Who is the BEST Player at Every Position in the NFL Right Now? (2021)


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    Who are the best NFL players at each position in the for 2021?
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    Every year at TPS, we run our list of the best NFL player at every position.
    With the 2020 season behind us now, it’s time to update that list. So let’s get right into it, starting with the offense.
    Today we present tthe BEST Player at Every Position in the NFL Right Now.
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    1. TPS

      Who do you think are the best players in the NFL at each position for 2021? Comment down below

      1. NoTaPRoGamER498

        @B.J. Banditt I agree with all you said

      2. Kymire Brown

        U can’t put Mahones over someone with 7 rings

      3. B.J. Banditt

        @Patrick Willis Pat; u must b kidding. Jimmy G had an injury-prone 2020.

      4. B.J. Banditt

        @Tristan Olivarri COMPLETELY AGREED!!!!!

      5. B.J. Banditt

        COMPLETELY AGREED RE: Trent Williams @ OT.

    2. NeNeNo Music

      JK Scott>>>>>>>>>>

    3. NeNeNo Music

      Should’ve made a difference between Left and Right tackle. They’re different positions honestly. Williams and Bak are both LT

    4. Julio Cortez

      Tf johnny hekkecr your crazy

    5. Kelby Butcher


    6. Mason Parker Collom

      Corey Bojorquez over Jake Bailey is a robbery

    7. FadeZ

      idk man, Mike Thomas kinda really disappointing me this season.

    8. Alwyn Thomas

      Gronk was unstoppable in his prime so I think he still is the best of all time rn

    9. Steve Glick

      Wyatt Teller should have been over Joel Bitonio

    10. SharkBait SH4RKB417


    11. Chris Thayil

      Kelce might be better than Gronk in his prime??? they're the same age!!!!

    12. Voltage Krish

      WTF weak pass rush for Denver get your facts straight

    13. dallas allday

      Man what about zach martin my man had to to switch position and was still dominant and it's not easy to switch from guard to tackle. But makes sense wasn't in one position all year.

    14. Michael Ashenafi

      Youngway Koo is da goat

    15. D P

      how ya gunna do two tackles and two guards but only one end

    16. Wyatt Tiangco

      Saquon For MVP 2022

    17. Matt Heidman

      really needed at least a slot receiver spot... i mean if you're gonna do full back, you should do the slot lol

    18. Frederik Forland

      Are you kidding me? Jessie Bates deserves a spot in this team. He was by far the best safety in the entire league last year. How do you not see that?

    19. Muddled

      Do the best rookies at each position

    20. Joshua Nye

      I’d consider Darren Waller as one of the best right ends. Definitely top 3.

    21. Henryz League

      Nice voice lol

    22. Devin Piper

      Linsley over Hudson or kelce

    23. Jesse Chen

      Bro Ramsey over Gilmore thats not right

    24. Dozenfrog89

      So no Jason Sanders?

    25. Frostbyte Rages

      Jaire got scammedddd

    26. TheFortnitRR

      Aaron Donald easily best defensive player.. Go Rams

    27. Daniel Rosario

      I can't wait to see Justin Jefferson, Jonathan Taylor, Antoine Winfield, Devin White, Jedrick Wills, Tristan Wirfs, Chase Young, Justin Herbert, and Lavonte David.

    28. JHKS15

      Rename this video to "Building the ultimate NFL team!"

    29. AnimationStation

      No Eagles? Bias No Cowboys? Accurate

    30. David Romero

      Hell no tom brady is the best quarterback of all time better than pactric mahomes

    31. RazorDG

      this guy's an idiot tom brady is the best quarterback no matter what

    32. Nate Voss

      Just like the nfl with one probowl nod no buccaneer on the team lol. You overvalue sacks, Levonte and Devin best cover linebackers in the game. Did you not watch them dominate kelce and mahomes.

    33. Thomas Work

      Fred Warner is better than Bobby Wagner!

