Who is the MOST UNDERRATED Player at Every Position in the NFL Right Now? (2021)


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    Underrated NFL players at each position in the for 2021.
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    Everyone knows who the best and most marketable players in the NFL are. But for various reasons, some of the league’s other top stars never seem to get the recognition they deserve.
    We’re here to try and change that. So allow us to present our picks for the NFL all-underrated team.
    Today we present the MOST UNDERRATED Player at Every Position in the NFL Right Now.
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    1. Axe2Grind

      Tannehill didn’t find his game in Nashville, he found a teammate that does all the work. He’s pretty average.

    2. WR ShDw EDITZツ

      Um Bryce Callahan instead of jc jackson?

    3. Tomasnomas 727

      I think jc jackson is the most underrsted db

    4. Henry Lupkes

      Kirk is better than tannehill

    5. Henry Lupkes

      Kendricks is easily the most underrated mlb

    6. Chase H

      Eric Kendricks from Minnesota

    7. KT hades

      Tbh emmanuel ogbah

    8. KT hades

      Ayyy my boy a rob

    9. zync120

      Jakobi Meyers on the patriots was clutch last year and he should get some recognition

    10. drain


    11. Gareth Johnson

      How are they underrated if they have made the probowl? It's literally a popularity contest these days with the fan voting!

    12. Lil Kjsauce

      mlb is 100% zach cunningham lead the nfl in tackles and never seen in top 10

    13. Lil Kjsauce

      wr is definitely not allen robinson it’s either brandon cooks or cooper kupp

    14. Swab Dobbin

      Loved the poyer shout out. He absolutley got snubbed in 2020. He was one of the best safeties in football who was top 5 in tackles among any position plus key interceptions and plays that ended drives too numerous to mention.

    15. Gage Jones

      Carr is way more underrated than Ryan

    16. Owen Rindler Fishing

      DE is 100% Brian burns he had more sacks tackles, forced fumbles, and Qb hits then graham, and chase young and still didn’t make the pro bowl.

    17. Cheezin' Productions

      JC Tretter so overlooked they put Joel’s pic up

    18. Jaci Caswell



      Where’s my man Jamal Agnew at returner


      Where’s my man taylor decker

    21. Bob Ross

      Believe it or not I am from and currently living in the same small town in oregon that Jordan Poyer was born and raised in Shatat

    22. Zaiikuu

      damn, no recognition for the fullbacks😕

    23. Jessie Bates III

      Let’s go I made it!!

    24. Jessie Bates III

      Tyler Boyd is super under rated

    25. Dr. Gumbo Sharts

      I think the main reason lavonte David is an underrated outside linebacker is because he isn’t an outside linebacker, he’s a middle linebacker. He doesn’t take snaps at outside, that’s Jason Pierre Paul and Shaq Barrett

    26. IncognitoDream

      Tuittt would like to have a word over Brandon graham

    27. Khaleezy

      Tyler lockett should be on here

    28. freakin_CHICKEN67

      chris carson makes every top 10 list wtf he is definitely not underrated

    29. Jack Buffa

      I can’t watch videos when this guy is the voice, it makes me nauseous

    30. jimi grönlund


    31. Brent Plays Madden

      Bradberry is the most underrated corner

    32. Shok.-

      No tonyan is kinda crazy

    33. Evan Newlander

      DTs Kenny Clark too even though he plays nose

    34. Joey Draetta

      Donovin Wilson not being on this list proves my point

    35. Maverik

      If you watch football 90% of these guys are not underrated

    36. BraveN

      Not even watching, but if Humphrey isn't the CB we riot

    37. John Hitchiner

      DE Montez Sweat

    38. Skillzonly_

      Roquan smith is the most underrated line backer


      Glad to see Lavonte David finally get some recognition!

    40. EnvyRobuxMan FF

      QB Kirk Cousins

      1. EnvyRobuxMan FF

        MY OPINION

      2. EnvyRobuxMan FF

        Returner Gunner Olesewski

      3. EnvyRobuxMan FF

        P Jake Bailey

      4. EnvyRobuxMan FF

        K Harrison Butker

      5. EnvyRobuxMan FF

        SS Keanu Neal

    41. Nathan Lau

      Fire Justin fraction he has no personality in his voice

    42. bret banek

      Damien Harris is rb

    43. Copream


    44. Chase Neuenschwander

      Austin Ekler instead of Carson

    45. d a

      thanks to Tannehill Henry and Carson I won fantasy league this year

    46. Austin Smock

      Baker mayfield is underrated da fuck Ryan chokes

    47. Tony Montana

      Lavonte David is a Middle Linebacker... not a OLB

    48. Aiden Durant 55

      No love for JC Jackson 🙏 top 10 CB

    49. James Jordan

      Full back

    50. Zion Foster

      For rb I think you should’ve gone Antonio Gibson

    51. Johannes

      Jason Meyers is underrated

    52. Kyle Farr

      Adrian Amos is so damn underrated. Never gets the recognition he deserves.

    53. MaxWraith

      Colts' RT Braden Smith. Nelson, Costanzo and even Kelly get most of the press, but Smith was playing at Pro-Bowl level also last year and has been outstanding in general for the Colts.

