Re-Drafting the SUPER STACKED 2020 NFL Draft Class


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    NFL Draft, the OFFICIAL RE-DRAFT of the 2020 NFL Draft Featuring Justin Herbet, Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa and more.
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    When it comes to the NFL Draft, there’s no such thing as do-overs... But let’s just say there was...
    What would the 2020 NFL Draft look like one year later?
    Here’s an idea of exactly who might go where, as we re-draft the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft.
    Today we present Re drafting the first round of the 2020 NFL draft.
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    1. Nick Harwell

      If the lions had taken Herbert he probably would be considered a bust rn 😂

      1. Nick Taylor

        Don't think he would of played much with Stafford there

      2. Paijo


      3. Jaylop97

        Herbert is Stafford, they're both loaded with canon arms and offensive powerhouses. I think Herbert would have been booed like Stafford, but then with great mentorship by Matthew Stafford he would have been a worthy successor. Okay except for Matt Patricia being a coach, he would have still been kept from his full potential since Patricia was worse than Anthony Lynn at his job.

      4. Andre Williams

        Would’ve turned him into Joey Harrington

      5. Yung Shade

        @Soldier Fields because they're the lions, he wouldn't have anything going into this season

    2. Roland Schmitt

      I love these

    3. jacjr6193

      Jefferson had the best rookie receiver season ever? Um did Randy Moss and his 17 rookie TDs never happen?

    4. Joseph Perez

      No way redskins don’t get Herbert at #2

    5. Iconic Brothers

      wirfs deserves to be higher

    6. Christopher Henry

      2 Pittsburgh Steelers players & DeMar Dotson...sheesh👀

    7. Titus Roberson

      This redraft blows

    8. simon glancy

      the dolphins don't take tua and he falls hard out of round 1

    9. David Atherton

      Yeah.... I think the Broncos would stick with Jeudy

    10. Charles C. Brown JR

      Jonathan Taylor at 23? But I thought RB had no 1st round value.

    11. Ben Selchow

      SMH you think juedy lamb and Higgins are better than Claypool? Gimme a break

    12. Jack in Black

      No Cameron Dantzler? Arguably the best Rookie corner.

    13. Rich Rasmussen

      No offense to Jeudy or Higgins, but Claypool should be the 3rd WR off the board behind only Jefferson and Lamb

    14. Paul Eichler

      god this is a terrible list

    15. William Guarino

      Kam curl is one of the biggest draft steals in recent memory. What a pick

    16. azma775

      I agree with almost all of this but I’m sorry Hebert would gone to the Bangels no doubt about it

    17. Shane !

      this is terrible. the fact that u had lamb and tee higgins and juedy and clay pool AND ruggs over brandon aiyuk is crazy u don’t watch football. aiyuk > everyone except jefferson. aiyuk had the worst qb out of them and played great. he averaged more yards after catch. lamb goes against worse dbs cuz he has 2 other WR1 on his team. aiyuk gets the wr1 every week and excels. this is crazy.

    18. Bryant Wu

      Jerry Jeudy’s production wasn’t great because his QB is Drew Lock!

    19. Adam Van Seters

      I understand that Justin Jefferson had an incredible year, but we also need to really look at his situation. He’s good don’t get me wrong, but he came into the perfect place. Minnesota just got rid of Stephaun Diggs which freed up a large amount of targets. Minnesota also has one of the better offenses in the league, their problem is defense. So they were losing a lot of games and continue to throw the ball. Kirk cousins and Daniel Jones are about equal talent wise in my opinion, but Minnesota has one of the best running games in the league so defenses need to take care of that. They have a decent line which gave Kirk cousins enough time to pass the ball. And they have Dalvin Cook, and Adam Thielen to go with Justin Jefferson. Jefferson is a phenomenal talent, that is obvious. But I hate that people clown the Philadelphia Eagles for not taking him when it’s not that easy to just slide someone into a completely different situation and expect them to do the same thing that they did with a specific team.

    20. Chava Carrillo

      Worst referee calls

    21. Tucker Almert

      Why would the chargers rather have Tristan wirfs then Justin Herbert? I swear TPS is stupid, let not get a generational talent and instead continue to rock out with Tyrod 🤣

    22. Shimon Greenland

      Where is jaylen Johnson

    23. Moneys Huddle

      I got a notification of what seemed to be a new TPS vid except I realize now that this is a re-upload. Oof amount: unlimited

    24. Nathan Teasley

      Id stick with Terrell tbh, we didn’t need a safety last year, and the corners outside of Terrell were dreadful

    25. Charlie Barr

      Tua had an awful rookie season and you don’t even drop him even after he struggled in the last few games. Are you a homer or just blind? I can understand not calling him a bust but I bet if Miami had a Do-Over they aren’t drafting him with a top 10 pick. 👎

    26. Daniel Bramstedt

      Patrick Queen finished 3rd in DROY! Then didn’t get picked in the best 32 players. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 66 sole tackles, 106 total tackles 3 sacks 2 forced fumbles and an interceptions for a TD! Sorry but you look stupid.

