10 NFL Players Who Had STELLAR Rookie Seasons… But Turned Out To Be BUSTS!


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    NFL Rookie Busts
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    It’s easy to get overly excited after an NFL player’s first professional season. But, as the saying goes, “it’s a race, not a marathon." And that can definitely apply to the career of any NFLer.
    Some rookies throughout the years have caught everyone by surprise with a jaw-dropping first-season. But unfortunately, many of these rookie sensations fail to build off their promising debuts. Call it beginner’s luck, we suppose.
    Here are 10 NFL players who had great rookie seasons, but turned out to be busts.
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    1. Jamal Taylor

      Where is Kelvin now? I'll have to google it

    2. brian kruzell

      I'd like a video of draft busts who in retrospect weren't bad, but was put in a bad spot.

    3. James Sommers

      I would take off the “bust” and have it say players who fell off

    4. Jaci Caswell


    5. Luxatos

      Totally expected Rick Mirer to be on here. He didn't even have injuries to blame, he just never improved.

    6. GO

      Looks like Benjamin is back

    7. SickAcrobat838

      Who's here after the Giants signed Kelvin Benjamin and moved him to TE

    8. Gianfranco Martinez


    9. barrett winans

      Mike Mamula with the Eagles

    10. Gibbsatron

      Don't do this to me. As a Chargers fan this is frightening

    11. The$XL

      Sad about Cadillac

    12. Skyler Brock

      Most of they guys weren't busts. They were solid players

    13. Max Knebel

      Just started video assuming RG3 is on here.

    14. schwartd

      Michael Clayton? 1200 yards 7 TDs and then 400 yards max aftwr

    15. Sky Blaze

      RG3 didnt help his case weather injured or not...he would costly fumble the ball i mean a ridiculous amount, couldnt read Defenses, and never went through his progressions..yea the injury didnt help..but RG3 got in his own way too.

    16. James Willbrandt

      Had Teddy Bridgewater winning a superbowl before he got hurt along with RGIII both would have been superbowl champs had they not got hurt. intendedalchemy

    17. Trey Referee 100%

      The NFL changed the rookie pay scale because of Samuel Bradford 💯👎🤦‍♂️😂 what a bust

    18. Slimm Pickens

      Bradford was is a rough inclusion. Those injuries and terrible teams woof.

    19. Mac Blazin

      Also Terrence West

    20. 翻訳するグーグル

      How is Aldon Smith not on this list?

    21. Robert Willcoxen

      Washington failed RG3 plain and simple

    22. DoncicDagger

      ezekiel elliott lowkey


      cam nuton is a fucking joke


      bell was only good 1 year

    25. Larry Smith

      I think when and how Cleveland traded Richardson it affected him mentally. It just demoralized him and he never recovered.

    26. Kiriakis Kirk

      I had forgot about Doug Martin from Boise St 🤦‍♂️

    27. Jose Padilla

      I got an idea if you guys haven't done this one yet how like the 10 most insane fan reactions to Superbowl wins and losses?

    28. GhetemStr8

      Ppl thats injured shouldn't be considered busts

    29. MovieFlame

      The photoshop job done on the thumbnail is absolutely terrible

    30. Chaseton Gaddis

      I wouldn’t call Trent Richardson’s 3.6 Y/A his rookie year stellar.

    31. Rich Rasmussen

      The term bust is a little strong for some of these. "Overdrafted" sure, but some of them had decent careers.

    32. Jaime Solis

      Mark Sanchez jets 😊

    33. ApolloTheLeader

      Michael Clayton?

    34. Jasmin M

      This nigga look like a girl

    35. Xavier Edwards

      Robert Griffin the Turd!!!

    36. Kyle Badeaux

      Thank God Fournette is an absolute monster in the postseason. I'd have hated to see him here.

    37. Eric Hardy

      Cadillac Williams you admit he had no supporting cast so how does that make him a bust?

    38. Eric Hardy

      Vince Young wasn’t a bust either. He had a winning record in the NFL.

    39. Eric Hardy

      Mark Barron wasn’t a bust though. He was a linebacker safety hybrid that teams didn’t know how to completely use.

    40. Ya Boi

      Eddie Lacy?

    41. Will Joyce

      The Browns absolutely ruined Trent, they had him play injured and pounded him into the ground

    42. AnDy c

      Benjamin is such a disappointment. Dude had the talent and size to be awesome. He did have his moments. Even when he went to the bills he made crazy 50/50 catches and looked good early on. He didn't take conditioning seriously and his attitude hurt him. Allen asked him to work on routes and he flat out said no. Allen right now would have saved his career.