    54. Jonas Ackerman

      2 players. John Johnson and Jarbill Peppers. Very good.

    55. -Graphics1-

      Every kicker is underrated. They deserve much more recognition than they get

    56. John Blossom

      Has TPS done top ten left-handed quarterbacks of all time?

    57. Marcelo Menor

      Kicker Jason Sanders

    58. Chris Luto

      Chris Carson is not underrated. He can’t finish a season.

    59. Thurmo Pile

      Not T.J. Hockenson? Yeah, right above Gesicki. No love until you leave the Lions.

    60. Solid Alloy

      I think you could put mason crosby at kicker, I never hear him talked about

    61. Talking Sports With Muz

      My guy martinez needs some respect on his name

    62. Christian Soldier

      How is Lavonte David underrated ??? All you ever hear about is Lavonte David when ever a Bucs game is on. Fred Warner is the most underrated MLB

    63. Christian Soldier

      Sutton and McClarin are also underrated WRs

    64. BROK

      *Always disrespecting the long snappers😤*

    65. Kabir Taunk

      The list is good but I think Fred Warner deserves the spot over Myles jack

    66. Josh Wilson


    67. Premo

      Montez sweat ??????

      1. Mrise Eshine

        Brian burns??

    68. Byabit

      Running back should have been Miles Sanders only reason he’s not considered top tier is because eagles pass the ball to much

    69. Tyler Waldner

      How is DJ Moore not the most underrated WR in the league...he is the only player in the NFL to have 1200 total scrimmage yards in each of the last 2 seasons and nobody is giving him any recognition.

    70. Filora Sewell

      Fred Warner is so underrated

    71. 1Fathomie a.k.a BIG THUGLIFE

      Is it me or did he not put my saints on here

      1. 1Fathomie a.k.a BIG THUGLIFE

        🤔I can't respect that I'm no longer a fan of this channel 🤷🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

    72. Andrew Smith

      Deion Jones?

    73. Joe Mixon Is No Longer Top 3

      RB is my boy Mixon. Doesn't get the credit he deserves

    74. Joe mama

      I think Rodgers is underrated

    75. Seth Evans

      now do the overrated

    76. EthanPlays

      Kennan Allen for WR

    77. Bruce Angelini

      I just heard Micheal Thomas put in the same category as Dhop and Adams

    78. TeamOn5G yt

      I thought Austin Ekller

    79. C-manz_69

      Bruh this video is SPOT on

    80. Phoenyx

      Justin Fraction is a underrated sportscaster name change my mind

    81. nassawciroboi 242

      Please tannenhill progress only because of a great running back

    82. Pat Mulka

      God loves you come to him and repent

    83. timothy earnest

      Wham are you guys gonna announce the winners of the 500$ giveaway

    84. Afro Dylan

      wyatt teller?

    85. SilverGroundz_

      Matthew Stafford & Raheem Mostert are so underrated they ain't even on the list...

      1. Axe2Grind

        Why is Stafford underrated. At this point he is what he is. He’s had one great season and that was mostly Megatron being Megatron.

    86. Vihaan Mittal

      The most overrated player at every position?

    87. Alex Morales

      This voice makes me sleepy

    88. Manton Just Does Things

      Chris Carson is underrated? If he's underrated, James Robinson is a mystery.

    89. JxsonKing

      Harrison Butker is not “underrated” he is really praised and recognized for how good he is. YOUNGHOE KOO. He’s underrated. Gets absolutely no mention on this channel time after time. So underrated.

    90. Arjun

      tannehille has a great coaching staff, and his offensive coordinator makes his life easy. just watch the film. He will play action to the best runner in the league, and dump off underneath passes to corey davis/aj brown. He has good stats but he's really not underrated.

    91. Miles Goering

      jkareem jackson is insanely underrated as well imo

    92. Zane Rodriguez

      Tannehills numbers may look good but the problem is when teams take out Henry usually the titans fall

    93. Cory V

      Tannehill deserves that underrated spot. It’s insane how much people talk down on him. I don’t wanna hear about how he needs Henry either, because Mariota didn’t seem to shine with Henry, and there’s only been 2 or 3 games Henry AND Tannehill struggled.

    94. Rodrigo Garcia

      I would’ve placed Austin Hooper instead of Gesicki, I mean he’s great, but Hooper is just underrated AF and way more consistent and effective

      1. BROK

        Agreed. He’s not a bad TE at all, but there were way too many mouths to feed in the Browns offense last year for him to play a big role in his first year there. I believe they’ll try to incorporate him more in 2021.

    95. Elias Gonzalez

      I’d say mostert is better than Carson and more underrated than carson

    96. Elias Gonzalez

      Maybe verret is more underrated just because of injuries, nobody but niners and card fans know he is stil, playing probably

    97. Jakob Potyk

      Logan Thomas for Tight end 😳

    98. Charlie Lydamore

      Darnell Savage is underrated, he had a better year then Devin McCourty, arguably the best free safety in the league

    99. Charlie Griffin

      Tannehill is a great quarterback. I was shocked to not see him be selected to the pro bowl. The reason he is underrated is because he is over shadowed by Derrick Henry. Both elite players.

    100. Jonathan Valencia

      Dalton Schultz for Te, nearly everyone has gesticki as TE5 or 6