    27. theBIGnickel1000

      I don’t like Atlanta’s change. They were set at Safety with Neal, Allen and Kazee. I think Terrell has been a great pick so far. They didn’t need another safety at the time. Now, not so much 😂😂

    28. Daniel Rubio

      only reason cowboys picked up lamb was because he fell to them. if they would’ve been selected, they would’ve chosen defense which was the priority last year

    29. Winner nation

      Yessir give my boy Kamren curl some respect!!

    30. Luke Supple


    31. Matt21169

      Sorry Justin Herbert should’ve been the first pick if we’re doing a redraft. No question

    32. domino__effect

      Patrick Queen was 3rd in voting for DPOY. What do you mean he didn’t flourish that much?


      BECTON as the 2nd OT taken? You stupid? Jed is the #1 rookie LT from 2020. Wirfs ain't bad but come on, TB12 makes him look like a real OT. Let's see after Tommy retires

    34. Jared S

      When you watched the entire video and realize the Ravens didn't have a first round selection. 😡

      1. James Noble

        Are you dumb

      2. Andre Darden


    35. Jack Ward

      Notice how jalen reagor isn’t in the redraft

    36. Gatorade Me, Bitch

      The Broncos wouldn’t hypothetically take Tee Higgins In a redraft. Higgins is more of the big body type WR with great catch radius and tremendous jump ball skills. Which is why Tee Higgins was drafted as AJ Green’s eventual replacement. Denver already has that in Courtland Sutton, who ironically plays like an AJ Green lite. Denver would look for a smaller, shifty WR to complement Sutton. You can make the case for Aiyuk, but my guess is Jeudy still fits that need the best.

    37. Niklas R

      Chinn > Winfield Jr

    38. John Hofe

      Yeah, Kamren Curl was a helluva steal.

    39. Grant

      Only here to comment on the thumbnail.. why tf would the cowboys pick another receiver in a re-draft??? Idiotic by whoever did that

    40. Catchem Carlisle

      Absolutely no one in Arizona is displeased with Arizona taking Simmons. Massssssive casual. Simmons was our best player on defense the last 4 weeks of the season. Stupid

    41. Alex S

      I mean the Cowboys didn't really need Lamb at WR. Something on defense would of been great.

    42. Ryan Tremblay

      Disrespect to aiyuk

    43. Nathan Siy


    44. Mike94

      Snead over Jeremy chinn ?

    45. Julius Orozco

      You smoking max if you aint taking herbert after what he did best rookie qb ever

    46. Nolan O'donnell

      becton had 4 penalties dumbass

    47. Mp Sports

      and to think, if herbert had played the full season and not came in a little bit into the season he would've broke the yard record too

    48. Kyle Allen

      The cardinals don’t need a tackle do your research

    49. Jake Gunter

      Chin? Over Kinlaw or Ruggs? in this redraft for Still don't like the 2020 draft pick for us?

    50. Owen Burns

      Herbert has to go number 1. Qb is by far the most important position, and he showed he’s one of the best

    51. Ben Konerman

      Green Bay takes a receiver, we never get the Ty Schmidt/Mel Kiper GOD DAMN IT!!! I don’t want to live in that world.

    52. Dallas Wood

      Herbert shouldve gone 2nd to washington knowing their qb situation.

    53. MM DH

      I guess Patrick Queen and Jedrick Wills don’t exist

    54. Edward

      Was anyone else surprised he put Jerry Jeudy over chase claypool🤨

    55. Christine Alvarez

      Why would Dallas remove lamb and get Judy

    56. E 21

      No way giants take Jefferson This guy hasn’t watched giants football They needed oline ... probs redraft wills

    57. Gage Toy

      James Robinson continually gets overlooked, best rookie RB imo, only good player during the Jaguars sorry season and he wasn’t even drafted

    58. 11lnavas

      So you are going to stick with the trade too?

    59. Cackykai

      lol u messed up the first pick stopped watcing after u didnt say young or herbert

    60. zachary Ekholm

      did anyone else catch that TPS said maker mayfield instead of baker mayfield at time marker 4:00?

