10 Current NFL Players YOU DIDN’T KNOW Got To Play For Their FAVORITE Childhood Team


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    NFL players childhood favorite teams.
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    Mathematically speaking, an NFL player only has a 1-out-of-32 chance of playing for the team they cheered for as a kid.
    So it’s a double-whammy when you have TWO dreams come true: Turning pro, for starters, and ALSO getting the chance to play for your childhood team.
    Today we present 10 Current NFL players who played for the team they rooted for as a kid.
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    1. Walter Hefty

      I don't know current players who did, but the late Junior Seau? Grew up in Oceanside, California (in Northern San Diego County) cheering for the Chargers. Then he played in San Diego for a long time. Really, the only pro athletes who played in San Diego whom were better known were Tony Gwynn and LaDainian Tomlinson & the latter is questionable. Rest in Peace, Junior!

    2. SethHarbison

      Wait wheres aaron rodg- Oh wait

    3. Kathy Birkle

      Chase young WFT fan

    4. JordaniusVonRhod

      Now Lindsay isn’t a Bronco SMH

    5. yourDaddy

      Wow... Justin herbert predicted and became what he wanted to be and where he wanted to play at... thats a 1 in a trillion chance. Amazing on 10. He should be 1.

    6. Crazy holidays

      Phillip linsey sounds like Patrick mahomes

    7. Chris flash 23

      Dak Prescott grew up a Dallas fan

    8. Ilan Castro

      I hope i would get to play for the 49ers one day.

    9. Matt From da stream

      Y’all forgot Junior Seau he was Litterly born down the street from the chargers stadium

    10. NI4O

      Brandon aiyuk- San Francisco 49ers

    11. Brian Fuller

      Dak Prescott- Dallas Cowboys

    12. Kermit X

      I thought chase young would be one

    13. Matthew Manges

      Derek Carr grew up a raider fan his dad’s favorite player was Ken Stabler

    14. Daley Holder

      Any Giants fans who played for the Giants?

    15. HavyDragon Gaming


    16. Nancy Purdie

      First, thanks taking of Kevin Docson, but also James Conner, Go STEELERS.

    17. Games for Life

      Cole kmet

    18. Badges n’ Blue

      Corey Clement and Vinny Curry both played for the Eagles and were fans before playing there. I believe the year the Eagles won the super bowl there 3 players who were fans first.

    19. raiderjoe 505

      u forgot mar shawn lynch with raiders

    20. iSmellCap21

      1:00 his pet peeve is losing lol

    21. iSmellCap21

      1:00 I hate french to lmao 😁😂


      I wonder if there’s any Titans?

    23. Alexander James


    24. Sebastian Nassiri

      There are a couple cowboys players that play for their childhood favorite team

    25. Zayeth L

      Nkeal Harry’s has pictures of him wearing a patriots jersey when he was little #destiny #meanttobe

    26. Leland Money

      Brendan ayuik

    27. Remains Of Jersey

      Flacco on the Eagles

    28. Ezekiel Soules


    29. TheSteelcity6

      The way this guy says “Cody PAR-KEY” and “MARYland” haunts me.

    30. Carlos Kreek

      Cool how some ended up on the team they loved

    31. William Fletcher

      When I am older I want to play baseball in Cleveland

    32. Dalmatian Marshall Puppy 2021

      Patrick Mahomes?

    33. Gamer&baller

      U forgot dak

    34. Jason Brown

      I loved this video it was a great idea ❤

    35. NFLLover8


    36. Danny G

      No Dak? Damn lol

    37. shawn bopko

      bell grew up with Curtis martin and me watching martin play for the new england then he was a ny jets i watched Martin play

    38. Jaime Fernandez

      12:25 thats a little sus

    39. Abderrahim Elyousfi

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    40. Texas Rangers Super Fan

      If I ever play in the NFL I would want to go to the cowboys my childhood team

    41. Alex A

      Hooked on a Thielen!

    42. Fresco StackHouse

      You guys come up with good video ideas


      I love warriors I what play with the warriors

    44. Joe Burrow

      Fun fact: burrow was a bengals fan while growing up!