    43. BrunerMJ

      Odell Thurman should have been on this list. The 48th overall draft pick in the 2005 NFL Draft out of Georgia went to work for the Cincinnati Bengals and had an immediate monster impact. Odell was that rare dual-threat linebacker who could punish running backs and play sideline-to-sideline against the pass. Odell’s stat line his rookie year was insane: Played all 16 games, starting 15 of them. He had 105 tackles, 5 forced fumbles (with one recovery), led NFL rookies with 5 TFLs, had 2 sacks, 9 passes swatted, and 5 picks (which one of them was a pick-6). This dude was everywhere on the football field when played. He should gotten the DROY award, not Shawne Merriman. But, unfortunately, Odell couldn’t overcome his demons with alcohol and he missed the entire 2006 season because he repeatedly violated the NFL’s substance abuse policy. And he was cut at the start of the 2007 season because of another relapse and he never played another snap in the NFL ever again. In 2005, Odell Thurman’s PFF AV number was 8! By comparison, Ray Lewis’ rookie year PFF AV number was 5! That was so heartbreaking to see Odell’s career crash and burn because the potential for him to be an all-great and possible Hall of Famer was there!

    44. Wyatt Rohr

      Doug Martin doesn’t really fit and Trent Richardson didn’t really have a good rookie year

    45. River Parish

      If Washington doesn't screw him over no way RG3 would be on this list!!!!

    46. ARIEL GOLD

      Richardson has the speed and power and catching ability but he couldn’t find the holes like virgin stumbling in a orgy

    47. G. Kenon Neely

      Top 10 lowest drafted players that became elite

      1. G. Kenon Neely

        another video: Too 10 undrafted players that became elite

    48. Eric Tarentino

      I remember I had Doug Martin, RG3, and Alfred Morris on my fantasy team when they were all rookies 🤯🤯

    49. John Moos

      RG3 this one's for you

    50. Big Spam

      How bout 10 busts who ended up becoming stars

    51. James Reagon

      Benjamin ate his way out if the NFL. He has only himself to blame after consistently entering camp over weight.

    52. Travis Johnson

      you guys missed David Johnson

    53. Steve McQueen is King of Cool

      Top Ten next to the last player drafted, if they even exist.

    54. Gaming Celebrity

      It’s EA Sports’ fault for making Vince Young a bust. They put him on the cover of Madden NFL 08.

    55. G DaVo

      Mark Barron Isn’t a bust wtf

    56. Carl Brehmer

      Trent Richardson appears to have been screwed by the situation the browns and colts put him in. Like the browns fucked him over and traded him after his rookie year and the colts had one of the worst O Lines in the NFL at that point in time.

    57. Stephen Curry

      Hope this dosent happen to people like Justin Jefferson. Herbert, Chase Young etc.

    58. Rob Banta

      Matt Kalil. #4 overall pick, pro bowl in first season. Then all down hill from there.

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    60. V-MAFIA

      Kiko Alonzo

    61. Anythings Possible

      I thought yo shit was gone say “but turned out to be BUTT” 😭😭🤦🏿‍♂️💀

    62. Nathan Stroud

      the same ad every three minutes, very cool

    63. Haywood JaMakemeasandwich

      Do top 10 most likely closet homosexual players. 👍

    64. Justin Owen

      I forgot Doug Martin existed. Man was he good in those 2 seasons.

    65. Lamont Morgan

      Mark Baron was not a bust...

    66. Adam Smith

      I remember RGIII arguing to stay on the field during the playoff game in 2012 when Shanahan tried to pull him out...Even RGIII admitted later that they did NOT want him to play in the playoffs so he could stay sharp for his future but they gave in to what RGIII wanted...but yeah it's THEIR fault that RGIII was a cocky SOB....not to mention "defenses figured out his dual threat style in his sophmore year"....so how could he have been a perennial pro-bowler...if defenses figured him out...? He was a pure system player, it was Washington's system and receivers that made him REALLY shine as a rookie. He never would have been a perennial pro-bowler...he should still be #1 on this list.. I still don't know why this guy not only has a difficult time (in several videos) distinguishing from offensive or defensive rookie of the year and offensive or defensive PLAYER of the year (I have watched 3 videos and he has made that mistake 5 times already calling a O or D rookie of the year the O or D "player of the year" [including in this video he called Cadillac Williams OPOY])....he also has in at least two videos gotten his conferences wrong when naming teams...including immediately contradicting himself saying something along the lines of "leading the Texans to the top of the NFC, where they won the AFC South". His lack of preparation and research bugs me. I like how his voice kind-of sounds like a good old NFL films type voice, and the videos are edited well...but that is about all I admire from this channel =/. What a shame.

