5 NFL Free Agents that'll SHINE with their New Teams in 2021... and 5 that Will Drastically FLOP


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    Who are the best NFL Free agents in the for 2021 that will do well or not?
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    The majority of the top 2021 NFL free agent markets have found their new homes. While some of these guys will be great examples of “money well spent”, other teams will feel that buyer’s remorse within a year or two.
    Here are five NFL free agents that will shine with their new teams, and five that will flop.
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    Host: Aaron Leger
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    Writer: Alex Hoegler
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    1. Boston Nate

      I hope Bill meant playing right now about Jonnu because Gronk was impossible to tackle after the catch

    2. Jacob Leroux

      Shine: Marvin Jones Jr Flop: Y O U R MOM!!

    3. Jacksonville Jaguars

      Marvin Jones is going to be good for is because we are losing lot of a great players



    5. Jay Ville

      I agree with most of these except AJ Green. I just have a gut feeling he’s gonna bounce back

    6. Skunk Ape

      Andy Dalton is a likeable guy, and he's got a lot of heart, but I think his time has passed. He's far too inconsistent and isn't getting any younger. He should look towards an analyst or coaching position, and capitalize on his veteran status.

    7. Carson Jones

      Man when will this Chanel gonna stop hating on the cardinals how is that jj watt pickup and the aj green is a bad pickup

    8. TXF los

      Patrick Peterson will be ok in MN he will mentor for the young cb

    9. Joey Ziegman

      Shine: John Johnson II Flop: Nelson Achgelor

    10. Jeffrey Woodlief

      sam darnold


      If I had a team everyone’s number would be 69

    12. Mr. Blitz

      Andy Dalton is the best free agent signing, APRIL FOOLS!!!

    13. Hell_Spawn Gaming

      Anthony Harris will shine in Philly

    14. IGot Banned

      This video is proof that Marvin Jones is criminally underrated

    15. Melanie Brandt

      shine kyle fuller flop phillp lindsay

    16. Mary Shaw

      Nah, Jags did good they hand no shot at Davis, Golladay or Schuster with all the money the Jets, Gants and Steelers were putting out them and Marvin Jones is extremely underrated and was arguable one of the best targets on that team

    17. Dylan Hayward

      This channel hates Andy I swear

    18. RageReacts

      Where are the giants?

    19. Omg its Wumba

      Kenny golladay???

    20. Artbee Saucedo

      Cowboys didn't have line and there entire scheme was flipped cause they wanted to rush it instead of slowly putting it in and Andy Dalton is ok for the 2nd spot i wouldn't be surprised if bears get qb in draft

    21. Henry Lockwood

      Patrick Peterson was signed because they have young corners

    22. Captain Antilles

      As a Panthers fan, Losing Samuel hurt but I suppose it was time it was either him or Moton and we picked Moton

    23. kiki nfl star

      Marvin Jones is a veteran that can help the younger receveirs

    24. Tyler Waldow

      Peterson will be way better in Minnesota with the scheme they run. Arizona played the most man coverage in the entire league which yes, Peterson looked out matched, but with the cover 2 zone and safety help Minnesota runs will better suit him in this stage in his career

    25. Samantha Rooney

      Go hawks

    26. Ben Adler

      Will fuller v will shine in Miami

    27. Bdog Win

      Fuller shine with broncos

    28. Keith Robertson

      Good lord man. I'm sorry but this wasn't your best video....

    29. Keith Robertson

      I know you've heard this one already. Marvin Jones is not going to flop dude, I can't believe you'd think that

    30. MrNightmarekill

      Having a future Hall of Fame Cornerback to mentor our young, very promising corners is the main reason we signed Patrick Peterson. He definitely is in the waning years of his career, but Zimmer is known for extending Cornerbacks careers, he knows not to leave him on an island, like the Cardinals were doing, etc. Cameron Dantzler should be our #1 corner, he performed exceedingly well in the final 7 games of the season, and that's for a rookie with no OTA's or pre-season. Coming into their second years, Cam and Jeff Gladney will be better, and that's without calculating the mentorship of Double P!

    31. timothy earnest


    32. Allen Monahan

      Every Patriot was a shine.. big surprise

    33. Travis McClung

      I'm a Bengals fan and I think Dalton will out perform Green.

