5 NFL Wide Receivers that WILL BE in the Hall of Fame and 5 That WON'T


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    NFL wide receivers that will make the hall of fame and ones that won't.
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    Will he or won’t he get into the Hall of Fame? It is often one of the most hotly debated questions among NFL fans.
    Will Philip Rivers get in? How about Eli Manning? We’ve heard a bunch of names get thrown around in these types of discussions.
    But this time, we’re focusing solely on the wide receiver position as we predict 5 current NFL receivers who WILL BE in the Hall Of Fame, and five who WON’T.
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    1. sean stuart

      would TY Hilton be 6th out and Mike Evans be 6th in? i'm guessing you consider Fitzgerald a non active player.? or this ranking means nothing

    2. Joaquin Leston

      You think Mike Thomas will But Edelman wont ????

    3. José Albino

      Tyreek making the HoF? Must've beaten someone to get that...

    4. Ryan Mullet

      Where's larey Fitzgerald

    5. Fister Mantastic

      First time I seen the jersey you have back there. I love it.

    6. LordInsider

      I comment

    7. Dillon Huver

      goog video

    8. AJL

      Only receiver on this list who is guaranteed to make the hall of fame is Julio. Larry Fitzgerald should have been on this list. As good as Thomas, Adams, Hopkins and Hill have been there's still a chance they could get a career ending injury or go crazy like AB did.

    9. Muddled

      Larry Fitzgerald will prob make it too

    10. m b

      love these vids

    11. yourDaddy

      Super obvious video

    12. Tyreek Brown

      No Larry Fitz ?fake list

    13. David Perna

      Where is Larry fitc

    14. Chaotic Wolf

      Im not seeing a Mike Evans hmm 🤔

    15. Tate Hammer

      Adam theilin is on the small list that f wide receivers that had a catch while being pass interferenced

    16. Trena White

      He looks like a lumberjack in this vid.

    17. The Ethan show

      whos here after Edelman retired

    18. Ryder Beastland


    19. Dezient

      Welp... I guess Mike Evans doesnt exist lol

    20. SneakyTurtle867

      I guess larry Fitzgerald just quit aperently

    21. ludgatecircus15

      Why are you even discussing Allen Robinson? He has zero chance to get in.

    22. Vein 06

      edelman will be a hof

    23. Hawks Fan

      Hill doesn’t play with the best qb Steffon diggs plays with the best web in the world

    24. Notarial sake

      if you werent you and u met you would you know it was u

    25. Alfvedo

      so they let a murderer in the HOF but not AB okay

    26. Keenan Glynn

      I don't think Lamar Jackson will make the hall of fame because defenses have figured him out already, run then pass. So he stats will drop unless he passes more, other than that, I don't think he will make it and if he does it will be a close call

    27. Ryker Matthews


    28. Urmum Is fat

      Fun fact mike Evans is a person

    29. Dante Stevenson

      Do five running backs that will and won’t make it into the hof

    30. Demetrios Law

      What ab is the best wr of the last 15 years

    31. Ryry Chicken Fry

      AB is my guy I hope he will

    32. Nathan Brown


    33. Tammy Janoe

      What about Larry fitz

    34. darkness fox

      Na na i will never think hill will never be in the hall of fame Ps trash homes will never be good Change my mind

    35. T J

      I think AB will make the hall of fame if he has one good year or multiple meh years left. I think Mike Evans should be on the will list but I’m no genius

    36. Ryder Gignac

      Tyreek hill will not make th e hall of fame yeah he may be good but he not on the level of like Mike Evans or juilo jones

    37. Zachary Wilkins

      Julian Edelman and Dez Bryant are Pro Football Hall of Famers


      Stefon Diggs should defiently go to the hall of fame.

    39. cassius crocker

      Jason Biondo, typically I enjoy your content, but you got a few things wrong in this one. Davante Adams, hell of a wide receiver, and a phenomenal player, but to pick him for the HOF over Julian Edelman, a 3x Super Bowl Champion and Super Bowl MVP, and Antonio Brown, amazing career, Super Bowl Champion, about to be a 2x Super Bowl Champion when AB, Brady and the Buccs run it back this year, how do you live with that decision? Did you catch the virus during this pandemic? It seems some of your brain cells have been fried away, no offense.

    40. Damian Pacini


    41. Turtlepond 24


    42. Reece Hunt


    43. Sports card Chris

      WHAT Edelman is going into the hall of fame

    44. Chris kostelnik

      It will mean a lot if I win the giveaway

    45. Chris kostelnik

      I don’t know about some wide receivers in the NFL

    46. Paul Clarke

      I’m a Giants fan but I’m surprised Larry Fitzgerald wasn’t on here he is definitely going in

    47. randycaley

      If Lynn swann is in then Edelman should be. Edelman has better stats too. 1more SB WIN WITH TB12 and AB =CANTON!

