The BIGGEST and BEST Celebrity Fans From All 32 NFL Teams


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    What other celebrities support your favorite team?
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    The list spans people from all walks of life… There’s everything from country music sensations, to former Olympians, to social media moguls, to beautiful actresses.
    These are the BIGGEST celebrity fans for each of the 32 NFL teams!
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    1. Toby Reinhardt

      I just heard that Jodie Foster is a big Packers fan.

    2. David Cerda

      Wasn’t Rick Flair the biggest fan of the Falcons?

    3. Steve DeLeon


    4. Joseph Wolf

      You missed one for Denver's Broncos, lead singer of Cannibal Corpse , George coepsegrinder Fisher.

    5. Xavier Segura

      Youput whatever his name over mark walburg

    6. Ben the Scientist

      I think everybody who is anybody hates Grayson Allen. Can we swap him out for Bill Murray or Ryan Key please?

    7. Marshall Hanson

      Rip lil duval

    8. Chulo Hilbrands

      5:27 that’s not how u pronounce “Biles”

    9. Derek Neaz-Nibur

      Dave Portnoy, really, that asshole, what about Chris Evans!?? Y’know diehard fan, notable charity fundraiser, all around good dude, and Captain freaking America! C’mon, he invited Edelman, Gronk, and Amendola to a movie premiere

    10. Erik Montoya

      Since people are adding their story of being a fan, I’m a lifelong Los Angeles resident and have always been a Colts fan. I love defense and Dwight Freeney is my favorite player of all time and he drew me to the Colts.

    11. Erik Montoya

      Mile Epps - Indianapolis Colts

    12. Kc Wall

      I think the Vikings one has to be Prince

    13. David Rosales

      Tiger Woods, Tom Hanks, Ice cube, George Lopez, Mr. Chow but DiCaprio is definitely the biggest

    14. Thomas Miro

      Mike trout is the biggest eagles fan

    15. ShadowOfCicero

      I had guessed Jimmy Fallon for Jets. I guess Sandler's pretty big too.

    16. Jared Williams

      Brad Pitt is a chiefs fan.. WTF??

    17. Mr Smith

      Mario Lopez 🤣😂🤣

    18. Devin Brown

      Mike Tyson is a fan of the Jags

    19. Harper Trochelman

      Are we not going to talk about the fact that Mark Wahlberg is not on this list for the New England Patriots...

    20. MarQ D

      Dick Vitale, my guy.

    21. Gary Mahlum

      Who cares i mean so what it only matters what team u like

    22. Matt Trukovich

      No way my teams biggest fan is a cuntry singer😐

    23. Brian Banks

      Prince should've been the vikings celebrity fan Also: matt Damon and Ben Affleck are bigger celebs than Dave portnoy for Boston

    24. Marc Rue

      May I ask who compiled this list? Google search? Alexa? 50 cent a the biggest Giants fan?🤦🏾

    25. Marc Rue

      George Clooney would be in his 80’s when the Bungles build a training facility (hopefully)☹️

    26. corky thehippoman

      I absolutely love rainn wilson, but i would have put will ferrell for the seahawks

    27. BLoNY100

      LETS GO BUFFALO!!!!!!!

    28. Gary C

      I would say Tom Hanks is a tad bit bigger than Dicaprio in name. Just a bit. They're both massive Raiders fans.

    29. Nando 4kt

      Chargers should’ve been Rey mysterio yall fumbled

    30. Manjeet Nirula

      Steelers also have Wiz Khalia and RDJ

    31. Leonel Lomas

      Shooter McGavin is a bigger Bills fan than John Cuzcek and it’s not even close. Christopher McDonald goes to a ton of games and is best friends with Jim Kelly.

    32. Cleim 29

      I feel bad for the Jags if their biggest celebrity fan is Grayson Allen lol

      1. Nick Evans

        Mike Tyson a fan

    33. BIG frinl

      Bengals = Most hated on team ever

    34. Dylan Hester

      Dude everyone knows who the most famous eagles fan is. Edp445

    35. Jordan Mitchell

      I would hate to be a bears fan...

    36. Colin

      Lebron is bigger than fox but in the last one of these you chose him

    37. Joe Harris

      Kevin Durant is a WFT fan

    38. Sheesh 16

      Just another reason to love Adam Sandler

    39. Jerry Wood

      I think Bill Murray likes the Jags. Calling it before I watch the video

      1. Jerry Wood

        He wasn’t smh....

      2. Jerry Wood

        Well biggest celebrity

    40. Lee

      I’m sorry but did he say king of the south 💀

    41. Nick Carlson

      Most unlkely celeb fans per team. Actress Paula Marshall was born and raised in a DC suburb, has lived in LA last 3 decades and married a Rams fan...but roots for the Cowboys

    42. rustyowl19

      I'd argue Kevin Hart is a bigger and more famous eagles fan than Rib McElhenney


      49ers for LIFE!

    44. the Wolf

      Grayson allen....really the dude is a scrub

    45. Aman singh

      Mark Wahlberg should be top Pats Fan

    46. Jarret Merrill

      Damien Lillard also likes the raiders

    47. Wolfgang VonBerke

      Isn't Steve Cohen a NY Giants fan? I thought I read that somewhere.

    48. Antonio Trivelloni

      I swear to god if it’s Ninja for the Lions I will commit multiple hate crimes. Edit: No hate crimes today boys.

    49. John Zuba

      PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO top 10 biggest prime time matches we want to see this year, eg. titans v ravens, Washington vs buccaneers, browns v ravens, chargers v chiefs, etc.