    34. Kagen Windley

      Why is the biggest clown in the nba shown in this video?

    35. Beastmode Lex

      Pat-p is a great I know he is past his prime but he loves Minnesota

    36. Ethan Lake

      Steve keim is the gm version of Mitch trubisky

    37. Lo-ryde32 Williams

      TPS can u do how many times Todd Mcshay's mock draft was wrong

    38. Mcsnuff Alot

      Kevin king is gonna flop on the packers...oh wait he already did.

    39. Beastmodejr24

      I think it fine for cards sadly I’m a Seahawks fan so this year is looking terrible but aj green got a not great deal so it doesn’t really matter

    40. Cardinals 23

      Green is a low risk high reward kind of signing we did not pay him as much as we did to JJ if he plays good I can see us giving him a new contract

    41. Michael Shrute

      JJ Watt will do really well I think

      1. J Hardwood69

        QBs will definitely be aware he is there

    42. zync120

      Hunter Henry will be great too!

    43. Jason French

      marvin jones was signed for leadership for wrs dj chark and laviska shenault

    44. Beach Bruisers

      I don’t think AJ green will be bad because he’s gonna be Arizona’s 4.th receiver

    45. Steven Maslinski


    46. Samuel zook


    47. Yonah Acoca

      I’m sorry but I have to disagree about Patrick Peterson. The Minnesota secondary has lots of good players, just no leader. They are all so young and veteran Peterson is gonna bring a source of leadership to them.

    48. BGC 15 Goat

      This title is accurate for 1 and not for the other

    49. Brent Fugate

      Ya Matt judon will shine

    50. Jacob Mendel

      I want $500

    51. Kido the Koala

      The Bears will have a 0-16 record this year, and this franchise will be sold to somebody else and relocated to somewhere else, hopefully within five years.

      1. Mikey Carrero

        @Kido the Koala lol, sure bud. There are a lot worse teams than the bears and they get to beat the lions twice a year.

      2. Kido the Koala

        @Mikey Carrero Then they'll go 0-17.

      3. Mikey Carrero

        Bears physically cant go 0-16. There are 17 games in a season now lol

      4. Mikey Carrero

        Not even close. I got them going at least 5-12. I think they could make 9-8 if the schedule isn't that bad in a best case scenario.

    52. EA Sports 2

      I think that Will Fuller will help the Miami Dolphins.

    53. Z Hemani

      Phillip Lindsey will shine

    54. PenguinREA008

      Great videos tps

    55. Kathryn Parente

      Maybe Alex Smith Will help out Trevor Lawerence on the Jags


      Somebody tell me how Tyrod Taylor is a better option than Andy Dalton for the Bears.

    57. Wild Fishy


    58. Noah Ridenour

      Great video

    59. Tracy Bailey

      as long as murry in AZ AJ gonna be alright

    60. Williamsucksatclips


    61. Daniel Ramírez Torres

      I have the feeling that marvin jones will shine

    62. samelia vanpareren

      2:09 he says it not a lot of money about 14 million, I know it’s not much for top athlete, but is more than most people in the world will earn in a lifetime

    63. Steven Lee

      5:35 I can't imagine anyone better than him after the catch Kittle and Kelce: Am I a joke to you?

      1. Ethan Lake

        Don't forget waller

      2. solo night

        Don't under estimate the pats or bill belicheck

    64. HALLOUMI 8

      Why does everyone think Hendrickson will flop, he’s better than Lawson who we had before

      1. Nikola Nadj


    65. Christopher C

      TPS loves to torture Bengals fans, based on the thumbnail. With the two players who were able to make magic together as late as 2018. Against the Falcons, to be specific.

    66. ThatRedHairedDude

      Sorry TPS, I think Marvin Jones is gonna be incredible for Jaguars especially with Lawrence

    67. Landen McCormick

      Green is a low risk high reward shining nothing about that can be bad. He’s on a one year deal, if he doesn’t work out he leaves next season. Not to mention the Bengals weren’t exactly the strongest team last year. Doesn’t matter if his qb was Burrow if he can’t even throw the ball because he’s being sacked 24/7. He’s coming into a much better current scenario so we’ll just have to wait and see

    68. Quandrae Hurts

      Did he say Gotham?