    48. Itzchknz !

      Ye ye

    49. Trenton Brown

      This dude said like a month ago tyreek hill shouldn't even be in the league and in this vid said he should be a hof player

    50. Supa Cool Gaming

      Larry Fitzgerald is gonna be in the hall of fame

    51. MrBrent


    52. Kaitlin Doyle

      I love you too much

    53. Grant Mcelmuray

      Where is Larry legend?..

    54. Bengals Fan

      What about Larry Fitz? For sure hall of fame

    55. Chastinn Allen


    56. Char Lie

      I don’t think Julio will get in

    57. Oliver Levine

      Love this vid

    58. Monica Handy

      Nah 1st davante adams has been trash and I mean 💩 without Rodgers and theilen had been good with Kirk cousins. And edilmen has like 5 rings amari copper has been consistently good. Antonio brown is a top. 10 to 15 wr of all time

    59. Zound Z


    60. Miguel Andres

      Love your content

    61. Jayme Dawkins

      I don't think Adams will be up Hall of famer he has had two good seasons that's it there is still more to go but I don't think he has it

    62. Levi Bowman


    63. YaBoi Mamba

      I'm just going to act like You put Larry Fitzgerald in the Hall of Fame

    64. SGT BREUER


    65. Football Noob

      Done I subscribed so am I in the $500 give away

    66. Keegan Pieper

      Julian Edelman can’t get into the hof unless he gets either a pro bowl or a all pro that’s one of cantons rules to even consider you to be in.

    67. Jed Propeck

      I think Odell will get in he has the best catch in nfl history

    68. Morrow Games

      What about stephon diggs?

    69. Esreal Anderson

      Larry Fitzgerald

    70. Dasani Holt

      At Least hopkins had deshuan And Kyler for last 4-5 seasons

    71. Dasani Holt

      So even though hopkins had bad qbs and put up good stats, then gets Kyler Murry and better coach, But Robinson Had mitch,Foles,Henne,Bortles and horibile line and still put up same stats, Doesn't get hall of fame.

    72. Aycen Aldus

      Uhhhhh wear Larry legend

    73. Andrew Pumford

      good vid

    74. Dominic Allen

      These vids are straight facts

    75. Luis Martinez

      Great video

    76. Luis Martinez


    77. Josh Mac

      Great video

    78. jimmy the awesome boi

      My fav wr is juolio jones is my fav

    79. Luis Ibarra

      Can’t believe Keenan Allen isn’t on here. A top 3 consistent WR over 5+ years. Constantly in the top 3 for receptions too

    80. Donielle/Doug Bell


    81. Grant Robinson


    82. Modnar The goat

      AB will def make it

    83. Chris the epic!

      Let's go

    84. Ken Mutwiri

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    85. Ashley Fremont-Smith

      Julian Edelman is no doubt making the HOF

    86. Amy Tickner


    87. Andrew Gluck

      If Amari Cooper gets traded to the Titans or the Patriots he’ have a chance to win the super bowl

    88. Josh Rodriguez

      The recency bias really does hurt Antonio Brown’s case, but if he could get on another team and get another opportunity, I definitely believe he could still put up 1000 yards seasons with like seven touchdowns, and he could do that three more times, get a new narrative for his name especially now with the championship, being a player he once was, he just needs to clear his name, and I wish him the best

    89. Patsnation69

      If tyreek makes the hall then Terrell Owens should have made it 1st ballet this year

    90. pro gamer56


    91. Gaudy Stream

      Odell Beckham? Or would it be same thing as brown

    92. B. White

      D Hop - Probably, yeah. Robinson - Well... Duh. Thomas - Ehhh. Doubtful. Edelman - Better chance than Thomas. Adams - I'd be surprised. Thielen - Yeah, probably not. Hill - Maybe but I'm not sold. Amari - Better shot than Thomas, Adams, and Hill. Julio - 100% AB - He absolutely 100% should be.

    93. Traysen VanCamp

      VIkings fans: Woah whats happening here why are they showing our defense getting destroyed bye the bears.... Bears fans: Thats because thats the only thing you are known for getting destroyed...

    94. ltoomer421


    95. Onion Ice Cream


    96. XXENEMXX E

      Hof voting isn't based off of behavior to be eligible you need at least 1 all pro and 4 years played I think so anyone can make it if they are really dominant for about 5 years and makes an all pro

    97. Mason Munoz

      I think that Larry fitzgerald is one of them and in the next few years I think dk Metcalf will be there you never know maybe tyler loket will be there some day

    98. joshua schreiber

      Loved this video

    99. Kip Ryan

      Now: Donation soon 5 years later: Same Donation soon

    100. Paul Martin Cordero

      Amendola has a higher chance than Edelman