    34. Sean abbott

      I would like to point out russ did the same thing if not more and everyone bitched about him but Mahomet comes along and he's the golden child?

    35. Damon MAbry

      Do top 5 punters most likely to contract Legionnaire's Disease.

    36. R.B. Dickson

      2020-21 Buc's against your dream team.. You lose

    37. Chop It Up!

      Why did they duplicate D Ends and WRs and CBS but not MLBs or OTs

    38. Kj 9

      Tress Way is the best punter in the league!!

    39. Ryan Waters

      The Davante Adams choice wasn’t as hard as you made it out to be...

      1. Ryan Waters

        @Beast gamer Does the brain damage hurt?

      2. Beast gamer

        D hop , Riggs and Julio are all better

    40. Israel Rosiles

      CMC is better than Henry cause CMC can catch way better and can run for the same yardage. CMC's running ability is underrated just because he can catch extremely well.

    41. Matheus Ito

      trash trash trash. Ramsey over Howard? Trash trash trash.

    42. AJ12thereaper !!!!!!!!!

      RG Zach Martin

    43. Max Kemnitzer

      Brady and Gronk produced when they had to: sb touchdowns Brady to Gronk: 2 Sb touchdowns Mahomes to Kelce: 0 That two touchdowns and kelces drop made the difference

    44. Danny Studios

      Taysom hill

    45. Aaron yarcho

      I love watching yo vids

    46. DarkenedShadwzz

      Jaire Alexander > Jalen Ramsey

    47. DarkenedShadwzz

      Rodgers > Mahomes

    48. Blekko

      how come only one defensive end?

    49. topchief1

      Calling it now. Next year will be the year of Sneed.

    50. YT_Exiled_Playz

      "Better than gronk was in his prime" they're the same age

    51. YT_Exiled_Playz

      People forget that the chiefs were good before Mahomes. Alex Smith lead them to multiple 11-5 seasons

    52. Adam Gillespie

      Soo.. we just pick one de??

    53. Shall not Be Infringed

      Nice list, Marlon Humphrey is best CB tho. In my opinion

    54. Gordon Wang

      the disrespect to jaire....

    55. Dylan Hayward

      Simmons ain’t better than bates

    56. Daniel Echavarria

      Sleeping on Waller!!....smh

    57. LargeCheese Man

      Why do people refuse to believe that xaivien Howard can be better then jalen Ramsey

    58. James Smith

      Really like these lists

    59. DR SensuBean

      .meh...... doubt these guy's could put up these number 20years ago

    60. Madden God

      I commented to enter

    61. Dave Anderson


    62. paulsbunyans

      I think it's pretty obvious that if Kittle was in Kelce's position with Mahomes at QB, he would have gotten 1500 to 1600 yards last year, and he likely wouldn't have been injured either

    63. Kelly Scott

      TOM BRADY at. QB come on and Hopkins at wr

    64. Zachary Patterson

      Davante Adam's carrys the packers wide receiver core I dont know how long that statement is going to stay true Robert tonyon is looking pretty good

    65. LG24

      I think Rodgers should’ve gotten best qb. I mean packers and chiefs have similar offenses . Both pretty heavy passers with good offensive lines but also good depth at running backs. Davante is way better than anyone on the chiefs but they definitely have more depth with tyreek Sammy and hardman and still Rodgers had a way better year and this is supposed to be “right now” so..... ya

    66. bob hope

      Address Thomas by his proper name, Slant Boy

    67. Tom Brady’s Kids

      Did u just fucking say Kelce might even be better then gronk in his prime? I hope i misheard that. AND DID U JUST FUCKING SAY HE CAN RETIRE AS THE BEST TE OF ALL TIME NO FUCKING WAY

    68. Bidensucks2020

      MAHOMES IS NOT THE BEST QB IN THE LEAGUE stop being biased and making excuses for him

    69. Waddles The Duck

      Mahomes only has 4 losses in the rs not counting injuries

      1. Waddles The Duck

        I mean 3

    70. Ken Teaff

      I'm guessing you're a Packers fan?