    67. Christopher Goins

      RGIII was looking over his shoulder at Cousins. He demanded to go in that game against Seattle and had the owners ear. Washington isn’t the greatest organization but RGIII never learning to read defenses or SLIDE is on him.

    68. Charlie Baldanza

      Biggest one year wonder nfl

    69. Russ Abrahams

      Kelvin Benjamin

    70. will.i.am to the 4th power

      Do you purposely leave out teams that some of these players played for due to any certain reason?


      Should of put Mark Sanchez on the list


      To many bama players turn out to be bust. If I’m a GM no after how good the dude looks I’m not drafting him!

    73. Brown Mamba

      Jeff fisher was a QB killer

    74. Ashton Dambreville

      Video idea: 10 players that weren't considered busts, but improved their careers after a change of teams

    75. Andrew Edwards

      Justin Herbert

    76. Burt Knighten

      Kelvin just couldn't put the KFC down.

    77. Burt Knighten

      You have to mention Vic Beasley even though his 15.5 sack season was his sophomore campaign but he ain't done shit since

    78. Sam Millsaps

      I feel bad for RGIII tbh, I think he absolutely had the talent to be a great quarterback and I think he still does but Washington really ruined his chances of having any of that

    79. Sam Millsaps

      Doug Martin wasn’t a total bust

    80. Troy Amende

      Several of these guys were solid Kendrell Bell , Mark Barron, Doug Martin (I'll give Sam Bradford )

    81. Cody Croy

      So am I trippin or did Justin fraction not leave tps a year or 2 ago? I don’t watch this channel a lot so I was just confused to hear his voice and then I tried to google it and can’t find anything on him leaving or returning.

    82. Xix1326

      RG3 shouldn't be on any of these kinds of lists, after what Shanahan and Co. did to him.

    83. Caellis

      Kelvin Benjamin over Randy Moss rookie year? HOF CB interviewed all say Randy changed the game and hated playing against him!

    84. EnlightenPanda

      Richardson is ally more of a disappointment than some of the guys you put over him... like Doug Martin and Bradford, the did way more in the league than Richardson.

    85. Cameron Rice

      I don't agree with the term "Bust" It should be called "I'm a millionaire after playing a few games of Football so I'm good"

    86. Christian Soldier

      How do you not put George Rogers here??? He was picked before LT and only had a great rookie season

    87. Christian Soldier

      Justin Fields is the new Vince Young

    88. Christian Soldier

      Mark Barron wasnt a bust He had a solid 7 year career

    89. Christian Soldier

      Trent Richardson did not have a stellar rookie season . He only averaged 3 yards a carry I knew he was a bust when he was in college

    90. Bernie Lopez

      You don't know shit. Watch film instead of reading stats... It's a team sport. Dipshit probably never played ball. You get tips and tricks on what to do your videos on, but make videos like you've never watched a game.

      1. Bernie Lopez

        I bet you're a bandwagon fan... Maybe just watch the Superbowl for the commercials or some dumb sh** like that

    91. Nathan J Martucci

      Shanahan did RGIII so dirty! I'm surprised they didn't mention "The Boot" that they made him wear in the playoffs because they didn't care about letting a potential franchise qb heal, they just wanted to win a playoff game. They neither won, nor was he ever able to come back from the injury.

    92. Rico BS

      Um u don't indoctrination are like went to shit when he played for the bikes 😡😕😬😩😩😩😩

    93. Kyle Gibbs

      Do most successful 'short' running backs. MJD needs to be on that list somewhere!

      1. Andre Williams

        Darren Sproles

    94. Son 'O Israel

      Vince Young Definitely wasn't a Bust in any sense of the word. He was basically blackballed by an Average at best Coach who for some reason was highly respected as if he was Bill Belichick. Plus NFL doesn't really trust black QBs anyway

    95. ArcticWolf8319

      It’s pretty sad to see a good amount of these guys regressions come right after injuries. What could they have become if they hadn’t gotten hurt?

    96. Jason Smith

      Jarius Byrd should of made the list. In 2009 he led the league in interceptions and totally disappeared after

    97. Ryan

      It's easy to explain Bob Griffin's rookie year. McVay, Shannohan, Shannohan and McFleur were his offensive coordinators. All are amazing offensive minds

    98. YouSucKid

      Kelvin Bejamin signed with the Chiefs in either the 19' or 20' off season

    99. mr. orange pizza

      Hey, there's axactly 500 comments