin Offord

      The Browns had a pretty fantastic free agency as well and even better if they can somehow get Clowney for a good price

      1. The Real Jay Stone

        Then again, it’s Cleveland

    35. YoshiDudeTyGaming 230

      “Ageing” Quarterbacks. Dying laughing right now

    36. Roger Alston

      Mitch saw Josh Allen's rise to the top and wanted some of that coaching for himself. He made a smart move to invest in himself first before trying to be a starter somewhere else. He gets a win for that m

    37. Saul Chavez

      waist of my time fuck u and dont you ever bring up my mighty mighty Las Vegas Raiders like our LATE Big bad the only and best brown said it best dont put them in your mouth unless u address my Raiders the way i just did so in other words Fuck you Late and u keep our name out ur mouth

    38. None Of Your Business

      What about the Tennessee Titans

    39. MartyJ6

      Browns got significantly better where they were weakest defensively. Offense that got to the second round of playoffs adds OBJ with no losses.

    40. Jered Lewis

      Leonard fournette bounce back season? Bro wasn't even used until the postseason so he was just fresher than everyone else but nice try though.

    41. Ehesh Ehhshs

      How is the Seahawks a loser they got gabe Jackson to help o line, they replaced Shaquille griffin with akhello Witherspoon and added Kerry hyder even though they lost Jarran reed they got hyder who had 8.5 sacks last season more than jarran reed, and got Gerald Everett

      1. Ehesh Ehhshs

        @The Real Jay Stone true but the OC was the problem and they got Shane Waldron and will probably get more o line in the draft

      2. The Real Jay Stone

        Reminds me of the Cowboys, offense nightmare to other teams until the the playoffs

    42. bash prod

      Love the Videos

    43. Can’t pick a name

      Yeah but Edelman retired

    44. Peyton Ifill

      These Offensive linemans boutta get paaaaaaiiiidddd

    45. Bill Graper

      Come on, how can you have a video like this without mentioning the Browns? Their defensive acquisitions to fix the only holes on the entire team, and keeping the prolific offense together are definitely worth a top 5 "winners" mention. Ah well. Everyone is still sleeping on us. I can't wait for the 2021 season.

    46. Matthew Svorinic

      Can you do top 10 Kick Returners in NFL history ?

    47. bluerisk

      Belichick was throwing money at the free agency not checking the market and thus overpaying, and nobody can say so far, if the new players will make a difference.

      1. MAEX25

        Like paying a reciever who never crossed 1000 yards 28 Mill. But the raiders signing Brown, a reciever who had 3 1000 yard seasons, for way less money are bad. 👏🏻

    48. Anthony Perdomo

      Do you guys know anything about football? How tf are y’all so stupid to say the trade of Trent brown is off, he literally didn’t want to be a raider was overpaid, barley played

    49. Panda_ az

      Why can’t y’all see that the raider didn’t just get yannik they got Solomon Thomas and a few others tps wtf

    50. Mr 84 Highlights

      The Broncos are gonna draft a qb

    51. Mr 84 Highlights

      Raiders are trying to make the team younger

    52. James Mahoney

      Loser: Houston Right before everything happened with him Deshaun Watson WANTED to get traded which would’ve been good for them to wash their hands of him regardless of how it turns out

    53. Marc Gisby

      Surprised Browns aren't on here. Excellent pickups in the secondary. Possibly Clowney arriving as well

    54. BG

      Raider hater spotted. While I don't think they are sb contenders, first round playoff at the best, to say they are losers compared to some of the other moves made by other teams is just stupid. I would say the gained more than they lost, the issue is that it was only minimal improvements.

    55. Daniel Sanchez

      Winner: Cardinals

    56. Grape

      Browns are massive winners

    57. Pika250

      I also want to say winner Cleveland Browns, they picked up two former Rams in 2021 free agency, who should prove to be good in the 216, especially Johnson.

    58. Warr Chyld

      I ft like my Washington football team was a wi ner added depth in some spot especially WR and QB and the draft will give us more weapons to work with

    59. Dominic Meyer

      The packers should’ve signed one of the WR in free agency

    60. Nolan Foley [Student]

      The Bucs lol

    61. Sergey Shchegolev

      Um winner broncos? No lol. Winner chargers.

    62. Jose Jr Marquez Torres

      TPS you really think the o-Line is everything in for a team we got backups we had free agency the Raiders did pick up good players you guys are crazy.