    50. Blake Barbour

      Brad Paisley

    51. Ethan Allen

      Kobe Bryant is bigger Eagles fan

    52. M Loftus

      The last one is interesting and funny/cute. But McConaughey picked a unique player to follow, and it’s funny cuz of the hamburger thing. BUT, Chris HANBurger played his entire HS thru PRO career within 2 states of each other. In college he played Center on offense AND middle LB on defense! Now THATS a 2 way player! Then, not only does he play ALL 14 seasons with one team (Redskins), but he also played 135 consecutive games in the NFL as a Linebacker! That’s insane! They don’t make guys like him anymore, and if they did, the current NFL would not let “tough guys” like him do what he did due to them pampering everybody these days. This was the golden age of the nfl.

    53. harold ramento

      Steve Harvey for Browns

    54. DaRedEyeJedi808 A.M.P

      Paul Rudd was a Steelers fan before

    55. M Luna

      Only thing I ever had against Em is I thought he was a Cowboys fan. Now we're 💯

    56. Lee McDonald

      Wow, Blake Sheldon roots for the Cardinals? Why wasn't I informed?

    57. Evan McSweeney

      Yeah but the Browns have SPIDERMAN. He may not actually know the rules, but he likes drinking beer in the stands

    58. Matt Glass

      Famous Raider fans: James Garner Magic Johnson Ice Cube Tiger Woods Leonardo Dicaprio Jessica Alba Carlos Santana George Lopez Larry King James Hetfield And on, and on...

    59. CWWL

      Thank you for not having Marky Mark as a Pats fan!

    60. Jessica Gray

      I thought Jamie fox was Kevin Durant

    61. Thomas George

      I think Steve Harvey is a bigger Browns fan.

    62. M. Becerra951

      Raiders always got ice cube, tiger woods, and Tom hanks

    63. Curtis Yuen

      Im gooona get that jersey from

    64. That Boy Josh


    65. Perry the Platypus

      The ravens have josh Charles.

    66. Maze and Blue

      Flight switches to a panthers fan 💀💀💀 imagine

    67. Afk salt

      Paul rudd lets get it!!!!!

    68. Connorreed350

      Los Angeles chargers Rey Mysterio famous famous WWE wrestler

    69. Charles Gerrietts

      Packers is definitely Lil Wayne

    70. Brandon Workinger

      Weezy for sure is the bigger story line with the pack

    71. Robert Anderson

      Was anyone else expecting the Dolphins fan to be The Rock?

    72. Patriot Respector

      Owen Wilson is an even bigger fan of the 49ers than Jennifer Gardner. For Patriots, Jon Bon Jovi is an even bigger fan of the Patriots. For Seahawks: I would have said Eddie Vedder because he’s a HUGE Seattle sports homer or Dave Grohl from Nirvana/Foo Fighters.

    73. RKJ

      Edp445 is better

    74. it's not gay if it's rape

      You should do nfl players who are on there favorite teams rivals

    75. Dreaded Raider

      I mean Ice Cube is legit president of Raider Nation. But Leo is cool

    76. Mr No No

      Tech N9ne is also a chiefs fan, but Paul Rudd is nice too

    77. WolfieJr 94

      You really couldn’t name a better person for the Patriots other than that fuck face Portnoy? How about Mark Wahlberg or Ben Affleck

    78. Bob Patterson

      I would say Brad Pitt at least is a bigger celebrity than Paul Rudd

    79. Steel Nation Highlights

      It would be weird if 50 is a Giants fan because he looks like Michael Strahan

    80. Steel Nation Highlights

      Johnathan Owens is a current Texans player not a former Texans player

    81. MaurerPower 1260

      I would say Macklemore is a bigger celeb than Dwight from the office

    82. Dan 1031

      How the hell is Portnoy over Wahlberg?

    83. Fanai Armstrong

      Kevin Hart for best Eagles 🦅 fan

    84. UntouchableRaider 1960

      Raiders should be Ice Cube who tf is Leonardo DiCaprio

    85. Ricardo Rodriguez

      Kodak black also likes the ravens

    86. T a k e s h y

      Kendrick Lamar fan PATRIOTS


      Oh my gosh I couldn’t believe it, the most patient man in the world according to a Teen Titans go episode Matthew Mcconaughey is a washington football team fan. I got this from a teen titans go episode, so please do not make it a rumor because I don’t know if i’m right or not, I even looked on the web (I failed to find a answer).

    88. Elijah Elias

      Only thing better than having a former President as a fan is Chuck Norris

    89. Landon Jones

      Um biggest raiders fan is ice cube no doubt

    90. Bradyn Wilkerson

      Me and snoop dogg root for the same team


      go bufflao


        @BLoNY100 ??

      2. BLoNY100


    92. Pohorex

      This is literally a video you made 3 years ago

    93. Jaci Caswell

      I think Kobe is the biggest and best Eagles

    94. DrSimp

      Eminem also likes the cowboys

    95. William Thompson

      Tech N9ne also an Kansas City Chiefs fan. I, myself is a fan of them!❤

    96. Dan

      I was expecting Chris Pratt for the hawks

      1. corky thehippoman

        I was expecting will ferrel

    97. Peyton Ifill

      Whos Dave Portnoy?

    98. EVO X

      G-UNIT !! 50 CENTS G-MEN !! 😎

    99. Jonathan Wells

      Pit bull gots himself some girls😂

    100. jeff peterson

      Em is actually from st joe Missouri