    61. Mitchell peck

      Isaiah simmons will go off next year in AZ


      Patrick Queen is good you trippin

    63. Jervoris Hewey

      Disagree with the Broncos pick. Give Jeudy a better QB and he's easily over a 1k receiving yards

    64. Kai2277

      Good job. But Tua should not be on this list. Even Fitzpatrick looked twice as good. Other than that you did good.

    65. Ryan Murphy

      We had two of the top tackles last year. Got josh Jones in the draft last year and have a generations talent like Simmons who played amazing the last part of the season and you want to draft an injury prone tackle that doesn’t fit the scheme at all???? These guys are beyond terrible!

    66. Lars Blankenship

      Yo am I the only one who thinks that Laviska Shenault Jr is better than Michael Pittman? Pittman didn’t have a better season than Shenault, so why would Green Bay take a guy who had 100 less yards and 5 less TD’s? Shenault had the better season and I think will have the better career than Pittman. Give my man Shenault some respect

    67. Eli Campbell

      “Maker Mayfield”

    68. Olga Tavarez

      32:00 bengals 52:00 football team

    69. Olga Tavarez

      34:00 bengals Joe burrow

    70. Jonathan Gonzalez

      The 23rd pick doesn’t make that much sense, Ekiler got hurt which is why their run game wasn’t the best

    71. gilly

      Tee Higgins over Jeudy??? Hell nah


      So u saying tua gonna be a Bronco XD

    73. Wikitikijj44

      Chargers traded back in the 1st to get Kenneth Murray because we needed a LB and they really liked. I don't see them not taking him again unless we got Simmons since Gus Bradley likes to move his players around

    74. Trey Smith

      James Robinson?

    75. anthony palazzolo

      No way Herbert should go past Washington

    76. Jimmy Gonzalez

      So your telling me Washington would pass on Herbert when QB is the most valuable position in the nfl and they are still in search for some one smh 🤦‍♂️

    77. Clemson 16 7

      Bangles would take Herbert

    78. Randall Daryelle Johnson

      you're crazy if you think Washington would pass on Herbert knowing what they know now...

    79. Tate Even

      Aj Terrell was the highest rated rookie corner on pff and you don’t even have him in the first round???

    80. Jesse Espinoza

      How do the Washington football team not take a QB? They don’t have one for the future.

    81. Jayden Dussias

      THIS IS 🤢

    82. crazycolt 123

      No problem with this list but I feel Judy had bad numbers because he played a game without a quarterback ( and the whole quarterback situation in Denver is awful)

    83. Blane Ries

      Bengals definitely would have gotten Herbert....

    84. Patrick Brown

      Dont get this. Aj Terrell was the best CB in last years draft, yet we should take Chinn? lmao

    85. Mike Lameris

      Ha ha maker Mayfield

    86. Cody Powell

      James Robinson? Played Beyer than 3 of the rbs listed and did it as and I drafted free agent. In Jacksonville

      1. Adrian Contreras

        Why would Robinson be in the list if he wasn’t even drafted?

    87. VERBAL Kint

      Swift over Gibson

    88. JT Torres

      People calling Chubb a bust but he had 13.5 sacks his rookie year🤷‍♂️

    89. Carson Mennen

      if the guy was taken in the 7th round then why would a team need to spend a first on him? they can take him later

    90. Dreamteam

      It’s just one year tho how you know the picks who had good seasons last year will be good this year y’all might sound dumb ass hell if the ones y’all said bad turn out good

    91. Sam Levy

      Andrew Thomas struggled mightily early on in the season, but improved tremendously as the season progressed. His improvement almost directly coincided with the Giants firing their OL coach and bringing in a new coach who reverted the technique changes made by the original coach. He looked much better in the 2nd half after these changes

    92. Mariano Ocampo

      Queen was the best ILB on the draft he was 4th on defensive rookie of the year

    93. Mariano Ocampo

      The disrespect on Queen is horrible he was a great LB

    94. Account Settings

      James Robinson??? 1k yards on the jags!

    95. swakee Reid

      What’s Buffalo pick????

    96. Dylan Farmer

      Someone should turn this into a madden roster to download

    97. crispytones

      As a broncos fan I'm good with Jeudy. Higgins wouldn't have faired any better in Denver as a rookie.

    98. Joon Pak

      No James Robinson?

    99. Isiah Duffy

      Why would the chargers take Taylor whilst they have Eckler

    100. Joon Pak

      Uh if there was a redraft, Herbert would go 1.