    63. crayon eater

      Thank you for making money Mitch a looser. Now he have handy Andy Dalton

    64. Derek Durand

      The Giants were winners

    65. Andrew Gluck

      Cam Newton is gonna get traded and I think Mac Jones will make his start

    66. Andrew Gluck

      For some reason I have a feeling that the Patriots will go 8-9

    67. Andrew Gluck

      Titan Up ⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️

    68. The_real _soldier 76

      But the patriots got rid of Julian Edelman

    69. CHUNGUS

      Trubisky is a winner. He goes to Buffalo, get coached like Josh Allen did, and come back like a true NVP

      1. The Real Jay Stone

        He’s not a reliable one as Josh

    70. Scott Smith

      Thought the Vikings done well enough to be a ‘winner’

    71. Rick Sanchez

      You dont know football gruden got this

    72. John Zuba

      PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO top 10 biggest prime time matches we want to see this year, eg. titans v ravens, Washington vs buccaneers, browns v ravens, chargers v chiefs, etc.

      1. Eshan DA one and only

        Panthers and Washington sounds interesting tbh

      2. John Zuba

        @Tom Brady oh well we’ll see

      3. Tom Brady

        @John Zuba yes

      4. John Zuba

        @Tom Brady yeah gp do you think you’ll beat them

      5. Tom Brady

        Patriots vs Buccaneers is the biggest

    73. Ethan Woods

      Vikings and giants are winners

    74. Nathan Stegner

      Sorry but NE lost big time. Yea they have talent but they’re almost all mercenaries lead by a qb who only cares about himself. With Edelman retiring no one is going to run that locker room and this team is going to implode by week 5.

    75. Emoji Maddness

      Losing bears

    76. Daniel Ramírez Torres

      I think something weird happen with the buccaneers they only have ten million dollars and with that few money and none player release

    77. k tac

      This channel only follows the hype all these points have been made by nfl analyst on nfl network make your own opinions guys

    78. Funny Person

      Lamar has wr he just runs all the time

    79. Frederik Hartmann

      I’m just here so I won’t get fines

      1. Frederik Hartmann


    80. Adam Weir

      Video idea. 10 best sports documentaries/docuseries to watch?

    81. Matthew Manges

      Fuck u tps for calling the raiders losers from off the best offense line without 2 starters to are able to trade all 3 for draft capital and the o line is deep in the draft

    82. Biig Phish

      Trent brown , Gabe Jackson and Rodney Hudson voiced their interest in leaving the team so the raiders respected their requests and shipped them out to free cap and get draft capital while keeping note that two of them couldn’t stay on the field and still had a top 10 o line in the league. Please tell me why that’s so confusing to you. I could also knit pick the rest of the take they made on the raiders but this just really got on my nerves

      1. Biig Phish

        @Michael Marchant 😂😂true

      2. Michael Marchant

        Because hating on the raiders is the popular thing to do

      3. MAEX25

        It’s the Raiders. That’s the only reason. 🤣

    83. Alohavibez808

      They spelled aging wrong 🤦🏽‍♂️

    84. zzuhari

      Loser New England Patriots

    85. Token Dagreen

      Mills is a safety you dope.

    86. 59BigWalt

      Winners: Cleveland Browns

    87. Al Tan

      This dude needs to do his research. The Seahawks only need a center for their oline to be solid. Griffin was overrated and Pete does well with developing quarterbacks. They also signed quite a few defensive lineman, losing reed doesn’t hurt that bad...

    88. M4TTE

      why did you pronounce judon 2 different ways

    89. M4TTE

      yeah he bucs have a really high chance to repeat..if their drafting is as good as last year and brady doesn’t regress they probably will

      1. The Real Jay Stone

        Not even Tom Brady is safe from the power of media jinxes

    90. CleetusVanDamme530

      I think Trubisky made a smart decision. Look at what the Bill's coaching staff did for Josh Allen.

      1. Jcore 09

        Trubisky and smart should not be in the same vocabulary.

      2. Joel *crybaby* Embiid

        They won’t develop him that much I think

    91. Tommydawg 8187

      I’d honestly say that trubisky won

    92. KingSilencer

      Was this posted before or after Edelman retired? I mean either way they won’t make playoffs but still the Patriots will be decent this year...unfortunately

    93. Wokesy

      What would you guys say about the Panthers this off-season?

    94. Raul Corona

      I swear this guy and always hatin’ on my raiders. Trent brown wasn’t a fit with us and ended up being lazy. Gabe Jackson also didn’t want to be raiders no more, he even said that he wanted to be with a winning team and no longer a raider. That’s why we traded those 2 and I guess Rodney wanted to be released lmfao.

    95. Brett Engel

      I like Dillion better than Jones

    96. Brett Engel

      Aj Dillon

    97. Brett Engel

      Not shady or ab yet

    98. M&S

      Man y’all really don’t know anything about the fucking raiders huh, Trent brown didn’t want to be a raider and played like 12 games these past 2 seasons, Gabe didn’t do so good so we let him go and because if we did that Hudson got mad and wanted out and I don’t want to go on on about the raiders but y’all really don’t know shit about them Jesus 😂💀

    99. Marcos Mendoza

      This channel is trash af

    100. Noel Villasenor

      Raiders are not losers but ok