    69. nyg 4 life


    70. Rodrigo Garcia

      Still can’t believe the Bears took Dalton over Mariota...

    71. Zach Addington

      The Bill's will go to the superbowl against the packers.

    72. Clyde The Bulldog

      The moves the cardinals made are fantastic..........in 2012.

    73. Austin Esquivel

      So no Will Fuller?

    74. Evan Shapiro

      Can you do some mlb content

    75. Jacob Koong

      When do we find out about this giveaway?

    76. Toughguy_JP

      What's up with my knee tf??? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    77. Carlos Topete

      Still dont understand the bears, they are so impulsive and random

    78. Swag Nificent

      Marvin Motown Jones is highly underrated 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

      1. Brody Singley

        Yeah and with trevor Lawrence he will be elite

    79. Jonathan HDBNG Symmank

      Texans did a good job at FA with Nick Caserio as their GM unlike the dimpled chin bitch like Bill O’Brien

    80. 59BigWalt

      Then there is the 17th game.

    81. Commander Wolf Ceccarini

      I really hope Tyrol does good

    82. Andrew Cook Jr

      The Chicago bears what was they thinking! Andy Dalton really????

      1. Mikey Carrero

        @Andrew Cook Jr the bears would never hire that kind of guy.

      2. Andrew Cook Jr

        They was better off get Collin kapnick

    83. Still don Care

      John Johnson?


      Hopefully Texans signings shine

    85. Stephon Williams

      Kenny Golladay will have a down year Daniel Jones is Trrraash

    86. Josef Burgan

      Judon finna thrive on that defense

    87. Noah Axinn

      I really think the bears are getting way too much flack for signing Andy Dalton, he’s definitely a step up from trubisky, and he wasn’t as bad in 2020 as you’re saying in the video, Zeke took a big step back and the offensive line was beat up in Dallas this year. He’s been league average or better for his entire career aside from 2019

      1. Christopher C

        Just beware of the schedule. The more games outside of Sunday afternoon, the higher likelihood of an L.

    88. MericanMade

      As a bears fan I can say we are angry with the Dalton signing. It’s not the fact that it’s Andy Dalton it’s the fact that our GM is so incompetent and out of touch with the fans. All we want is a true QB1 and if dalton was the answer they would have gotten him last year for 3 million. The ownership and GM are incompetent and that rage is going to fall on Andy Dalton and it’s out of his control.

      1. Christopher C

        Monetarily, Dalton has almost reclaimed what he would have earned if he stayed with the Bengals in 2020.

    89. Edward Black

      I skimmed through, please forgive me. (Quasi typical tps viewer). Didn't see Mitch/Beane on there, though. Maybe I missed it? Trash the team 2 years ago, then the player they sign a year later, but now we have the best backup in the sport... If you guys could put together a 3 min video about the culmination of that progress... Deezango!

    90. Antione Jackson

      I agree with you on Andy Dalton is going to flop in Chicago. I also think that Ravens WR Sammy Watkins is going to shine and help the passing game get a little better. Still think the Ravens are going to draft another wide receiver maybe a big one. I hope it is Trevon Grimes from Florida

    91. Spartan Kitten

      I know you all are desperate to be all over the Kansas City Chiefs jock to get their bandwagon to listen. I got bad news though, Thuney plays a completely different position. He doesn't replace Fisher or Schwartz. He's a great guard but he doesn't help them at tackle and Mahomes game severely depends on strong tackle play. Hes most dangerous outside the box.

    92. Ethan G

      Go cowboys and good luck Andy dalton

    93. Sullivan Saunders


    94. Logan Larson

      Marvin Jones stats won’t be as nice but he will be nice for t law

    95. Jordan Smith

      Marvin Jones will be fine I just wished Detroit could have franchised tagged him but I wish him good luck

    96. Alex Shearer

      Marvins gonna shine

    97. Yurijah Yurong

      What about will fuller V

    98. unknown 13

      Dupree will be mvp of our defense lol

    99. Brooks Castillo

      Ai Green will not pan out that good on the cardnals

    100. Arnuv Batra

      What is the Lebron James picture in every title screen.