    45. terran stewart

      i play against the same team Justin Herbert played for in high school ....(they are the best team in the league)

    46. Bailey

      1:01 I do not like to eat: brocal

    47. Jesus Quevedo

      I'm just happy justin herbert is playing his team he grew up watching go chargers⚡⚡⚡⚡

    48. Nicholas Natsvaladze


    49. Chastinn Allen

      Herbert is the goat

    50. timothy earnest

      I enjoyed the vid

    51. Erick Moreno


    52. jmangan17

      did you just say " Mary Land"????? are you kidding me?

    53. Char Lie


    54. Malachi Burbank

      I grew up a HUGE BILLS FAN❤️💙❤️💙 and I can’t even imagine how awesome it would be getting a chance to play for the BILLS 👏🏻 ✍🏻that contract

    55. chuckles7287

      Fuck Cody Porkey.

    56. KHD59 Gaming

      1:00 If you look at Herbert's paper on the right, he also predicted the Chargers moving back to LA

    57. tavin freeman

      That's crazy

    58. Jacob Finfer

      If you’re team is bad, you’re likely to last a while with them

    59. RMJ

      dak prescott has said multiple times he grew up a cowboys fan

    60. jamel shaw

      Wish I could play for da colts and catch passes in that dome🥺

    61. Jordan Smith

      If you get drafted by the team you liked as a kid then that is any kids dream

    62. Tom Camp

      what about Cole Kmet and the Bears?

    63. Alexander Estes

      What about josh jacobs

    64. Night Shade

      Juju-Smith Schuster wanted to play for the Steelers forever and that’s where he is playing rn.

    65. The L.Y.T Network


    66. accquizzer

      A good follow-up video would be "What players are now playing for the RIVAL TEAM of their favorite childhood team"

    67. BlazeJVB

      Dak? He was a cowboys fan

    68. Zack Zhang

      Lmao Case Keesum, awkward!

    69. Left Twix

      So technically Ronald Darby never really played for his team because now there the Washington football team 😂😂

      1. raiderjoe 505

        same crap stupid

    70. Depressed Texans Fan

      Damn Case Kenum really smacked number 61 butt real good

    71. Timothy Powell

      Imagine if the 49ers had drafted Tom Brady, his childhood team. And then they passed on Rodgers!!

      1. Philo Beddoe

        Well at least they had Garcia play for them.......🙄

    72. David Amuka

      Repent and turn to God

    73. James Lightfoot

      How did they miss off Orlando Brown Jr 🤷🏻‍♂️

    74. Kevin Devlin

      Champa Bay!

    75. Papa 21

      How was Herbert 5’4 when he was 11


      But I knew herbert got to play for his favorite team cuz of the pregame interview

    77. a football team fan

      It would be really cool

    78. Christy Drawdy

      Chargers are going to have 3 strait HOF quarterbacks and still won’t win a Super Bowl

      1. Christy Drawdy

        Brees Rivers Herbert

    79. Smitten

      Do ten nfl player who now play for there former favorite teams rival

    80. Tim Grant

      You forgot Chase Young

    81. Jesus A.Contreras

      Derek Carr

    82. Dhikshith Gajulapalli

      How about top 5 players who were passed up by their favorite teams only to become superstars(ie. Rodgers and Brady getting passed up by 49ers)

    83. DA REAL TRAY


    84. David Terry

      Who plays for a team they hated

    85. Jfahimjr

      I’m a giants fan see me at mlb in 12 years

    86. ltoomer421

      Is the best

    87. Kate Towne


    88. Agent Chiefs

      I want to play pro no matter what team.

    89. Brooks Castillo

      Justin wow

    90. Daniel Ramírez Torres

      So this players enter to their chilhood team with 1/32 probability

    91. Stephen Raftery

      Getting drafted is a major accomplishment. Playing for your favorite or home team must be incredible.

    92. Christian Zavala

      What about nfl players who never got to play in their childhood teams

    93. Kevin Ramsey

      JUS10 Herbert⚡

    94. Adam Ramirez

      I know he’s from Oregon but wonder how Herbert felt about the move.

    95. V - Pop! Stop

      As a Chargers fan I’ve never felt a beacon of hope as strong as Herberts , love Rivers but this kid has something special

    96. Der King xy

      do a video about best nfl players favorite childhood team

    97. This Is Agu

      Didn't think I could like Herbert even more, but here we are

    98. Ray Mac

      Elway CLEARLY didn't care for Case. He couldn't even say his name..

    99. Robert Clark

      Liking and commenting

    100. Steven Maslinski