    71. Cole Marshall

      Right now kelce is the best. But tonyan is on the come up

    72. Darcy Tiedeman


    73. itzLiaam_ツ

      Where’s roquan smith? 2nd year and he’s a stud, his first play in the nfl was a sack on aaron rodgers and hurt him, he’s allowed 2 passes in his coverage in 29 games

    74. Elijah Elias

      Bruh, where is Zack Martin, the dude had to anchor an entire O-line and was the only one who could hold his blocks. It was so bad he even had to play Center and Tackle.

    75. Jaden Siegel

      HII can I win

    76. video games and Tik Tok

      Imagine this was a team

    77. Joey Vocaire

      Wyatt Teller instead of Bitonio. I love Joel he’s a dawg, but teller had the better year

    78. tara wardlow

      how much you wanna bet saquan barkley is taking running back next year. saquan was hurt this year but saquan can juke out usain bult.

      1. Jaylen Brown

        hell no. if derrick henry rushes for 2000 yards again and/or cmc is healthy he’ll still be 3rd or 4th (beside dalvin cook)

    79. Brendan Danes


    80. The Brash Piglet

      Patrick mahomes is not better then tom brady or arron rodgers

    81. Lex Arpio

      Man Rodgers better then Mahomes tbh

    82. Ulysses S. Grant

      I'd switch Corey Bojorquez with Johnny Hekker

    83. CandG Productions


    84. Tommydawg 8187

      Adam Vinateri is the goat

    85. Mister Amazing

      Imagine these players on one team. Super bowl win 223 to 0 (just noting this team is better than Georgia Tech against Cumberland) and a 16-0 season with all blowout wins.

    86. Banana Kam

      Yo, keep making vids, they’re lit.

    87. Arthur Ayres

      LONG SNAPPER???????

    88. erio towa

      i disagree with the running back the best running back in the league is christian mccaffrey

      1. Jaylen Brown

        he wasnt healthy this year

    89. LuckyDarth123

      Also I think punter is Patriots Jake Bailey

    90. LuckyDarth123

      Adams only played 14 games :o

    91. Omeya Kelkar

      During the super bowl actually, Mahomes played pretty good given the circumstances

    92. Reid Coooper

      kelce better than gronk in his prime are you on drugs

      1. Reid Coooper

        @Jaylen Brown its cool i am a pats fan in i know gronk in his prime is a million times better i would have done the same lol

      2. Jaylen Brown

        ohhhh sorry i misunderstood mb

      3. Reid Coooper

        @Jaylen Brown thats what i mean

      4. Jaylen Brown

        uhh, no. gronk was a top 3 te of all time in his prime, kelce isnt top 5 hes 6-8

    93. Matthew Pritchard

      Great list. Feel for Brett Kern not getting the nod at punter 💪

    94. Chris kostelnik

      Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes are one of the best QB is in the game

    95. Brandyn August

      No love for the Mike Evans

      1. Jaylen Brown

        na hes very good but dhops hands are insane and no one in todays game is even close

    96. Jekell Lusignan

      I need 500$ I will never win

    97. Michael Grant

      Been waiting for this vid

    98. Mr Nice Guy

      Mahomes has done some amazing things unseen things things will leave your jaw on the floor but I personally think he's hit a ceiling might be the Raider and me talking but he's done got the best season in his career behind him

    99. Carlos Fernandez

      I swear i nearly threw myself out the window when i saw you guys pick Justin Simmons over Minkah. Wow.

      1. Moe Lester

        Or Mathieu over Adams. It’s controversial but in the end I think adams is better and when fully healed will rock

    100. Paul Clarke

      I was watching this video before I was going to leave my comment like I always do last night when I was watching it a little past midnight but I fell asleep and woke up when the video was eight minutes in so I’m restarting fresh now LOL